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Rocket Your Follower Count and Make Huge Money Of Twitter: (Definitive Guide) According to Experts

Twitter is where the experts in all niches hang out. 

Twitter is where anybody can get exposure.

Twitter is the easiest place to brand yourself.

Gain Followers and Make Money on Twitter

Although twitter is such a great and easy place to make huge bucks, it is surprising how few actually use it to increase sales and become a social media influencer.

True, twitter has the second-least CTR (click through rate), but it should not be forgotten that the clicks here are much more valuable than at any other social media platforms.

You get to meet top-notch experts, influencers and even brands and celebrities. Also, twitter can help find you a great deal of customers too (if, that's your thing).
In short, twitter is a great way to earn money online fast.
But, before you expect emails from brands asking for a sponsored tweet, or from hotshots in your niche, asking for a collaboration, or even customers buying products from your site, you need to get some factors straight.

To make money out of this social media platform, you need a good number of social media following and a good engagement rate (as with any other social media platform).

You also need to set straight a plan for making cash out of your Twitter following.

Now, this post is not about me. In fact, I do not even use social media much (because, I fear it hampers my productivity, but let's reserve it for another post! :) ).

But for the last seven or eight weeks, I had been conducting an experiment on Twitter (it's a secret as of now... haha) and it got me a good exposure on how far reaching and powerful this underrated social media platform is.

I even landed myself on several expert roundups at Databox, because of a DM, that I got at Twitter.

And not just that, if you want a chance at guest posting at some hot-shot blogs, you may want to develop a connection with the blogger first. And to do that, Twitter is the best platform.

Now, if you want to be taken seriously, you want to make it evident that you got a ton of brand value behind you.

And, that my friend is the power of Twitter followers and high engagement.

That is the secret sauce, if I may add!

Anyhow, I wanted to look behind the scenes and wanted to know how several top Twitter influencers got such a high following.

So, I sent out a query on HARO (acronym for Help A Reporter Out), where I wanted to know how several top Twitteratis raked up such a great number of followers.

And in this query, I stressed on unconventional advices on how to get more Twitter followers.

You know, the stuff where growth-hackers use code or make some Tweet viral using magic and stuff...

I was tired of all the basic stuff lying about the internet, such as setting up your profile neatly and posting regularly!

Like man! Tell me something I don't know already. When the pitches came rolling, at first glance, they looked pretty basic to me.

I got disappointed when I received advices like "make sure your posts are valuable and stuff".

But then I realised, that the pitches were not as basic as they seemed. You see, these pitches contain some pretty unconventional advices.

A simple pitch like, the example give above - "make sure your posts are valuable and stuff" -  is pretty powerful and unconventional too.


I have first hand experience of it.

Now, most of my experiment that I conducted on Twitter is under wraps, but I can tell you this. Whenever I tweeted something very interesting or an original research, I used to get a good increase in my followers and whenever I tweeted utter nonsense and clickbait stuff, I used to bleed followers super fast.

So, if you want to gain followers and to have trust and engagement among them, then you must make sure your tweets are of value. It is surprising how unconventional this advice is, because, in my experiment, I found very few people actually posting stuff that is valuable.

Sourcing content from Crowdfire isn't enough. Before you hit the "Share" button, give the post a read and make sure the read is worth the time of your followers.

The thing that I can personally vouch about these pitches that you are going to read are that, they are tremendously powerful. They can make or break your Twitter journey.

And most of the power lies hidden in their verbatum.

Just giving this post a "one-time read" isn't enough. Bookmark this page and come back again and again and read it by heart so that you can use the tactics shown down below like a pro.

So without further ado, let's get cracking!


Now that you know how to get an optimal number of followers with a good amount of engagement, you can expect people to take you seriously because when was the last time an influencer or brand took anyone seriously with 94 followers!? And, you can even check out Garin's checklist of 75 ways by which you can boost your twitter followers to easily keep up with the advice mentioned here.

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Once you get your follower count into at least a thousand, you need to find ways to monetize it. Having a huge following means sh*t if you can't convert your audience into loyal and repeat customers, or capitalise that to earn solid cash.

As such, this is how you can do it.


Now that, you have finished reading this, it's your turn now. Which technique did you find most interesting and which one are you going to use right now?

Share it down, in the comments!


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