Pipedrive vs Apptivo: The Best CRM Tool for You

Read our comparison of Pipedrive vs Apptivo to understand which CRM offers better customization, integration, and support for your business needs.

In the competitive landscape of CRM tools, selecting the right platform can be a pivotal decision for your business’s growth and efficiency. Pipedrive and Apptivo stand out as two formidable contenders, each offering unique features designed to streamline customer relationship management and enhance sales productivity. But with each platform bringing its strengths to the table, how do you decide which one is the best fit for your business needs? In this comparison, we aim to dissect the key aspects of Pipedrive and Apptivo.

Pipedrive Apptivo
Pipedrive  CRMApptivo CRM
G2 Score -4.2 out of 5G2 Score -4.4 out of 5
TrustRadius Score -8.0 out of 10TrustRadius Score -8.2 out of 10

Ease of Use and User Experience

Pipedrive: Streamlined Sales Focus

Pipedrive excels in providing a user-friendly interface and streamlined experience specifically tailored for sales teams. Renowned for its visual sales pipeline, Pipedrive enables users to manage their deals with drag-and-drop simplicity, offering a clear overview of sales stages at a glance. This focus on visual management not only enhances the usability of the CRM but also makes it easier for sales professionals to track progress and prioritize tasks.

Customization is another strong suit of Pipedrive, allowing businesses to tailor the CRM to their specific sales processes. Whether it’s adjusting pipeline stages, customizing fields, or setting up personalized workflows, Pipedrive offers a level of flexibility that empowers teams to work in a way that best suits their strategy. This combination of simplicity, visualization, and customization makes Pipedrive a favorite among sales teams looking for an intuitive CRM solution.

Apptivo: Versatile and Comprehensive

Apptivo takes a broader approach, offering a versatile CRM solution that caters to more than just sales management. With a comprehensive suite of integrated apps covering project management, invoicing, and customer support, among others, Apptivo provides businesses with a holistic view of their operations. This extensive functionality does not come at the expense of user experience, as Apptivo maintains a straightforward and intuitive interface.

The platform’s customization capabilities are noteworthy, enabling users to modify apps, fields, and workflows to fit their unique business needs. Apptivo’s flexibility and comprehensive features make it an attractive option for businesses looking for a CRM that can manage multiple aspects of their operations, from sales and marketing to project delivery and support.

Integration Capabilities

In today’s interconnected digital environment, the ability of a CRM to seamlessly integrate with other tools and applications is crucial for enhancing productivity, automating workflows, and ensuring a cohesive technology ecosystem for businesses.

Pipedrive: A Hub for Seamless Connectivity

Pipedrive stands out for its robust integration capabilities, designed to enhance sales processes and productivity. Recognized for its compatibility with a wide array of third-party applications, Pipedrive enables businesses to connect with essential services such as email marketing platforms, accounting software, customer support tools, and more. Its marketplace is an extensive repository of add-ons and integrations, allowing users to find connections to popular tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office 365, Slack, and Zapier. This broad range of integrations ensures that Pipedrive can act as a central hub for sales teams, streamlining data flow and communication across various business functions.

Furthermore, Pipedrive supports custom integration possibilities through its API, offering businesses the flexibility to create tailored solutions that fit their unique operational needs. This aspect of Pipedrive is particularly appealing for companies with specific workflow requirements or those looking to integrate specialized tools into their sales processes.

Apptivo: Comprehensive Integrations for a Unified Business Solution

Apptivo takes a holistic approach to integration, emphasizing its platform’s versatility across multiple business operations. It provides seamless integration with a variety of tools and services, ensuring businesses can manage their entire operation within a unified system. Key integrations include Google Workspace for email and calendar synchronization, Microsoft Office 365, QuickBooks for accounting, and PayPal for payment processing. These integrations facilitate a cohesive workflow, allowing businesses to manage customer relationships, invoicing, and project tracking in one place.

In addition to its native integrations, Apptivo offers an API for custom development, enabling businesses to extend the platform’s functionality and connect with other applications as needed. Apptivo’s focus on providing a comprehensive suite of integrated apps makes it a strong candidate for businesses seeking a CRM that can support a wide range of operational needs beyond sales management.

Pricing and Scalability

This factor not only affects immediate budget allocation but also plays a crucial role in ensuring the CRM platform can grow and adapt alongside your business. Both Pipedrive and Apptivo offer a range of pricing plans tailored to meet the needs of diverse businesses, from startups to large enterprises.

Pipedrive: Transparent and Scalable Pricing Tiers

Pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive’s pricing structure is designed for clarity and scalability, offering several tiers to accommodate businesses at various stages of growth. The tiers include Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. Starting with the Essential plan, businesses can access the core functionalities needed for effective sales management. As needs become more complex, higher tiers provide advanced features such as automation, customization, and enhanced reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to scale their CRM solution in alignment with their growth.

Pipedrive’s straightforward per-user, per-month pricing model facilitates budget planning and ensures that companies only pay for the features and number of users they need. Additionally, Pipedrive offers a free trial, allowing businesses to evaluate the platform’s capabilities before making a commitment.

Apptivo: Comprehensive Features Across Plans

Apptivo pricing

Apptivo distinguishes itself with a pricing strategy that emphasizes comprehensive features across all its plans. With its tiers named Starter, Premium, Ultimate, and Enterprise, Apptivo aims to cater to businesses of different sizes, from small startups to large organizations. Even the Starter plan offers a robust set of CRM functionalities, with higher tiers adding more advanced features and increased customization options to support scaling businesses.

Unique to Apptivo is its flexibility in accommodating a wide range of business processes beyond sales, such as project management, invoicing, and supply chain management, within its CRM platform. This comprehensive approach ensures that businesses can leverage a unified system for managing various operational needs. Apptivo also offers a free trial, providing an opportunity for companies to explore the platform’s extensive capabilities.

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Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting capabilities, an essential aspect for businesses aiming to leverage data-driven insights to refine strategies, improve sales performance, and enhance customer engagement. Both Pipedrive and Apptivo offer tools for tracking, analyzing, and reporting on various metrics, but the depth and flexibility of these features can significantly influence their utility for your business.

Pipedrive: Sales-Centric Analytics for Performance Optimization

Pipedrive’s analytics are built with a clear focus on sales optimization, offering users a suite of tools to monitor sales activities, track deal progress, and analyze performance data. The platform provides customizable dashboards that enable businesses to tailor their reporting views to highlight the metrics most relevant to their goals. Users can easily generate reports on sales pipelines, activities, and outcomes, making it simpler to identify trends, pinpoint areas for improvement, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

One of the strengths of Pipedrive’s analytics lies in its user-friendly interface, which allows even those with minimal data analysis experience to navigate and extract valuable insights effortlessly. Additionally, Pipedrive includes forecasting tools that help sales teams predict future sales outcomes based on current trends and historical data, supporting more accurate planning and strategy development.

Apptivo: Comprehensive Reporting Across Business Functions

Apptivo offers a broader approach to analytics and reporting, reflecting its all-encompassing nature as a CRM solution. Beyond sales metrics, Apptivo provides analytics tools that cover various aspects of business operations, including project management, marketing campaigns, and customer support. This comprehensive reporting capability enables businesses to gain insights into multiple areas of their operations, facilitating a holistic view of performance and opportunities.

With Apptivo, businesses can customize reports and dashboards to suit their specific needs, integrating data from different apps within the platform for a unified analysis. The flexibility of Apptivo’s reporting tools allows for detailed examination of operations, helping businesses identify efficiencies, track progress towards objectives, and make data-informed decisions across the board.

Customer Support and Training

Examining Customer Support and Training is crucial for understanding how Pipedrive and Apptivo not only assist their users in resolving issues but also how they help businesses maximize the potential of their CRM investment. Effective support and comprehensive training resources are pivotal for a smooth CRM implementation and ongoing use, influencing overall user satisfaction and platform efficacy.

Pipedrive: Emphasis on Accessibility and Self-Service Learning

Pipedrive’s approach to customer support is centered around accessibility and empowering users with a wealth of self-service resources. Offering 24/7 support through email and live chat, Pipedrive ensures that users can receive assistance at any time, regardless of their location. This round-the-clock availability is particularly beneficial for businesses operating in different time zones or those that need immediate support outside of conventional working hours.

In addition to its direct support channels, Pipedrive provides an extensive online knowledge base filled with articles, tutorials, and FAQs designed to help users navigate the platform independently. For users looking to deepen their understanding of Pipedrive or explore advanced features, Pipedrive Academy offers a series of webinars and courses, fostering a comprehensive learning environment that caters to various user proficiency levels.

Apptivo: Focused on Personalized Support and Comprehensive Training

Apptivo takes a slightly different approach, focusing on personalized support to meet the specific needs of its users. With customer service available via email, live chat, and phone, Apptivo aims to offer more tailored assistance, ensuring that businesses can find solutions that directly address their unique challenges. The availability of phone support, in particular, highlights Apptivo’s commitment to providing a more personal touch in its customer service efforts.

Training and education are also key components of Apptivo’s user support strategy. The platform features a detailed online help center, complete with articles, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides covering a wide range of topics. For more structured learning, Apptivo University presents users with a collection of courses and webinars designed to enhance their CRM knowledge and skills, from basic functionalities to more complex applications within the system.


In concluding our comprehensive comparison between Pipedrive and Apptivo, we’ve traversed through several pivotal aspects that shape the decision-making process when selecting the best CRM tool for your business. From ease of use and user experience, pricing and scalability, integration capabilities, to analytics and reporting, and customer support and training, both Pipedrive and Apptivo have demonstrated their unique strengths and capabilities designed to cater to a variety of business needs.


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