ActiveCampaign vs Mailercloud: The Best Email Marketing Tool for 2024

Explore whether ActiveCampaign or Mailercloud is the best email marketing tool for 2024. Our review focuses on features, user experience, and ROI.

Hello there, fellow marketers and business owners! It’s 2024, and the email marketing arena is more vibrant than ever. Today, we’re zeroing in on two heavy-hitters in this space – ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud. These platforms have been making waves, but which one will best suit your needs this year? Let’s cut through the jargon and dive into a comprehensive, real-talk comparison. We’re talking features, user-friendliness, pricing – the whole shebang. Get ready for some insights that could revolutionize your email marketing strategy!

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Feature Set and Capabilities: What Do They Bring to the Table?

ActiveCampaign: A Feature-Rich Behemoth

ActiveCampaign is like the multi-tool of email marketing – loaded with features that can handle just about anything you throw at it. It’s a powerhouse that combines email marketing, automation, sales CRM, and even machine learning for advanced segmentation and personalization.

Automation Like No Other: Where ActiveCampaign really flexes its muscles is in automation. It allows you to create intricate, responsive email sequences based on user actions. Imagine sending a personalized follow-up email tailored to a customer’s specific interaction with your previous campaign – that’s the level of detail we’re talking about.

Segmentation and Personalization: ActiveCampaign takes personalization seriously. You can segment your audience based on a multitude of factors, ensuring your message hits the mark every time. Combined with their CRM, you get a 360-degree view of your customer, allowing for emails that are not just targeted, but also timely and relevant.

Mailercloud: Simplicity Meets Efficiency

Mailercloud, on the other hand, positions itself as the streamlined, user-friendly contender in this matchup. It’s designed for ease and efficiency, making it a charm for those who want to get their campaigns up and running without fuss.

Intuitive and User-Friendly: From the get-go, Mailercloud impresses with its intuitive interface. Setting up campaigns is straightforward, and you don’t need to be a tech wizard to navigate through its features.

Essentials Done Right: While Mailercloud may not boast the extensive feature list of ActiveCampaign, it covers all the essentials with flair. It offers robust automation options, decent segmentation capabilities, and analytics that provide actionable insights. Plus, its template designs are nothing to scoff at – they are both attractive and easy to customize.

Deciding on Features: The Big Picture

In the features department, your choice hinges on the complexity of your needs. If you want a tool that’s brimming with advanced features and offers granular control over your campaigns, ActiveCampaign is your go-to. It’s perfect for those who view email marketing as a key driver in their marketing strategy.

Mailercloud, with its emphasis on simplicity and user-friendliness, is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses or anyone starting out in the email marketing game. It gives you everything you need to create effective campaigns without the complexity or steep learning curve.

User Experience and Ease of Use: Navigating the Platforms

The user experience and ease of use of an email marketing platform can significantly impact your daily operations and overall marketing effectiveness. Let’s take a closer look at how ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud fare in providing a seamless and intuitive user journey.

ActiveCampaign: Balancing Sophistication with Accessibility

ActiveCampaign, known for its robust feature set, surprisingly also excels in offering a user-friendly experience. This balance is achieved through a well-thought-out interface that, despite its depth of functionalities, does not overwhelm the user.

At first glance, the ActiveCampaign dashboard presents a multitude of options, from campaign management to automation workflows and CRM integrations. However, the platform’s design intelligently organizes these features into an intuitive layout. New users may initially face a learning curve, but the logical structure and clear labeling facilitate a quick adaptation.

The standout in ActiveCampaign’s user experience is its email campaign builder. Here, the platform combines flexibility with simplicity. The drag-and-drop editor allows for easy customization of emails, accommodating both beginners and experienced marketers. You can add various elements to your emails, customize templates, and even access advanced features, all within an interface that guides you smoothly through the process.

Mailercloud: Prioritizing Simplicity and Speed

Mailercloud takes a different approach, focusing on simplicity and speed. This approach is evident from the moment you log in, with a clean and uncluttered interface that strips away any complexity.

The platform is designed with a clear focus on efficiency, making it ideal for users who value straightforward functionality over extensive feature sets. Navigating through Mailercloud’s dashboard, setting up campaigns, and managing subscribers are all processes that are streamlined for ease of use. This simplicity is particularly advantageous for small businesses or solo marketers who need to execute email campaigns quickly and without a steep learning curve.

Where Mailercloud shines is in its email creation process. The platform offers a range of templates that are both modern and easily customizable. The email editor is intuitive, allowing you to add or modify content with minimal effort. This user-friendly approach to email creation ensures that even those with no prior email marketing experience can create professional-looking emails in minutes.

User Experience: A Matter of Preference

In terms of user experience and ease of use, ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud serve different audiences. ActiveCampaign is a haven for those who love diving into details and customization, offering a wealth of features without compromising on user experience. It’s ideal for marketers who need advanced capabilities but still appreciate an intuitive interface.

Mailercloud, on the other hand, is perfect for users who prioritize speed and simplicity. It’s a great fit for small businesses or individuals who want to quickly set up campaigns without getting bogged down by complexity.

Email Automation and Personalization: Tailoring Your Message

Email automation and personalization are the pillars of effective email marketing. They transform generic broadcasts into relevant, timely conversations with your audience. Let’s delve deeper into how ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud enable these crucial capabilities.

ActiveCampaign: The Automation and Personalization Powerhouse

ActiveCampaign has established itself as a leader in the realm of email automation and personalization. It’s not just about sending emails on a schedule; ActiveCampaign allows you to create intelligent, behavior-driven email sequences. This means your emails can react in real-time to how your subscribers interact with your content, whether they’re opening emails, clicking links, or making purchases.

The platform’s strength lies in its ability to craft intricate, automated workflows that feel genuinely personal to each recipient. For instance, if a customer abandons a shopping cart, ActiveCampaign can trigger a personalized email sequence to lure them back. Or, if a subscriber hasn’t engaged in a while, it can automatically send a re-engagement campaign tailored to their interests.

Beyond automation, ActiveCampaign’s personalization capabilities are top-notch. Leveraging its CRM data, you can segment your audience into highly specific groups based on their behavior, preferences, and engagement history. This level of segmentation ensures that your emails are not just hitting inboxes but resonating with the people reading them.

Mailercloud: Simplifying Automation for Impact

Mailercloud approaches email automation and personalization with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness. While it may not offer the same level of complexity as ActiveCampaign, it provides a suite of tools that enable efficient and impactful automated campaigns.

Mailercloud allows you to set up basic automation sequences, such as welcome emails, follow-ups, and time-triggered campaigns. These automated emails can be personalized using subscriber data like names and other basic fields, adding a touch of personalization that can significantly boost engagement and conversion rates.

The platform’s user-friendly nature extends to its automation features. Setting up a campaign in Mailercloud doesn’t involve navigating through complex menus or configuring intricate workflows. Instead, it offers a streamlined process that makes automation accessible, even for those who are new to email marketing or have limited resources.

Automation and Personalization: Choosing the Right Level

When deciding between ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud for your email automation and personalization needs, consider the depth of functionality and ease of use you require.

ActiveCampaign is the go-to choice for businesses seeking advanced automation capabilities and deep personalization. It suits marketers who want to leverage every bit of customer data to create highly targeted, engaging email campaigns.

Mailercloud, in contrast, is ideal for businesses looking for a straightforward approach to automation and personalization. Its simplicity and ease of use make it perfect for smaller businesses or those just beginning to explore the power of automated and personalized email marketing.

Analytics and Reporting: Gauging Campaign Effectiveness

Understanding the impact of your email marketing efforts is crucial for refining strategies and achieving better results. Both ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud offer analytics and reporting features, but let’s dive into how they compare in providing actionable insights.

ActiveCampaign: Data-Driven Decision Making

ActiveCampaign offers a rich suite of analytics and reporting tools, enabling you to track a wide range of metrics. Beyond the standard open rates and click-through rates, you can delve into more advanced analytics like campaign performance over time, subscriber behavior tracking, and sales conversions from email campaigns.

The platform also shines in A/B testing capabilities. You can test different elements of your emails, such as subject lines, content, and sending times. The detailed reports provided help you understand what resonates with your audience, allowing you to continually optimize your campaigns for better performance.

ActiveCampaign’s custom reporting feature lets you tailor reports to your specific needs, giving you the flexibility to focus on the metrics that matter most to your business. This level of customization is invaluable for businesses that rely heavily on data to guide their marketing strategies.

Mailercloud: Streamlined Reporting for Quick Insights

Mailercloud provides a more streamlined approach to analytics and reporting. It focuses on delivering key metrics that are essential for assessing the effectiveness of your email campaigns. This includes insights into open rates, click rates, bounce rates, and subscriber growth.

The platform presents data in an intuitive and easily digestible format, making it simple for users to understand their campaign performance at a glance. This approach is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses or those new to email marketing who need quick and straightforward insights.

Mailercloud also offers A/B testing capabilities, though they may not be as comprehensive as ActiveCampaign’s. This feature still provides valuable insights into what works best with your audience, helping you improve your email content and overall strategy.

Analytics and Reporting: Making the Right Choice

In choosing between ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud for analytics and reporting, consider the level of detail you require. ActiveCampaign is ideal for businesses that need in-depth analytics and detailed reporting to inform their marketing decisions. Its advanced features cater to data-driven marketers who want to dive deep into campaign analysis.

Mailercloud is suitable for businesses that prefer a more straightforward, easy-to-navigate approach to analytics. Its focus on essential metrics and user-friendly reports makes it ideal for those who want quick insights without the need for complex data analysis.

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Deliverability: Ensuring Your Emails Make the Inbox Cut

In the world of email marketing, deliverability is key. It’s one thing to create compelling email content; it’s another to ensure it actually reaches your audience’s inbox. Let’s dive deeper into how ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud handle this critical aspect of email marketing.

ActiveCampaign: A Proactive Approach to Deliverability

ActiveCampaign has built a solid reputation for its high deliverability rates, and this is no accident. The platform’s approach to ensuring emails reach their intended destination combines advanced technology with best practices in email marketing.

At its core, ActiveCampaign’s deliverability success is rooted in its robust infrastructure. The platform uses sophisticated algorithms and monitoring systems to manage its server reputation and prevent emails from being flagged as spam. This proactive approach is crucial in maintaining high deliverability rates.

Beyond its infrastructure, ActiveCampaign offers a suite of tools designed to optimize email deliverability. These include spam testing features, which help you identify potential issues before sending your emails. Domain authentication tools are also available, ensuring that your emails are seen as legitimate and trustworthy by email service providers.

ActiveCampaign doesn’t just rely on technology; it also emphasizes educating its users on best email practices. This includes guidance on creating quality content, managing subscriber lists effectively, and understanding the nuances of email regulations. By combining technology with user education, ActiveCampaign ensures that its users are well-equipped to maintain good deliverability rates.

Mailercloud: Streamlined Deliverability for All Users

Mailercloud approaches deliverability with a focus on user-friendliness and efficiency. While it may not offer as many advanced deliverability tools as ActiveCampaign, it covers all the essential bases to ensure reliable inbox placement.

Mailercloud’s infrastructure is designed to handle the complexities of deliverability behind the scenes. This means users can focus more on creating and managing their emails, rather than worrying about the technicalities of email delivery. The platform automatically takes care of aspects like managing sender reputation and adhering to email sending best practices.

One of the key features of Mailercloud in terms of deliverability is its automatic list cleaning. This process helps maintain a healthy email list by removing inactive or unresponsive subscribers. A clean and engaged list is a critical factor in avoiding spam filters and achieving good deliverability rates.

Mailercloud’s approach is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses that may not have the resources or expertise to manage complex deliverability strategies. Its simplified yet effective approach ensures that emails reach their destination without requiring extensive input from the user.

Deliverability: Making the Right Choice

Choosing between ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud for deliverability depends on your preference for depth versus simplicity. ActiveCampaign is the ideal choice for businesses that want detailed control over every aspect of their email deliverability, with advanced tools at their disposal to fine-tune performance.

Mailercloud, on the other hand, is excellent for businesses that prefer a straightforward, hassle-free approach to deliverability. It ensures reliable email delivery without the need for extensive setup or technical intervention, making it a good fit for smaller businesses or those with simpler email marketing needs.

Pricing and Affordability: Comparing Costs

In choosing the right email marketing tool, pricing is a crucial factor, especially for businesses mindful of their budget. Let’s compare ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud in terms of their pricing structures and what you get for your investment.

ActiveCampaignLite Plan: Starting at $15/month (for up to 500 contacts), offering basic email marketing, marketing automation, and a customer CRM.
Plus Plan: Starting at $70/month, with additional features like landing pages, Facebook Custom Audiences integration, and lead scoring.
Professional Plan: Starting at $159/month, including site messaging, attribution, and predictive sending.
Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing, offering custom reporting, custom mailserver domain, and dedicated account rep.
MailercloudFree Plan:

Includes up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.
Access to basic features like email campaigns, reports, and list management.
Basic Paid Plans:

Up to 5,000 subscribers: Starting at approximately $10/month, with unlimited emails.
Up to 10,000 subscribers: Starting at approximately $15/month, also with unlimited emails.
As the number of subscribers increases, the price scales accordingly.
Higher Volume Plans:

Up to 25,000 subscribers: Starting at around $45/month.
Up to 50,000 subscribers: Starting at around $75/month.
Up to 100,000 subscribers: Pricing available on request.
For more than 100,000 subscribers, custom pricing is offered.

ActiveCampaign: Tiered Pricing for Scalability

ActiveCampaign offers a tiered pricing structure, which means the cost varies based on the number of contacts you have and the features you need. Starting from a basic plan that covers essential email marketing tools, it scales up to more advanced plans that include CRM integration and deeper automation capabilities.

While ActiveCampaign is not the cheapest option on the market, its pricing reflects the wealth of features and capabilities it offers. For businesses that need sophisticated automation, detailed analytics, and CRM functionality, the investment in ActiveCampaign can be justified by the significant value it adds to their marketing efforts.

Mailercloud: Budget-Friendly Pricing for Essentials

Mailercloud adopts a more straightforward pricing model, which is generally more budget-friendly. Its pricing is based on the number of subscribers, and unlike ActiveCampaign, Mailercloud does not restrict features across different plans. This means you get access to all the features, regardless of the plan you choose.

This pricing model makes Mailercloud an attractive option for small to medium-sized businesses or those just starting with email marketing. It provides a comprehensive set of features needed for effective email campaigns without a hefty price tag.

Pricing: Balancing Cost and Features

The choice between ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud in terms of pricing largely depends on your specific needs and budget. ActiveCampaign is ideal for businesses requiring a wide range of advanced features and who are willing to invest more in a sophisticated solution. Its tiered pricing allows for growth and scalability.

On the other hand, Mailercloud offers a more affordable solution, making it suitable for businesses with tighter budgets or simpler email marketing needs. Its straightforward and inclusive pricing ensures that businesses can access all necessary features without worrying about additional costs as they grow.

Integration Capabilities: Enhancing Your Marketing Ecosystem

In today’s digital marketing landscape, the ability of an email marketing tool to integrate seamlessly with other software and services is a significant advantage. It not only streamlines workflow but also ensures a cohesive marketing strategy. Let’s delve into the integration capabilities of ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud, understanding how they enhance your marketing ecosystem.

ActiveCampaign: Broad and Deep Integration Possibilities

ActiveCampaign stands out for its extensive integration capabilities. Recognizing the diverse needs of modern businesses, it offers a wide range of integration options, enabling a more comprehensive marketing approach.

The platform boasts over 850 integrations, covering a vast array of categories. This includes popular CRM systems, social media platforms, e-commerce solutions, and productivity tools. These integrations allow for a seamless flow of data across various aspects of a business, enhancing efficiency and providing a unified view of customer interactions.

What makes ActiveCampaign’s integrations particularly powerful is their depth and sophistication. You can automate processes across different platforms, creating a highly efficient marketing ecosystem. For example, integrating your e-commerce platform with ActiveCampaign can trigger specific email campaigns based on customer purchase behavior or even abandoned cart actions.

This level of integration capability makes ActiveCampaign an ideal choice for businesses that rely on a variety of tools and platforms. It allows for a tailored approach, where each tool in your marketing stack can communicate and work together, driven by ActiveCampaign’s powerful automation and segmentation capabilities.

Mailercloud: Focused and Practical Integrations

In contrast, Mailercloud takes a more streamlined approach to integration. It focuses on providing essential integrations that cater to the core needs of most businesses, particularly small to medium-sized enterprises.

Mailercloud offers integrations with key services like e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, and webinars tools. These integrations are designed to be straightforward, allowing users to easily connect Mailercloud with other essential business tools. This approach simplifies workflows and ensures that even users with limited technical skills can benefit from a connected marketing approach.

The simplicity in Mailercloud’s integration approach is a significant advantage for users who need practical solutions without the complexity. The platform ensures that the most commonly used tools are easily integrated, allowing businesses to enhance their email marketing efforts without the need for extensive technical know-how.

Mailercloud’s integration capabilities are particularly well-suited for businesses that require a more focused and less complicated marketing tech stack. It provides the necessary connections to key platforms, ensuring that your email marketing efforts are well-integrated with your overall business strategy.

Integration Capabilities: Choosing Based on Needs

When it comes to integration capabilities, your choice between ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud will depend on the complexity of your marketing stack and the specific tools you use. ActiveCampaign is ideal for businesses that need a wide range of integrations and want to create a highly automated, interconnected marketing environment. Its expansive and sophisticated integration options cater to businesses with complex and diverse marketing strategies.

Mailercloud, with its more focused approach, is suited for businesses that need straightforward integrations with key marketing tools. It’s a great option for those who require essential integrations without the need for a vast array of options, particularly smaller businesses or those in the early stages of developing their marketing tech stack.


In the quest to find the best email marketing tool for 2024, both ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud present compelling cases. ActiveCampaign stands out with its vast array of advanced features, extensive integration capabilities, and sophisticated automation and personalization tools. It’s ideal for businesses seeking a comprehensive, feature-rich platform to dive deep into nuanced email marketing strategies.

On the other hand, Mailercloud offers a more streamlined and budget-friendly approach, making it a great fit for small to medium-sized businesses or those starting their email marketing journey. With its focus on simplicity, essential features, and user-friendly design, Mailercloud ensures effective email marketing without overwhelming its users. Ultimately, the choice between ActiveCampaign and Mailercloud boils down to your specific business needs, technical expertise, and budget. Whether you opt for the robust, all-encompassing approach of ActiveCampaign or the straightforward, efficient functionality of Mailercloud, both tools are equipped to elevate your email marketing game in 2024.

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