Postcron vs SmarterQueue: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

Need help deciding between Postcron and SmarterQueue? Our guide simplifies your choice for the top social media management solution.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, keeping your brand visible and engaging with your audience can feel like navigating a ship through stormy seas. Enter the heroes of our story: social media management tools. Among the myriad of options, two names often pop up with glowing recommendations – Postcron and SmarterQueue. But which one is the captain that can steer your brand to calm waters and prosperous lands? Let’s dive deep into the features, benefits, and drawbacks of both to help you make the best choice for your social media voyage.

G2 Score – 4.4 out of 5 stars
G2 Score – 4.6 out of 5 stars
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Ease of Use: Setting Sail with Simplicity

Embarking on a journey with a social media management tool should feel like setting sail on a clear day. The ease of use is where the journey begins, and for many, it’s a make-or-break factor. Let’s compare how Postcron and SmarterQueue fare when it comes to user experience.

Postcron: The Friendly Navigator

Postcron greets you with a straightforward and intuitive interface. From the moment you step aboard, it’s clear that the tool is designed with the user in mind. Setting up your account is a breeze. You can quickly connect your social media accounts and start scheduling posts within minutes. The dashboard is uncluttered, making it easy to navigate through its features.

One of the standout aspects of Postcron is its bulk uploading capability. If you’re looking to schedule a large number of posts across different platforms, Postcron makes it incredibly simple. You can upload a CSV file with all your posts and have them scheduled in one go. This feature is a lifesaver for marketers who need to manage multiple campaigns simultaneously.

However, the simplicity of Postcron can be a double-edged sword. While it’s excellent for beginners and those who prefer a straightforward approach, it might lack depth in features for power users. The analytics provided are basic, and if you’re looking to dive deep into data-driven insights, you might find Postcron a bit lacking.

SmarterQueue: The Strategist’s Dream

SmarterQueue enters the scene with a slightly steeper learning curve, but for a good reason. It’s packed with features that cater to the strategic thinker. The tool offers a more robust set of options for content categorization, scheduling, and recycling. The ability to categorize posts and set different scheduling parameters for each category is a game-changer. It allows for a more nuanced approach to content strategy, ensuring that your feed remains diverse and engaging.

The visual content calendar is another area where SmarterQueue shines. It provides a comprehensive overview of your scheduled content across all platforms, making it easy to spot gaps and adjust your strategy accordingly. The drag-and-drop interface for rescheduling posts is intuitive and saves a significant amount of time.

SmarterQueue also excels in content curation. The tool offers features to discover and automatically queue content from your favorite sites, ensuring your feed stays fresh and relevant. This is particularly useful for maintaining a consistent posting schedule without constantly creating new content.

The analytics dashboard is where SmarterQueue truly stands out. It offers detailed insights into performance metrics, helping you understand what works and what doesn’t. This data-driven approach is invaluable for refining your strategy and maximizing engagement.

However, the wealth of features in SmarterQueue can be overwhelming for newcomers. It takes time to fully grasp the capabilities and integrate them into your strategy. Additionally, the more advanced features come with a higher price tag, making it less accessible for individuals or small businesses on a tight budget.

Setting Sail

Choosing between Postcron and SmarterQueue boils down to your specific needs and experience level. If simplicity and ease of use are your main priorities, Postcron offers a user-friendly platform that gets the job done without unnecessary complications. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tool that caters to strategic depth and offers advanced analytics, SmarterQueue is the way to go, provided you’re willing to navigate its steeper learning curve and higher cost.

Content Scheduling: Charting the Course Ahead

In the realm of social media management, the ability to schedule your content effectively is akin to charting a course for a successful voyage. Both Postcron and SmarterQueue offer robust scheduling features, but they approach the task with slightly different compasses. Let’s navigate through their scheduling capabilities to see which tool might lead you to your desired destination.

Postcron: The Set-and-Forget Captain

Postcron’s scheduling features are all about efficiency and simplicity. With its bulk scheduling feature, you can plan out weeks or even months of content in one sitting. This is especially useful for businesses or individuals who prefer to batch their content creation process and then sit back as their posts are automatically published.

Another convenient feature is Postcron’s AutoSchedule. You can tell Postcron how many times you want to post per day, and it will automatically find the best times to publish your content based on your audience’s activity. This takes the guesswork out of deciding when to post for maximum engagement.

However, Postcron’s simplicity in scheduling might not satisfy those who are looking for more granular control over their content strategy. While it’s excellent for basic scheduling needs, it lacks the advanced features that allow for more sophisticated content planning and strategy execution.

SmarterQueue: The Strategic Navigator

SmarterQueue takes a more detailed and strategic approach to content scheduling. It allows for granular control over every aspect of your posting schedule, including the ability to categorize content and set specific posting frequencies for each category. This means you can ensure a balanced mix of content types (e.g., promotional, educational, engaging) without overwhelming your audience with too much of the same thing.

One of the most standout features of SmarterQueue is its evergreen content recycling. You can designate posts as evergreen, allowing them to be automatically re-queued and reposted after a certain period. This ensures your best content continues to reach your audience, maximizing the lifespan and value of each post. It’s a game-changer for maintaining a consistent online presence without constantly creating new content.

SmarterQueue also offers detailed insights into the best times to post, customized for your specific audience. This, combined with its visual calendar and drag-and-drop rescheduling, offers unparalleled control over your content strategy. You can easily adjust your schedule based on performance insights, ensuring your content always hits the mark.

The downside to SmarterQueue’s comprehensive features is the time investment required to fully leverage them. Setting up your categories, evergreen content, and optimal posting times can be time-consuming initially. Moreover, the complexity and depth of the scheduling features may be more than what some users need, making it potentially overwhelming for those seeking simplicity.

Choosing Your Course

When it comes to content scheduling, your choice between Postcron and SmarterQueue hinges on your approach to social media management. If you’re looking for a straightforward, time-efficient way to manage your posts with minimal fuss, Postcron’s set-and-forget scheduling will likely appeal to you. It’s perfect for those who want to schedule bulk content quickly and efficiently, with a focus on simplicity.

Conversely, if your strategy involves a more nuanced mix of content types, or if you’re keen on maximizing the impact of your evergreen content, SmarterQueue offers the strategic depth and flexibility you need. Its advanced scheduling options and evergreen content recycling are ideal for those who are willing to invest more time upfront for a more refined and effective content strategy.

Analytics and Reporting: Navigating the Results

In the journey of social media management, analytics and reporting are akin to navigating by the stars, guiding you towards your goals with insights gleaned from past voyages. Both Postcron and SmarterQueue offer analytics features, but the depth, usability, and insights provided can vary significantly. Let’s explore how each platform helps you chart your progress and adjust your course as needed.

Postcron: The Compass for Essentials

Postcron offers a straightforward approach to analytics, focusing on the essential metrics that indicate your social media performance. You can track post engagement, including likes, comments, shares, and overall reach. This basic data is crucial for understanding how well your content resonates with your audience and can help inform your content strategy at a high level.

The platform’s analytics are easy to understand, making it accessible for users who may not be as familiar with data analysis. For small businesses or individuals, this simplicity ensures that you can quickly check your performance without getting bogged down in overly complex metrics or reports.

However, the simplicity of Postcron’s analytics also means that it might not satisfy the needs of more advanced users or larger businesses looking for deeper insights. If your strategy relies heavily on data-driven decisions, you might find the analytics features of Postcron a bit too basic. It lacks the granularity and comprehensive reporting that can help fine-tune a sophisticated social media strategy.

SmarterQueue: The Sextant for Detailed Navigation

SmarterQueue shines in its approach to analytics and reporting, offering a more detailed and comprehensive view of your social media performance. The platform provides in-depth insights into not just engagement rates but also audience demographics, post timing effectiveness, and content performance across different categories.

This level of detail is invaluable for those who rely on data to steer their social media strategy. You can see which types of content perform best, which posting times yield the highest engagement, and how your audience interacts with your content. SmarterQueue’s analytics allow for a level of strategic refinement that can significantly improve your social media ROI.

Moreover, SmarterQueue offers customizable reports, making it easier to present your social media performance to clients or stakeholders. You can tailor these reports to highlight the most relevant metrics for your goals, providing a clear picture of your successes and areas for improvement.

The advanced analytics features of SmarterQueue do come with a steeper learning curve, and fully leveraging these insights requires a more significant time investment. Additionally, the depth of data available might be more than what some users need, making it potentially overwhelming for those looking for a simpler solution.

Setting Your Course by the Analytics Stars

The choice between Postcron and SmarterQueue in terms of analytics and reporting depends largely on your needs and the complexity of your social media strategy. If you’re looking for straightforward, essential insights to guide your content strategy without the need for deep data analysis, Postcron offers the simplicity and ease of use that can help you keep track of your performance with minimal effort.

On the other hand, if your approach to social media is heavily reliant on data-driven decision-making, and you require detailed insights to optimize your strategy continually, SmarterQueue’s comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities are more suited to your needs. The ability to drill down into the specifics of your social media performance can be a game-changer for those looking to maximize their impact on social media.

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Integration and Compatibility: Sailing Across Different Waters

In the vast ocean of social media, platforms are like different seas, each with its own rules, audiences, and challenges. The ability of a social media management tool to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of platforms is crucial for a smooth sailing experience. Let’s dive into how Postcron and SmarterQueue manage integration and compatibility, ensuring your content reaches every corner of your digital map.

Postcron: The Versatile Voyager

Postcron stands out for its broad compatibility with a wide range of social media platforms. Whether you’re navigating the familiar waters of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or exploring the less charted territories of LinkedIn, Pinterest, and even Google My Business, Postcron has you covered. This wide-ranging compatibility is a significant advantage for users who manage a diverse online presence across multiple platforms.

The process of connecting your social media accounts to Postcron is straightforward, making it easy to get started. Once set up, you can manage all your platforms from a single dashboard, simplifying your social media management process. This unified approach saves time and ensures a cohesive social media strategy across all your channels.

However, while Postcron offers broad platform support, the depth of integration can vary. For example, some platforms may have limitations on the types of content you can schedule or how interactions are managed. These are often restrictions imposed by the social media platforms themselves rather than Postcron, but it’s something to be aware of as you plan your strategy.

SmarterQueue: The Deep-Dive Integrator

SmarterQueue also offers comprehensive support for a variety of social media platforms, including the mainstays like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as Pinterest. What sets SmarterQueue apart is not just the range of platforms it supports but also the depth of its integration with each.

With SmarterQueue, you get more than just the ability to post content across different channels. The platform provides advanced features like content categorization and evergreen recycling that are tailored to the nuances of each social media platform. This allows for a more sophisticated and platform-specific content strategy, which can significantly enhance engagement and reach.

Moreover, SmarterQueue’s detailed analytics are platform-specific, offering insights that are tailored to the unique metrics and performance indicators of each social media site. This deep-dive approach to integration and analytics ensures that your strategy is optimized for each platform, rather than a one-size-fits-all method.

The trade-off for this level of integration is complexity. Managing a multi-platform strategy with SmarterQueue’s advanced features requires a more significant investment of time and effort to fully leverage its capabilities. Additionally, the more sophisticated approach may be more than what some users need, especially if their focus is primarily on one or two main platforms.

Navigating the Integration Seas

Choosing between Postcron and SmarterQueue in terms of integration and compatibility comes down to the breadth of your social media presence and the depth of strategy you wish to employ. If your goal is to maintain a simple yet effective presence across a wide range of platforms with minimal fuss, Postcron offers the versatility and ease of use that can make your journey smooth and straightforward.

Conversely, if you’re aiming for a highly optimized, platform-specific strategy that maximizes engagement and reach on each channel, SmarterQueue’s deep integration and advanced features provide the tools you need to navigate the complexities of each social media sea successfully.

Pricing and Value: Charting the Cost of Your Voyage

In the journey of social media management, the cost is an important factor to consider. It’s not just about the monetary expense, but also about the value you receive in return for your investment. Both Postcron and SmarterQueue offer various pricing tiers to accommodate different needs and budgets, but the specifics of what you get at each level can greatly influence your decision. Let’s navigate through the pricing structures and value propositions of Postcron and SmarterQueue to help you find the treasure chest that’s worth your gold.

PostcronBasic Plan: Starting at around $8 per month (when billed annually), suitable for individuals managing a small number of accounts.
Professional Plan: Typically around $29 per month (billed annually), offering more accounts and posts.
Business Plan: Priced around $79 per month (billed annually), designed for businesses needing to manage numerous accounts with higher post volumes.
Agency Plan: Around $219 per month (billed annually), providing extensive support for agencies with many accounts and the need for bulk posting.
SmarterQueueSolo Plan: Starting at $16.99 per month (when billed annually) for 1 user and 4 social profiles.
Business Plan: Starting at $33.99 per month (when billed annually), including more social profiles and features.
Agency Plan: Pricing starts at $67.99 per month (when billed annually), designed for larger teams and agencies with additional collaboration tools and support.

Postcron: The Affordable Fleet

Postcron is often praised for its affordability, offering a range of pricing tiers that cater to individuals, small businesses, and larger enterprises alike. The entry-level plan is particularly attractive for solo entrepreneurs or small teams just starting their social media voyage. It provides access to a decent number of social accounts and posts per month, making it a budget-friendly option for those looking to dip their toes in the waters of social media management without a significant upfront investment.

One of the key advantages of Postcron’s pricing structure is its scalability. As your needs grow, you can move up to higher tiers that offer more social accounts, more posts, and additional features like bulk scheduling. This flexibility ensures that Postcron can continue to serve your needs as your social media presence expands.

However, it’s important to note that while Postcron offers a good balance of features for its price, the platform’s simplicity means that some advanced features available on more expensive tools are not present. For users whose needs surpass basic scheduling and analytics, the value of Postcron may diminish as they seek out more sophisticated capabilities.

SmarterQueue: The Strategic Investment

SmarterQueue positions itself as a more premium option, with pricing that reflects its advanced features and deeper level of social media management capabilities. The platform is designed for users who are serious about their social media strategy and are willing to invest in a tool that offers detailed analytics, sophisticated scheduling options, and robust content curation and recycling features.

The pricing tiers of SmarterQueue are structured to accommodate different levels of usage, from individual content creators to large agencies or businesses with extensive social media needs. While the entry-level plan may be higher priced compared to Postcron’s, the depth of features and the potential for significant engagement and efficiency gains justify the cost for many users.

One of the distinguishing aspects of SmarterQueue’s value proposition is its focus on maximizing the ROI of your social media efforts. The platform’s advanced analytics and content optimization features can lead to higher engagement rates and more effective content strategies, which, for many businesses, translates to a higher return on investment compared to lower-cost options.

Navigating the Waters of Pricing and Value

The decision between Postcron and SmarterQueue in terms of pricing and value depends on your specific needs, budget, and how much you’re willing to invest in your social media strategy. For those who are just starting out or have simpler needs, Postcron offers an affordable entry point with enough features to effectively manage your social media presence. It’s an excellent choice for budget-conscious users who still want a tool that can grow with them.

On the other hand, for those who view social media as a critical component of their marketing strategy and are looking for a tool that offers advanced features and the potential for a higher ROI, SmarterQueue represents a strategic investment. The higher cost is offset by the value of detailed analytics, sophisticated scheduling, and content optimization features that can enhance your social media performance.

Choosing the right tool is about finding the balance between cost and value that aligns with your goals, resources, and the stage of your social media journey. Whether you choose the affordable flexibility of Postcron or the strategic depth of SmarterQueue, the key is to leverage the tool to its fullest potential to ensure that your investment pays off.

Customer Support and Community: Navigating with a Crew

Embarking on your social media journey with a reliable crew by your side can make all the difference. In the world of social media management tools, this translates to the level of customer support and the community around the tool. Both aspects can significantly impact your experience, from the ease of resolving issues to the richness of shared knowledge and resources. Let’s explore how Postcron and SmarterQueue stand in terms of customer support and community, helping you decide who you want in your crew as you navigate the social media seas.

Postcron: The Friendly Deckhands

Postcron is known for its user-friendly approach, and this extends to its customer support. Users can access support through various channels, including email and a comprehensive knowledge base filled with helpful articles and guides. The response times are generally quick, ensuring that you’re not left stranded for long if you encounter rough waters.

One of the strengths of Postcron’s support is its simplicity and efficiency. The platform is straightforward to use, so many users find that they rarely need to reach out for help. However, when the need arises, the support team is there to guide you back on course.

While Postcron has a solid support system, it’s worth noting that the community around the tool is not as large or as active as some of its competitors. This means that while you’ll get the help you need from the company, opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and networking might be more limited. For some users, the direct support from Postcron is sufficient, but others may miss the vibrant community aspect.

SmarterQueue: The Knowledgeable Navigators

SmarterQueue takes customer support and community engagement seriously, offering a robust support system and a thriving community. The platform provides support through multiple channels, including email, live chat, and a detailed knowledge base. The live chat feature, in particular, is a standout, offering real-time assistance that can quickly resolve any issues or questions you might have.

Beyond just solving problems, SmarterQueue’s support team is known for being proactive and informative, often providing tips and best practices to help users optimize their social media strategies. This educational approach to support can be incredibly valuable for users looking to deepen their understanding of social media marketing.

The SmarterQueue community is another highlight. The platform has cultivated a vibrant community of users who share tips, strategies, and success stories. Through forums, social media groups, and webinars, users can connect with peers, learn from each other’s experiences, and stay abreast of the latest trends and best practices in social media marketing.

This active community not only serves as an extended support network but also enriches the user experience by fostering a sense of belonging and collective learning. For many users, this community aspect becomes an invaluable resource for ongoing education and inspiration.

Choosing Your Crew

When it comes to customer support and community, the choice between Postcron and SmarterQueue depends on what kind of support system you’re looking for in your social media management journey. If you prefer straightforward, direct support with less emphasis on community interaction, Postcron offers the simplicity and efficiency that can meet your needs. Its user-friendly platform and responsive support ensure that you can focus on your social media strategy without unnecessary complications.

However, if you value a rich community experience and a more educational approach to support, SmarterQueue might be your ideal crewmate. The active user community and the proactive, knowledgeable support team can enhance your social media management experience, providing not just solutions to problems but also opportunities for growth and learning.

Ultimately, the right choice will depend on your personal preferences, how much you value community interaction, and the level of support you anticipate needing. Both Postcron and SmarterQueue offer solid foundations, but the nuances of their support and community offerings can make a significant difference in your social media voyage.


Choosing between Postcron and SmarterQueue for your social media management needs is akin to selecting the right vessel for a sea voyage. Each tool offers unique strengths tailored to different types of navigators. Postcron shines with its straightforward, user-friendly interface and affordable pricing, making it ideal for beginners or those who prefer simplicity in their social media endeavors. On the other hand, SmarterQueue stands out for its advanced scheduling options, in-depth analytics, and a vibrant community, catering to users who require a more strategic and data-driven approach to their social media management.

Your decision should hinge on your specific needs, budget, and the level of complexity you’re comfortable with. Whether you choose the streamlined efficiency of Postcron or the strategic depth of SmarterQueue, both tools offer valuable support in steering your social media presence towards success. Remember, the best choice is the one that aligns with your goals and makes your journey on the social media seas as smooth and effective as possible.

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