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Business Laws Made Totally Simple - The Definitive Guide

So you've got the perfect business idea and wish to make a successful business surrounding the idea?

Well, that would be great, provided you have a sound business plan, but a word of caution - you need to know the laws that govern your business domain.

Knowing the law that governs your business niche is important before jumping in head first with your startup.

Now, it may seem really cut and dry, but hear me out.

Suppose, you are in the manufacturing sector, you need to know laws relating to pollution if your business emits fumes or effluents. You might also need to know of the related laws in the labour sector so as to be sure you are not contravening any laws which can result in fines or even in other forms of prosecution.

Even if you are in any other sector, I'd bet there are some laws that govern that niche and if you are not aware of the laws you can get prosecuted or even worse, you can get ripped off. 

Keeping that in view, it isn't a surprise that 9 out of 10 startups fail.

It isn't a surprise that lawyers nowadays make a killing!

So, if you want to go ahead with your business, you could of course talk to a lawyer so as to get a broadened legal advice over the niche you plan on dominating. 
But that might cost you a killing.
You could on the other-hand check this guide out so as to find the relevant laws that apply to your business, get a good enough understanding of the legalities and go ahead on working on the stuff that matters - making your business a success.
But aren't laws too cumbersome to read and understand?
Well, that's where I come in. Since I come from a legal background, I believe I can help you get started in your endeavour, with the least amount of effort possible.
This shall be the most definitive guide that you have ever seen. But, it shall also be the most easiest read you've ever gone through!
And, that's a promise. 
No complicated latinized legal words. Every word will be analysed and put to you in a simple format.
Sounds interesting?

Well it is.

However note that it is, for now, a work in progress and shall cover niches ranging from civil procedure to intellectual procedure and even span to real estate and the best forms of incorporation you could try out for your business.

Now keep in mind, that some of these topics have already been done. You could surf our blog to find them. However this will be listing each of the topics so that you can find them at your ease and read them as and when you want.

So, let's get started!

Business Laws in Your Niche in an Easier Understandable fashion

Indian Corporate Laws

#. Intellectual Property Laws in India

#. Law Relating to How to Go About Civil Cases in India

#. Laws Relating to the Manufacturing Industry in India

#. Mandatory Sexual Harassment Law that Businesses in India Must Know of

#. Laws Relating to Incorporating a Business in India

#. Laws Governing Investment in India

#. Hiring and Firing Laws in India

US Corporate Laws

#. Intellectual Property Laws in the US

#. Laws Relating to Incorporating a Business in the US

#. Law Relating to How to Go About Civil Cases in the US

#. Laws Governing Investment in USA

#. Sexual Harassment Law that Businesses in the US Must Know of

#. Hiring and Firing Laws in the US

#. Laws Relating to Manufacturing Industry in the US

UK Corporate Laws

#. Intellectual Property Laws in UK

#. Laws Relating to Incorporating a Business in UK

#. Law Relating to How to Go About Civil Cases in UK

#. Laws Governing Investment in UK

#. Sexual Harassment Law that Businesses in UK Must Know of

#. Laws Relating to Manufacturing Industry in UK

#. Hiring and Firing Laws in UK

I'll be adding more topics and linking out to the guides as and when they become ready.

So, if you are interested for the ride, bookmark this page and come back soon as and when I update this page.

I would also be really glad, if you let me know of any additions that I should have made but forgot. It would be really helpful as there are lots of laws to cover and I tried to break it up into the broadest manner, possible.

Also, it would be really cool if you could comment the country on which you want the laws to be analysed. That way, I would know where lies the greatest demand and would publish accordingly.



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