“GoSquared vs Looker: The Best Analytics Tool for You”

Read our comparison of GoSquared vs Looker to determine which analytics tool provides more powerful data exploration and business insights

In the vast universe of digital analytics, selecting the right tool to navigate the data cosmos is crucial. On one hand, we have GoSquared, known for its sleek design and ease of use, offering businesses a straightforward way to understand their online visitors. On the other, there’s Looker, a Google Cloud product, revered for its deep data exploration capabilities and customizable dashboards. Whether you’re a startup looking to make data-driven decisions without a steep learning curve or an established enterprise seeking comprehensive insights across various data points, your choice of analytics tool can illuminate the path to success. Let’s dive into the first area of comparison.

GoSquared Looker
GoSquared Looker
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User Experience and Dashboard Usability: Crafting the Map to Insights

In the quest for data-driven decision-making, the clarity and navigability of your analytics tool’s dashboard are akin to the clarity of the stars guiding sailors at night. Here, we compare how GoSquared and Looker design their maps to the stars.

GoSquared: Charting a Course with Clarity

GoSquared opts for the approach of clarity and simplicity, designing its dashboard to serve as a beacon for businesses navigating the data seas. The platform’s user interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy for users of all levels to quickly find the insights they need without a compass. GoSquared focuses on providing a user experience that makes complex data accessible, ensuring that actionable insights can be gleaned at a glance.

This approach is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses or those without a dedicated data analyst on board. With GoSquared, the journey to understanding your website’s performance and user behavior is marked by clear signposts, making it easy to take informed actions based on real-time data.

Looker: The Cartographer’s Detailed Atlas

Looker, in contrast, is like a detailed atlas crafted by master cartographers. It offers a powerful and flexible dashboard that can be customized to display a vast array of metrics and data visualizations. Looker’s strength lies in its ability to provide deep, customizable insights that cater to the specific needs of each user, whether they’re a marketer, product manager, or data analyst.

This level of customization and depth makes Looker an invaluable tool for larger enterprises or businesses with specific, complex data analysis needs. However, navigating Looker’s detailed atlas requires a bit more familiarity with data analytics. The platform is designed to offer comprehensive insights, which means users may need to invest time in learning how to best utilize its extensive capabilities to chart their course through the data landscape.

Pricing: The Treasure Chest Unlocked

In the vast ocean of digital analytics, the value of the treasures you uncover must outweigh the gold you spend. Here’s how GoSquared and Looker chart their courses in the realm of pricing.

GoSquared: The Compass for the Cost-Conscious

GoSquared pricing

GoSquared presents its pricing like a clear compass, guiding small to medium-sized businesses through the fog with transparent, straightforward plans. This approach is akin to a captain who knows the worth of every coin and seeks to maximize the value of their limited resources. GoSquared’s tiered pricing model allows businesses to select a plan that aligns with their scale and usage needs, offering a cost-effective entry point for those just beginning to navigate the analytics seas.

With GoSquared, the journey begins with clear options, each designed to grow as your business does. This scalability ensures you’re investing exactly where it counts, without unnecessary expenditure on unused features. Offering a free trial, GoSquared invites you to test the waters before committing your gold, ensuring the tool meets your needs and is worthy of your investment.

Looker: The Map for the Data-Driven Empire


Looker’s pricing strategy is like a detailed, sprawling map, designed for enterprises ready to invest in a comprehensive exploration of the data landscape. The complexity and depth of Looker’s offerings are reflected in its customizable pricing model, which is tailored to fit the vast and varied needs of larger organizations. This customization ensures that you’re not paying for a one-size-fits-all solution but rather investing in a powerful, bespoke analytics engine that can drive significant ROI across multiple departments.

Looker works with you to understand your specific needs, offering a pricing model that reflects the depth and breadth of your data analytics requirements. The investment required for Looker is typically higher than simpler tools, but it’s designed to deliver unparalleled value through deep, actionable insights that can transform your business.

Integration Capabilities: The Digital Symphony Orchestra

In the grand concert hall of digital tools, how well your analytics platform integrates with other instruments can turn a cacophony into a symphony. The harmony created by seamless integration not only enhances productivity but also enriches the insights derived from your data.

GoSquared: The Ensemble Conductor

GoSquared acts like a skilled conductor, adept at ensuring each section of the ensemble works in concert. With its focus on simplicity, GoSquared provides straightforward integrations with key marketing, sales, and customer support tools. This ensures that businesses can easily connect GoSquared with their existing digital tools, making it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses looking for a plug-and-play solution.

The integration process is designed to be intuitive, allowing users to quickly set up connections without needing deep technical expertise. This ease of integration means businesses can swiftly start seeing their data in harmony with their other digital efforts, leading to quicker insights and actions.

Looker: The Grand Orchestra

Looker, on the other hand, is like a grand orchestra, with a vast array of instruments at its disposal. As part of the Google Cloud ecosystem, Looker offers deep integration capabilities, not just within Google’s own suite of products but across a broad spectrum of third-party applications and databases. This extensive integration network allows businesses to pull in data from multiple sources, creating a rich, multi-dimensional view of their operations.

For enterprises with complex data landscapes, Looker’s ability to integrate deeply and customize data models is unparalleled. However, harnessing this power often requires a maestro’s touch — a combination of technical skill and strategic insight to ensure all parts of the data orchestra play beautifully together.

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Customer Support and Community Engagement: The Guiding Lights

The strength of an analytics tool isn’t just in its ability to analyze data but also in the support structure that surrounds it, guiding users through challenges and enlightening their path with shared knowledge.

GoSquared: The Beacon of Immediate Aid

GoSquared shines as a beacon of immediate aid, with its customer support designed to offer quick and personalized assistance. Picture GoSquared’s support as a lighthouse, providing focused light that cuts through the fog, directly aiding ships in distress. This approach is incredibly valuable for businesses that may not have the luxury of a dedicated data analytics team and rely on swift support to make the most of their analytics tool.

GoSquared ensures that help is always within reach, whether through live chat, email, or an accessible knowledge base filled with guides and tutorials. This immediate and accessible support system makes navigating the analytics waters less daunting for businesses of all sizes.

Looker: The Constellation of Collaborative Wisdom

In contrast, Looker’s customer support and community engagement resemble a vast constellation, where numerous stars—each a point of wisdom or aid—illuminate the night sky. Looker’s approach is comprehensive, offering not just direct support through various channels but also fostering a rich community where users can share insights, challenges, and solutions. T

his collaborative wisdom is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to dive deep into analytics capabilities, as it allows for the sharing of complex use cases, customizations, and best practices. Through forums, user groups, and extensive documentation, Looker’s community acts as a collaborative space that empowers users to learn from each other, enhancing their analytics journey.

Customization: Crafting Your Compass

In the quest for data-driven decision-making, the flexibility to customize your analytics tools becomes a powerful ally. Here, we compare how GoSquared and Looker enable you to craft the tools that best fit your exploration needs.

GoSquared: The Artisan’s Toolkit

GoSquared approaches customization with the spirit of an artisan, offering a toolkit that allows for personal touches without overwhelming complexity. The platform is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes to tailor aspects of their analytics experience. This includes customizable dashboards that highlight the metrics most relevant to your journey, ensuring that the data you need to make swift decisions is always front and center.

While GoSquared may not offer the depth of customization found in more complex platforms, it strikes a balance between flexibility and simplicity. This approach ensures that even businesses with limited technical resources can sculpt their analytics environment to fit their voyage, making GoSquared akin to a nimble craft capable of navigating both familiar shores and uncharted waters with ease.

Looker: The Master Shipbuilder’s Yard

In contrast, Looker presents itself as a master shipbuilder’s yard, where every vessel—every dashboard and report—is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and tailored to the grand voyages of data exploration. Looker’s platform is built on the foundation of LookML, a powerful modeling language that allows for extensive customization of data models, visualizations, and integrations.

This enables businesses to construct highly customized analytics experiences, from detailed dashboards that drill down into specific aspects of user behavior to comprehensive reports that span across different data sources and departments. Looker’s level of customization is particularly well-suited for larger enterprises or organizations with complex data landscapes and specific reporting needs.

With Looker, the limit is only the breadth of your imagination and the depth of your data. However, navigating the shipyard and making full use of its capabilities requires a seasoned crew of data analysts and developers, making Looker a vessel designed for the most ambitious of data expeditions.


As we dock our ship at the final port of our exploratory journey between GoSquared and Looker, we’ve navigated through the vital waters of integration capabilities, dashboard usability, customer support, community engagement, and, most recently, the crucial aspect of pricing. Each tool, like a distinct star in the vast digital analytics galaxy, offers its unique light to guide businesses through the complex universe of data.


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