CoSchedule vs MavSocial: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

Evaluate CoSchedule vs MavSocial to determine the superior social media management platform based on features, pricing, and overall user satisfaction.

In the digital arena where social media’s clout in shaping brands is undeniable, picking the right management tool isn’t just a task; it’s a mission critical to your marketing strategy. Enter CoSchedule and MavSocial, two titans in the realm of social media management, each with unique strengths poised to amplify your online presence. But which one is the hero your brand needs? As we peel back the layers of features, usability, and support these platforms offer, you’ll find the insights needed to make that pivotal choice. Let’s dive into the first crucial area of comparison: Scheduling and Automation capabilities, ensuring your message not only lands but resonates with your audience.

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Scheduling and Automation: The Heartbeat of Social Media Strategy

CoSchedule: Organizing Chaos with Precision

At its core, CoSchedule is like a Swiss Army knife for the content marketer, blending scheduling prowess with a keen eye for integration. Its calendar interface isn’t just about lining up posts; it’s about orchestrating your marketing symphony. With the ability to schedule blog posts, social media content, email marketing, and more, CoSchedule offers a panoramic view of your marketing efforts. Its ReQueue feature stands out, intelligently filling your social media feed with your best content, ensuring your channels are always buzzing with engagement. This level of automation, paired with intuitive drag-and-drop ease, makes CoSchedule a formidable ally in managing and repurposing content across platforms.

MavSocial: Streamlining Engagement Across the Globe

MavSocial, on the other hand, approaches social media management with a laser focus on the visual aspect, recognizing the power of images and videos in storytelling. Its scheduling tool is robust, allowing for advanced planning across major social networks, and it shines brightly with its Digital Library, where you can store, manage, and edit visual content before it goes live. MavSocial’s automation capabilities extend to reposting and rescheduling content, but its unique selling point is the ability to manage and publish multimedia content directly from its platform, making it a haven for brands that rely heavily on visual engagement.

The Verdict on Scheduling and Automation

Deciding between CoSchedule and MavSocial in the arena of scheduling and automation boils down to your brand’s content strategy focus. If your marketing efforts are diverse, requiring a bird’s-eye view to coordinate blog posts, social media, and email campaigns under one roof, CoSchedule’s comprehensive calendar and ReQueue feature offer unmatched value. However, if your strategy leans heavily on captivating your audience with stunning visuals and videos, MavSocial’s specialized digital library and multimedia management capabilities will serve your needs exceptionally well, ensuring your content not only reaches but also visually engages your audience.

Analytics and Reporting: Gleaning Insights from Data

In the fast-paced world of social media, understanding the impact of your content is crucial. Both CoSchedule and MavSocial offer analytics and reporting features, but they cater to different needs and preferences.

CoSchedule: The Strategic Overview

CoSchedule serves up analytics with a broad lens, focusing on how each piece of your marketing puzzle fits together. Its analytics go beyond mere social media metrics, offering insights into the performance of your entire marketing calendar. This holistic approach is invaluable for marketers looking to see the bigger picture, from social media engagement to blog post performance and email campaign open rates. With CoSchedule, it’s about understanding how each marketing activity contributes to your overall goals, allowing for strategic adjustments across all channels.

MavSocial: The Visual Content Analyst

MavSocial, with its strong emphasis on visual content, provides detailed analytics that help you understand how your images and videos perform across different social networks. It offers platform-specific insights, which are crucial for tailoring your content strategy to each social media platform’s unique audience. MavSocial’s analytics shine a light on the engagement levels of your visual content, helping you identify what resonates best with your audience. This focus is particularly useful for brands that rely heavily on visual storytelling and need to measure the effectiveness of their visual content strategy.

Choosing Based on Your Analytic Needs

When it comes to analytics and reporting, your choice between CoSchedule and MavSocial should be guided by the type of insights you value most. If you’re looking for a comprehensive view that integrates analytics from all your marketing efforts, CoSchedule’s strategic overview will provide the depth you need to make informed decisions across your marketing mix. On the other hand, if your strategy is heavily visual and you need detailed feedback on how your images and videos perform on social media, MavSocial’s focused analytics will offer the clarity required to refine your visual content strategy.

Both platforms offer powerful tools for understanding your social media performance, but the best choice depends on whether you need a broad, integrated marketing perspective or a focused analysis of visual content engagement.

Content Curation and Discovery: Keeping Your Feed Fresh

CoSchedule: Integrated Content Planning

CoSchedule approaches content curation with its characteristic holistic view, integrating content curation directly into your overall marketing calendar. This integration allows you to plan, curate, and schedule content alongside your original posts, emails, and other marketing tasks, ensuring a cohesive strategy across all channels. While CoSchedule does not have a dedicated content discovery engine like some other platforms, its strength lies in organizing and scheduling curated content efficiently. The platform encourages users to leverage third-party tools and content sources, which can then be seamlessly integrated into CoSchedule’s calendar, making it easy to keep your content mix diverse and engaging.

MavSocial: Direct Content Discovery and Sharing

MavSocial, in contrast, offers built-in content discovery tools that make it easy to find, curate, and share content directly within the platform. Its content curation features are designed with visual content in mind, allowing users to search for and legally share images and videos from a variety of sources. This capability is a boon for brands that rely heavily on visual storytelling, providing a constant stream of new content to engage their audience. MavSocial’s focus on simplifying the curation process helps users maintain an active and interesting social media presence without the heavy lifting of content creation.

Making the Choice: Integration vs. In-Platform Discovery

When choosing between CoSchedule and MavSocial based on content curation and discovery, consider your workflow and content needs. If you’re looking for a tool that allows you to integrate curated content into a broader marketing strategy, CoSchedule’s ability to organize and schedule this content alongside your other marketing activities is invaluable. Its approach suits marketers who already have a process for discovering content and need a sophisticated tool for planning and scheduling.

On the other hand, if your strategy leans heavily on sharing visual content and you benefit from direct access to a wealth of discoverable media, MavSocial’s built-in content discovery and curation features will likely be more appealing. Its emphasis on visual content makes it particularly useful for brands that engage their audience through images and videos.

Both CoSchedule and MavSocial offer unique approaches to content curation and discovery, but the right choice for you will hinge on whether you need a tool that seamlessly integrates curated content into your marketing calendar or one that provides direct, in-platform access to discoverable content.

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Pricing and Value: Balancing Cost with Features

CoScheduleMarketing Calendar: The free version offers a basic marketing calendar for planning and scheduling.Marketing Suite: Custom pricing based on the needs of your team or organization, including content marketing, social media scheduling, work management, and more.
MavSocialAdvanced Plan: Starting at $19 per month (billed annually) for 1 user and 10 social profiles, including core publishing and engagement features.Pro Plan: At $78 per month (billed annually), for 3 users and 30 social profiles, plus additional features like post approval and reporting.Business Plan: Starting at $199 per month (billed annually), designed for larger teams, offering 5 users and 50 social profiles, with advanced features and support.

CoSchedule: Comprehensive but Premium

CoSchedule positions itself as a premium, all-in-one marketing solution, and its pricing structure reflects this. Offering a range of plans, CoSchedule caters to solo marketers, small businesses, and larger enterprises with varying needs. The pricing escalates based on the number of users, the breadth of features, and the level of support provided. While the starting price might be higher than some standalone social media tools, CoSchedule justifies this with a comprehensive suite that includes content scheduling, social media, email marketing, task management, and more, all within a unified calendar.

The value proposition here is clear: CoSchedule is designed for teams looking for a robust platform that can manage multiple facets of marketing beyond just social media. For businesses that can leverage the full range of features offered, CoSchedule provides significant value, potentially reducing the need for multiple tools and streamlining marketing workflows.

MavSocial: Cost-Effective with a Focus on Social

MavSocial, by contrast, offers a more focused set of features at a price point that is accessible for small to medium-sized businesses and agencies. Its plans are structured to accommodate the needs of different users, from basic social media scheduling and management to more advanced features like social listening and reporting for larger teams. MavSocial’s pricing is competitive, especially considering its robust visual content management and curation capabilities.

The platform’s value is most evident for businesses and marketers whose strategies are heavily reliant on social media and visual content. MavSocial provides the tools necessary to manage, curate, and analyze social media efforts without the additional overhead of unrelated marketing functions. This makes it an attractive option for those who need powerful social media management capabilities without the broader (and often more expensive) scope of comprehensive marketing platforms.

Evaluating Pricing Against Your Needs

When comparing CoSchedule and MavSocial based on pricing and value, the decision boils down to your specific needs and how you balance them against the cost. If your marketing strategy demands a wide-ranging tool that integrates various marketing efforts into a cohesive plan, CoSchedule’s higher price point may offer the best value, given its expansive feature set and the efficiency gains from having a unified marketing dashboard.

Conversely, if your primary focus is on managing social media channels, particularly with a strong visual component, MavSocial presents a cost-effective solution that doesn’t skimp on the features most important to social media marketers. Its pricing model provides flexibility and affordability for businesses that prioritize social media within their marketing mix.

Integration Capabilities: Expanding Functionality

CoSchedule: The Centralized Marketing Hub

CoSchedule emphasizes its role as a centralized marketing hub, offering integrations that span across various marketing functions. It supports connections with popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, enabling marketers to coordinate their blogging and social media efforts directly from the CoSchedule dashboard. Email marketing platforms, such as MailChimp, and analytics tools like Google Analytics, can also be integrated, allowing for a comprehensive overview of marketing performance across channels.

The power of CoSchedule lies in its ability to bring together different aspects of marketing into a single, coherent plan. By integrating with a wide array of tools, CoSchedule enables teams to streamline their workflows, reduce the need for switching between different platforms, and ensure consistency in their marketing efforts. This extensive integration capability is particularly beneficial for larger teams or agencies managing multiple clients or campaigns, where efficiency and coordination are paramount.

MavSocial: Focused Social Media Integrations

MavSocial, focusing more narrowly on social media management, offers integrations that enhance its core functionalities. It connects with major social media platforms, providing a unified interface for managing posts, engaging with audiences, and analyzing performance across channels. While its integration list might not be as extensive as CoSchedule’s, MavSocial includes essential connections with stock photo libraries and multimedia editing tools, supporting its strength in visual content management.

For marketers whose strategy is heavily reliant on social media and visual content, MavSocial’s integrations are particularly useful. They simplify the process of finding, creating, and posting engaging visual content, making it easier to maintain an active and attractive social media presence. This focus on enhancing the core features of social media management, rather than aiming for a broad marketing integration, ensures that MavSocial remains streamlined and effective for its intended user base.

Choosing Based on Integration Needs

Deciding between CoSchedule and MavSocial based on integration capabilities comes down to the scope of your marketing activities and where social media fits within that scope. If your marketing strategy demands a tool that can integrate with a wide range of other marketing technologies for a unified approach, CoSchedule’s broad integration capabilities make it a strong contender. Its ability to centralize various marketing tasks and data points into one platform can significantly enhance strategic planning and execution efficiency.

Conversely, if your primary focus is on managing and optimizing social media channels, particularly with an emphasis on visual content, MavSocial’s targeted integrations offer the specialized functionality you need. By streamlining the process of creating and managing social media content, MavSocial ensures that marketers can focus on what truly matters: engaging their audience with compelling content.

Both platforms offer powerful integration options, but the right choice for you will depend on the complexity of your marketing needs and the role of social media within your overall strategy.

Customer Support and Educational Resources

CoSchedule: Comprehensive Support and Rich Learning Materials

CoSchedule stands out for its commitment to not only providing a robust marketing platform but also ensuring that users have the support and resources they need to succeed. It offers various channels for customer support, including email, chat, and a resource-rich knowledge base. The aim is to provide timely and effective solutions to any issues users might encounter.

Beyond direct support, CoSchedule invests heavily in educational resources. This includes an extensive blog filled with actionable marketing advice, free e-books, webinars, and courses covering a wide range of topics from content marketing to social media strategy. For users looking to deepen their marketing knowledge and maximize their use of the CoSchedule platform, these resources are invaluable.

MavSocial: Targeted Support Focused on Social Media Management

MavSocial, with its focused approach on social media management, provides a streamlined support experience tailored to the needs of social media marketers. Support options include email and live chat, designed to ensure users can quickly get help with any platform-related queries. MavSocial also offers a knowledge base with articles and tutorials specifically geared towards helping users get the most out of their social media campaigns.

While MavSocial may not offer as broad a range of educational materials as CoSchedule, it provides targeted resources that are highly relevant to its core audience of social media professionals. This includes tips and best practices for social media management, ensuring users can effectively leverage MavSocial for their social media marketing needs.

Evaluating Support and Learning Opportunities

When choosing between CoSchedule and MavSocial based on customer support and educational resources, consider the level of support you anticipate needing and the types of learning resources that best suit your style.

If you value a wide array of learning materials and comprehensive support to help you navigate not just the platform but also broader marketing challenges, CoSchedule’s extensive educational offerings and multiple support channels may be more appealing. Its commitment to providing a wealth of knowledge can help elevate your marketing strategy beyond just social media management.

On the other hand, if your focus is squarely on social media and you prefer support that’s quick and to the point, with learning resources directly applicable to social media management, MavSocial’s streamlined and focused approach might better suit your needs. Its targeted support ensures you can maximize your social media efforts without wading through unrelated content.

Both platforms demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting their users, but the choice between them will depend on the breadth of support and types of educational resources you find most valuable for your marketing strategy.


Choosing between CoSchedule and MavSocial boils down to understanding your specific marketing needs and preferences. CoSchedule offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond social media management, integrating various aspects of marketing into a centralized platform. It’s ideal for those looking for an all-in-one tool to streamline their marketing operations, supported by a wide range of educational resources and robust customer support.

On the other hand, MavSocial focuses on providing a specialized, efficient platform for social media management, particularly for marketers prioritizing visual content. It offers targeted support and resources that cater directly to social media marketing needs. The decision between CoSchedule and MavSocial should be guided by the complexity of your marketing strategy, your content focus, and the value you place on educational content and support services. Both platforms have their unique strengths, and the right choice will empower your marketing efforts and help achieve your business objectives.

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