Mailigen vs Sendy: The Best Email Marketing Tool for You

Make an informed decision: Mailigen vs Sendy - your key to effective email marketing

In the digital marketing universe, your choice of an email marketing tool is much like picking a trusty sidekick for your adventure – it needs to be reliable, resourceful, and a perfect fit for your journey. In this detailed exploration, we’re pitting two notable contenders against each other: Mailigen and Sendy. Both have their loyalists, but which one will be the hero for your email marketing needs? Let’s embark on this exploration, starting with a crucial aspect of any email marketing tool.

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Feature Set

Mailigen’s Rich Arsenal vs Sendy’s Streamlined Approach

When it comes to email marketing, the set of features a tool offers can make a world of difference in how effectively you can reach and engage with your audience. Let’s dive into the features offered by Mailigen and Sendy to understand which tool might better suit your marketing quests.

Mailigen: A Treasure Trove of Features

Mailigen is often celebrated for its extensive range of features, designed to cater to diverse email marketing needs. It’s like a multi-tool, equipped with various functionalities to tackle different aspects of email marketing.

At the heart of Mailigen’s offering is its intuitive email campaign builder. This feature allows you to create visually appealing and responsive emails without needing deep technical skills. The availability of a rich library of templates further aids in crafting emails that align with your brand’s aesthetic and message.

Another notable aspect of Mailigen is its automation capabilities. Whether it’s setting up a welcome series for new subscribers, nurturing leads, or re-engaging dormant customers, Mailigen’s automation features ensure that your email marketing runs smoothly and efficiently. This level of automation is invaluable for personalizing your audience’s journey based on their interactions with your emails.

Furthermore, Mailigen excels in segmentation and list management. It enables you to slice and dice your email list based on various criteria – from demographic data to user behavior. This powerful segmentation leads to more targeted and effective email campaigns, significantly enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Not to forget, Mailigen provides detailed analytics and reporting tools. These tools offer insights into your campaign’s performance, helping you understand what resonates with your audience and what needs tweaking. This data-driven approach is crucial for continuously refining your email marketing strategy.

Sendy: Focused and Efficient

Sendy takes a different route, focusing on providing a streamlined and efficient email marketing experience. It’s like a sharp, well-crafted sword – simple but effective.

One of the primary appeals of Sendy is its simplicity and ease of use. The platform offers a straightforward email creation tool, allowing you to design and send campaigns without any fuss. While it may not have as extensive a template library as Mailigen, it covers the basics effectively, making it suitable for users who prefer simplicity over a wide array of options.

Sendy’s standout feature is its cost-effectiveness, particularly for those with large email lists. It leverages Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) for sending emails, which drastically reduces the cost of email campaigns, especially when dealing with large volumes of emails. This makes Sendy an attractive option for businesses with tight budgets.

While Sendy offers basic automation capabilities, it may not be as comprehensive as Mailigen’s. However, it covers essential automation needs, making it a good fit for businesses that require straightforward, no-frills automation.

In terms of analytics, Sendy provides fundamental reporting features, allowing you to track opens, clicks, and bounces. These insights are valuable for making necessary adjustments to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Pricing and Affordability

Mailigen’s Flexible Subscription vs Sendy’s One-Time Fee

The pricing strategy of an email marketing tool is a critical factor that can influence a business’s decision. It’s not just about the initial cost but also how this investment aligns with long-term business goals and marketing strategies. Let’s delve deeper into the contrasting pricing models of Mailigen and Sendy to better understand which platform might suit different budgetary requirements and marketing objectives.


  • Pricing Structure: Based on the number of subscribers.
  • Basic Plans:
  • Up to 500 subscribers: Starts at approximately $10/month.
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers: Starts at approximately $25/month.
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers: Starts at approximately $40/month.
  • Higher Volume Plans:
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers: Pricing available upon request.
  • Up to 25,000 subscribers and more: Custom pricing.


  • Sendy is a self-hosted email newsletter application that integrates with Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) for sending emails.
  • One-Time Fee: A one-time purchase price of $69, which allows you to install Sendy on your own web server.
  • Amazon SES Costs: After purchasing Sendy, you’ll need an Amazon SES account. Amazon SES typically charges $0.10 per thousand emails sent, plus data transfer fees. This can be significantly cheaper than other email marketing services for large volumes of emails.

Mailigen: Flexibility to Match Your Growing Business

Mailigen’s subscription-based pricing model is designed with a focus on flexibility and scalability. This approach caters to a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large enterprises, and the pricing tiers reflect this versatility. The key here is the ability to choose a plan based on the number of subscribers, which means you’re not paying for more than you need at any stage of your business growth.

This scalability is a significant advantage for businesses that are in a growth phase. As your subscriber list expands, Mailigen makes it easy to move up to a higher tier, ensuring that your email marketing capabilities grow with your business. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses that anticipate rapid growth in their audience or email marketing activities.

Even at the entry-level, Mailigen doesn’t skimp on features. Irrespective of the plan you choose, you have access to the full range of Mailigen’s capabilities, from email automation to advanced segmentation and analytics. This inclusivity ensures that even smaller businesses can leverage powerful email marketing tools typically reserved for larger enterprises.

For businesses with variable email marketing needs, Mailigen’s pay-as-you-go option adds another layer of flexibility. This approach is ideal for businesses that do not engage in regular email campaigns but still require access to a robust email marketing tool for occasional use.

Sendy: Economical Long-Term Investment

Sendy’s one-time fee model presents a stark contrast to Mailigen’s subscription-based approach. This model appeals to businesses looking for a cost-effective, long-term solution. The one-time fee grants you lifetime access to Sendy, making it an economical choice, especially for businesses with large email lists or those planning to scale significantly.

The most compelling aspect of Sendy’s pricing is its potential for significant savings over time. By leveraging Amazon SES for sending emails, the operational cost per email is dramatically reduced. This efficiency can be a game-changer for businesses that send out high volumes of emails regularly.

While the initial investment in Sendy might be higher than starting with a Mailigen subscription, the long-term economics can work out favorably. This one-time investment model is particularly attractive to businesses with a clear, long-term email marketing strategy and the technical capacity to manage the setup and maintenance of the platform.

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Automation and Integration

Mailigen’s Advanced Capabilities vs Sendy’s Basic Functionality

In the intricate dance of email marketing, automation and integration are like the rhythm and steps that keep the performance fluid and captivating. Both Mailigen and Sendy offer these features, but they do so in different ways, each catering to varying levels of complexity and user needs.

Mailigen: Crafting Sophisticated Email Journeys

Mailigen takes automation to an advanced level, allowing marketers to create sophisticated and highly personalized email campaigns. Imagine a world where your emails respond dynamically to your subscribers’ interactions. This is where Mailigen shines. Its automation capabilities enable you to set up triggers based on specific actions, like a subscriber opening an email or clicking a link, and then responding with a tailored message. This level of detail in automation helps in nurturing leads more effectively and maintaining engagement with your audience.

But it’s not just about sending emails. Mailigen understands the importance of an integrated marketing approach. The platform’s wide array of integrations extends its functionality significantly. Whether it’s syncing with CRM systems to ensure your email campaigns are aligned with your sales strategies or integrating with e-commerce platforms to tailor your messages based on customer behavior, Mailigen makes these integrations relatively seamless. These connections are vital for businesses looking to create a unified experience across all customer touchpoints.

Moreover, Mailigen’s integration with analytics tools provides you with a deeper understanding of your campaign’s performance. This data-driven approach is invaluable in today’s marketing landscape, where making informed decisions based on user behavior and campaign metrics can significantly impact the success of your strategies.

Sendy: Streamlined Automation for Direct Impact

Sendy approaches automation and integration with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. While it may not offer the breadth of automation features found in Mailigen, it covers the essentials well. Sendy allows you to set up autoresponders and basic email sequences, which are key to maintaining consistent communication with your subscribers. For small businesses or those with straightforward email marketing needs, these features are often more than sufficient.

When it comes to integration, Sendy’s approach is more about providing basic, essential connections rather than an extensive network. It offers integration capabilities primarily through APIs, which can be utilized to connect with other tools and services. This approach gives users the flexibility to create custom integrations based on their specific needs. However, it requires a bit more technical know-how compared to the plug-and-play integrations offered by Mailigen.

Sendy’s strength in this area lies in its ability to leverage Amazon SES for sending emails. This not only makes it cost-effective but also reliable in terms of deliverability. For businesses that prioritize budget and require a straightforward approach to email marketing, Sendy’s model is particularly appealing.

Customer Support and Resources

Mailigen’s Comprehensive Assistance vs Sendy’s Self-Service Approach

When diving into the world of email marketing, the support and resources provided by your chosen tool can significantly impact your experience and success. Let’s examine how Mailigen and Sendy compare in terms of customer support and educational resources, and how this might influence your decision.

Mailigen: A Focus on User Support

Mailigen takes customer support seriously and provides a variety of channels to ensure users get the help they need. This includes email support, live chat, and even phone support, catering to different preferences for assistance. The response time is generally quick, which is crucial in resolving any issues promptly and keeping your email campaigns running smoothly.

Beyond direct support, Mailigen offers a comprehensive knowledge base. This resource is packed with helpful articles, tutorials, and guides covering every aspect of the platform. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics of email marketing or an experienced marketer seeking to maximize the platform’s advanced features, Mailigen’s resource center is a valuable tool.

Furthermore, Mailigen occasionally conducts webinars and training sessions, providing users with deeper insights into effective email marketing strategies and best practices. This emphasis on education not only helps users get the most out of the platform but also enhances their overall marketing skills.

Sendy: Self-Service with Community Support

Sendy adopts a more self-service approach to customer support. While it does offer support via email, the platform relies heavily on its documentation and user forums for assisting users. The comprehensive documentation covers the ins and outs of using Sendy, which is particularly useful for troubleshooting and understanding how to use different features.

The user community forum is another resource where Sendy users can seek help and advice. In the forum, users can share their experiences, ask questions, and offer solutions, creating a collaborative environment for learning and problem-solving.

While Sendy’s approach to support might require a bit more self-sufficiency from users, it’s generally sufficient for resolving common issues and questions. However, users looking for more hands-on, immediate assistance might find this approach less accommodating.


In conclusion, choosing between Mailigen and Sendy as your email marketing tool involves a careful consideration of your business’s specific needs, budget constraints, and long-term marketing objectives.

Mailigen stands out as a versatile and scalable email marketing solution, offering a comprehensive suite of features that cater to a wide range of marketing needs. Its subscription-based pricing model is designed for flexibility, making it an ideal choice for businesses of varying sizes and stages of growth. With Mailigen, you gain access to advanced automation, detailed segmentation, and robust analytics, irrespective of the plan you choose. This makes it suitable for businesses looking for a dynamic platform that can grow with their evolving marketing strategies.

Sendy, on the other hand, offers a more economical approach with its one-time fee model. This pricing strategy is particularly attractive for businesses with large email lists or those seeking a cost-effective, long-term solution. Sendy’s integration with Amazon SES for sending emails ensures a low operational cost, making it a viable option for businesses that prioritize budget and have the technical know-how to manage the platform. While it may not offer the same level of advanced features as Mailigen, Sendy covers the basics effectively, making it suitable for straightforward email marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, the choice between Mailigen and Sendy should be influenced by your business’s specific requirements. If you need a comprehensive, feature-rich platform with flexible pricing, Mailigen is a strong contender. However, if your focus is on cost-effectiveness and a straightforward approach to email marketing, Sendy could be the more appropriate choice.

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