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Why Contract Management is Important for Your Business: in 2022 (7+ Reasons)

Contract management is the process of managing the development and implementation of all contracts, whether they’re with customers, vendors or partners. It’s a crucial part of running a business because it helps you ensure that everyone’s on the same page and that there are no problems in the future.   Contract management involves managing the …

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What is Strategic Marketing?

Strategic marketing allows an organization to focus limited resources on the greatest opportunities. This can increase brand awareness, get you leads, improve sales and create a sustainable competitive advantage.   What is Strategic Marketing? Without an organized marketing campaign in place, you are just doing a bit of guest posting, bit of outreach, trying to …

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Advisory Shares: An Explainer (US Law)

Article research by  Shreyas Nair from WinSavvy’s legal research team. Here’s his LinkedIn bio for more information on him. What are Advisory Shares Advisory shares are a sort of stock option that are granted to business consultants rather than workers. They might be given to start-up company advisers instead of cash. Advisors are typically offered options to purchase shares …

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Sublease: The Definitive Guide

Article by Shreyas Nair from WinSavvy’s legal research team. Here’s his LinkedIn bio for more information on him. This article provides in-depth information on –  What is a SubLease How a Sub-Lease Works Legalities Surrounding Subleases Types of Subleases, and How to Draft a Sub-Lease Agreement   A sublease occurs when an existing tenant re-rents …

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