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Small Improvements Make Big Changes - A Story Of My Failure


I know. It's been long. But, that's my problem. That's always been my problem. I could control my ADHD (took half of my life to do it), curb my procrastinating habits by a good extent, control my phone addiction which was another procrastinating habit, become a hell lot more productive but heck.... this is still an area I have no control on.

My last post was on March 22 and the one before that had been published on January 3. Pretty "irregular", is it not? The thing is, I can't even bloody hell hope to grow this blog by moving at the pace, I am moving in currently.

But the fault lies with me. I get too many ideas. I tend to falter with my priorities too often. 

For example, I am studying law, so I got kind of super hitched up on moot courts (which are a kind of mock-court events) two months back (It helps build your resume when you are studying law). Then suddenly my t-shirt business boomed. I got quite a big order by one corporate body and I kind of sold two-thousand shirts at one go and made pretty much a killing.

And then, I got super into this one chess competition, which is up in June in Goa, India, which I terribly want to participate in (and win). And since I haven't played chess for the last seven years, I spend quite a lot of time brushing up my skills.

But all in all, my priorities tend to wander a lot. Whenever I get any good news regarding any of my endeavours, I tend to lose sight of my other endeavours altogether.... which is why I can't seem to make it big in any of my projects.

I Do Okay, But I Can Do A Lot More

Before starting off with this website, I used to put in my efforts at, and if you check the website (it's still up and I hope to put my efforts back into it again), I had put in quite a lot of work into it, going to the extent of publishing 3 (high quality) posts in one day.

I wrote massive and (pretty much unmatched in quality) articles on tech related stuff on the website and God knows how many nights I stayed up to keep on publishing and guest posting. It felt amazing to see the traffic slowly increase and finally touch 1000 every day.

But that was it. As soon as I got to 1k, I felt the competition at tech related niches was too high and I switched to this site. I felt I had to do a ton of research for a tech related niche and since I read a lot of self-help and am kind of a well-experienced in digital marketing, I could make it here.

But heck, I was in for a surprise. Sure, I increased the site traffic to 100 per day within a few weeks by building good quality links from medium-tier sites, but I was mad-ass irregular. I would post for a few weeks and then altogether forget all about it. And that has resulted in this.

Believe me... I got shit-ass crazy awesome ideas for this site. I have got real cool posts I want to write about. I got stuff to share and learn. But this habit of me to change from one thing to the other has resulted in me not achieving what I am actually capable of.

I make around $5k every month (as of March; some months it is more, for example in April, I have already made $7k) through all my businesses combined. But is that all I am capable of? Is all my efforts to stop procrastination, reading self-help books and working my ass off, worth this?

I don't think so. And I attribute my failure to this. Moving from one shit to the next just because I feel like it.
I want to force myself to follow two quotes for the next few months. I believe they can help me succeed.
  1. A rolling stone gathers no moss.
  2. Success is the result of small efforts repeated day in and day out - Robert Collier (I guess)

The Plan

I don't have any mind-boggling, life changing, super human plan to become successful (just about now).

All I am going to do is make incremental changes.

Small ones; nothing big.

I am going to make sure to work on all my goals each week. No matter what. Small goals like blogging and writing law-related articles are to be done everyday.

Even when I don't absolutely feel like it or am drop dead busy, I will try to force myself to write just 10 words at the very least. Sounds pretty stupid, doesn't it?

But that's the plan. Maybe if I start with 10 words, my brain will push me to write 100 words. At least I won't be sucking on my thumb for one or two months.

As I write this article, I hope those who have signed up for my email have not forgotten me. (I love you guys, so please don't okay).

Also, my daily blog visitors have dropped from 100 to 30 now. But, I do hope with daily use of HARO (know about HARO and why you should use it) and blogging, I will be able to increase it to 100 by the end of this month. And I hope by the end of July, I will get it to 500.
Now, I want to know the shit that's been bothering you. What have you been doing that you fail to be consistent at? What's keeping you from rocking your life?


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