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Choosing the right email marketing tool is crucial for your business’s digital strategy. It’s the key to unlocking personalized communication with your audience, engaging potential customers, and nurturing leads. But with so many options out there, how do you decide which one is right for you? Today, we’re taking a closer look at two powerful platforms: Mailercloud and SalesHandy. Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketer, or just someone curious about the power of email marketing, this article is for you. Let’s dive into what makes each platform unique and find out which one could be the best fit for your needs.

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Ease of Use and User Interface

In the world of email marketing, the ease of use and the intuitiveness of the user interface (UI) can make a significant difference in your day-to-day operations. A complex platform can slow you down, while a user-friendly interface can make your work more efficient and enjoyable. Let’s compare Mailercloud and SalesHandy in this regard.

Mailercloud: Designed for Simplicity

Mailercloud is celebrated for its straightforward, intuitive interface. Aimed at making email marketing accessible to everyone, it ensures that even beginners can navigate through its features with ease. From setting up campaigns to managing your subscriber lists, everything in Mailercloud is designed with simplicity in mind.

The dashboard presents all the essential information at a glance, allowing you to quickly get an overview of your email marketing performance. Creating a new campaign is a breeze, thanks to its drag-and-drop editor. You can easily select templates, add your content, and customize emails without needing a background in design or coding. This ease of use extends to its segmentation and analytics features, which are both powerful and straightforward to use.

SalesHandy: Focus on Functionality

SalesHandy takes a slightly different approach. It is designed with a focus on functionality, catering to users who are looking for depth in their email marketing tools. SalesHandy’s UI is clean and uncluttered, but it packs a lot of features into its interface, which might take some time to get used to.

However, once you’re familiar with the layout, SalesHandy offers a powerful suite of tools at your fingertips. Its strength lies in email automation and tracking features, allowing you to send personalized emails in bulk and follow up effectively based on recipient engagement. The platform provides detailed insights into how recipients interact with your emails, which is invaluable for refining your strategies.

Pricing and Plans: Finding Value for Your Investment

When it comes to selecting an email marketing tool, understanding the pricing structure and what you get for your money is crucial. Both Mailercloud and SalesHandy offer various plans to accommodate different needs and budgets, but they approach their pricing strategies quite differently. Let’s delve into what each platform offers and help you determine which one might offer the best value for your investment.

Mailercloud Free Plan:

Includes up to 1,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month.
Access to basic features like email campaigns, reports, and list management.
Basic Paid Plans:

Up to 5,000 subscribers: Starting at approximately $10/month, with unlimited emails.
Up to 10,000 subscribers: Starting at approximately $15/month, also with unlimited emails.
As the number of subscribers increases, the price scales accordingly.
Higher Volume Plans:

Up to 25,000 subscribers: Starting at around $45/month.
Up to 50,000 subscribers: Starting at around $75/month.
Up to 100,000 subscribers: Pricing available on request.
For more than 100,000 subscribers, custom pricing is offered.
SalesHandyFree Plan: Basic features including email tracking and scheduling.
Regular Plan: Priced at $9 per user per month, offering unlimited email tracking and templates, and mail merge features.
Plus Plan: At $22 per user per month, includes advanced features like team reports, team templates, and document tracking.
Enterprise Plan: At $49 per user per month, adding features like dedicated account manager and custom integration.

Mailercloud: Transparent and Scalable Pricing

Mailercloud is known for its transparent and straightforward pricing model. It offers a variety of plans that scale with the size of your subscriber list, making it easy to choose a plan that fits your current needs while also accommodating future growth. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re managing a large list of contacts, Mailercloud has a plan designed for you.

One of the standout features of Mailercloud’s pricing is the inclusion of all core features across all plans. This means you won’t be locked out of essential tools just because you’re on a lower-tier plan—a common practice in the SaaS world that can be frustrating for small businesses and startups. Additionally, Mailercloud often offers a free tier or trial period, which allows you to test the waters before committing financially.

SalesHandy: Focused on Flexibility and Features

SalesHandy takes a slightly different approach to pricing, with plans that are more focused on the features and functionality you need. Its pricing model is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, but with a particular emphasis on the depth and breadth of features available at each tier. This can make SalesHandy an attractive option for businesses that have specific needs, such as advanced email tracking, scheduling, and automation capabilities.

SalesHandy’s plans are typically segmented based on the volume of emails you can send, the level of email tracking and automation you require, and access to premium support services. This means that as your email marketing efforts become more sophisticated, you might need to move up to a higher-tier plan to access the advanced features you need.

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Email Deliverability and Reporting: Ensuring Your Messages Hit the Inbox

Email deliverability is a critical component of any email marketing or sales effort. After all, the most creatively designed email or the most compelling sales pitch won’t have any impact if it never reaches the recipient’s inbox. Alongside this, detailed reporting capabilities are essential for understanding campaign performance and making data-driven decisions. Let’s explore how Mailercloud and SalesHandy fare in these crucial areas.

Mailercloud: Optimized for Reach and Insight

Mailercloud places a strong emphasis on ensuring high email deliverability rates. The platform uses advanced email infrastructure and adheres to best practices in email sending to maximize the chances of your emails landing in the inbox rather than the spam folder. This is crucial for marketing campaigns where the success rate directly correlates with how many subscribers actually see your emails.

In terms of reporting, Mailercloud offers comprehensive analytics that give you a clear picture of your email campaign’s performance. You can track open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and more. These insights are not only presented in an easy-to-understand format but are also actionable. Mailercloud’s reports can help you pinpoint what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to continuously refine your approach for better results. Additionally, Mailercloud provides visualizations of your data, making it easier to digest and share with team members or stakeholders.

SalesHandy: Focused on Precision and Sales Enablement

SalesHandy’s approach to email deliverability centers around its primary audience: sales teams and professionals. The platform offers features designed to improve the success rate of sales emails, including email scheduling to hit recipients’ inboxes at just the right time and follow-up automation to keep prospects engaged without manual effort. SalesHandy also provides tools for testing email copy and subject lines, helping users optimize their emails for better open rates.

Reporting in SalesHandy is tailored to sales effectiveness. The platform offers detailed insights into how recipients interact with your emails, including opens, clicks, and reply rates. This level of detail is invaluable for sales professionals looking to gauge interest and prioritize follow-ups. SalesHandy’s reporting tools also support team performance analysis, allowing managers to track metrics across their teams and identify areas for improvement.

Integration Capabilities: Extending Your Email Marketing Power

In today’s digital ecosystem, the ability of your email marketing tool to integrate seamlessly with other software and platforms can significantly amplify its effectiveness. Whether it’s connecting to a CRM system, leveraging e-commerce insights, or syncing with social media platforms, integration capabilities are a key consideration. Let’s examine how Mailercloud and SalesHandy stack up in this crucial area.

Mailercloud: Enhancing Marketing Efficiency through Integrations

Mailercloud understands the importance of integrations in streamlining marketing efforts and enhancing efficiency. The platform offers a variety of integration options with popular CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and social media networks. This allows businesses to automate the flow of data between systems, ensuring that their email marketing campaigns are informed by the latest customer interactions, purchases, and engagement metrics.

For instance, integrating Mailercloud with your CRM can enable automatic updates to your email lists based on customer behavior, ensuring that your marketing messages are always targeted and relevant. Similarly, e-commerce integrations can trigger personalized email campaigns based on purchase history or cart abandonment, helping to increase conversion rates. Mailercloud’s focus on making integration easy and accessible means that businesses of all sizes can leverage these capabilities without needing extensive technical resources.

SalesHandy: Streamlining Sales Processes with Targeted Integrations

SalesHandy positions its integration capabilities with a clear focus on sales productivity and effectiveness. The platform offers integrations with leading CRM software, ensuring that sales teams can maintain a seamless flow of information between their email outreach efforts and their sales pipeline management. This tight integration allows for more personalized follow-ups and ensures that all interactions are captured and utilized for future engagement strategies.

Additionally, SalesHandy’s integrations extend to productivity tools that are often used by sales professionals, such as scheduling and task management apps. This focus on integrating with tools that support the sales process reflects SalesHandy’s commitment to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of sales teams. By reducing the need for manual data entry and enabling more targeted communication, SalesHandy helps sales professionals focus on what they do best: closing deals.

Customer Support and Resources: Ensuring You’re Never Stuck

The quality of customer support and the availability of learning resources can significantly impact your experience with an email marketing tool. Let’s see how Mailercloud and SalesHandy ensure their users have the support and information they need to succeed.

Mailercloud: Comprehensive Support for Smooth Operations

Mailercloud places a high emphasis on customer support, offering various channels through which users can seek assistance, including email, live chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base. The platform aims to ensure that users can find help when they need it, minimizing downtime and frustration. Live chat, in particular, is a valuable resource for getting quick answers to pressing questions, allowing users to resolve issues in real time.

Beyond reactive support, Mailercloud also provides a wealth of resources aimed at helping users maximize their email marketing efforts. Their knowledge base covers a wide range of topics, from basic setup and campaign creation to advanced automation and segmentation strategies. Additionally, Mailercloud often hosts webinars and tutorials, offering users opportunities to learn new skills and best practices in email marketing.

SalesHandy: Targeted Support Focused on Sales Success

SalesHandy understands the critical nature of sales operations and the need for timely support. Like Mailercloud, SalesHandy offers multiple support channels, including email support and a detailed FAQ section. Where SalesHandy stands out is in its focus on supporting sales workflows specifically. The platform provides resources and guides that are tailored to sales professionals, offering insights into how to improve email outreach and engagement strategies.

Moreover, SalesHandy’s support team is well-versed in sales processes, which means they can offer targeted advice that goes beyond technical support. This can be a boon for sales teams looking to refine their strategies and use SalesHandy’s features to their full advantage. While SalesHandy may not offer as broad a range of learning resources as some platforms, the content is highly relevant to its core user base, making it more impactful.


In conclusion, choosing between Mailercloud and SalesHandy for your email marketing needs involves a careful consideration of what each platform offers in terms of ease of use, pricing and plans, email deliverability and reporting, integration capabilities, and customer support and resources. Both platforms bring distinct strengths to the table, catering to different aspects of email marketing and sales engagement.

Mailercloud shines as a comprehensive, user-friendly email marketing solution that’s designed to cater to a wide range of users, from beginners to more experienced marketers. Its strength lies in its simplicity, transparent pricing, robust deliverability, broad integration options, and extensive support resources. This makes it an excellent choice for businesses looking to engage with a broad audience through sophisticated email marketing campaigns without getting bogged down in complexity.

SalesHandy, on the other hand, offers a suite of features specifically tailored to sales professionals and teams. It focuses on sales efficiency through detailed email tracking, scheduling, and automation tools, supported by CRM integrations and targeted customer support. For those whose primary goal is to optimize sales processes and improve engagement with prospects and customers on a one-to-one basis, SalesHandy presents a compelling option.

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