Planoly vs Khoros: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

Compare Planoly and Khoros in our comprehensive guide and discover which social media management platform suits your needs best.

In the vibrant world of social media, where every post and tweet can be a stepping stone towards global recognition, the quest for the perfect management tool becomes crucial. Enter Planoly and Khoros, two contenders vying for the title of your go-to social media companion. Whether you’re a creative at heart seeking an intuitive interface or a strategic mind in need of comprehensive analytics, your choice between these tools can make or break your online presence. But fear not, for we’re here to dissect these platforms, helping you navigate through their features with ease. Let’s dive into a comparison that’s as much about finding your ally in the digital realm as it is about mastering the art of online engagement.

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Ease of Use: Your First Encounter

Embarking on a journey through the features of a social media management tool, the first checkpoint is inevitably its ease of use. How user-friendly a platform feels during your initial interaction can set the tone for your entire experience.

Planoly: The Visual Storyteller’s Dream

Imagine opening Planoly to find a clean, intuitive dashboard that speaks your creative language. Known for its visual planning capabilities, Planoly caters to those who breathe life into their brands through imagery. It’s not just about scheduling posts; it’s about crafting a visual narrative that captivates your audience at first glance. The drag-and-drop feature simplifies content arrangement, making it easy to plan your Instagram feed to perfection. For visual storytellers, Planoly is like a trusted canvas—simple, reliable, and incredibly effective.

Khoros: The Strategic Marketer’s Toolkit

Switch gears to Khoros, and you enter a realm where strategy reigns supreme. With a comprehensive suite of tools designed for large businesses and agencies, Khoros might seem daunting at first. But this complexity is a testament to its power. From managing customer interactions across channels to diving deep into analytics, Khoros offers a bird’s-eye view of your digital empire. It’s built for teams who thrive on collaboration, with features that streamline workflows and amplify your brand’s voice across the digital landscape.

Choosing Your Path

The decision between Planoly and Khoros hinges on what you seek from your social media journey. If you’re drawn to the allure of visual storytelling and need a tool that simplifies the creative process, Planoly stands out as your beacon. Its user-friendly interface and visual-first approach make it a favorite among content creators and small businesses.

Conversely, if your strategy involves managing complex campaigns across various platforms and you value data-driven decisions, Khoros presents itself as a formidable ally. Its robust features cater to the needs of larger teams and agencies looking for depth and versatility in their social media tool.

In the quest for the perfect social media management tool, both Planoly and Khoros offer unique advantages. Your choice depends on the narrative you wish to weave in the digital realm and the complexity of the empire you aim to build.

Content Planning and Scheduling: Crafting Your Digital Blueprint

In the grand scheme of social media management, the ability to plan and schedule content efficiently is akin to charting a course through the vast digital sea. Let’s see how Planoly and Khoros navigate these waters.

Planoly: The Simplifier

Planoly understands that at the heart of social media, especially platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, lies the power of visual appeal. It offers a straightforward, no-fuss approach to content planning and scheduling. With its user-friendly calendar, you can drag and drop your posts, visually plan your feed, and schedule content, including stories and videos, with ease. This intuitive process is perfect for solo creators, small businesses, and anyone for whom time is a precious commodity. Planoly’s visual planning tool not only helps in maintaining a cohesive aesthetic but also in ensuring that your content strategy aligns with your brand’s visual identity.

Khoros: The Strategist

Khoros, with its robust suite of features, takes content planning and scheduling to a strategic level. It’s designed to cater to the needs of large brands and agencies that manage multiple accounts across various platforms. Khoros allows for detailed planning with a comprehensive calendar that integrates campaign management, audience targeting, and real-time collaboration. Its strength lies in the ability to orchestrate complex campaigns that require coordination across teams and geographies. Furthermore, Khoros’s advanced scheduling capabilities ensure that your content reaches your audience at the optimal time, maximizing engagement and impact.

Plotting Your Course

The choice between Planoly and Khoros in terms of content planning and scheduling boils down to the scale and complexity of your social media efforts. If your primary goal is to maintain a beautiful, cohesive social media presence with efficiency and ease, Planoly offers the tools you need to visualize and execute your strategy with minimal fuss.

On the other hand, if your strategy involves navigating the complexities of large-scale campaigns, requiring granular control over scheduling and the ability to collaborate seamlessly across teams, Khoros provides a powerful, strategic framework to manage your social media endeavors.

Both tools excel in their respective domains, but understanding the intricacies of your own social media strategy—whether it leans more towards the artistic or the analytical—will guide you in choosing the right companion for your journey through the digital landscape.

Analytics and Reporting: The Lens Through Which We View Success

Both Planoly and Khoros offer analytics and reporting features, but they cater to different audiences with varying needs for data complexity and presentation.

Planoly: Streamlined Insights for Creative Minds

Planoly’s analytics are designed with the same user-friendly approach that characterizes its entire platform. It provides clear, straightforward insights into how your content is performing on Instagram and Pinterest. You can easily track engagement metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and saves, which are crucial for understanding what resonates with your audience. Planoly also offers insights into follower growth over time, helping you gauge the overall effectiveness of your social media strategy.

What makes Planoly’s analytics appealing, especially to small businesses and individual creators, is its simplicity. The platform distills complex data into digestible, actionable insights, allowing users to quickly assess their performance and adjust their strategies accordingly. This focus on simplicity ensures that even those with minimal analytics experience can make data-driven decisions to enhance their social media presence.

Khoros: Comprehensive Data for Strategic Decision-Making

Khoros, on the other hand, takes a deep dive into analytics, offering a broad spectrum of data points and customization options. Its robust analytics platform is designed to serve large businesses and agencies that require detailed insights across multiple social media channels. Khoros allows you to track a wide range of metrics, from basic engagement statistics to more nuanced data like sentiment analysis and campaign ROI.

One of the standout features of Khoros’s analytics is the ability to create custom reports. This flexibility is invaluable for teams that need to present data in specific formats or focus on particular metrics for strategic reviews. Additionally, Khoros provides real-time analytics, enabling businesses to respond swiftly to trends or issues as they arise on social media.

Deciphering the Data

Deciding between Planoly and Khoros for analytics and reporting comes down to your business’s size, the complexity of your social media activities, and your comfort level with data analysis. If you prefer a straightforward, visually intuitive platform that offers essential insights without overwhelming you, Planoly is likely your best match. Its analytics are more than sufficient for small to medium-sized businesses focused on growing their social media presence with engaging content.

Conversely, if your organization relies on in-depth social media analysis to inform broader marketing strategies or to report to stakeholders, Khoros’s comprehensive analytics suite offers the detailed, customizable reporting you need. It’s particularly suited for large businesses and agencies that manage multiple brands or clients across various platforms, where advanced analytics can drive strategic decisions.

In the evolving landscape of social media, where data informs nearly every decision, choosing the right tool for analytics and reporting is crucial. Whether your approach is guided by creativity or strategy, the insights you glean from your chosen platform can illuminate the path to achieving your social media goals.

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Integration Capabilities: The Digital Symphony Conductor

The true power of a social media management tool often lies in its ability to play well with others. From e-commerce platforms and CRM systems to analytics tools and content creation software, the range and depth of integrations available can transform a standalone tool into a central hub for all your digital marketing activities.

Planoly: Streamlining Visual Content Integration

Planoly’s strength in visual content planning and scheduling is complemented by its integrations, particularly geared towards content creation and e-commerce. For instance, its integration with Canva allows users to create, edit, and schedule graphics directly within Planoly, streamlining the content creation process. This is a boon for businesses and creators who rely heavily on visual content to engage their audience.

Moreover, Planoly offers integrations with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, enabling businesses to link their products directly to Instagram posts and stories. This seamless integration facilitates a smoother path from content to commerce, empowering businesses to leverage their social media presence for direct sales.

Khoros: A Hub for Comprehensive Digital Marketing Integration

Khoros, with its broader focus on large businesses and agencies, boasts a wide array of integrations that extend its capabilities far beyond social media management. Its ability to integrate with major CRM systems, like Salesforce, ensures that social media efforts are aligned with broader customer relationship strategies. This connectivity enables businesses to maintain a cohesive narrative across all customer touchpoints, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Additionally, Khoros’s integrations with analytics platforms like Google Analytics allow marketers to measure the direct impact of social media activities on website traffic and conversions. This level of integration provides businesses with a holistic view of their digital marketing performance, enabling data-driven decision-making across the board.

Orchestrating Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem

Choosing between Planoly and Khoros based on integration capabilities depends on the scope of your digital marketing efforts and the platforms you use daily. If your focus is on creating and managing visually compelling content with a direct link to e-commerce, Planoly’s streamlined integrations offer the simplicity and efficiency you need.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a tool that can serve as the nerve center of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, integrating seamlessly with a wide range of platforms and tools, Khoros stands out. Its extensive integration options make it an ideal choice for larger organizations or agencies that manage complex, multi-faceted marketing campaigns across various channels.

In the interconnected world of digital marketing, the ability to integrate with other tools and platforms is not just a convenience—it’s a strategic advantage. Whether you lean towards the focused, content-to-commerce pathway offered by Planoly or the broad, strategic ecosystem enabled by Khoros, ensuring your social media management tool complements and enhances your existing digital marketing stack is key to maximizing its value.

The Investment in Social Media Management

Understanding the pricing of Planoly and Khoros requires a deeper look into not just the numbers, but also the value each platform promises to deliver. This section aims to shed light on how each tool positions itself in the market through its pricing strategy and what users can expect in return for their investment.

PlanolyFree Plan: Planoly offers a free version that includes 1 user, 2 social profiles (Instagram and Pinterest), and 30 uploads per month per profile.Solo Plan: Starting at $7 per month (billed annually), this plan includes 1 user, 2 social profiles, and unlimited uploads.Duo Plan: Starting at $15 per month (billed annually), offering 2 users, 2 social profiles, and unlimited uploads, plus additional analytics features.Custom Plan: Planoly also offers custom plans for businesses with greater needs, which include more social profiles and additional features.
KhorosKhoros offers customized pricing plans tailored to the needs of large enterprises, focusing on customer engagement, social media marketing, and management. Their solutions include:Marketing: For social media marketing and engagement.
Care: For customer service and engagement on social media.
Communities: To build and manage branded communities.

Planoly: Accessibility Meets Functionality

Planoly has carved out its niche by offering a pricing model that appeals to a wide range of users, from solo social media influencers to small and medium-sized businesses. Its approach to pricing is straightforward, offering tiers that escalate in features and capacity to match the growing needs of its user base. Starting from a free version with basic functionalities, Planoly scales up to more advanced features, including increased post limits, additional social profiles, and more comprehensive analytics.

What stands out about Planoly’s pricing is its commitment to accessibility. By providing a free entry point and clear, incremental upgrades, Planoly ensures that users can find a plan that fits their specific needs without overpaying for unnecessary features. This model is particularly attractive for those who are cost-conscious but still require a robust tool for visual content planning and scheduling.

Khoros: Comprehensive Solutions for Enterprise Needs

Khoros, in contrast, targets a different segment of the market, focusing on large businesses and agencies with complex, multi-channel social media strategies. Its pricing reflects the comprehensive nature of the tool, offering customized plans that are tailored to the specific needs of each organization. This approach means that pricing is not one-size-fits-all but rather a reflection of the scale, scope, and specific requirements of the user.

The customized pricing strategy of Khoros underscores its focus on providing value through a comprehensive suite of features, including advanced analytics, extensive integration capabilities, and dedicated support. For businesses that rely heavily on social media for customer engagement and brand building, the investment in Khoros is seen not just as a cost, but as a strategic asset that can drive significant returns.

Navigating the Cost-Benefit Landscape

Deciding between Planoly and Khoros from a pricing perspective requires a careful consideration of your social media management needs against the backdrop of your overall marketing budget. If you’re in the early stages of building your online presence or need a cost-effective solution that covers the basics of social media scheduling and analytics, Planoly offers a clear and accessible path.

On the other hand, if your organization views social media as a critical component of your marketing strategy and you need a tool that can handle the complexities of large-scale campaigns across multiple platforms, the customized pricing of Khoros may represent a worthwhile investment for its breadth of features and scalability.

The choice between Planoly and Khoros ultimately comes down to the specific demands of your social media strategy and how much you’re willing to invest to meet those needs. Each platform offers distinct advantages, but aligning their pricing with your expectations for return on investment will guide you to the right decision.

Customer Support and Community Engagement: Ensuring Success Beyond Features

The availability and quality of customer support, along with the presence of an engaged user community, can significantly enhance the value of a social media management tool. These elements ensure that users are not only able to resolve issues swiftly but also leverage the platform to its fullest potential through shared knowledge and best practices.

Planoly: Personalized Support with a Creative Community

Planoly has a reputation for offering responsive and helpful customer support, tailored to the needs of individual creators, small businesses, and medium-sized enterprises. Support channels typically include email and an extensive online knowledge base filled with articles, guides, and tutorials designed to help users navigate the platform’s features and troubleshoot common issues.

Moreover, Planoly places a strong emphasis on community engagement, often highlighting user-generated content, success stories, and creative strategies on their blog and social media channels. This approach not only fosters a sense of belonging among its users but also serves as a source of inspiration and learning, helping users to continuously improve their social media strategies.

Khoros: Comprehensive Support for Strategic Execution

Khoros, catering to larger organizations and agencies, offers a more robust support system designed to meet the demands of complex, multi-channel social media strategies. Support options include dedicated account managers for premium clients, 24/7 live chat, and phone support, ensuring that businesses can receive timely assistance with any aspect of the platform.

In addition to its direct support channels, Khoros also boasts a strong community forum where users can share insights, ask questions, and engage with peers and Khoros experts. This community acts as a valuable resource for learning best practices, staying updated on the latest social media trends, and networking with other professionals in the field.

Choosing the Right Level of Support for Your Needs

The decision between Planoly and Khoros, when considering customer support and community engagement, hinges on the scale of your operations and the complexity of your social media strategy. For those who value a close-knit community and personalized support, especially if you are a small business or an individual content creator, Planoly offers the nurturing environment needed to grow and thrive.

Conversely, for larger organizations or agencies that require immediate, round-the-clock support due to the critical nature of their social media activities, Khoros provides the comprehensive and strategic support necessary to ensure smooth operations and strategic success.

Both platforms recognize the importance of not just delivering a powerful tool, but also ensuring users have the support and community engagement needed to succeed. Whether you lean towards the personalized, creative community of Planoly or the strategic, comprehensive support ecosystem of Khoros, ensuring that your chosen platform aligns with your needs will be key to maximizing its impact on your social media strategy.


Choosing between Planoly and Khoros for your social media management needs is a decision that extends beyond mere feature comparison. It’s about aligning a tool’s capabilities with your specific goals, whether you’re crafting visually compelling narratives or orchestrating complex, multi-platform strategies. Planoly shines with its intuitive design and visual planning tools, making it ideal for content creators and small businesses focused on maintaining a cohesive social media presence. Its supportive community and accessible support cater to those looking to grow and engage their audience with ease.

On the other hand, Khoros offers a robust solution for larger organizations and agencies requiring detailed analytics, extensive integration options, and comprehensive support to navigate the complexities of social media at scale. The choice ultimately hinges on the scale of your ambition and the depth of your strategy, ensuring that your selected platform not only fits your current needs but is also capable of supporting your growth in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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