Baremetrics vs Heap: The Best Analytics Tool for You

Compare Baremetrics and Heap to find out which analytics tool offers better insights for subscription businesses and user actions.

In the bustling digital marketplace, where data is the currency of success, choosing the right CRM tool can feel like navigating through a maze without a map. Enter Baremetrics and Heap, two beacons of insight in the vast sea of analytics tools, each offering a unique lens through which businesses can view their data landscape. But as we stand at the crossroads, deciding which path to take, the question looms large: Which tool is the right guide for your journey? Let’s embark on an exploration, beginning with a deep dive into Data Insights and Analytics.

Baremetrics Heap
Baremetrics Heap
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Data Insights and Analytics: The Heart of Decision Making

In the realm of digital business, the ability to decode user actions into actionable insights is akin to discovering a treasure chest in the depths of the ocean. Here’s how Baremetrics and Heap fare in unveiling the secrets of your data.

Baremetrics: The Subscription Sage

Baremetrics shines its lantern on the world of subscription businesses, offering a specialized set of tools designed to unearth the nuances of recurring revenue models. With a keen focus on metrics like Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), churn rate, Lifetime Value (LTV), and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Baremetrics offers a compass for subscription-based businesses to navigate the choppy waters of growth and retention.

What sets Baremetrics apart is its commitment to clarity and precision. The dashboard is a meticulously crafted map, guiding users through the intricacies of their subscription data with ease and sophistication. For businesses sailing the subscription seas, Baremetrics is the sage that offers not just data, but wisdom, transforming raw numbers into a strategic roadmap for success.

Heap: The Agile Explorer

Heap, on the other hand, takes a broader approach, casting a wide net over user interactions across websites and apps. Its strength lies in automatic data collection, capturing every click, form submission, and page view without the need for manual tracking setup. This comprehensive capture ensures that no insight is left undiscovered, offering businesses a panoramic view of their user’s journey.

Heap’s magic lies in its agility and adaptability. With powerful segmentation and real-time analysis, it empowers businesses to pivot quickly, adapting their strategies based on the latest user behavior trends. For companies that value speed and flexibility, Heap is the agile explorer, ready to chart a course through the ever-changing digital landscape.

Pricing and Value: Navigating the Cost of Insights

In the quest for digital excellence, understanding the pricing landscape and the value each tool delivers is akin to charting a course with the most favorable winds at your back. Let’s delve into how Baremetrics and Heap fare in offering their analytics riches.

Baremetrics: Customized Maps for Subscription Treasures


Baremetrics presents its pricing with a model that mirrors the diversity and complexity of the subscription businesses it serves. With plans based on your company’s monthly recurring revenue (MRR), Baremetrics ensures that businesses of varying sizes and stages of growth can find a tier that matches their needs and budget. This alignment between cost and company scale is crucial, allowing for the tool’s value to resonate more deeply as it directly impacts revenue growth and customer retention strategies.

The treasure of Baremetrics lies in its specialized focus on subscription metrics, offering businesses deep insights into churn, customer lifetime value (LTV), and more. The return on investment (ROI) from Baremetrics is manifested in its ability to inform strategic decisions that optimize subscription models for sustained growth. For subscription-based businesses, the pricing model of Baremetrics is an investment in navigating the complex seas of recurring revenue with precision and insight.

Heap: Broad Horizons with Flexible Pricing


Heap approaches pricing with a structure designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, from startups just beginning their analytics journey to large enterprises navigating complex digital landscapes. With a tiered pricing model that includes a free plan and scalable premium options, Heap provides flexibility and accessibility, ensuring that businesses can leverage powerful analytics insights regardless of their budget constraints.

The value offered by Heap is in its comprehensive, real-time analytics across web and mobile platforms, empowering businesses to understand and optimize every facet of the user journey. Heap’s ROI becomes evident in the agility it affords businesses, enabling quick pivots and data-driven decisions that enhance user engagement and product development. For businesses looking for a broad, versatile analytics tool, Heap’s pricing model is an investment in gaining a competitive edge in the digital market.

Integration Capabilities: The Sinews of the Digital Body

In the digital age, a business’s tools and platforms form a complex organism, each part needing to communicate and function in harmony with the others. Let’s explore how Baremetrics and Heap contribute to the cohesion and efficiency of this digital body.

Baremetrics: The Niche Connector

Baremetrics focuses its integration efforts on providing deep, meaningful insights for subscription-based businesses. It shines in how it connects with payment processors like Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, and others—essential arteries in the subscription business model. These integrations allow Baremetrics to pull in financial data directly, enabling businesses to monitor their revenue, churn, and other critical metrics in real-time, within the context of their broader business analytics.

Additionally, Baremetrics offers integrations with other SaaS platforms, enhancing its ability to provide a holistic view of a subscription business’s health. While its integration landscape may seem niche, it’s precisely this focus that allows Baremetrics to offer such rich, specialized insights for subscription models.

Heap: The Broad Networker

Heap takes a more expansive approach to integrations, casting a wide net that includes connections with a variety of platforms— from marketing tools and email platforms to customer success suites and data warehouses. This broad array of integrations positions Heap as a versatile player in the digital ecosystem, capable of aggregating a wealth of user interaction data from various sources.

This extensive network of integrations empowers businesses using Heap to correlate user behavior data with marketing campaigns, sales funnels, and customer feedback loops, among others. The ability of Heap to blend into a diverse set of digital infrastructures makes it an invaluable tool for businesses seeking a comprehensive, 360-degree view of their users’ journey.

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Customer Support and Educational Resources: Guiding Stars in the Analytics Galaxy

The journey towards data-driven mastery is continuous, marked by learning curves, evolving challenges, and the occasional need for guidance. Here’s how Baremetrics and Heap ensure their users are well-equipped for the voyage, offering support and knowledge as steadfast companions.

Baremetrics: The Subscription Sage’s Library

Baremetrics distinguishes itself with a focused approach to support and education, specifically tailored for the intricacies of the subscription business model. It offers a treasure trove of resources designed to deepen users’ understanding of subscription analytics. From comprehensive guides that detail each metric’s importance to webinars, case studies, and a rich blog filled with insights into subscription business strategies, Baremetrics provides not just a tool but a learning platform for businesses to grow their knowledge.

Customer support at Baremetrics is reflective of its commitment to its users’ success, offering direct and personalized assistance through various channels. Whether it’s detailed support via email, live chat options, or even one-on-one consultations for more complex queries, Baremetrics ensures that its users have the navigational aids needed to sail smoothly through subscription analytics waters.

Heap: The Explorer’s Compass

Heap, with its broader application across web and mobile analytics, casts a wide net with its support and educational offerings, aiming to empower users across various aspects of digital analytics. Its resources are crafted to offer quick, actionable insights, enabling users to effectively leverage Heap’s capabilities. With an extensive knowledge base, step-by-step tutorials, and a vibrant community forum, Heap provides a solid foundation for businesses to build their analytics expertise.

Customer support at Heap is designed for efficiency and accessibility, featuring a responsive support team ready to assist via email and in-app messaging. This ensures that users can quickly overcome any hurdles and continue their journey through user behavior analytics without delay, making Heap a reliable guide in the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

Customization: Tailoring Your Digital Sails

Just as a skilled tailor can turn a bolt of cloth into a bespoke suit, the right analytics tool can be customized to fit the specific needs and challenges of your business. Let’s see how Baremetrics and Heap allow you to tailor their capabilities to your voyage.

Baremetrics: The Master Craftsmen of Subscription Data

Baremetrics stands out as a master craftsman in the realm of subscription analytics, offering a suite of customization options that cater specifically to businesses operating on a subscription model. The platform allows users to define custom segments and cohorts, enabling a granular analysis of customer behavior, revenue trends, and churn rates based on criteria that matter most to the business.

Moreover, Baremetrics offers customizable dashboards and reports, allowing businesses to highlight the metrics that are most critical to their growth and retention strategies. This level of customization ensures that subscription-based businesses can monitor their key performance indicators (KPIs) in a way that reflects the unique aspects of their model, from trial conversions to recurring revenue growth.

Heap: The Agile Tailors of User Interaction

Heap, with its broad focus on user interactions across web and mobile platforms, offers a different kind of customization. Its strength lies in the ability to track virtually any user action automatically, without requiring predefined events or tags. This flexibility allows businesses to start analyzing their data immediately and adjust their tracking focus as their strategy evolves.

Beyond automatic event tracking, Heap enables users to create custom events and properties retroactively, ensuring that businesses can tailor their analysis to uncover insights about specific user behaviors, funnel conversions, and engagement patterns. This level of customization makes Heap an invaluable tool for businesses looking to adapt quickly to user feedback and market changes, tailoring their product and marketing strategies to meet user needs more effectively.


Having charted a course through the critical areas of comparison between Baremetrics and Heap—from the Data Insights and Analytics that serve as the compass for our journey, through the Integration Capabilities that ensure our ship is well-rigged for the voyage, to the guiding lights of Customer Support and Educational Resources, and finally navigating the waters of Pricing and Value—we’re now equipped with a comprehensive map to make an informed choice between these two formidable tools in the realm of digital analytics.

Armed with the knowledge from our exploration, you’re now poised to make a decision that aligns with your business’s current position and future direction. Whether charting a course through the subscription model seas with Baremetrics or navigating the vast ocean of user analytics with Heap, the key is to select a tool that not only suits your immediate needs but can also scale and adapt as new horizons emerge.


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