How You Can SkyRocket Your PPC Ad Campaign: 5 Fundamental Principles (Infographic)

There are rules to get success in any PPC Campaign-

  1. You have to increase clicks to your ad.
  2. You need to lower cost per click.
  3. You need to convert the audience who clicks the PPC ads.
How You Can Improve PPC Ads Performance to Draw in More Customers and Convert them better

Despite the ROI of PPC ads being a solid deal, it is in fact a tough nut to crack. Most people after failing to achieve their goals and spending their initial budgets, think PPC ads to be a game of the past and leave it altogether.

In fact, the average earning for a business via Google adwords is $2 for every $1 spent. So, even if you fall in the average tier of marketers using PPC you get double your ad spend.
Plus, the top three ads in Google searches garner somewhat more than 40% of all clicks, which is very hard to get if done organically.
Now, Google is not the only ad stream where you can use PPC ads. There are tons of places you can place your PPC ads, such as Facebook, Amazon, Bing etc. 
For example, if you are selling products via Amazon, it is the best place to put your PPC ads.
A brilliant example of the use of PPC ads can be learnt from Eat24.
They were one of the first fast-food joints which started advertising on porn sites and although I am not advocating for placing your ads in porn sites, what is remarkable, is that they got 200% more exposure through very minimal ad spend because porn sites have got dirt-cheap CPMs.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Now it’s your turn. Let me know in the comments what are the biggest problems that you face regarding PPC or what are your fears about this campaign? I’ll surely reply!
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