SendinBlue vs Campaigner: The Best Email Marketing Tool for You

Choosing the right email marketing platform is crucial. Compare SendinBlue vs Campaigner to make an informed decision

Hey there! In the digital marketing world, picking the right email marketing tool is like choosing the perfect running shoes for a marathon. You want something that fits well, boosts your performance, and gets you to the finish line with ease. Today, we’re putting SendinBlue and Campaigner head-to-head to see which one might be the best fit for your marketing race. Let’s lace up and start with a key area of comparison.

G2 Score – 4.5 out of 5 starsG2 Score – 3.6 out of 5 stars
TrustRadius Score – 8/10TrustRadius Score – 2.4/10

User Interface and Experience: Navigating with Ease

When it comes to email marketing tools, a great user interface (UI) can be a game changer. It’s like having a well-organized kitchen for a chef. Let’s see how SendinBlue and Campaigner fare in this vital aspect.

SendinBlue: Simplicity Meets Functionality

SendinBlue is known for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It’s designed for those who want to get their email campaigns up and running without any hassle.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

From the get-go, SendinBlue greets you with a clean, uncluttered dashboard. This simplicity makes it easy to navigate, especially for beginners or those who prefer a straightforward approach. Finding your way around the platform – whether you’re managing contacts, setting up campaigns, or analyzing reports – is a breeze.

Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

The drag-and-drop email editor is a highlight of SendinBlue. It allows you to design emails effortlessly, even if you don’t have a background in graphic design. This feature, coupled with a range of customizable templates, makes email creation both fun and efficient.

Analytics at a Glance

SendinBlue also excels in presenting campaign analytics in a user-friendly manner. You don’t need to be a data scientist to understand how your campaigns are performing. The platform provides clear and concise data visualization, making it easy to track and measure your success.

Campaigner: Power Packed with Complexity

Campaigner offers a robust platform packed with features, but it comes with a steeper learning curve.

Feature-Rich Interface

Campaigner’s interface is comprehensive, providing a plethora of tools and features at your fingertips. This richness, however, may be overwhelming for new users. Once you get acquainted with the system, though, you’ll find that these advanced features offer great control over your email marketing campaigns.

Advanced Customization Options

Where Campaigner stands out is in its advanced customization options. If you’re looking to dive deep into personalization and segmentation, Campaigner has the tools to make it happen. For marketers who love tailoring every detail of their campaigns, Campaigner is like a dream come true.

Detailed Reporting for Data Lovers

For those who thrive on data, Campaigner offers in-depth reporting and analytics. It gives you a detailed view of your campaign performance, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for future strategies.

Deliverability: Making Sure Your Emails Land Right

Ensuring your emails actually reach your audience’s inbox is a crucial aspect of email marketing. Both SendinBlue and Campaigner offer robust deliverability features, but they have different approaches. Let’s dive deeper into how each platform ensures your emails don’t just get sent, but also get seen.

SendinBlue’s Approach to Deliverability

SendinBlue takes deliverability seriously, focusing on several key areas to ensure emails reach their intended inboxes effectively.

One of the foundations of SendinBlue’s strong deliverability rates is its solid infrastructure. They’ve established reliable relationships with Internet Service Providers, which is vital for maintaining a good sender reputation and avoiding spam filters. This is complemented by their proactive monitoring system, which keeps an eye on deliverability rates and helps identify and rectify any issues swiftly.

SendinBlue also implements essential email authentication protocols such as DKIM and SPF. These are important for verifying the sender’s identity, reducing the likelihood of emails being marked as spam.

Additionally, SendinBlue empowers users with tools to enhance their email campaigns’ deliverability. This includes features like list cleaning to remove unresponsive subscribers and optimizing send times based on engagement data, ensuring that emails are not only sent but also have the best chance of being opened.

Campaigner’s Deliverability Features

Campaigner also places a strong emphasis on deliverability, employing advanced technologies and practices to maximize email effectiveness.

Campaigner uses sophisticated algorithms and processes to manage sender reputation and ensure high deliverability. This technology-driven approach is designed to navigate modern email filters and regulations effectively.

They provide detailed analytics and reporting on email performance, which includes deliverability metrics. This level of insight allows users to track how their emails are performing and make data-driven adjustments to improve inbox placement.

A key aspect of Campaigner’s strategy is its focus on engagement. They support advanced segmentation and personalization, encouraging users to send relevant and engaging content. This not only improves the user experience but also positively impacts deliverability, as engaging emails are more likely to be opened and less likely to be marked as spam.

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Pricing and Plans

Finding the Right Fit for Your Budget

Choosing an email marketing tool that aligns with your budget while meeting your needs is akin to finding the perfect pair of shoes; it needs to fit just right. Both SendinBlue and Campaigner offer a range of pricing options, but they cater to different types of users. Let’s take a closer look at their pricing structures to see which might be the best fit for your marketing budget.


  • Free Plan: Includes unlimited contacts with 300 emails per day.
  • Lite Plan: Starting around $25/month, this plan includes no daily sending limit and is suitable for smaller businesses.
  • Premium Plan: Starting from around $65/month, offering advanced features like marketing automation, Facebook ads, landing pages, and multi-user access.
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing with advanced and custom features, dedicated account manager, and priority support.


  • Starter Plan: Begins around $59 per month for up to 5,000 contacts, including basic email marketing features and 24/7 support.
  • Essential Plan: Priced around $179 per month for up to 25,000 contacts, adding features like advanced segmentation and A/B testing.
  • Advanced Plan: Starting from around $649 per month for up to 50,000 contacts, offering advanced automation, reporting, and integrations.
  • eCommerce Plan: Designed specifically for eCommerce businesses with custom pricing, including features like purchase behavior tracking and predictive analytics.

SendinBlue’s Flexible and Scalable Pricing Structure

SendinBlue is renowned for its flexible pricing, designed to accommodate businesses of various sizes and stages.

The journey with SendinBlue often starts with a free plan, an attractive option for small businesses or those just stepping into email marketing. This plan includes basic features and a daily email sending limit, offering a risk-free way to explore email marketing.

As businesses grow and their email marketing needs become more complex, SendinBlue’s paid plans come into the picture. These plans are based on the volume of emails sent, allowing businesses to scale up or down according to their requirements. This scalable pricing model is particularly beneficial for businesses with fluctuating email marketing needs.

For larger businesses or those with specific requirements, SendinBlue offers customizable plans. These plans can include advanced features like in-depth analytics, higher sending limits, and premium customer support, tailored to meet the demands of more sophisticated email marketing strategies.

Campaigner’s Comprehensive and Tiered Pricing Model

Campaigner approaches its pricing model with a focus on providing comprehensive features at every level.

Unlike SendinBlue, Campaigner does not offer a free plan. However, they do provide a trial period, allowing businesses to assess the platform before making a financial commitment. This trial is beneficial for understanding whether Campaigner’s extensive features align with your business needs.

Campaigner’s pricing is structured in tiers, with each tier offering an array of features suitable for different business sizes and needs. Even at the entry-level, the plans are feature-rich, ensuring that businesses have access to robust email marketing tools from the outset.

For larger enterprises or businesses with advanced email marketing needs, Campaigner offers higher-tier plans that include more sophisticated features. These plans cater to businesses requiring extensive automation capabilities, detailed analytics, and larger sending volumes.

Customer Support and Resources: Ensuring You’re Never Stuck

When it comes to navigating the complexities of email marketing tools, robust customer support and comprehensive resources are essential. They act as a lifeline, ensuring you can make the most of your email marketing efforts. Let’s explore how SendinBlue and Campaigner support their users in this crucial area.

SendinBlue’s Approach to Customer Support

SendinBlue is recognized for its strong focus on customer support, tailored to meet the needs of users at various levels.

The platform provides multiple channels for customer support, including email, chat, and phone support. This multi-channel approach caters to different preferences and urgencies, ensuring users can get help in the way that suits them best. The availability and response times of these support channels are generally well-regarded, with variations depending on the user’s plan.

In addition to direct support, SendinBlue offers an extensive knowledge base. This online resource is packed with articles, tutorials, and FAQs, covering a wide range of topics from basic setup to advanced features. For those who prefer to find answers independently or wish to learn more about email marketing, this knowledge base is invaluable.

SendinBlue also nurtures a community forum where users can exchange ideas, share experiences, and ask for advice. This peer-to-peer support platform can provide practical insights and solutions, offering a different perspective from traditional customer support.

Campaigner’s Customer Support and Resources

Campaigner, on the other hand, takes a slightly different but equally effective approach to customer support.

Campaigner provides dedicated email and phone support, often highlighted for its responsiveness and helpfulness. While the platform might not offer as many channels as SendinBlue, the depth and quality of support are frequently praised by users. This direct support is particularly beneficial for addressing complex issues or getting detailed guidance.

Beyond solving immediate problems, Campaigner offers a wealth of educational resources. Their blog is updated regularly with insightful articles on various aspects of email marketing. Additionally, Campaigner organizes webinars and provides whitepapers, offering users opportunities to deepen their understanding of email marketing best practices and trends.

For new users or those undertaking more complex email marketing campaigns, Campaigner offers training and onboarding resources. These resources are designed to provide hands-on knowledge and skills needed to effectively utilize the platform.

Evaluating the Support Systems

Both SendinBlue and Campaigner excel in providing customer support, but their approaches cater to different user preferences.

SendinBlue’s varied support channels, extensive knowledge base, and community forum make it an excellent choice for users who value flexibility and a variety of learning resources. This approach is beneficial for both quick problem-solving and in-depth learning.

Campaigner, with its focused and responsive support, appeals to users who prefer direct assistance and structured learning. Their comprehensive educational content and personalized training sessions are significant assets for users looking to enhance their email marketing skills and knowledge.


In conclusion, both SendinBlue and Campaigner emerge as strong and capable contenders in the email marketing space, each offering unique strengths that cater to different business needs and preferences.

SendinBlue stands out for its user-friendly interface, flexible and scalable pricing plans, and robust deliverability features. It’s an ideal choice for businesses of various sizes, especially appealing to small businesses or startups with its free plan option. The platform’s wide range of integrations, combined with its comprehensive customer support and extensive knowledge base, makes it a versatile and user-friendly option for those seeking an effective email marketing solution.

On the other side, Campaigner offers a more feature-rich experience from the start, with comprehensive plans that provide a full suite of email marketing tools at every level. Although it lacks a free plan, its focused and responsive customer support, along with valuable educational resources, make it a strong candidate for businesses ready to invest more in their email marketing strategies, particularly those looking for detailed analytics and advanced customization options.

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