Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: 2022 Review

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: How good is the web hosting provider? Convesio vs BlueHost, Convesio vs Hostinger

We’ve all heard of the predominant players in the wordpress hosting industry – Bluehost, Hostinger, HostGator etc.

But, there is a new WordPress hosting platform that’s doing the rounds over the Internet and is touted as the best hosting for WordPress out there, known as Convesio.

The software is fairly new and brings with itself certain key features that makes it an interesting web hosting solution. But we wanted to know-

Is Convesio the Best WordPress Hosting Platform?

What we found – Convesio IS the best WordPress hosting for mid-sized Internet businesses or startups looking to scale fast without any hiccups brought about by the WordPress hosting.

Convesio is Not the Best WordPress Hosting Company for Beginner Bloggers and…

It’s not for beginner bloggers or bloggers who are in it as a hobby. If you don’t expect to generate revenue, within 6 months at the maximum, then Convesio isn’t for you.

However, if you have a business that you wish to take online, then Convesio is the perfect web hosting company for you.

Why We Reached this Decision

From the get-go, Convesio is a much more expensive option compared to its peers. Plus, it has certain distinguishing features that most other wordpress hosting companies seem to lack.

What’s Different about Convesio Compared to Other WordPress Hosting Providers

Convesio is a fairly unique offering in the WordPress hosting club offering quite a different set of offering that is mainly geared towards users who are looking to set up a business online.

It is not for individuals who blog for a hobby. And, that is why, it has a higher price than its competitors.

But, with the high price comes 24×7 customer support, extremely good security measures that constantly checks for and protects against malwares and other digital threats from disrupting your business.

It also has a very fast loading speed with unparalleled up-time in the industry in order to ensure your website is not disrupted due to sudden fluctuations of traffic. We will delve more into this in the later segments, starting with the unique features of the best hosting for WordPress Convesio!

Features of Convesio that Makes it the Best WordPress Hosting for Enterprise and Midsized Businesses

Convesio offers staging environments

This helps you to test your code before launching it live. This makes sure you don’t make any mistakes when deploying new code to production.

You can easily manage multiple sites from one dashboard with Convesio’s Site Manager feature. 

You can also schedule backups, view analytics, and more from here.

Convesio’s has a very intuitive Auto Scaling feature.

It enables you to consume more server power as and when your website witnesses a traffic surge and then when it goes down again, you consume less server power. They charge you based on the hourly consumption of the additional servers and that’s it.

This helps prevent your site from going down due to any spam bot attack or in case of high traffic surges.

Convesio also allows for fast caching of your website

You can enjoy extremely fast caching of your WordPress website without requiring any plugins whatsoever, thus eliminating a ton of hassles.

Moneyback Guarantee

You can easily enjoy a one-month free trial at Convesio without having to giveaway any credit card information whatsoever.

Advantages of Convesio Compared to Other WordPress Hosting Providers

Convesio is a managed WordPress hosting platform that helps you build websites and applications at scale. 

Convesio is unique in the WordPress hosting market because it offers enterprise-level hosting that is affordable enough for a small business. Here are some of the main features that make Convesio the best hosting for WordPress used by startups and internet businesses:

#1. Fast Speed offered by Convesio WordPress Hosting 

Convesio has servers that are built to give you the fastest speed possible. You can upload and download files extremely quickly, so your site visitors don’t have to wait much less compared to other hosting providers. 

#2. High Availability and Uptime offered by Convesio for WordPress websites hosted on it

Your website will never go offline (in fact Convesio has one of the highest up-times for WordPress websites in the industry, compared to other hosting providers) because Convesio has multiple data centers across the globe.

You can also set up automatic failover between our data centers, so if one goes down, we’ll automatically switch over to another one without any downtime. 

#3. SSL Certificate Included by Convesio

Convesio offers free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt, which are valid for 90 days with absolutely no downtime when they expire. You don’t need to worry about renewing them yourself or switching over to another provider in case they expire.

This is a great help in improving the ROI that you get for the price tag that Convesio has.

#4. Convesio’s Auto Scaling feature 

It lets you increase or decrease servers as needed to ensure high availability while saving money on resources when they’re not needed. It’s easy to set up and manage, too!

#5. Fully Managed Hosting 

If you are new to web hosting, you might not know what “fully managed” means. It means that the company will provide you with the best possible service and support, so that you don’t have to worry about anything technical. 

They will also handle updates and security patches for your website automatically. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what your level of tech knowledge is, they will take care of everything for you!

#6. Extremely Good Security and Customer Support

Convesio offers a 24×7 customer support. It also has several really good security features and continuous scanning to prevent your site from falling victim to online adversaries and malwares.

It uses data science for ensuring the security of websites hosted on it as it runs constant threat detections on its back-end.

Disadvantages of Convesio Compared to Other WordPress Hosting Providers

It has a higher priced plans compared to its competitors. While it starts at $50 per month, we would advise that you go at least for the Business Level 2 plan which costs $150, which is pretty competitively priced in the market.

This is because the starting plan of $50 is not really worth the price and if you are short on cash, Bluehost might be a better option.

When converting document files, Convesio can sometimes modify the file if you don’t have all of your fonts installed on Cloudconvert.

Wrapping Up the Convesio Review – Our Research Method

We did a thorough 20 hours of research on this guide. We also talked to certain web-hosting experts to have their thoughts on the Convesio WordPress hosting company.

True to our research, we got the same answer – If you are just getting your feet wet in blogging, it is not for you.

If you are trying to launch a business on the Internet and looking to make money fast, then Convesio is the sure-fire way to go. Spending money on Convesio is surely never going to be a mistake for a serious business looking to create an impact in growing its digital presence on the web.

  For any queries or help with your startup, feel free to book a free consultation with usYou may also check out our list of services if you need any help with your business efforts.  

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