Tailwind vs Friends+Me: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

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In the digital age, where social media is the beating heart of marketing and personal branding, choosing the right management tool is not just a decision—it’s a strategy. Today, we’re diving into an epic showdown between two giants in the social media management arena: Tailwind and Friends+Me. Both platforms promise to streamline your social media workflow, but which one will be your ally in conquering the digital landscape? Grab your coffee, and let’s embark on this journey together, starting with a crucial aspect of any social media tool: scheduling capabilities.

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G2 Score – 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Scheduling and Publishing: Tailwind vs. Friends+Me

In the world of social media, timing is everything. The right post at the right time can mean the difference between obscurity and virality. That’s why the scheduling and publishing features of any social media management tool are its bread and butter. Let’s see how Tailwind and Friends+Me stack up in this arena.


Tailwind is like that friend who’s always got your back, especially if you’re heavily invested in Pinterest and Instagram. It’s not just about throwing posts into the digital void with Tailwind; it’s about strategic timing, visually appealing content, and tapping into your audience when they’re most engaged.

Tailwind’s scheduling tool is a dream come true for visual content creators. With its intuitive drag-and-drop calendar, scheduling your posts becomes as easy as pie. What’s more, Tailwind’s SmartSchedule feature takes the guesswork out of when to post by suggesting the optimal times for engagement based on your audience’s activity.

For Pinterest, Tailwind offers more than just scheduling; it provides detailed insights into board performance and pin effectiveness, making it easier to refine your strategy. Instagram users will find Tailwind’s hashtag suggestions and post preview features invaluable for crafting posts that resonate with their audience.


Now, let’s turn our attention to Friends+Me, a tool that’s all about amplifying your social media presence across multiple platforms. Friends+Me prides itself on its flexibility, supporting a wider array of platforms beyond Pinterest and Instagram, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Where Friends+Me shines is in its simplicity and efficiency. It allows you to queue up content across different platforms, ensuring your message gets out there, loud and clear, regardless of where your audience hangs out. The scheduling process is straightforward, allowing for bulk uploads and the setting of custom posting schedules for each social network.

One of the standout features of Friends+Me is its Google+ integration, a unique offering that sets it apart from competitors. Even as Google+ for consumers has sunken into the digital abyss, Friends+Me continues to support Google My Business, making it a powerful ally for local businesses looking to boost their visibility on Google.

The Verdict:

If your social media strategy leans heavily towards visual content and you’re looking for a tool that’s in tune with the rhythms of Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind is your go-to. Its specialized features for these platforms, combined with user-friendly scheduling and analytics, make it an invaluable resource for content creators.

On the other hand, if you’re a digital multitasker juggling various platforms and looking for a tool that can keep up with your diverse social media strategy, Friends+Me offers a compelling proposition. Its support for a broad range of platforms and straightforward scheduling functionality make it a versatile choice for businesses and individuals alike.

In the end, the best tool for you depends on where your audience is most active and which platforms align with your content strategy. Whether you choose Tailwind for its visual content prowess or Friends+Me for its cross-platform agility, both tools offer unique advantages to streamline your social media management.

Analytics and Reporting: Tailwind vs. Friends+Me

After mastering the art of scheduling, the next logical step in our social media management odyssey is to delve into analytics and reporting. Because, let’s face it, what’s the point of all that posting if you can’t measure its impact? It’s like shooting arrows in the dark and hoping one hits the bullseye. Both Tailwind and Friends+Me offer tools to illuminate your path, but they do so in different ways. Let’s explore.


Tailwind treats analytics like a treasure map, guiding you through the murky waters of social media with clear, actionable insights. For Pinterest and Instagram aficionados, Tailwind’s analytics are akin to a lighthouse, illuminating the best path forward for your content strategy.

On Pinterest, Tailwind provides detailed analysis of board performance, pin engagement, and overall profile trends. It helps you identify which content resonates with your audience, which boards are most effective, and how your pinning strategy affects your growth and engagement.

Instagram users will find Tailwind’s analytics equally enlightening. From tracking follower growth and post engagement to understanding hashtag performance, Tailwind offers a comprehensive view of your Instagram metrics. The tool’s ability to analyze your best posting times based on engagement data is particularly useful for refining your posting schedule for maximum impact.


Friends+Me approaches analytics with a broader lens, focusing on delivering insights across multiple platforms. While it may not dive as deep into platform-specific nuances as Tailwind does for Pinterest and Instagram, Friends+Me provides a solid overview of your social media performance.

With Friends+Me, you can track basic metrics like engagement rates, follower growth, and content reach across all the platforms it supports. This holistic view is incredibly useful for businesses and individuals who maintain a presence across multiple social networks and need to understand their overall social media footprint.

One of the advantages of Friends+Me is its simplicity. The analytics dashboard is straightforward, making it accessible for users who may not be as tech-savvy or who prefer a more simplified view of their social media analytics.

The Verdict:

For detailed, platform-specific analytics, particularly for Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind is the clear winner. Its depth of insights and actionable recommendations make it an indispensable tool for users looking to optimize their presence on these visual platforms.

However, for users who value a bird’s-eye view of their social media performance across various platforms, Friends+Me offers a compelling, user-friendly solution. Its analytics provide a good starting point for understanding your social media impact and identifying areas for improvement.

Ultimately, the choice between Tailwind and Friends+Me for analytics and reporting will depend on your specific needs. Do you require deep, actionable insights for Pinterest and Instagram, or are you looking for a more general overview of your social media performance? Your answer to this question will guide your decision.

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Content Discovery and Curation: Tailwind vs. Friends+Me

Beyond scheduling and analytics, a crucial component of social media management is finding the right content to share. In a world where content is king, staying relevant and engaging with your audience is paramount. Let’s see how Tailwind and Friends+Me stack up in the realm of content discovery and curation, to help you keep your feeds fresh and compelling.


Tailwind’s approach to content discovery and curation is highly specialized, particularly beneficial for Pinterest and Instagram users. For Pinterest, Tailwind introduces you to Tailwind Communities (formerly known as Tribes), a feature that allows users to join forces with others in their niche to share relevant content. This not only helps in discovering high-quality, shareable pins but also increases your content’s reach and engagement. It’s a community-driven way to find content that’s already vetted by like-minded creators.

On Instagram, while Tailwind might not have a direct content discovery feature, it aids in curation through its hashtag suggestions and trends insights. By identifying and recommending the most effective hashtags, Tailwind helps you tap into new audiences and content streams, indirectly supporting your curation efforts.


Friends+Me takes a more platform-agnostic approach to content discovery and curation. It doesn’t offer built-in content discovery features specific to any social network. Instead, Friends+Me focuses on the redistribution of your content across your social media landscape. The idea here is to maximize your content’s exposure and efficiency by making it easy to share and reshare across multiple platforms.

However, the lack of direct content discovery tools means users may need to rely on external sources or their own research to find fresh content to share. Friends+Me excels in helping you manage and distribute that content once you’ve found it, ensuring your social media feeds remain active and engaging across all channels.

The Verdict:

For users who prioritize content discovery and want tools that help find new content within their platform of choice, Tailwind offers a more tailored experience, especially for Pinterest with its Communities feature. Its focus on visual platforms makes it an ideal choice for those looking to enhance their content strategy with fresh, engaging visuals and relevant hashtags.

Friends+Me, while not providing direct content discovery features, shines in its ability to streamline the sharing process, making it easier to maintain a consistent presence across various social media platforms. It’s best suited for users who have a solid strategy for content discovery elsewhere but need a robust tool to manage distribution and engagement across their social networks.

Choosing between Tailwind and Friends+Me for content discovery and curation ultimately depends on where your needs lie. If finding and sharing platform-specific, high-quality content is your priority, Tailwind is likely your best bet. If you’re more focused on efficiently managing and repurposing existing content across multiple platforms, Friends+Me could be the tool for you.

Pricing and Plan Flexibility: Tailwind vs. Friends+Me

When it comes to selecting the right social media management tool, pricing and the flexibility of plans can be the deal-breaker for many businesses and individual users. After all, we all want the most bang for our buck, right? Let’s break down the pricing structures of Tailwind and Friends+Me to see which platform offers the best value for your specific needs.


Tailwind offers a tiered pricing model that’s designed to grow with your business or personal brand. It starts with a free trial, which allows you to dip your toes into the platform’s features for Pinterest and Instagram. This trial includes a limited number of scheduled posts and access to basic analytics, which is a great way to test the waters before committing.

Once you’re ready to dive in, Tailwind offers Plus Plans for both Pinterest and Instagram, billed either monthly or annually. Each Plus Plan is tailored to the specific platform, providing unlimited scheduling, more detailed analytics, and access to premium features like Tailwind Communities for Pinterest and hashtag suggestions for Instagram. There’s also the option to add more accounts and team members for an additional fee, making it scalable for businesses of different sizes.

For larger enterprises or agencies managing multiple client accounts, Tailwind provides custom pricing options. These plans include advanced features and personalized support to meet the needs of high-volume users.


Friends+Me opts for a straightforward approach to pricing, offering several plans that cater to different user levels, from individuals to large enterprises. The platform provides a free plan, which supports a limited number of queues and posts per month, perfect for solopreneurs or small businesses just starting with social media management.

As you scale up, Friends+Me offers several paid plans, each increasing in the number of queues, posts, and supported accounts. These plans are billed monthly or annually, with savings offered for annual commitments. Each tier adds more features, including the ability to schedule more posts and manage more social accounts, accommodating the needs of growing businesses.

One of the key advantages of Friends+Me’s pricing structure is its simplicity and transparency. Users can easily choose a plan that fits their budget and needs without worrying about platform-specific limitations or add-ons.

The Verdict:

Tailwind’s pricing model is highly specialized, offering distinct advantages for Pinterest and Instagram users who need platform-specific features to enhance their social media strategy. Its tiered plans provide flexibility and scalability, particularly for visual content creators who require advanced scheduling and analytics capabilities.

Friends+Me, with its straightforward and scalable pricing plans, offers a cost-effective solution for users who manage a presence across multiple social media platforms. Its clear-cut tiers make it easy to select a plan that matches your usage needs without overcomplicating the decision process.

Ultimately, the choice between Tailwind and Friends+Me in terms of pricing and plan flexibility will depend on your specific social media management needs, the platforms you prioritize, and your budget. Tailwind is ideal for those focused on maximizing their Pinterest and Instagram strategies, while Friends+Me suits users looking for a versatile tool that supports a wider range of social networks.


Tailwind emerges as the champion for those deeply invested in Pinterest and Instagram, offering unmatched features tailored to these platforms. Its scheduling, analytics, and content discovery tools are designed to enhance the visual content experience, making it an invaluable asset for bloggers, brands, and content creators looking to maximize their engagement and growth on these platforms. Tailwind’s pricing and plan flexibility further ensure that users can scale their usage according to their needs, providing a custom-fit solution for individuals and businesses alike.

Friends+Me, on the other hand, stands out for its versatility and broad platform support. Its strength lies in its ability to streamline content distribution across multiple social media channels, making it a solid choice for businesses, marketers, and individuals who manage a diverse online presence. The simplicity and transparency of Friends+Me’s pricing structure, coupled with its scalable plan options, make it accessible and adaptable for users ranging from solo entrepreneurs to large enterprises.

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