Mailercloud vs Sendy: The Best Email Marketing Tool for You

Assessing Mailercloud against Sendy for email marketing? Our detailed review makes your decision-making process easier

In the bustling world of digital marketing, email remains an undisputed champion in connecting businesses with their audiences. Amidst a plethora of tools promising to revolutionize your email campaigns, Mailercloud and Sendy stand out. But which one will catapult your marketing to the next level? Whether you’re a small business owner, a digital marketing whiz, or somewhere in between, choosing the right platform can seem daunting. Fear not, for we’re about to deep dive into the nitty-gritty of Mailercloud and Sendy, helping you make an informed choice that suits your unique needs. Let’s kick things off by comparing their ease of use, a crucial factor that can either turn your email marketing journey into a walk in the park or a trek through quicksand.

G2 Score – 4.3 out of 5 starsG2 Score – 4.4 out of 5 stars
TrustRadius Score – N/ATrustRadius Score – 9/10

Ease of Use: Simplifying Your Marketing Efforts

The Quest for a User-Friendly Interface

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, simplicity and efficiency are key. You want an email marketing tool that’s not just powerful but also easy to navigate. Let’s see how Mailercloud and Sendy stack up in terms of user interface (UI), setup process, and overall ease of use.

Mailercloud: Intuitive From the Get-Go

Mailercloud is celebrated for its intuitive interface, designed with the user’s ease in mind. From the moment you sign up, you’re guided through a seamless setup process, making it straightforward to jumpstart your email marketing campaigns. The dashboard is clean, well-organized, and presents all necessary features at your fingertips, minimizing the learning curve for new users.

The platform shines with its drag-and-drop email builder, allowing you to create visually appealing emails without needing deep technical knowledge or design skills. This user-friendly approach extends to its campaign management and analytics features, making it easy to monitor your campaigns’ performance and adjust strategies on the fly. For businesses looking for a straightforward, no-fuss solution to email marketing, Mailercloud hits the mark.

Sendy: Leverage the Power of AWS

Sendy presents a different approach, offering a self-hosted email marketing tool that integrates with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Email Service (SES) for sending emails. This setup provides a cost-effective solution but requires a bit more technical savvy to get started. The initial setup involves installing Sendy on a web server and configuring it with AWS, which might be intimidating for users without technical backgrounds.

However, once set up, Sendy offers a simple and clean interface to manage your email campaigns. The platform supports list management, campaign tracking, and basic automation. Its appeal lies in leveraging AWS’s scalability and cost-effectiveness, making it a compelling choice for businesses with a technical team capable of handling the initial setup and looking to send large volumes of emails at a low cost.

Deliverability and Performance: Ensuring Your Message Hits Home

In the competitive arena of email marketing, the battle for visibility in the recipient’s inbox is ongoing. Deliverability rates, which indicate the percentage of your emails that successfully reach the inbox without being flagged as spam or bouncing back, are a critical metric every marketer needs to monitor closely. Performance, on the other hand, delves into how your audience interacts with your emails, encompassing open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, among other metrics. These indicators not only reflect the health of your email list but also the resonance of your message with your audience.

Mailercloud: Aiming for the Inbox with Precision

Mailercloud has developed a robust infrastructure designed to maximize email deliverability. Recognizing that high deliverability starts with a clean email list, the platform offers tools that help marketers maintain list hygiene, such as automatic removal of unsubscribes and hard bounces. This proactive approach to list management is crucial in preserving a strong sender reputation, a significant factor ISPs consider when determining whether to deliver emails to the inbox or the spam folder.

Moreover, Mailercloud’s commitment to performance shines through its detailed analytics dashboard, which presents marketers with real-time data on how their campaigns are performing. This level of insight allows for rapid iteration and optimization of email strategies, ensuring that content remains engaging and relevant to the audience. The platform’s emphasis on user-friendly design extends to its reporting features, making it accessible for marketers to derive actionable insights without being overwhelmed by data.

Sendy: Harnessing AWS for Unparalleled Deliverability

Sendy takes a unique approach by integrating with Amazon Web Services’ Simple Email Service (SES), a move that significantly bolsters its deliverability capabilities. AWS SES is renowned for its high deliverability rates, thanks to Amazon’s stringent policies and robust infrastructure designed to combat spam and ensure reliable email delivery. This partnership allows Sendy users to benefit from the credibility and scale of AWS, providing a solid foundation for their email marketing campaigns.

While Sendy offers a more hands-on approach to campaign management, it doesn’t skimp on performance tracking. The platform provides essential metrics that marketers need to gauge the success of their campaigns, including open rates, click rates, and bounce rates. For users willing to delve deeper, integrating Sendy’s data with other analytics tools can unlock further insights, enabling a comprehensive understanding of campaign performance and audience behavior.

Navigating the Trade-Offs for Optimal Results

Choosing between Mailercloud and Sendy for deliverability and performance ultimately boils down to your specific needs, technical comfort level, and the value you place on integration with larger infrastructure versus a standalone, all-in-one platform. Mailercloud offers a streamlined, user-friendly solution with integrated tools for optimizing deliverability and tracking performance, making it an ideal choice for marketers seeking simplicity and efficacy. Sendy, with its reliance on AWS SES, provides a powerful yet cost-effective solution for those who prioritize deliverability above all and are equipped to handle or outsource the technicalities of email marketing.

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Integration Capabilities and Automation Features: Enhancing Efficiency and Engagement

The Strategic Advantage of Connectivity and Automation

In today’s digital marketing ecosystem, the ability of an email marketing platform to seamlessly integrate with CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, analytics tools, and other marketing software is crucial. Such integrations enable marketers to synchronize data across platforms, personalize communications, and streamline workflows. Equally important are automation features, which allow for the creation of targeted, timely, and relevant email sequences based on subscriber behavior and preferences.

Mailercloud: Streamlining Campaigns with Robust Integration and Automation

Mailercloud is designed to enhance marketing workflows through robust integration capabilities and sophisticated automation features. The platform offers seamless integration with a wide array of popular CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and social media networks, enabling marketers to easily connect their email marketing efforts with their broader marketing strategy.

On the automation front, Mailercloud provides a user-friendly yet powerful automation builder that allows marketers to set up trigger-based email sequences. Whether it’s welcoming new subscribers, nurturing leads, or re-engaging inactive customers, Mailercloud’s automation features enable you to deliver the right message at the right time, without manual intervention. This not only increases efficiency but also boosts engagement and conversion rates by ensuring that communications are highly relevant and personalized.

Sendy: Leveraging API for Custom Integrations and Focused Automation

Sendy offers a different approach to integration and automation, focusing on flexibility and customization. Through its API, Sendy enables advanced users to create custom integrations with virtually any software, provided they have the technical know-how. This level of flexibility is particularly appealing to businesses with specific integration needs or those using custom or niche platforms.

When it comes to automation, Sendy provides basic but effective tools to automate email campaigns. While its automation features may not be as extensive or intuitive as some competitors, they cover essential functionalities like autoresponders and scheduled campaigns. Sendy’s strength lies in its ability to offer a high degree of customization in automation workflows, appealing to users who require tailored solutions.

Pricing and Scalability: Balancing Affordability with Growth

Navigating the Cost of Email Marketing

For businesses large and small, the cost of email marketing tools and their ability to scale efficiently with growing needs are crucial considerations. An ideal platform offers not only competitive pricing but also the flexibility to accommodate expanding subscriber lists, increased email volumes, and more advanced features without a steep increase in cost. Let’s assess how Mailercloud and Sendy measure up in terms of pricing and scalability.

MailercloudMailercloud Free Plan:

Includes up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.
Access to basic features like email campaigns, reports, and list management.
Basic Paid Plans:

Up to 5,000 subscribers: Starting at approximately $10/month, with unlimited emails.
Up to 10,000 subscribers: Starting at approximately $15/month, also with unlimited emails.
As the number of subscribers increases, the price scales accordingly.
Higher Volume Plans:

Up to 25,000 subscribers: Starting at around $45/month.
Up to 50,000 subscribers: Starting at around $75/month.
Up to 100,000 subscribers: Pricing available on request.
For more than 100,000 subscribers, custom pricing is offered.
SendySendy is a self-hosted email newsletter application that integrates with Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) for sending emails.
One-Time Fee: A one-time purchase price of $69, which allows you to install Sendy on your own web server.
Amazon SES Costs: After purchasing Sendy, you’ll need an Amazon SES account. Amazon SES typically charges $0.10 per thousand emails sent, plus data transfer fees. This can be significantly cheaper than other email marketing services for large volumes of emails.

Mailercloud: Transparent Pricing for Growing Businesses

Mailercloud appeals to businesses with its transparent and straightforward pricing structure, designed to accommodate organizations of various sizes. Starting with a free plan for businesses with smaller subscriber lists, Mailercloud offers a clear path for growth with tiered pricing based on the number of contacts or email volumes. This model allows businesses to predict their costs as they scale and ensures that they only pay for what they need.

Additionally, Mailercloud’s pricing includes access to a comprehensive set of features across all plans, including automation tools, advanced segmentation, and detailed analytics. This ensures that as your business grows, you have access to powerful tools necessary for sophisticated email marketing strategies without needing to upgrade to prohibitively expensive plans.

Sendy: Cost-Effective Solution Leveraging AWS

Sendy presents a unique pricing model that sets it apart from many other email marketing platforms. By leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) for email sending, Sendy offers a one-time purchase price for the software itself, after which users pay directly to AWS based on the volume of emails sent. This model can lead to significant cost savings, especially for businesses sending large volumes of emails.

The scalability of Sendy is inherently tied to the scalability of AWS, making it an extremely robust solution for growing businesses. As your email marketing efforts expand, AWS’s infrastructure can easily handle increased volumes without the need for manual intervention. However, it’s important to note that while Sendy’s cost per email can be lower, the initial setup and ongoing management require a more hands-on approach, which may incur additional costs in terms of time or hiring technical expertise.

Customer Support and Educational Resources: Navigating Your Email Marketing Journey

The landscape of email marketing is ever-evolving, with new trends, technologies, and best practices emerging regularly. In this dynamic environment, having access to responsive customer support and comprehensive educational resources is not just beneficial—it’s essential. These support structures empower users to navigate the complexities of email marketing more effectively, ensuring they can make the most of their chosen platform.

Understanding the Role of Support and Education in Email Marketing Success

Effective customer support can dramatically reduce downtime and frustration by resolving technical issues and answering platform-related queries promptly. Beyond troubleshooting, educational resources play a critical role in enhancing users’ email marketing knowledge, offering insights into strategy optimization, audience engagement techniques, and more. Let’s delve into how Mailercloud and Sendy approach these critical aspects.

Mailercloud: Prioritizing User Support and Continuous Learning

Mailercloud offers a multi-faceted approach to customer support, providing users with various channels to seek assistance, including live chat, email support, and a comprehensive FAQ section. This ensures that users can find help in the manner most convenient for them, whether they prefer real-time assistance or self-service options. The platform’s dedication to user support is evident in its quick response times and the quality of guidance provided, helping users navigate any challenges they encounter swiftly.

In addition to its strong support framework, Mailercloud places a significant emphasis on education and learning. The platform offers a rich library of resources, including detailed guides, video tutorials, and articles that cover a wide range of topics from basic email marketing principles to advanced strategy development. This commitment to user education not only helps users troubleshoot issues but also inspires them to experiment with new tactics and strategies, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Sendy: Leveraging Community and Documentation for Empowerment

Sendy takes a different approach, focusing heavily on documentation and community-driven support. Given its self-hosted nature, Sendy provides extensive documentation that covers setup, configuration, and usage tips, designed to help users manage the platform independently. This comprehensive resource is invaluable for troubleshooting and understanding the platform’s capabilities in depth.

While direct support options are available, Sendy also benefits from an active community of users. Forums and community boards become a place for users to share tips, seek advice, and offer solutions based on their experiences. This peer-to-peer support model fosters a collaborative environment where users can learn from each other, tapping into the collective knowledge of a diverse user base.


Concluding our in-depth comparison of Mailercloud and Sendy, we’ve traversed through critical considerations that shape the decision-making process when choosing an email marketing tool. From the ease of use and the crucial aspects of deliverability and performance to the integration capabilities, automation features, pricing, scalability, and the invaluable support and educational resources, both platforms exhibit distinct strengths tailored to diverse marketing needs and preferences.

Mailercloud emerges as a robust, user-friendly email marketing solution, ideal for businesses seeking an intuitive interface, comprehensive automation, and integration capabilities. It’s particularly suited for those who value direct customer support and extensive educational resources to enhance their marketing strategies. With its transparent pricing model and scalability, Mailercloud offers a compelling choice for small to medium-sized businesses aiming for growth without compromising on the sophistication of their email marketing efforts.

Sendy, leveraging the power of Amazon SES, stands out for its cost-effectiveness and scalability, appealing to businesses with high-volume email needs. Its self-hosted nature provides a unique advantage for those with technical expertise, offering unparalleled control over email campaigns at a fraction of the cost of traditional services. The active community and extensive documentation make Sendy a viable option for users who prefer a hands-on approach and the flexibility to deeply customize their email marketing platform.

The choice between Mailercloud and Sendy ultimately boils down to your specific business needs, technical capacity, and budget constraints. Mailercloud is the go-to for businesses looking for an all-encompassing, easy-to-navigate platform with strong support and learning resources. Sendy is best suited for those who prioritize cost savings, have a technical inclination, and are looking for a scalable solution with the robustness of Amazon’s infrastructure behind it.

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