How to Use Qubit: An Explainer

How to use Qubit.

As digital business owners and startup founders, conversion rate optimization (CRO) is at the heart of our operation. Ensuring that every user’s interaction is personalized and optimized for conversion can mean the difference between success and stagnation. One tool that stands out in this endeavor is Qubit. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate Qubit’s features and show you how to use them to their full potential.

A Deep Dive into Qubit

Qubit is a behavioral data platform that provides in-depth personalization and A/B testing capabilities. Its suite of tools includes web personalization, mobile app personalization, product recommendations, and social proof messaging, among others.

Qubit’s Powerful Features

Qubit comes packed with several powerful features designed to boost your website’s performance and conversion rates. Let’s take a detailed look at them:

Web Personalization

Qubit’s web personalization feature allows you to deliver customized experiences to your website visitors based on their preferences and behavior. This powerful feature can significantly enhance user engagement and conversions.

Mobile App Personalization

Similar to web personalization, this feature helps you customize the user experience within your mobile application. From personalized push notifications to tailored in-app content, this feature helps you create engaging app experiences that keep users coming back.

Product Recommendations

Qubit’s product recommendations feature uses machine learning to provide your customers with personalized product suggestions based on their behavior and preferences. This can significantly boost your average order value and overall sales.

Social Proof Messaging

With social proof messaging, you can show your users real-time data about how others are interacting with your website. This might include how many people are viewing a product, recent purchases, or trending items.

A/B Testing

Last but not least, Qubit provides robust A/B testing tools. This feature lets you experiment with different versions of your website to determine what resonates best with your users. For a comprehensive look at A/B testing, you may want to check out our Ultimate Guide on A/B Testing.

Leveraging Qubit for Success

Understanding Qubit’s features is one thing, but knowing how to use them effectively is another. Let’s break down how you can leverage each of these features for success.

Maximizing Web and Mobile App Personalization

When it comes to personalization, start by understanding your audience’s preferences and behavior. Use Qubit’s analytics to gather user data, then create user personas to guide your personalization efforts. You could personalize the content displayed, the website layout, or the products recommended, based on each persona’s preferences.

Optimizing Product Recommendations

To maximize the effectiveness of Qubit’s product recommendations feature, you need to understand your product catalog thoroughly. Link related products together, and use Qubit’s machine learning capabilities to fine-tune the recommendation engine over time.

Leveraging Social Proof Messaging

Social proof is a powerful persuasion technique. Display real-time data on product popularity, recent purchases, or other user behavior to instill a sense of urgency and encourage users to convert. Make sure your social proof messaging is authentic and relevant to maintain trust with your users.

Conducting Effective A/B Testing

Identify key elements of your website or app that you think could be affecting user behavior and set up A/B tests to experiment with different versions. Be patient and let the test run its course to collect a significant amount of data for analysis. Once you’ve identified a winning variant, implement it for all users.


Qubit is a versatile and powerful tool for conversion rate optimization. With its range of features – from personalization and product recommendations to social proof messaging and A/B testing – it offers a robust solution for optimizing your website and mobile app’s performance.

Remember, optimizing your conversion rate is not a one-off process, but an ongoing one. Continually using Qubit’s features and iterating on your strategies based on the data you gather is key to achieving sustained success.

Finally, don’t forget to complement your efforts with best practices in web design, as outlined in our articles on design elements that make a page high converting and web design features that hurt conversions. After all, an optimized website is a balance of great design, personalized experiences, and well-informed marketing strategies.

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