SendinBlue vs MailUp: The Best Email Marketing Tool for You

Compare SendinBlue and MailUp to find the best email marketing platform. Our detailed review focuses on features, ease of use, and more

Hey there! Picking the right email marketing tool can be as crucial as selecting the right ingredients for your favorite dish. It needs to be just right. Today, we’re comparing two popular choices in the email marketing kitchen: SendinBlue and MailUp. Both have their unique flavors, but which one will make your marketing efforts sizzle? Let’s slice through the features, usability, pricing, and more to help you find the perfect fit for your business’s palate.

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User Interface and Experience: Ease of Use is Key

In the world of email marketing, a tool’s user interface can be the make or break factor. It’s like having a kitchen that’s either a pleasure to cook in or a total mess. Let’s compare how SendinBlue and MailUp stack up in this essential area.

SendinBlue: A Smooth Culinary Journey

SendinBlue is known for its user-friendly interface, making your email marketing tasks feel like a breeze.

Intuitive and Clean Design

When you log into SendinBlue, you’re greeted with a clear and intuitive dashboard. This is like having a well-organized kitchen where everything is within easy reach. Whether you’re crafting an email campaign, managing your contacts, or analyzing your results, SendinBlue makes it straightforward. This ease of navigation is a boon, especially for beginners or those who prefer simplicity.

Crafting Campaigns with Ease

Creating email campaigns in SendinBlue is akin to following a simple recipe. The platform offers a drag-and-drop editor that’s a dream for the design-challenged. Plus, the availability of versatile templates that are both beautiful and responsive adds to the charm, allowing you to create professional-looking emails effortlessly.

Simplified Analytics

Understanding how your campaigns are performing is key, and SendinBlue delivers this information in an easily digestible format. Their analytics tools are straightforward, providing you with essential insights without overwhelming you with data.

MailUp: The Gourmet Chef’s Choice

MailUp, on the other hand, offers a platform that’s rich in features but might require a bit more time to master.

Feature-Rich yet Complex

MailUp’s interface is packed with functionalities, catering to those who love detail and customization. However, this richness comes with a complexity that might be overwhelming for new users. It’s like a gourmet kitchen equipped with everything a chef might need, but it takes time to know where everything is and how to use it effectively.

Advanced Campaign Customization

For those who have a knack for detail and customization, MailUp provides advanced tools to tailor your email campaigns. It offers extensive options for personalization and segmentation, making it a powerful tool for crafting targeted and effective email campaigns.

Comprehensive Analytics for the Data Enthusiast

MailUp shines in its analytical capabilities. It provides in-depth insights into your email campaigns, perfect for those who base their strategies on detailed data analysis. The platform offers a comprehensive view of campaign performance, helping you fine-tune your marketing efforts.

Deliverability: Ensuring Your Emails Hit the Mark

A crucial aspect of any email marketing tool is its ability to ensure that your emails actually reach your audience’s inboxes. Let’s take a closer look at how SendinBlue and MailUp handle deliverability, a key determinant of your campaign’s success.

SendinBlue: Prioritizing Your Email’s Journey

SendinBlue recognizes the importance of deliverability and has structured its services to maximize success in this area.

Strong Infrastructure for High Deliverability

SendinBlue’s robust infrastructure is designed to handle large volumes of email while maintaining high deliverability rates. This is crucial for businesses that rely on email marketing as a cornerstone of their strategy.

Proactive Monitoring and Authentication

They employ proactive monitoring of their deliverability, implementing authentication protocols like DKIM and SPF to authenticate their emails. These measures not only improve deliverability but also help in maintaining a strong sender reputation, crucial for email marketing success.

Tools to Optimize Campaigns

SendinBlue provides tools to help users optimize their email campaigns for better deliverability. This includes list cleaning, optimizing send times based on user engagement data, and creating segmented lists for more targeted campaigns.

MailUp: Focusing on Reliable Inbox Placement

MailUp also places a strong emphasis on deliverability, using various strategies to ensure emails reach their intended destination.

Advanced Technologies for Deliverability

MailUp uses sophisticated technologies to manage sender reputation and optimize email deliverability. They focus on ensuring that emails are not only sent but also land in the inbox, avoiding the spam folder.

Detailed Reporting for Insights

MailUp provides detailed analytics and reporting on email performance, including deliverability metrics. This information allows users to understand how their emails are performing and to make informed adjustments to improve inbox placement.

Personalization and Segmentation

MailUp supports advanced segmentation and personalization, positively impacting deliverability. By sending relevant and engaging content to your audience, you boost engagement, improving your sender reputation and deliverability.

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Pricing and Plans

Matching Your Marketing Budget

Navigating the pricing and plans of email marketing tools is a critical step in choosing the right partner for your marketing efforts. It’s essential to find a balance between the features you need and the budget you have. A closer examination of the pricing structures of SendinBlue and MailUp will help us understand how they align with different budgetary requirements.


  • Free Plan: Includes unlimited contacts with 300 emails per day.
  • Lite Plan: Starting around $25/month, this plan includes no daily sending limit and is suitable for smaller businesses.
  • Premium Plan: Starting from around $65/month, offering advanced features like marketing automation, Facebook ads, landing pages, and multi-user access.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing with advanced and custom features, dedicated account manager, and priority support.


  • Pay Per Speed Plans: MailUp’s pricing is based on sending speed rather than the number of contacts. Starts at around $65/month for the slowest sending speed.
  • Monthly Plans: Also offers traditional monthly plans based on the number of emails sent, with prices starting at around $85/month for up to 400,000 sends.
  • Prepaid Credits: Alternatively, you can buy prepaid credits for sending emails without a monthly fee.
  • All plans include features like email automation, transactional emails, and analytics.

SendinBlue’s Approach to Pricing

SendinBlue’s pricing model is designed with flexibility in mind, appealing to a wide range of businesses from small startups to larger enterprises.

At the entry level, SendinBlue offers a free plan, which is a great starting point for small businesses or those just beginning their email marketing journey. This plan typically includes basic features and a daily email limit, allowing new users to test the platform’s capabilities without any financial commitment.

As business needs grow, SendinBlue provides scalable paid plans. These plans offer increased sending limits and access to more advanced features. The pricing is based on the volume of emails rather than the number of contacts, which makes it easier for businesses to select a plan based on their actual usage. This scalability is particularly beneficial for businesses with growing or variable email marketing needs.

For larger businesses or those with more specific requirements, SendinBlue offers customizable plans. These plans can include advanced features such as detailed reporting, greater customization options, and dedicated customer support, catering to the needs of businesses requiring more sophisticated email marketing solutions.

MailUp’s Pricing Structure

MailUp’s pricing model is structured to offer a comprehensive suite of email marketing features at every pricing level.

MailUp does not provide a free plan, but they do offer a trial period. This allows potential users to explore the platform and assess its capabilities before committing to a paid subscription. This option is useful for businesses that want to evaluate the tool’s effectiveness in meeting their specific marketing needs.

MailUp’s pricing is tier-based, with each tier offering a range of features suitable for different stages of business growth. The entry-level plans, while more affordable, include essential features necessary for effective email marketing campaigns.

For larger enterprises or businesses with more complex email marketing strategies, MailUp offers higher-tier plans that provide additional functionalities. These plans are tailored to meet the demands of more sophisticated marketing operations and include features such as advanced automation and segmentation tools.

Integration Capabilities: Connecting Your Marketing Tools

In today’s fast-paced digital marketing landscape, the ability of an email marketing tool to integrate with other business applications is critical. Such integration not only streamlines workflows but also ensures that various components of your marketing strategy work in harmony. Exploring deeper into the integration capabilities of SendinBlue and MailUp, we can gain insights into how these platforms can support and enhance your marketing efforts.

SendinBlue’s Versatile Integration Approach

SendinBlue has positioned itself as a highly adaptable email marketing solution, offering a broad spectrum of integration options that cater to various business needs.

A key strength of SendinBlue’s integration capabilities lies in its compatibility with a wide range of platforms. This includes CRM systems, e-commerce tools, and social media platforms, making SendinBlue a versatile choice for businesses operating across multiple digital fronts. The ability to integrate with these diverse systems means that your email marketing efforts can be seamlessly synchronized with other aspects of your business, from customer relationship management to online sales.

For businesses that require tailored solutions, SendinBlue offers API access, allowing for custom integrations. This is particularly important for businesses that operate with unique systems or have specialized needs. Custom integrations mean that SendinBlue can be fine-tuned to fit into specific operational workflows, offering a level of customization that is invaluable in today’s diverse business environment.

Furthermore, SendinBlue provides user-friendly plugins and extensions, particularly for CMS platforms. These integrations simplify the process of connecting your website or e-commerce platform with your email marketing efforts. For businesses looking for an easy-to-implement solution that doesn’t require extensive technical expertise, these plugins and extensions are a major advantage.

MailUp’s Focus on Advanced Integration

MailUp also offers robust integration capabilities, but with a focus on more advanced and specialized needs.

MailUp’s deep integration with e-commerce platforms is a standout feature. These integrations are designed to harness and utilize customer behavior data, enabling highly targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns. For e-commerce businesses, this level of integration can be a game-changer, allowing for automated, behavior-triggered emails that can significantly enhance customer engagement and increase sales.

Integration with CRM systems and analytics tools is another area where MailUp excels. These integrations facilitate a holistic view of customer interactions and behaviors, contributing to more informed and cohesive marketing strategies. For businesses that base their marketing decisions on comprehensive data analysis, such integrations are essential.

Like SendinBlue, MailUp provides API access for creating custom integrations. This feature caters to businesses with specific needs that go beyond standard integrations, ensuring that MailUp can adapt to any business’s unique technological ecosystem.


In conclusion, both SendinBlue and MailUp emerge as strong contenders in the email marketing arena, each with its unique features and capabilities tailored to different business needs and budgets.

SendinBlue stands out for its user-friendly interface, flexible and scalable pricing plans, and a strong commitment to deliverability. Its platform is well-suited for businesses of various sizes, offering a free plan that is particularly appealing to small businesses or startups. SendinBlue’s wide range of integrations and easy-to-navigate interface makes it a versatile choice for those seeking an effective, straightforward email marketing solution.

MailUp, with its comprehensive feature set available across all pricing tiers, caters to businesses ready to invest more in their email marketing tools from the beginning. Although it lacks a free plan, its structured tiered pricing and advanced functionalities make it a valuable option for businesses requiring more sophisticated email marketing capabilities.

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