How to Use Beeketing: An Explainer

How to use Beeketing.

Whether you’re a startup founder or an established digital business owner, you’re always on the lookout for tools that can optimize your website’s conversion rate. A powerful weapon in your arsenal can be Beeketing, a suite of marketing automation products designed to convert your website visitors into loyal customers. This guide will help you understand the breadth and depth of Beeketing, explain its features, and show you how to maximize its potential for your business.

Unraveling Beeketing

Before diving into the how-tos, it’s crucial to understand what Beeketing is. Beeketing is a marketing automation platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to optimize your e-commerce operations, enhance customer engagement, and boost your conversion rates.

Features of Beeketing

Beeketing is a feature-rich platform that includes a suite of apps to help streamline your marketing efforts. Here’s a look at some of the standout features:

  1. Sales Pop
  2. Checkout Boost
  3. Mailbot
  4. Better Coupon Box
  5. Boost Sales

Let’s dive into each one of these.

Sales Pop

The Sales Pop feature creates a sense of urgency and social proof by displaying recent purchase activities on your site.

Checkout Boost

Checkout Boost encourages customers to share your products on their social networks in return for a free gift or discount, increasing your social media presence and customer reach.


Mailbot automates your email marketing efforts, from cart recovery emails to personalized follow-ups based on customer behavior.

Better Coupon Box

This feature helps in growing your email list by offering visitors a discount coupon in exchange for their email address.

Boost Sales

Boost Sales aims to increase your average order value by cross-selling and upselling relevant products to your customers.

Leveraging Beeketing to Its Full Potential

How to use Beeketing.

Now that we’ve covered the key features let’s talk about how you can harness these tools effectively:

Using Sales Pop

Sales Pop can be an excellent tool for driving conversions by creating a sense of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Customize the design, timing, and messages of the pop-ups to match your brand’s style and audience preferences.

Utilizing Checkout Boost

Checkout Boost can significantly increase your social media presence and bring in more potential customers. Customize your offers to make them enticing enough for customers to share your products on their social networks.

Maximizing Mailbot

To fully utilize Mailbot, segment your customers based on their behavior and interests. Use these insights to tailor your email content, and automate your follow-up emails to engage customers and encourage repeat purchases.

Leveraging Better Coupon Box

Better Coupon Box can help grow your email list, which is a valuable asset for any business. Offer enticing discounts or freebies in exchange for your visitors’ email addresses, and customize the design of the coupon box to align with your brand.

Harnessing Boost Sales

Boost Sales can be an excellent tool for increasing your average order value. Analyze your sales data to understand which products are frequently bought together, and set up these products for cross-selling and upselling.


With its suite of marketing automation tools, Beeketing can become a powerful ally in your quest for higher conversion rates. Understanding and effectively using its features can result in enhanced customer engagement, larger order values, and ultimately, more sales.

Remember, while Beeketing is a comprehensive tool, it’s just one part of your overall CRO strategy. Explore other methods of conversion rate optimization like A/B testing and multivariate testing, and refine your strategies using insights from digital analytics tools. Ultimately, it’s about using a mix of tools and strategies that work best for your business. Happy marketing!

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