Loomly vs Kontentino: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

Kontentino or Loomly? Read our in-depth review to make an informed decision on the best tool for managing your social media campaigns

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying on top of your social media game is not just an option—it’s a necessity. With the overwhelming number of tasks involved in managing multiple social media accounts, it’s no surprise that tools like Loomly and Kontentino have become lifesavers for content creators, marketers, and business owners alike. But here’s the million-dollar question: which one is the best fit for you?

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Ease of Use

A Battle of User Interfaces

When diving into the world of social media management tools, the first thing you’ll notice is how the platform feels and operates. Ease of use is a make-or-break factor, especially if you’re juggling numerous tasks. Let’s break down how Loomly and Kontentino stack up in this area.

Loomly: Simplifying Social Media Management

From the get-go, Loomly advertises itself as an intuitive, straightforward tool, and it doesn’t disappoint. Designed with the user in mind, Loomly’s interface is clean, uncluttered, and easy to navigate. For beginners or those who prioritize efficiency, this simplicity is a breath of fresh air.

One of Loomly’s standout features is its step-by-step guide for creating posts. It walks you through the process, from selecting your audience and choosing the right social media platforms to optimizing your content with hashtags and scheduling. This guided approach not only streamlines content creation but also educates users on best practices, making it an invaluable tool for both novices and seasoned marketers.

Moreover, Loomly’s calendar view offers a comprehensive overview of your content strategy, allowing you to plan, approve, and schedule posts with ease. This visual layout is particularly useful for teams, as it enables seamless collaboration and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Kontentino: A Powerhouse for Creatives

Kontentino, on the other hand, takes a slightly different approach. It caters to teams looking for a robust, feature-rich platform that doesn’t skimp on creativity. With its sophisticated interface, Kontentino might seem daunting at first glance, but it’s designed to cater to the needs of professionals who require deeper functionality and customization options.

One area where Kontentino shines is its emphasis on visual content. The platform offers advanced tools for creating and editing images and videos directly within the app, a godsend for teams that heavily rely on multimedia content. This focus on creativity does not come at the expense of usability. Kontentino’s interface, while complex, is meticulously organized, ensuring that features are accessible and learning curves are minimized.

Another standout feature is Kontentino’s approval workflow. It’s incredibly detailed, allowing for multiple levels of approval before a post goes live. This is particularly beneficial for agencies or large teams where quality control is paramount. Moreover, the ability to leave feedback directly on posts fosters a collaborative environment, encouraging teams to refine and perfect their content collaboratively.

Analytics and Reporting

Measuring Success in Social Media

In the dynamic realm of social media, understanding your performance through analytics and reporting is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Both Loomly and Kontentino offer analytics features, but how do they stack up against each other? Let’s dive into the details to help you decide which tool might offer the insights you need to measure and enhance your social media success.

Loomly: Intuitive Analytics for Strategic Decisions

Loomly makes analytics approachable, even for those who might not be data scientists at heart. Its analytics feature is designed to give you a quick yet comprehensive overview of your social media performance across platforms. The tool provides essential metrics such as engagement rates, follower growth, and post performance, all presented in an easy-to-understand format.

One of the key strengths of Loomly’s analytics is its integration with the content calendar, allowing you to see directly how individual posts contribute to your overall strategy. This feature is incredibly helpful for quickly identifying what types of content resonate most with your audience, enabling you to adjust your strategy on the fly.

Additionally, Loomly offers custom reporting capabilities. You can generate reports that focus on the metrics most important to you and your team, ensuring that you’re always aware of your performance and areas for improvement. This level of customization, combined with the tool’s overall simplicity, makes Loomly’s analytics both powerful and accessible.

Kontentino: Advanced Reporting for In-depth Analysis

Kontentino takes a more granular approach to analytics, offering detailed reports that cater to teams and agencies needing in-depth analysis. The platform provides a wide array of metrics, including engagement, reach, the best time to post, and competitor analysis. This comprehensive suite of analytics tools is ideal for those who need to dive deep into their social media data to inform their strategy.

What sets Kontentino apart in this area is its emphasis on actionable insights. Beyond just presenting data, Kontentino helps you understand the implications of your metrics, offering suggestions on how to improve your content and engagement strategies. This level of detail extends to its reporting capabilities, where you can create custom, branded reports that not only showcase your performance but also highlight your strategic insights and recommendations.

Another significant advantage of Kontentino is its ability to track and analyze the performance of organic and paid content side by side. For teams running comprehensive social media campaigns that include paid advertising, this feature is invaluable. It allows for a holistic view of social media efforts, enabling more informed decision-making regarding budget allocation and content strategy.

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Collaboration and Workflow

Streamlining Team Efforts

In the realm of social media management, collaboration among team members is not just beneficial—it’s often crucial for success. The ability to streamline workflows, facilitate communication, and efficiently manage tasks can significantly impact the effectiveness of your social media strategy. Both Loomly and Kontentino offer features aimed at enhancing team collaboration, but they do so in slightly different ways. Let’s explore how these platforms can help you and your team work together more effectively.

Loomly: Enhancing Team Productivity with Simplicity

Loomly’s approach to collaboration focuses on simplicity and clarity. The platform’s intuitive design makes it easy for team members to jump in and start collaborating without a steep learning curve. This accessibility is particularly beneficial for teams that include members with varying levels of technical expertise.

At the heart of Loomly’s collaboration features is its content calendar. The calendar serves as a central hub where team members can view, comment on, and approve posts. This visual and interactive approach helps ensure that everyone is aligned on the content strategy and schedule, minimizing the risk of miscommunication or missed deadlines.

Loomly also offers customizable user roles and permissions, allowing you to define access levels for different team members. Whether you’re a small team looking to share responsibilities or a larger organization with defined roles, Loomly’s flexible permission settings can accommodate your needs.

Kontentino: Advanced Features for Seamless Teamwork

Kontentino takes a more comprehensive approach to collaboration, offering advanced features that cater to the needs of larger teams and agencies. The platform’s workflow management capabilities are designed to streamline the process of content creation, review, and approval, making it easier for teams to work together efficiently.

One of the standout features of Kontentino is its built-in task management system. This system allows you to assign tasks to team members, set deadlines, and track progress, all within the platform. This level of organization is invaluable for teams managing multiple campaigns or large volumes of content, as it helps ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Kontentino also excels in facilitating feedback and revisions. The platform allows team members to leave comments directly on posts, making it easy to provide specific, actionable feedback. This feature, combined with the ability to track revisions and approvals, ensures that the content creation process is collaborative and transparent from start to finish.

Pricing and Plans

Finding the Best Bang for Your Buck

In the world of social media management tools, pricing plays a crucial role in decision-making. After all, whether you’re a freelancer, a small business, or a large corporation, getting the most value for your investment is paramount. Let’s dive into how Loomly and Kontentino compare in terms of pricing and what each platform offers for your hard-earned money.

LoomlyBase Plan: Starting at $26 per month (billed annually) for 2 users and 10 social accounts, including basic analytics and post scheduling.

Standard Plan: At $59 per month (billed annually), offering 6 users and 20 social accounts, with advanced analytics and custom workflows.

Advanced Plan: Starting at $129 per month (billed annually), with 16 users and 35 social accounts, plus more advanced features.

Premium Plan: At $269 per month (billed annually), for 26 users and 50 social accounts, including all features and priority support.
KontentinoStarter Plan: Starting at approximately €9 per month for 1 user, ideal for freelancers.
XS Agency Plan: Around €49 per month, designed for small teams.
Small Agency Plan: Typically €79 per month, offering more user slots and brand slots.
Medium Agency Plan: Priced at around €131 per month, scaling up the capacity for larger team collaborations.
Custom Plans: Available for larger agencies or businesses needing tailored solutions.

Loomly: Flexible Pricing for Growing Teams

Loomly offers a range of pricing plans designed to accommodate the needs of different users, from individuals just starting out to large teams managing multiple brands. One of the highlights of Loomly’s pricing structure is its scalability. As your needs grow, you can easily move up to a plan that offers more features and accommodates more users and social accounts.

The Base plan, Loomly’s entry-level option, is perfect for solo users. It includes all the essential features you’d need to kickstart your social media management, such as post scheduling, basic analytics, and access to the content calendar. As you move up the tiers, additional features become available, including advanced analytics, custom roles and permissions for team collaboration, and more social profile slots.

Loomly also stands out for its transparency in pricing. There are no hidden fees, and you can see exactly what each plan includes, helping you make an informed decision. Additionally, Loomly offers a 15-day free trial, allowing you to test the waters before committing to a plan.

Kontentino: Tailored Solutions for Professionals

Kontentino, while also offering a variety of plans, positions itself slightly differently. Its pricing structure is designed to cater to the needs of professional marketing teams and agencies requiring more sophisticated tools and features. Kontentino’s plans are detailed and cater to different levels of usage, from small teams to large enterprises.

The Starter plan is ideal for small teams looking to streamline their social media management. It includes access to basic features like content planning, collaboration tools, and analytics. However, where Kontentino really shines is in its higher-tier plans, which offer extensive customization options, bulk scheduling, and detailed reporting features that are invaluable for agencies and larger organizations.

What sets Kontentino apart is its focus on providing a tailored experience. The platform offers add-ons and customized solutions to ensure that larger teams and agencies can get exactly what they need from the tool. This approach means that while the base plans are competitively priced, the cost can increase significantly as you add more specialized features and services.


In the bustling landscape of social media management, choosing the right tool can make all the difference in crafting a successful online presence. Through our detailed comparison of Loomly and Kontentino, we’ve explored various facets of these platforms, including ease of use, pricing and plans, analytics and reporting, and collaboration and workflow. Both tools offer unique strengths, making them suitable for different needs and preferences.

Loomly emerges as a highly intuitive and user-friendly option, ideal for individuals, small businesses, and growing teams looking for a straightforward solution to streamline their social media management. Its step-by-step content creation process, flexible pricing plans, and accessible analytics make it a strong contender for those who value simplicity alongside powerful features.

Kontentino, on the other hand, caters to professionals, larger teams, and agencies requiring advanced functionality and customization. With its detailed analytics, sophisticated collaboration tools, and comprehensive workflow management, Kontentino is tailored for those who need deep insights and precise control over their social media campaigns.

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