Vtiger vs Salesmate: The Best CRM Tool for You

Our review of Vtiger vs Salesmate helps you decide which CRM tool offers the superior sales tracking, automation, and customer engagement.

In the bustling world of customer relationship management (CRM) tools, finding the right partner for your business is like searching for a needle in a digital haystack. Among the myriad of options, Vtiger and Salesmate emerge as two notable contenders, each offering unique features designed to streamline your sales process, enhance customer engagement, and drive your business to new heights. But when it comes down to choosing between Vtiger and Salesmate, which CRM tool stands out as the best fit for your business needs? Let’s dive deep into the world of Vtiger and Salesmate, dissecting their features, usability, and overall value to help you make an informed decision.

Vtiger Salesmate
Vtiger Salesmate
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Ease of Use and User Interface

The first hurdle any user faces with a new CRM tool is its learning curve and how intuitively they can navigate through its interface. The ease of use and the design of the user interface (UI) play pivotal roles in the adoption rate and overall user satisfaction. Let’s compare how Vtiger and Salesmate stack up in offering a user-friendly experience.


It prides itself on offering a comprehensive CRM solution that not only focuses on sales but also on support and marketing capabilities. This all-in-one approach is reflected in its user interface, which aims to centralize customer information and tools for seamless access. Vtiger’s dashboard is customizable, allowing users to tailor their views to include the metrics and information most relevant to their daily operations. While Vtiger packs a robust set of features, newcomers might find the interface a bit overwhelming initially. However, with a bit of exploration and customization, the UI becomes more navigable and user-friendly. Vtiger also provides a variety of resources, including detailed documentation and video tutorials, to help users acclimate to the platform.


On the other hand, takes a slightly different approach by emphasizing simplicity and efficiency in its UI design. Targeted at small to medium-sized businesses, Salesmate’s interface is clean, intuitive, and straightforward, making it easy for teams to get up and running quickly. The platform focuses on minimizing clicks and streamlining workflows, ensuring that users can access the features they need without unnecessary complexity. Salesmate’s dashboard is also customizable, but its overall design philosophy leans towards providing a more streamlined and less cluttered user experience from the get-go.

Pricing and Scalability

A CRM’s value isn’t just in its features but also in how its pricing structure fits with your budget and business model. Let’s dive into how Vtiger and Salesmate stack up in these aspects.

Vtiger’s Pricing Structure

Vtiger Pricing

Vtiger offers a tiered pricing model, with plans designed to cater to various business sizes and needs. Starting from a basic edition aimed at small businesses, all the way to more advanced plans that include comprehensive sales, marketing, and support features suitable for larger enterprises. Vtiger’s approach allows businesses to start with a plan that matches their current requirements, with the option to scale up as they grow.

One of the standout aspects of Vtiger’s pricing is its transparency and the inclusion of a wide range of features within each plan. This makes it easier for businesses to predict their CRM costs as they scale. Additionally, Vtiger offers both cloud and on-premise deployment options, providing flexibility for businesses with specific data handling or customization needs.

Salesmate’s Approach to Pricing

Salesmate pricing

Salesmate, targeting small to medium-sized businesses, also employs a tiered pricing strategy but with a keen focus on affordability and simplicity. Salesmate’s plans are structured to provide essential CRM functionalities at a competitive price, with more advanced features available in higher tiers. This model supports SMBs in adopting a powerful CRM solution without a significant initial investment, offering a clear path for scaling up features and users as the business grows.

Salesmate’s pricing transparency and its commitment to including unlimited user support across all plans make it an attractive option for growing businesses. Furthermore, Salesmate is purely cloud-based, emphasizing ease of use and accessibility, which aligns with the needs of businesses looking for minimal IT overhead.

Integration Capabilities

Exploring the integration ecosystems of Vtiger and Salesmate will reveal how each platform can fit into and enhance your current business processes.

Vtiger’s Integration Ecosystem

Vtiger recognizes the importance of integrations in providing a comprehensive CRM solution. It boasts a wide array of native integrations with popular apps and platforms across email, accounting, customer support, marketing automation, and more. Key integrations include Microsoft Office 365, G Suite (now Google Workspace), Mailchimp, QuickBooks, and Zapier, which opens up connections to thousands of other apps.

Moreover, Vtiger’s open API allows for custom integration development, catering to businesses with unique or specialized software needs. This flexibility ensures that Vtiger can adapt to a variety of business models and workflows, making it a versatile choice for businesses looking for a CRM that can integrate deeply with their existing tech stack.

Salesmate’s Integration Capabilities

Salesmate, with its focus on small to medium-sized businesses, offers a curated selection of integrations designed to cover the essential tools most SMBs use. This includes direct integrations with Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Zapier, and a range of email marketing, accounting, and customer service apps. Salesmate’s integration strategy focuses on providing seamless connections with key productivity and business tools, enhancing the CRM’s utility without overwhelming users with excessive options.

Like Vtiger, Salesmate also offers API access for businesses that need custom integrations, ensuring that even as your business grows or evolves, Salesmate can continue to fit into your workflows. The platform’s emphasis on simplicity extends to its integration approach, making it easy for businesses to connect Salesmate with other tools without needing extensive technical expertise.

Customer Support and Training

Exploring how Vtiger and Salesmate approach customer support and training will offer insights into the level of assistance you can expect, which is critical for smoothing out the learning curve and maximizing your CRM investment.

Vtiger’s Customer Support and Training Services

Vtiger provides a multifaceted approach to customer support, including email, phone support, and access to a comprehensive knowledge base. This ensures that users can find help in a way that suits their preference, whether they’re looking for quick answers through self-service resources or need more direct assistance via email or phone.

In addition to traditional support channels, Vtiger places a strong emphasis on training and education. It offers extensive online resources, including webinars, detailed guides, and video tutorials, designed to help users understand and utilize the full range of CRM features. Vtiger also provides personalized training sessions and onboarding assistance for businesses that require more hands-on guidance, ensuring a smooth adoption process and efficient use of the CRM platform.

Salesmate’s Approach to Customer Support and Training

Salesmate also understands the importance of support and training, offering email support, live chat, and phone support to address user inquiries and issues promptly. The platform’s commitment to providing accessible and responsive customer service is evident in its quick response times and the quality of assistance provided.

For training, Salesmate offers a rich library of online resources, including tutorials, articles, and video content, aimed at helping users navigate and make the most of the CRM. Live webinars and personalized training sessions are available, offering users the opportunity to learn about CRM best practices and advanced features directly from Salesmate’s experts. This blend of self-service resources and direct support options ensures that users can access the help they need at any stage of their CRM journey.

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Mobile Accessibility

Let’s dive into the mobile capabilities of Vtiger and Salesmate to understand how these platforms support businesses in a mobile-first world.

Vtiger’s Mobile Offerings

Vtiger offers a mobile CRM app that’s designed to keep the essentials of its platform at your fingertips, no matter where you are. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring broad accessibility. It allows users to access customer data, manage sales opportunities, and stay on top of tasks and appointments directly from their mobile device.

The app includes features such as push notifications for updates and reminders, mobile reporting for insights on the go, and the ability to log calls and emails directly into the CRM. While Vtiger’s mobile app strives to offer a comprehensive mobile CRM experience, some users may find that the depth of features and the user interface on mobile don’t fully match the desktop experience, particularly for more complex tasks or detailed data analysis.

Salesmate’s Mobile Capabilities

Salesmate emphasizes providing a seamless mobile experience, with its app also available on both iOS and Android. Designed with the mobile user in mind, the Salesmate mobile app aims to deliver all the core functionalities of its CRM platform in a user-friendly format that suits the smaller screens and on-the-go usage patterns of smartphones and tablets.

Key features of the Salesmate mobile app include the ability to quickly access and update the customer information, manage the deals and sales pipelines, and receive the notifications about important activities or tasks. Salesmate also incorporates mobile-specific functionalities, such as the ability to make and log calls through the app, enhancing the CRM’s utility as a true mobile sales tool.


After delving into the features, pricing, integration capabilities, customer support, training, and mobile accessibility of Vtiger and Salesmate, it’s clear that both CRM platforms have their unique strengths, tailored to meet different business needs and preferences. The decision between Vtiger and Salesmate comes down to identifying which platform aligns best with your specific requirements, team dynamics, and future growth aspirations. Vtiger stands out for businesses seeking a comprehensive CRM solution that offers a wide range of features across sales, marketing, and customer support. Salesmate, on the other hand, shines for small to medium-sized businesses prioritizing ease of use, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


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