How to Use Gleam: An Explainer

How to use Gleam.

Gleam is a robust, multi-faceted platform that integrates four powerful applications for online business growth: Competitions, Rewards, Gallery, and Captures. If you’re looking to drive engagement, generate leads, and grow your digital business, Gleam offers a powerful toolkit. This guide will provide an in-depth explainer on how to best utilize Gleam’s features.

An Overview of Gleam

Getting started with Gleam.

Gleam’s comprehensive suite of tools caters to various aspects of online business, including social media engagement, lead generation, user-generated content, and email list building. Each of its four applications – Competitions, Rewards, Gallery, and Captures – are designed to support these areas, offering a broad scope of marketing possibilities.

Key Features of Gleam


Gleam’s Competitions app is designed to create and manage online contests and giveaways, which can significantly drive engagement and generate leads.


The Rewards app is an incentive-based system where you can create reward programs for actions like social media engagement, subscriptions, and referrals.


Gallery is a user-generated content marketing tool. It helps curate and display user-submitted content in an aesthetically pleasing format.


The Captures app is an email capture tool for building your email list, offering customizable templates for various forms like exit-intent, slide-in, and pop-ups.

Getting the Best Out of Gleam’s Features

Now let’s take a deep dive into how you can use each of these features to its maximum potential.

Leveraging Competitions for Engagement and Lead Generation

The Competitions app allows you to set up contests that can drive a variety of actions like social media engagement, email sign-ups, and website visits. You can customize the entry methods based on your goals, offering a flexible approach to campaign creation. It’s worth noting that the choice of the prize can significantly impact your contest’s success. The more relevant and appealing the prize, the more likely users are to participate.

Driving Actions with Rewards

The Rewards app is a fantastic tool for incentivizing actions that contribute to your business goals. You can offer rewards for a variety of actions, such as sharing content, following your social media profiles, or referring a friend. This tool can be particularly effective in driving growth in your email marketing efforts or social media following.

Showcasing User-Generated Content with Gallery

The Gallery app provides a platform for displaying user-generated content, which can add authenticity to your marketing and increase engagement. You can use this app in combination with Competitions or Rewards to incentivize user content creation, creating a win-win situation for both you and your audience.

Building Your Email List with Captures

The Captures app can be a powerful tool in your lead generation efforts. This tool provides a variety of form types that you can customize and place strategically on your website to capture emails. Keep your form simple and offer a compelling incentive to increase the chances of visitors signing up.

Making the Most of Gleam

Gleam provides a comprehensive suite of tools that can help drive your business growth. However, successful use of these tools requires a well-thought-out strategy that aligns with your business goals. Regular testing and refinement of your campaigns, leveraging Gleam’s A/B testing feature, can help you continually optimize your results. For more insights into testing, check out this comprehensive guide on A/B testing.

Wrapping Up

Gleam provides a holistic solution to various aspects of digital marketing, including social media engagement, lead generation, email list building, and user-generated content marketing. By effectively leveraging its features, you can drive growth and engagement in your online business. Remember, marketing is a continuous process of testing, learning, and optimizing – and Gleam provides all the tools you need to make this process as effective and efficient as possible.

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