How Upfort Can Boost their Website Traffic to 10k in 3 Months! (Our Take!)

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In order to reach this goal, a single two pronged strategy is what would be needed. Here’s what we suggest –

#1. On-Page SEO Plan for Upfort

Upfort has blog articles that are very poorly done. As Upfort starts to scale, it needs to focus more on inbound marketing and it also needs to come off as a thought-leader in the space.

The current articles are too short, have no internal links and are poorly formatted.

Upfort blog page needs to be updated.

Here are a list of 100 blog post title suggestions along with relevant keywords that you can use to fix it. You can create it pretty fast if you use AI along with content editors (but take care, the articles have to be carefully optimized to improve readability and more importantly, insert internal links for faster indexing by Google) –

  1. “How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware Attacks”
  2. “Understanding Cyber Risk: A Comprehensive Guide”
  3. “The Role of AI in Enhancing Cybersecurity Measures”
  4. “Best Practices to Defend Against Wire Fraud”
  5. “Debunking Common Cybersecurity Myths”
  6. “Modern Methods for Preventing Data Breaches”
  7. “Proactive vs. Reactive Cybersecurity: What’s the Difference?”
  8. “Autonomous Protection: The Future of Cyber Defense”
  9. “Phishing Threats and How to Identify Them”
  10. “Why Intelligent Automation is Revolutionizing Cyber Insurance”
  11. “Turnkey Solutions for Comprehensive Cyber Protection”
  12. “How Cyber Insurance Complements Your Security Strategy”
  13. “Key Benefits of Implementing Modular Cybersecurity Features”
  14. “Understanding the Layers of Effective Cyber Protection”
  15. “Strategies to Reduce the Likelihood of Cybersecurity Incidents”
  16. “Benefits of Hassle-free Underwriting in Cyber Insurance”
  17. “Digital Processing in Insurance: A Look at the Future”
  18. “Quick Quotes: The Power of Underwriting Automation”
  19. “Evolving Cyber Threats and How to Stay One Step Ahead”
  20. “Specialized Coverages for Enhanced Cyber Protection”
  21. “How to Seamlessly Secure Users and Data”
  22. “Cybersecurity 101: Basic Steps Every Business Should Take”
  23. “Navigating the Landscape of Modern Cyber Threats”
  24. “The Growing Importance of Cyber Insurance in Business”
  25. “Understanding and Combating the Risks of Wire Fraud”
  26. “Tackling Phishing: Techniques and Tips for Safety”
  27. “Key Features to Look for in a Cyber Risk Solution”
  28. “The Role of AI in Transforming Cyber Insurance”
  29. “Avoiding Common Pitfalls in Cybersecurity Strategy”
  30. “Modern Tools to Manage and Insure Cyber Risk”
  31. “Comprehensive Strategies for Protecting Digital Assets”
  32. “Emerging Trends in Cybercrime and How to Counter Them”
  33. “Why Proactive Cybersecurity is a Game Changer”
  34. “The Evolution of Digital Processing in Cyber Insurance”
  35. “Quick Steps to Implementing Turnkey Cyber Protection”
  36. “Cyber Threat Landscape: What to Expect in the Coming Years”
  37. “Harnessing AI for Effective and Hassle-Free Cyber Protection”
  38. “Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Cybersecurity”
  39. “A Deep Dive into Underwriting Automation Benefits”
  40. “Expanding Compatibility: Future-Proofing Your Cybersecurity”
  41. “Effective Strategies to Minimize Cyber Risks”
  42. “Demystifying Cyber Insurance: What Businesses Need to Know”
  43. “How to Stay Protected Against Evolving Cybercriminal Tactics”
  44. “Enhancing Business Security Through Intelligent Automation”
  45. “Streamlining Cyber Insurance with Modern Technologies”
  46. “Understanding and Mitigating the Impact of Data Breaches”
  47. “Elevating Cyber Defense with Turnkey Solutions”
  48. “Decoding the Intricacies of Phishing Attacks”
  49. “Why Every Business Needs a Comprehensive Cyber Risk Solution”
  50. “Harnessing Technology for Enhanced Cyber Protection”
  51. “Innovations in Cyber Insurance: A Look Ahead”
  52. “Emerging Cyber Threats and Proactive Defense Strategies”
  53. “Insights into the World of Cybercrime and Prevention”
  54. “Modernizing Cybersecurity with Intelligent Automation”
  55. “Best Practices for Managing and Insuring Cyber Risk”
  56. “How to Safeguard Your Business from Wire Fraud Threats”
  57. “Transforming Cyber Defense with Autonomous Protection”
  58. “Navigating the Digital Age with Comprehensive Cyber Insurance”
  59. “Proven Techniques to Lower Ransomware Attack Risks”
  60. “Enhanced Protection: Specialized Coverages for Modern Threats”
  61. “Streamlining Cyber Protection with Modular Features”
  62. “Leveraging AI for Seamless Cyber Risk Management”
  63. “Optimizing Cyber Insurance with Digital Processing”
  64. “Efficient Underwriting: The Role of Automation in Insurance”
  65. “Preventing Data Breaches: Techniques and Best Practices”
  66. “Cybersecurity in the Digital Age: Trends and Predictions”
  67. “Why Intelligent Automation is the Future of Cyber Insurance”
  68. “Combatting Modern Cyber Threats with Proactive Defense”
  69. “A Guide to Identifying and Preventing Phishing Threats”
  70. “Why Broad Coverage Matters in Cyber Insurance”
  71. “Staying Ahead of Cybercriminals: Techniques for Businesses”
  72. “Unlocking the Power of AI in Cybersecurity Strategy”
  73. “Elevating Underwriting with Intelligent Automation”
  74. “Protecting Digital Assets in the Age of Cyber Threats”
  75. “Revolutionizing Cyber Insurance with Modern Technologies”
  76. “Strategies to Counter the Growing Menace of Ransomware”
  77. “Empowering Businesses with Comprehensive Cyber Solutions”
  78. “Advancements in Cyber Risk Management and Insurance”
  79. “Unlocking the Potential of Modular Cybersecurity Features”
  80. “A Business’s Guide to Combatting Wire Fraud”
  81. “Harnessing the Power of AI in Cyber Risk Solutions”
  82. “Transforming Underwriting Processes with Digital Innovations”
  83. “Why Every Business Should Prioritize Cyber Insurance”
  84. “Understanding the Dynamics of Cyber Attacks and Defenses”
  85. “Innovative Approaches to Cybersecurity in the Modern Era”
  86. “Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Cyber Risk Management”
  87. “Decoding the Future of Cyber Insurance and Protection”
  88. “Turnkey Cyber Solutions for Modern Business Challenges”
  89. “The Importance of Proactive Cybersecurity Measures”
  90. “Insights into Cybercrime and Effective Countermeasures”
  91. “The Role of Technology in Streamlining Cyber Insurance”
  92. “Understanding the Benefits of Specialized Cyber Coverages”
  93. “Enhancing Business Defense with Proactive Cyber Strategies”
  94. “Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape and Effective Counteractions”
  95. “A Comprehensive Guide to Modern Cybersecurity Tools”
  96. “Staying Ahead in the Cyber Race with Intelligent Automation”
  97. “Key Strategies for Effective Cyber Risk Management”
  98. “Navigating Cyber Threats with Proactive and Turnkey Solutions”
  99. “Elevating Cyber Insurance with Innovative Digital Processing”
  100. “Best Practices to Ensure Comprehensive Cyber Protection”

#2. Off-page SEO Plan for Upfort

Upfort’s blog has quite low Domain Authority and Domain Rating. It’s Ahrefs’ DR is just 28.

We suggest reaching out to blogs in the industry, asking to guest post. With the influx of GPT4 and other content marketing software, most blogs are not too agreeable to this suggestion, so you may need to keep some marketing budget aside for payments for backlink insertions and guest post placements.

However, you should hire a seasoned SEO guy for this as you already have a very high spam score and you don’t want to get backlinks from the wrong websites.

Here’s a list of 30 high quality and relevant blogs in your niche that you should try to guest post at:

  1. Krebs on Security – A leading source for investigative stories about cybercrime and computer security.
  2. Dark Reading – Covering the latest in cybersecurity news, threats, and solutions.
  3. The Hacker News – A popular destination for cybersecurity, hacking news, and technology updates.
  4. Naked Security by Sophos – Combines the latest news with expert advice on cybersecurity.
  5. Threatpost – Provides breaking news on vulnerabilities, threats, and cyber-attacks.
  6. CyberScoop – Reports on the latest in technology and cybersecurity news.
  7. Troy Hunt’s Blog – Insights and opinions from Troy Hunt, a Microsoft Regional Director and cybersecurity trainer.
  8. Infosecurity Magazine – Offers the latest news and knowledge in the infosec industry.
  9. Schneier on Security – A blog from Bruce Schneier, a renowned security technologist.
  10. CSO Online – Focuses on security and risk management news and analysis.
  11. SecurityWeek – Provides cybersecurity news to IT professionals globally.
  12. Insurance Journal – Focuses on insurance news, including cyber insurance trends.
  13. PropertyCasualty360 – Covers the property and casualty insurance industry, which includes cyber insurance topics.
  14. Cyber Insurance Review – Specialized blog focusing on cyber insurance’s intricacies.
  15. CIO Dive – Offers the latest news on IT industry trends, including cybersecurity.
  16. Security Boulevard – A hub for the cybersecurity community with blogs from industry influencers.
  17. ITProPortal – Features the latest in tech news, reviews, and features, including security insights.
  18. Help Net Security – A destination for the latest in infosec news, reviews, and insights.
  19. Insurance Thought Leadership – Covers innovative thoughts and insights across the insurance industry, including cyber coverage.
  20. SC Magazine – Provides information and intelligence for cybersecurity professionals.
  21. ZDNet’s Zero Day Blog – Frequently covers the latest in cybersecurity threats and countermeasures.
  22. Insurance Business Magazine – Shares insights, news, and advice related to the insurance industry.
  23. Security Intelligence by IBM – Offers a wealth of resources about threats and best practices in cybersecurity.
  24. TechRepublic’s Cybersecurity Articles – An assortment of topics related to cybersecurity for IT professionals.
  25. Security Affairs – Covers everything from the latest breaches to the strategies companies are using for defense.
  26. Bleeping Computer – Known for its tech news, reviews, and forums, it often discusses cybersecurity issues.
  27. CyberDB – A database and blog of the latest in cybersecurity companies, products, events, and research.
  28. Insurance Times – Focuses on UK’s insurance sector news, which often includes discussions on cyber insurance.
  29. Cyber Defense Magazine – Dedicated to sharing the knowledge of some of the best IT security experts in the industry.
  30. Risk Management Monitor – Discusses all things related to corporate risk management, including cyber threats and insurance.
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