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Welcome to the ultimate face-off between two email marketing giants – SendPulse and Delivra. In the digital marketing world, choosing the right email marketing tool is like finding the perfect pair of sneakers for a marathon; it can significantly impact your race. Through this article, we’ll delve into the depths of SendPulse and Delivra, comparing them across various parameters to help you decide which one suits your marketing stride best. Let’s jump right in!

SendPulse Delivra
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G2 Score – 4.6 out of 5 stars
G2 Score –   4.4 out of 5 stars
TrustRadius Score -7.9 out of 10TrustRadius Score – 7.1 out of 10

User Experience and Ease of Use

In the world of email marketing, the ease of use and overall user experience of a platform can make or break your marketing efforts. Let’s start by exploring how SendPulse and Delivra compare in terms of their user interfaces, ease of navigation, and overall user-friendliness.

SendPulse: Intuitive and User-Centric

SendPulse stands out with its intuitive interface, designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned marketers. Right off the bat, you’re greeted with a clean and organized dashboard, making navigation a breeze. This ease of use extends to its campaign creation process. The platform offers a drag-and-drop email editor, simplifying the task of crafting visually appealing emails. No need to be a tech wizard here!

Beyond email creation, SendPulse shines in its multi-channel marketing capabilities. It allows you to manage email, SMS, and chatbots all from one place. This integration is seamless, saving you the hassle of juggling multiple tools and platforms.

Delivra: Focused on Functionality

Delivra takes a slightly different approach. It’s known for its robust functionality and might come off as more feature-rich than SendPulse. This, however, can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it offers more advanced options for email marketing veterans, but on the other, it might pose a steeper learning curve for newbies.

Delivra’s campaign builder, while powerful, requires a bit more time to get accustomed to, especially if you’re aiming to leverage its more advanced features. But once you get the hang of it, Delivra’s capabilities in creating targeted, personalized email campaigns are impressive.

The User Experience Verdict

When it comes to user experience, SendPulse takes the lead with its straightforward, user-friendly interface. It’s an excellent choice for those who value ease of use without sacrificing functionality. The platform’s ability to handle multiple channels effortlessly is a big plus for marketers looking to streamline their efforts.

Delivra, while not as immediately intuitive as SendPulse, offers a depth of features that can be a boon for more experienced marketers. If you’re willing to climb the initial learning curve, Delivra’s advanced functionalities offer great potential for crafting sophisticated email campaigns.

In summary, if ease of use and multi-channel marketing are your top priorities, SendPulse is a great fit. However, if you’re an experienced marketer looking for a platform with a rich set of advanced features, Delivra might be the way to go.

Pricing and Plans: Balancing Cost with Features

In choosing the right email marketing tool, how much you pay versus what you get is a critical consideration. Let’s dive into the pricing structures of SendPulse and Delivra, assessing their affordability and the value they offer for their price.

SendPulseFree Plan: Allows up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month.
Standard Plan: Starts around $6.40/month for up to 500 subscribers, with unlimited emails, and scales up with more subscribers.
Pro Plan: For larger businesses, with advanced features. Pricing starts at higher rates and varies based on the number of subscribers.
DelivraDelivra provides custom pricing based on the specific needs and scale of each business.
Core Package: Aimed at small businesses, includes email marketing capabilities and basic automation.
Commerce Package: Targeted towards e-commerce businesses, includes advanced features like SMS marketing, e-commerce integrations, and advanced segmentation.
Enterprise Package: For large organizations requiring more sophisticated features, including advanced automation and integration capabilities.
To obtain specific pricing, businesses need to contact Delivra directly for a customized quote.

SendPulse: Versatile and Budget-Friendly

SendPulse adopts a pricing model that’s as versatile as its features. Catering to a wide range of users, from small startups to larger corporations, SendPulse offers several pricing tiers, including a very useful free plan. This free option is a boon for small businesses or beginners, allowing them to leverage a good range of features without any financial commitment.

As you scale up, SendPulse’s paid plans are based on the number of subscribers, with each tier offering additional features and capabilities. What makes SendPulse attractive is the clarity and transparency in its pricing. You know exactly what you’re paying for, and there are no unexpected costs.

A unique aspect of SendPulse’s pricing is the ‘Pay as You Go’ option, catering to those with fluctuating email sending needs. This flexibility is ideal for businesses that don’t have a consistent requirement for email marketing but still want access to high-quality tools when needed.

Delivra: Customized Pricing for Tailored Needs

Delivra approaches pricing a bit differently. Known for its focus on providing tailored solutions, Delivra doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all pricing plan. Instead, they offer customized pricing based on the specific needs and requirements of your business. This approach ensures that you’re not paying for features you don’t need.

While this tailored pricing can be advantageous, it does mean you need to go through a consultation process to understand exactly what you’ll be paying. This might be a slight hurdle for those who prefer straightforward, tiered pricing structures.

Assessing Value for Money

Both SendPulse and Delivra offer compelling solutions, but their approach to pricing caters to different preferences. SendPulse is ideal for those who appreciate flexible pricing options and want a clear understanding of what they’re paying for at each tier. Its free plan and ‘Pay as You Go’ option make it accessible for a wide range of businesses.

Delivra, with its customized pricing, is well-suited for businesses looking for a more tailored solution. It’s particularly beneficial for medium to large-sized businesses that require specific features and integrations and are willing to invest in a solution that fits their exact needs.

In conclusion, if budget flexibility and clear, tiered pricing are important to you, SendPulse is an excellent choice. However, if you prefer a pricing plan that’s customized to your specific business needs, Delivra is worth considering.

Features and Integrations: Tailoring to Your Marketing Needs

The strength of an email marketing tool often lies in its features and its ability to integrate with other platforms. Let’s compare SendPulse and Delivra in these aspects to see how they can tailor to your specific marketing needs.

SendPulse: A Feature-Rich, Multi-Channel Approach

SendPulse is like a Swiss Army knife of email marketing tools, offering a broad array of features. Its multi-channel capabilities allow you to manage not just email campaigns but also SMS, web push notifications, and chatbot messages, all from a single platform. This holistic approach is great for businesses looking to consolidate their marketing efforts.

The email marketing features of SendPulse are comprehensive. You have access to an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, a variety of pre-designed templates, and advanced automation tools. These tools enable you to create personalized email journeys based on user behavior, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

In terms of integrations, SendPulse offers a wide array. It can seamlessly connect with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and various other marketing tools, making it easier to synchronize your data and maintain a cohesive marketing strategy.

Delivra: Advanced Email Marketing with a Personal Touch

Delivra focuses more narrowly on email marketing, but it does so with a depth of features. It offers sophisticated segmentation and personalization capabilities, allowing you to tailor your emails to different audience segments for more targeted campaigns.

One of the standout features of Delivra is its automation capabilities. You can set up complex email sequences triggered by specific subscriber actions, which is excellent for nurturing leads and customer retention strategies.

When it comes to integrations, Delivra might not have as extensive a range as SendPulse, but it covers the essentials. It integrates well with major CRM platforms and e-commerce systems, ensuring that your email marketing efforts are well-aligned with your overall business strategy.

Feature and Integration Showdown

SendPulse and Delivra both offer strong features, but they cater to different marketing needs. SendPulse’s broad range of features and its multi-channel approach make it a versatile choice for businesses looking to manage various aspects of their marketing in one place. Its wide range of integrations further adds to its versatility.

Delivra, with its focus on advanced email marketing features, is ideal for businesses that want a deep level of customization and segmentation in their emails. Its automation tools are particularly powerful for creating personalized subscriber journeys. While its integrations are more limited compared to SendPulse, they are carefully chosen to complement its email marketing focus.

In summary, if you need a comprehensive, all-in-one marketing platform with a wide range of features and integrations, SendPulse is a great choice. However, if your primary focus is on advanced email marketing capabilities with a high degree of personalization and segmentation, Delivra is the tool for you.

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Automation and Workflow Efficiency: Streamlining Your Email Marketing

A crucial aspect of any email marketing tool is its ability to automate and streamline workflows. Effective automation not only saves time but also enhances the relevance and impact of your campaigns. Let’s compare how SendPulse and Delivra fare in terms of automation capabilities and workflow efficiency.

SendPulse: Automating Across Multiple Channels

SendPulse’s automation capabilities are extensive and versatile, reflecting its multi-channel approach. The platform allows you to create automated workflows that not only include email but also extend to SMS and web push notifications. This integration of different channels enables you to build comprehensive, cross-channel marketing strategies with ease.

The email automation tools in SendPulse are particularly user-friendly. You can set up autoresponders, trigger emails based on specific actions, and segment your audience for more targeted communications. The visual nature of the automation builder in SendPulse makes it easy to design complex workflows without getting overwhelmed.

Delivra: Focused and Advanced Email Automation

Delivra’s strength in automation lies in its advanced email marketing capabilities. The platform offers a range of automation options, including triggered emails, autoresponders, and the ability to create multi-step campaigns. Delivra’s automation tools are designed to deliver highly personalized and timely emails, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

One of the standout features of Delivra is its segmentation capabilities, which are deeply integrated into its automation tools. This means you can automate emails that are not only triggered by subscriber behavior but also tailored to specific segments of your audience, making your campaigns highly relevant and effective.

Automation Efficiency: A Comparative Look

In comparing the automation capabilities of SendPulse and Delivra, it’s clear that both platforms offer powerful tools, but with different focal points. SendPulse provides a more holistic, multi-channel automation experience, ideal for businesses looking to streamline and integrate their various marketing channels. Its user-friendly automation builder is a big plus for those who want to set up complex workflows without a steep learning curve.

Delivra, on the other hand, excels in the depth and sophistication of its email automation. It’s particularly suited for businesses that are focused on maximizing the effectiveness of their email marketing through advanced segmentation and personalized automation strategies.

Ultimately, if your marketing strategy involves multiple channels and you value a platform that can automate across all these channels efficiently, SendPulse is a great option. However, if your focus is primarily on advanced email marketing automation with a high degree of personalization, Delivra will serve your needs better.

Analytics and Reporting: Measuring the Impact of Your Campaigns

In the world of email marketing, the ability to track and analyze the performance of your campaigns is indispensable. It’s all about understanding what works and what doesn’t. Let’s compare the analytics and reporting features of SendPulse and Delivra to see how they help you measure and optimize your email marketing efforts.

SendPulse: Comprehensive Analytics for Informed Strategies

SendPulse offers a robust analytics suite that gives you a detailed view of your campaign performance. With SendPulse, you can track standard metrics like open rates, click-through rates, and unsubscribe rates. But it goes beyond these basics to offer more in-depth insights.

One of the standout features is the ability to track user interactions across different channels, allowing you to see how your email campaigns influence your SMS or web push notifications and vice versa. This cross-channel tracking is invaluable in understanding the broader impact of your marketing strategies.

Additionally, SendPulse provides visual analytics tools like heat maps, which show where subscribers are clicking within your emails. This information is crucial for optimizing the design and content placement for better engagement.

Delivra: Targeted Analytics for Email Optimization

Delivra offers a powerful analytics platform focused on delivering actionable insights specifically for your email campaigns. The platform tracks all the essential metrics, but what sets Delivra apart is its ability to provide deep insights into subscriber behavior.

With Delivra, you can segment your analytics to see how different groups of subscribers are interacting with your emails. This level of detail is excellent for refining your segmentation and personalization strategies.

Furthermore, Delivra’s reporting features allow you to test and compare different aspects of your email campaigns, such as subject lines and content variations, enabling you to continuously optimize for better results.

Analytics Showdown: Broad Insights vs. Email Focus

Both SendPulse and Delivra offer strong analytics and reporting capabilities, but they cater to different analytical needs. SendPulse is ideal for those who want a comprehensive overview of their marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Its broad range of metrics and visual tools like heat maps make it a great choice for businesses looking to gain a holistic understanding of their marketing efforts.

Delivra, with its targeted approach to analytics, is perfect for marketers who want to dive deep into the performance of their email campaigns. Its detailed insights into subscriber behavior and comparative reporting tools are particularly beneficial for refining email strategies.

In summary, if you need a wide-ranging view of your marketing performance across various channels, SendPulse will serve you well. However, if your focus is on gaining detailed insights specifically into your email campaigns, Delivra’s analytics are more aligned with your needs.

Integration Capabilities: Enhancing Your Marketing Ecosystem

In today’s digital marketing landscape, the power of an email marketing tool is significantly amplified by its ability to integrate with other software and services. Let’s compare the integration capabilities of SendPulse and Delivra to see how they can fit into and enhance your wider marketing ecosystem.

SendPulse: A Wide Array of Integrations

SendPulse boasts a broad range of integrations, catering to a variety of marketing needs and tools. The platform can connect with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, social media networks, and various other marketing tools. This extensive integration capability allows for a seamless flow of data across your marketing channels, enabling you to create more cohesive and informed marketing strategies.

These integrations are particularly beneficial for businesses that use a diverse set of tools for their marketing efforts. By synchronizing data across platforms, SendPulse helps in streamlining workflows and ensuring that your marketing messages are consistent and timely across all channels.

Delivra: Focused Integrations for Email Marketing

Delivra’s approach to integrations is more focused, primarily concentrating on enhancing its core email marketing capabilities. The platform offers integrations with key CRM systems, e-commerce solutions, and other essential marketing tools.

While the range of integrations might not be as extensive as SendPulse, Delivra ensures that its available integrations add significant value to its email marketing functionalities. These integrations facilitate better segmentation, personalization, and automation of email campaigns, directly contributing to their effectiveness.

Integration Capabilities: Broad vs. Specialized

In comparing the integration capabilities of SendPulse and Delivra, it’s clear that each platform serves different integration preferences. SendPulse is well-suited for businesses looking for a marketing tool that can easily integrate with a wide variety of other platforms and services. Its ability to act as a central hub for diverse marketing activities makes it highly versatile.

On the other hand, Delivra is ideal for businesses that value deep, specialized integrations that directly enhance their email marketing efforts. Its targeted integration options ensure that you have all the necessary tools to optimize your email campaigns, even if it doesn’t offer the breadth of integrations that SendPulse does.

Ultimately, if you need a platform with broad integration capabilities that can fit into a diverse marketing tech stack, SendPulse is a strong contender. However, if your focus is on having a set of integrations that specifically bolster your email marketing, Delivra’s approach would likely serve your needs better.


Deciding between SendPulse and Delivra for your email marketing tool boils down to your specific needs and preferences. SendPulse stands out as a versatile, all-in-one marketing solution, offering a wide array of features, extensive integrations, and multi-channel capabilities. It’s a great fit for businesses seeking a comprehensive tool that goes beyond email marketing, providing an integrated approach to their digital strategy.

Delivra, on the other hand, shines with its focused approach to email marketing. It excels in delivering advanced email functionalities, targeted integrations, and in-depth analytics specifically tailored for email campaigns. This makes it ideal for businesses that prioritize sophisticated email marketing tactics and are looking for a platform that complements this focus.

Both platforms have their unique strengths and can significantly bolster your marketing efforts. Your choice should align with your marketing goals, the complexity of your needs, and the level of customization you require. Whether you opt for SendPulse’s versatile approach or Delivra’s email-centric proficiency, each platform is equipped to elevate your email marketing game.

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