BenchmarkONE vs Stripo: The Best Email Marketing Tool for You

BenchmarkONE or Stripo for email marketing? Read our in-depth comparison on features, ease of use, and pricing to make the right decision.

In the bustling world of digital marketing, finding the right email marketing tool can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With a plethora of options available, each boasting its unique features and benefits, making an informed choice can be overwhelming. Today, we’re zoning in on two standout contenders in the email marketing arena: BenchmarkONE and Stripo. While both platforms offer powerful capabilities designed to elevate your email marketing campaigns, they cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketing professional, or somewhere in between, understanding the nuances between BenchmarkONE and Stripo is key to selecting the tool that aligns with your goals. Let’s dive into a critical area of comparison—ease of use and template design capabilities—to help you decide which platform will best suit your email marketing needs.

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Ease of Use and Template Design Capabilities

The user experience and the quality of template designs are often make-or-break factors for businesses choosing an email marketing platform. Here’s how BenchmarkONE and Stripo stack up in these areas.

BenchmarkONE: User-Friendly with Integrated CRM

BenchmarkONE shines in providing a user-friendly interface that simplifies the email marketing process for users of all levels. Known for its integrated CRM functionality, it offers a seamless experience from managing contacts to creating and sending emails. The platform features a drag-and-drop email editor, making it effortless to design professional-looking emails without needing advanced design skills. BenchmarkONE’s template gallery includes a variety of customizable templates, allowing businesses to easily create branded emails that engage their audience.

Stripo: Advanced Design Flexibility

Stripo, on the other hand, positions itself as a powerful email design tool that offers advanced customization options for those looking to push the boundaries of email creativity. It’s particularly appealing to users with a keen eye for design and those who require sophisticated elements in their emails. Stripo’s editor provides extensive control over every aspect of email design, from intricate layout adjustments to dynamic content integration. With a vast library of responsive templates and the ability to export designs to various email service providers, Stripo caters to both novices and experienced designers.

Making the Right Choice for Your Email Marketing Needs

Choosing between BenchmarkONE and Stripo will largely depend on your specific email marketing requirements and preferences. If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that offers both email marketing and CRM capabilities with an emphasis on ease of use, BenchmarkONE is likely the better fit. Its straightforward design tools and integrated contact management features make it ideal for small to medium-sized businesses seeking efficiency and effectiveness in their marketing efforts.

Conversely, if your priority is creating visually stunning emails with advanced design elements and you’re comfortable navigating more complex design tools, Stripo might be the way to go. It offers the design flexibility and template variety needed to produce eye-catching emails that stand out in any inbox.

Automation and Segmentation: Tailoring Communication for Impact

Effective email marketing isn’t just about sending messages—it’s about sending the right message to the right person at the right time. Automation and segmentation are key to achieving this. Here’s how BenchmarkONE and Stripo stand in these aspects.

BenchmarkONE: Seamless Automation with Integrated CRM

BenchmarkONE excels in automation, thanks to its integrated CRM functionality. This integration allows for sophisticated segmentation based on a wide range of criteria, including contact behavior, demographic information, and custom tags. The platform’s automation features are designed to be user-friendly, enabling marketers to set up complex workflows with ease. These workflows can automate tasks like follow-ups, lead nurturing, and customer segmentation, ensuring that your audience receives personalized communication based on their interactions with your brand.

The strength of BenchmarkONE’s automation lies in its seamless blend with the CRM, providing a unified view of each contact. This ensures that your automated emails are as personalized and targeted as possible, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Stripo: Advanced Design with External Automation Integration

Stripo’s primary focus is on email design and template creation, offering advanced capabilities in these areas. While it provides exceptional tools for designing emails, its native automation and segmentation capabilities are not as comprehensive as BenchmarkONE’s. Instead, Stripo allows for easy integration with various email service providers (ESPs) that handle automation and segmentation.

This means that while you can design your emails in Stripo using its advanced design tools, you would typically export these designs to another platform for sending, automation, and segmentation. This approach offers flexibility and allows users to choose their preferred ESP for automation while leveraging Stripo’s superior design capabilities. However, it requires managing multiple tools and potentially dealing with integrations.

Making the Right Choice for Your Marketing Strategy

When deciding between BenchmarkONE and Stripo based on automation and segmentation, consider your priorities and workflow preferences. If you’re looking for a comprehensive, all-in-one platform that combines CRM, email marketing, automation, and segmentation in a user-friendly interface, BenchmarkONE is the ideal choice. It’s particularly suited for small to medium-sized businesses that value streamlined processes and integrated tools.

On the other hand, if your focus is on creating visually compelling emails and you already have an ESP that you’re happy with for automation and segmentation, Stripo could be the better fit. It’s best suited for users who prioritize email design over integrated marketing automation and are comfortable working across multiple platforms to manage their email marketing campaigns.

Both BenchmarkONE and Stripo offer valuable features for email marketing, but your specific needs—whether for comprehensive marketing automation or advanced email design—will guide which platform is the best fit for your business.

Analytics and Reporting: Deciphering Campaign Success

The depth and usability of analytics and reporting features can reveal much about an email marketing platform’s capacity to support strategic decision-making. Here’s how BenchmarkONE and Stripo fare in this regard.

BenchmarkONE: Integrated Analytics for Comprehensive Insights

BenchmarkONE offers robust analytics and reporting features that are deeply integrated with its CRM and email marketing functionalities. This integration provides a holistic view of campaign performance, including open rates, click-through rates, conversion metrics, and more. Users can easily track how individual campaigns contribute to sales and customer engagement, thanks to the seamless flow of data between the email marketing and CRM components of the platform.

Moreover, BenchmarkONE’s reporting tools are designed to be accessible, ensuring that users can quickly derive actionable insights without getting bogged down in data analysis. The platform also offers custom reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to tailor their analytics to focus on the metrics that matter most to their specific goals.

Stripo: Design-focused Reporting with External Analysis

Stripo’s approach to analytics and reporting is somewhat different, primarily due to its focus on email design and template creation. While Stripo itself doesn’t offer comprehensive analytics within the platform, it facilitates easy integration with a wide range of ESPs that provide detailed reporting on email campaign performance.

This means that the analytics and reporting capabilities available to Stripo users will depend on the ESP they choose to use for sending emails. While this approach offers flexibility and allows businesses to leverage advanced analytics from their preferred ESPs, it also means that users need to navigate multiple platforms to design their emails and analyze campaign performance.

Choosing the Right Platform for Data-driven Marketing

When deciding between BenchmarkONE and Stripo based on analytics and reporting, it’s essential to consider your workflow preferences and the level of integration you need between email design and campaign analysis. BenchmarkONE is the go-to choice for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution with integrated analytics that offers a comprehensive view of their marketing efforts. Its user-friendly reporting tools are ideal for those who want to quickly assess campaign performance and make informed decisions without the need for extensive data analysis expertise.

Conversely, Stripo is well-suited for businesses that prioritize advanced email design and have established processes for analyzing campaign performance through their chosen ESP. This setup is best for those who don’t mind using separate platforms for design and analysis, provided it means accessing specialized tools that best meet their needs in each area.

In the realm of email marketing, the power of analytics cannot be overstated. Whether you prefer the integrated, straightforward approach of BenchmarkONE or the design flexibility of Stripo with external analytics, ensuring that your chosen platform helps you unlock actionable insights is key to refining your strategies and achieving greater marketing success.

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Customer Support and Educational Resources: Ensuring User Success

The availability of responsive customer support and comprehensive educational resources is crucial for navigating any platform’s complexities and unlocking its full potential.

BenchmarkONE: Comprehensive Support and Learning Materials

BenchmarkONE prides itself on offering robust customer support and a wealth of educational resources aimed at helping users succeed with their platform. Users have access to a variety of support channels, including email, phone, and live chat, ensuring they can get help whenever they need it. This multi-channel approach to support is complemented by BenchmarkONE’s extensive library of tutorials, guides, webinars, and a regularly updated blog. These resources cover a wide range of topics, from basic email marketing strategies to advanced automation techniques, providing valuable insights for both novices and experienced marketers.

The integration of support and learning materials with the platform’s CRM and email marketing functionalities allows users to easily apply new knowledge and strategies directly to their campaigns. This seamless blend of education and application is designed to help businesses grow and achieve their marketing goals more effectively.

Stripo: Focused Support with a Design Edge

Stripo, focusing on email design and template creation, offers specialized support tailored to the unique needs of email designers and marketers. While Stripo provides standard support channels like email and a comprehensive FAQ section, the platform stands out for its design-focused tutorials and resources. These materials are specifically crafted to help users leverage Stripo’s advanced design features, from interactive elements to responsive template creation.

Additionally, Stripo encourages a community-driven approach to support, with forums and user communities where individuals can share tips, tricks, and advice. This community aspect can be particularly valuable for addressing specific design questions and staying updated on the latest email design trends.

Making the Right Choice for Support and Learning

Choosing between BenchmarkONE and Stripo in terms of customer support and educational resources depends on your specific needs and where you seek the most assistance. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing support experience with a wide array of learning materials that cover both strategic and technical aspects of email marketing, BenchmarkONE is likely the better fit. Its comprehensive approach ensures users have the knowledge and tools needed to navigate the platform successfully and optimize their marketing efforts.

Conversely, if your focus is primarily on email design and you value specialized support and resources that cater to enhancing your design skills, Stripo might be the way to go. Its emphasis on design excellence, supported by a community of like-minded users, provides a unique environment for creative growth and innovation.

Ultimately, the quality of customer support and the availability of educational resources are crucial for maximizing the value of any email marketing tool. Whether you lean towards the strategic and technical support offered by BenchmarkONE or the design-centric guidance of Stripo, ensuring you have access to the right kind of help is key to your marketing success.

Integration Capabilities: Connecting Your Marketing Stack

A well-integrated email marketing tool can serve as the backbone of your digital marketing strategy, connecting with CRM platforms, social media tools, analytics services, and more to create a cohesive and efficient marketing ecosystem.

BenchmarkONE: Streamlined CRM and Marketing Integrations

BenchmarkONE offers a suite of integrations primarily focused on enhancing its CRM and email marketing capabilities. It’s designed to connect smoothly with popular software such as WordPress, Zapier, and various social media platforms. These integrations are aimed at automating the flow of customer data into BenchmarkONE’s system, enabling more personalized and timely email marketing campaigns.

The platform’s strength lies in its CRM integration, which allows for seamless synchronization of contact information and interaction histories. This enables businesses to tailor their email campaigns based on comprehensive customer insights, driving higher engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, BenchmarkONE’s Zapier integration opens the door to hundreds of third-party apps, significantly expanding its integration capabilities without requiring custom development.

Stripo: Design Flexibility with Broad ESP Compatibility

Stripo’s integration capabilities are primarily focused on its email design tools, offering extensive compatibility with a wide range of Email Service Providers (ESPs). This approach allows users to create their email designs in Stripo and then seamlessly export these designs to their preferred ESP for delivery. Such flexibility is invaluable for businesses that rely on specific ESPs for their email marketing but require more advanced design capabilities than what their ESP offers natively.

Beyond ESP compatibility, Stripo also integrates with image hosting services, video platforms, and dynamic content tools to enrich the email design process. While not offering direct CRM integrations, Stripo’s focus on design and content integration supports the creation of highly engaging and visually appealing email campaigns that can be leveraged across various marketing channels.

Choosing the Right Tool for Integration Needs

Your choice between BenchmarkONE and Stripo based on integration capabilities will largely depend on your primary email marketing requirements. If your focus is on leveraging customer data for personalized email marketing campaigns within a CRM-integrated environment, BenchmarkONE’s streamlined CRM and marketing integrations will likely serve your needs best. Its ability to connect with essential tools while offering a strong CRM foundation is ideal for businesses looking to enhance customer relationships through targeted email communication.

Conversely, if your priority is creating visually stunning emails with the flexibility to use your choice of ESP, Stripo’s broad ESP compatibility and focus on design integration offer the necessary tools to elevate your email marketing designs. This is particularly suited for marketing teams that prioritize design innovation and want the freedom to choose how and where to send their emails.

Integration capabilities are crucial for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. Whether you need a tool that integrates deeply with CRM and other marketing tools, like BenchmarkONE, or one that provides superior design flexibility and ESP compatibility, like Stripo, ensuring your email marketing tool fits seamlessly within your broader marketing tech stack is key to achieving cohesive and impactful marketing campaigns.

Pricing: Understanding Cost Versus Value

The pricing models of email marketing platforms can vary significantly, impacting how businesses budget for their marketing tools. BenchmarkONE and Stripo each approach pricing differently, reflecting their unique value propositions.

BenchmarkONEStarter Plan: Typically starts around $79/month, includes basic CRM and email marketing features, suitable for smaller businesses.
Standard Plan: Priced around $139/month, this plan offers more advanced features, such as sales automation and lead scoring.
Professional Plan: Starting at approximately $239/month, includes all features in the Standard plan plus additional capabilities like advanced reporting and API access.
Note: The prices and features might vary based on the number of contacts and the specific needs of the business.
StripoFree Plan: Offers basic features like email template design and exports to various email service providers (ESPs).
Business Plan: Starting at approximately $125 per month, offering advanced features like banner creation, testing on different devices, and integrations with more ESPs.
Agency Plan: Custom pricing for agencies, including features like team collaboration tools, unlimited exports, and custom subdomain for email testing.
Both paid plans offer increased limits on the number of projects and templates compared to the free plan.

BenchmarkONE: Flexible Pricing for Growing Businesses

BenchmarkONE adopts a tiered pricing model, designed to accommodate businesses of varying sizes and needs. This structure allows users to select a plan that aligns with their current requirements, with the option to scale as their business grows. The entry-level plan typically includes access to core email marketing and CRM features, making it suitable for small businesses or startups. Higher-tier plans expand on these capabilities, offering more advanced features such as increased automation, segmentation, and integrations, catering to more established businesses with complex marketing strategies.

One of the appealing aspects of BenchmarkONE’s pricing is its transparency. Prices are clearly listed on their website, providing potential users with a clear understanding of what they can expect to pay. Additionally, BenchmarkONE often offers a free trial, allowing businesses to test the platform’s features before committing financially.

Stripo: Design-Centric Pricing for Varied Needs

Stripo’s pricing model is crafted to meet the needs of users primarily focused on email design and template creation. The platform may offer a free version with basic design features, appealing to individuals or small businesses looking to enhance their email aesthetics without a significant investment. Paid plans, on the other hand, unlock more advanced design capabilities, such as interactive elements, dynamic content, and extensive ESP export options.

Stripo’s pricing tiers are designed to cater to a wide range of users, from freelance designers to large enterprises, with each tier offering incrementally more sophisticated features. The platform’s focus on design means that users pay for access to cutting-edge design tools and templates, rather than a comprehensive email marketing solution.

Making an Informed Decision Based on Pricing

When comparing BenchmarkONE and Stripo based on pricing, it’s crucial to consider not only the cost but also the value each platform brings to your marketing efforts. BenchmarkONE offers a more holistic email marketing and CRM solution, making it suitable for businesses looking for an all-in-one platform to manage their customer relationships and email campaigns. Its pricing reflects the breadth of features and integrations available, providing value to businesses seeking to streamline their marketing efforts.

Stripo, with its emphasis on email design, offers pricing that reflects its specialized nature. For businesses or individuals focused on creating visually compelling emails and willing to manage their campaigns through another ESP, Stripo’s pricing can offer a cost-effective way to access advanced design features.

Ultimately, the choice between BenchmarkONE and Stripo from a pricing perspective should align with your specific needs—whether you’re seeking a comprehensive marketing platform or a specialized email design tool. Considering the cost relative to the features and capabilities that are most important to your marketing strategy will help you select the platform that offers the best return on investment.


Choosing between BenchmarkONE and Stripo hinges on identifying what matters most to your email marketing strategy. BenchmarkONE stands out as a comprehensive solution, offering an integrated CRM and email marketing platform ideal for businesses seeking to streamline their marketing efforts with a focus on customer relationship management. Its tiered pricing model caters to a range of business sizes, making it a versatile choice for those looking for growth and scalability. On the other hand, Stripo specializes in email design, offering unparalleled flexibility and creativity for crafting visually stunning emails. Its design-centric approach and compatibility with various ESPs make it a go-to for marketers prioritizing email aesthetics and those comfortable using multiple platforms to manage their campaigns.

Ultimately, the decision boils down to whether you value a holistic marketing tool that combines CRM and email functionalities or a powerful design tool that elevates the visual impact of your emails. Each platform brings distinct advantages to the table, and the best choice depends on aligning those strengths with your specific marketing goals and operational needs.

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