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Features and Mentions of WinSavvy

Frequently Asked Question!

WinSavvy is basically a growth advisory consultancy. We plan and implement solutions in order to help your business grow at its fastest potential, while at the same time ensuring it avoids common pitfalls that startups face.

WinSavvy helps grow Startups with a Digital Presence.

Here’s How –

#1. WinSavvy consists of a team of Digital Marketing Specialists who help manage and Grow a Startup’s Digital Presence by providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services and Social Media Marketing (SMM) services and helping clients compound their Client Acquisition Rate exponentially.

#2. WinSavvy helps Manage Legal Documentation for its clients, including its website terms of service, data usage policy etc., thus ensuring Entrepreneurs are not distracted and can focus on just making their Products or Services better.

#3. WinSavvy advises Clients on their Business Strategy and Drafting Commercial Agreements, to ensure Startup Founders don’t get wrapped up in unnecessary Commercial Arrangements or Litigation in the future.

Our charges are mainly on a case-by-case basis. Apart from our SEO services and agreement drafting services, you might need to request a quote.

Apart from that, we do have a ton of free resources, including blog articles, downloadables, training and more!

We plan on adding several software for free use by our readers, that can be helpful for budding startups, very soon.

Yes, we do. Feel free to check out our guest posting guidelines for the same.

In short, the guest posts we accept must be 1700 words+, contain no fluff, be actionable.

If you have what it takes, email your topic suggestions to

Yes, we actually do. But, that’s on a case-by-case basis and only if we like your business idea, business model and business plan.

Yes, we offer a first-free meeting / consultation for 

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