Tailwind vs Commun.it: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

In today’s digital whirlwind, social media isn’t just about making connections; it’s about weaving your own unique tapestry of content, conversations, and community. With a myriad of tools at our fingertips, the quest for the perfect social media management ally can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Enter Tailwind and Commun.it: two powerhouses vying for the title of your go-to social media companion. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a flourishing influencer, or a small business looking to expand your digital footprint, choosing the right tool is pivotal. So, grab a seat and let’s unravel the mysteries of Tailwind and Commun.it, comparing them head-to-head to discover which one truly deserves a spot in your digital toolkit.

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Ease of Use and User Interface: A First Look

Before diving into the nitty-gritty of features and functionalities, let’s talk about first impressions: the ease of use and user interface. After all, in the realm of social media, where every second count, navigating your chosen management tool shouldn’t feel like deciphering an ancient code.


Tailwind greets you with a vibrant and intuitive interface, especially tailored for Pinterest and Instagram enthusiasts. It’s like walking into a well-organized party where everything you need is just a stone’s throw away. Scheduling posts? Check. Analytics? A glance away. Discovering content? A breeze. Tailwind’s dashboard is designed not just to meet the eye but to enhance functionality, making your social media planning and execution as smooth as silk. It’s particularly praised for its straightforward scheduling calendar and the drag-and-drop functionality that makes content planning feel less like a chore and more like a creative session.


On the flip side, Commun.it opts for a more streamlined, no-frills approach. It’s the tool you turn to when Twitter is your battlefield, and community management is your quest. Its dashboard is clean and uncomplicated, focusing on the essentials: managing your interactions, tracking engagement, and understanding your community’s pulse. Commun.it breaks down your social tasks into digestible chunks, making it easier to manage your followers, identify influencers, and keep the conversation flowing. It might not have the visual flair of Tailwind, but it compensates with a laser-focused functionality that gets the job done.

The Verdict:

If your social media strategy leans heavily on visuals and your platforms of choice are Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind’s user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface will make your day-to-day tasks a delightful experience. Its emphasis on design and user experience makes it a favorite among content creators who value efficiency and aesthetics.

Conversely, if Twitter is your arena and community engagement is your goal, Commun.it offers a straightforward, effective solution for managing your interactions and growing your presence. It’s the tool for those who prioritize functionality over form, offering a clear pathway to understanding and engaging with your audience.

Choosing between Tailwind and Commun.it on the basis of ease of use and user interface ultimately boils down to your specific needs and preferences. Both tools offer unique advantages, but aligning their strengths with your social media goals is key to unlocking their full potential.

Analytics and Reporting: Understanding Your Social Media Impact

After easing into the platforms with their user-friendly interfaces, the next critical area to compare is analytics and reporting capabilities. Here, we dive into how Tailwind and Commun.it help you decode the performance of your social media efforts.


Tailwind acts like a magnifying glass over your Pinterest and Instagram activities, offering detailed insights that help fine-tune your strategy. For Pinterest, it goes deep with board analytics, pin performance tracking, and audience insights, providing a clear picture of what content resonates with your audience. Instagram users benefit from post analytics, hashtag performance, and follower engagement metrics, making it easier to craft content that sticks.

What sets Tailwind apart is its actionable insights. It doesn’t just throw data at you; it offers recommendations like optimal posting times, trending hashtags, and content suggestions based on your performance. This proactive approach to analytics means you’re always one step ahead, armed with the knowledge to boost your social media game.


Commun.it takes a different approach, focusing on the social aspect of your social media performance, especially on Twitter. It provides an overview of your account’s health, highlighting your most engaged followers, potential influencers, and suggesting whom to follow or unfollow based on engagement. While it may not offer the depth of analytics found in Tailwind for visual content, Commun.it excels in community engagement analytics.

The platform simplifies the process of tracking your interactions, mentions, retweets, and follower growth over time. It’s about building and maintaining relationships, and Commun.it gives you the insights to do just that effectively. The analytics are designed to help you understand your community’s dynamics, making it invaluable for those who prioritize engagement and relationship building on Twitter.

The Verdict:

If you’re a visual content creator focused on maximizing your reach and engagement on Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind provides the comprehensive analytics suite you need. Its detailed insights into post performance, coupled with actionable recommendations, make it a powerhouse for strategic decision-making.

For Twitter users who place a premium on community engagement and relationship management, Commun.it offers the targeted analytics to nurture and grow your social circle. Its focus on social interactions makes it the go-to tool for those looking to deepen their connection with their audience.

In the end, the choice between Tailwind and Commun.it for analytics and reporting should align with your primary platform and strategic goals. Tailwind is ideal for those seeking to enhance their visual content strategy, while Commun.it is best suited for users looking to leverage Twitter for community building and engagement.

Content Curation and Posting: Tailwind vs. Commun.it

In the bustling world of social media, having a steady stream of relevant and engaging content is key to keeping your audience hooked. Let’s see how Tailwind and Commun.it stack up in helping you curate and post content that stands out.


Tailwind is like your creative partner in crime when it comes to discovering and scheduling visually appealing content for Pinterest and Instagram. It goes beyond mere scheduling; it empowers you with tools to create, curate, and optimize your posts for maximum engagement.

  • Pinterest: Tailwind’s integration with Pinterest is seamless, offering features like Tailwind Create, which allows you to design Pins within the platform. Coupled with its SmartSchedule feature, Tailwind ensures that your Pins go live at the most optimal times for engagement. The platform also offers Tailwind Communities, a unique space where you can discover content from like-minded creators and share your own, fostering a symbiotic relationship that boosts visibility and engagement.
  • Instagram: Tailwind brings similar creativity and strategic scheduling to Instagram. Its Hashtag Finder tool suggests the best hashtags for your content, increasing discoverability. The SmartSchedule feature also tailors your posting times to when your audience is most active, ensuring your posts get the attention they deserve.


While Commun.it may not offer the same level of content creation tools as Tailwind, it shines in its ability to streamline the content curation and posting process, especially for Twitter users. It focuses on making your social interactions more meaningful and impactful.

  • Content Recommendations: Commun.it offers content recommendations that can help you maintain an active and engaging presence on Twitter. By suggesting relevant posts and tweets to share or engage with, it ensures that you’re always part of the conversation.
  • Scheduling: While its scheduling features may not be as advanced as Tailwind’s, Commun.it provides a straightforward way to plan your tweets, making sure you’re consistently engaging with your audience. It helps keep your Twitter feed active without the need for constant manual updates.

The Verdict:

For those whose strategy revolves around visual storytelling on Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind is the undisputed leader. Its suite of content creation, curation, and scheduling tools are specifically designed to amplify your visual content’s reach and engagement.

On the other hand, if your focus is on building and nurturing a community on Twitter, Commun.it offers a specialized set of features tailored to enhance your interactions and engagement. Its focus on content recommendations and straightforward scheduling makes it a valuable tool for those looking to stay active and engaged on Twitter.

Ultimately, choosing between Tailwind and Commun.it for content curation and posting boils down to your platform of preference and content strategy. Tailwind is the go-to for visual content creators on Pinterest and Instagram, while Commun.it caters to those focused on community engagement and conversation on Twitter.

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Community Engagement and Growth: Tailwind vs. Commun.it


Tailwind, with its visually oriented design, primarily caters to Pinterest and Instagram users. While its main strengths lie in scheduling and analytics, it does offer features that can indirectly support community engagement, especially on Pinterest.

  • Tailwind Communities: Formerly known as Tailwind Tribes, this feature allows you to connect with other content creators in your niche, share each other’s content, and grow together. This collaborative approach can significantly amplify your reach and introduce your brand to new audiences, fostering community growth.
  • SmartSchedule: By optimizing your posting times based on when your audience is most active, Tailwind ensures your content has the best chance of sparking engagement. This feature, while focused on scheduling, indirectly supports engagement by ensuring your posts appear when they’re most likely to be seen and interacted with.


Commun.it stands out for its emphasis on Twitter as a platform for building and managing relationships. Its set of features is designed to help you not only monitor but also actively engage with your community, making it a powerful tool for those focused on interaction.

  • Engagement Prioritization: Commun.it segments your audience into categories such as Influencers, Supporters, and Engaged Members, making it easier to identify key individuals and interact with them in a meaningful way. This helps in building stronger relationships and fostering a loyal community.
  • Automated Engagement Features: With features that allow you to automatically thank new followers, send personalized messages, and recommend actions like following back or engaging with specific tweets, Commun.it streamlines the process of maintaining an active and responsive social media presence.

The Verdict:

For those whose social media strategy is heavily reliant on Pinterest and Instagram, Tailwind provides valuable tools to support content sharing and discovery through Tailwind Communities, indirectly aiding in engagement and community growth. Its scheduling features also ensure that your content reaches your audience at the optimal time for engagement.

Commun.it, however, offers a more direct approach to community engagement, particularly for Twitter users. Its focus on relationship management, audience segmentation, and automated engagement tools make it an ideal choice for those looking to actively nurture and grow their community on Twitter.

Choosing between Tailwind and Commun.it for community engagement and growth depends on your primary social media platforms and how central community interaction is to your strategy. If you’re looking for a tool that supports visual content discovery and sharing with some community aspects, Tailwind is your best bet. If direct engagement and relationship management on Twitter are your priorities, Commun.it offers the specialized features you need.

Pricing and Plan Flexibility: Tailwind vs. Commun.it

Understanding the pricing structure and what each plan offers is key to ensuring you’re investing in a tool that not only meets your social media management needs but also fits within your budget.


Tailwind’s pricing strategy is designed with scalability in mind, catering to both individual creators and larger businesses with its tiered plans.

  • Free Trial: Tailwind offers a free trial that allows users to test its features for Pinterest and Instagram. This trial includes a limited number of posts, which is a great way to get a feel for the platform before committing financially.
  • Plus Plan: For individual users or small businesses, Tailwind’s Plus Plan starts at a monthly fee per account (Pinterest or Instagram), offering unlimited scheduling, more detailed analytics, and access to Tailwind Communities. This plan is ideal for those looking to deepen their engagement and grow their presence on either platform.
  • Professional and Enterprise Plans: For larger teams and agencies, Tailwind provides Professional and Enterprise plans with advanced features, including more accounts, team members, and comprehensive analytics. These plans are priced higher, reflecting the additional capabilities and scalability they offer.


Commun.it’s pricing model is straightforward, providing options that can accommodate users ranging from individuals to large businesses.

  • Free Version: Commun.it offers a basic free version that supports limited engagement actions and profiles monitoring. This is suitable for individuals or small businesses just starting with community management on Twitter.
  • Paid Plans: The platform has several paid plans that incrementally increase in price based on the number of profiles managed, the level of engagement actions allowed, and access to more sophisticated analytics and reporting features. These plans are designed to cater to growing businesses with increasing community management needs.
  • Custom Solutions: For enterprises requiring a more tailored approach, Commun.it also offers custom solutions with pricing based on specific requirements and features needed.

The Verdict:

When it comes to choosing between Tailwind and Commun.it based on pricing and plan flexibility, the decision largely depends on your specific needs and budget.

  • For Visual Content Creators: Tailwind is a valuable investment if your social media strategy heavily relies on Pinterest and Instagram. Its tiered pricing allows you to select a plan that matches your usage and offers scalability as your needs grow.
  • For Community Managers Focused on Twitter: Commun.it’s structure is appealing for those who need a tool specifically designed for engagement and community growth on Twitter. Its free version and various paid plans provide flexibility for users with different needs and budgets.

Ultimately, both Tailwind and Commun.it offer competitive pricing and flexible plans, making them accessible for a range of users from individual content creators to large businesses. Your choice should align with the platforms you use most, the features you need, and how much you’re willing to invest in social media management.


Tailwind shines for those deeply invested in Pinterest and Instagram, offering robust tools for scheduling, analytics, and content discovery designed to enhance visual content strategy. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with features like Tailwind Communities and SmartSchedule, make it an indispensable asset for creators and marketers aiming to maximize their visual appeal and engagement on these platforms.

Commun.it stands out as the go-to tool for Twitter users focused on building and nurturing their community. With features aimed at streamlining engagement, such as audience segmentation, engagement prioritization, and automated responses, it simplifies managing and growing your Twitter presence. Its straightforward pricing and plan flexibility cater to a range of users, from individuals just starting out to large businesses seeking comprehensive community management solutions.

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