Mad Mimi vs Sendloop: The Best Email Marketing Tool for You

Mad Mimi vs Sendloop: Dive into our comprehensive comparison to determine the best email marketing platform for your business strategy.

Choosing the right email marketing tool is crucial for your business’s success. It’s like picking a new member for your team. You want someone—or in this case, something—that understands your needs, can deliver results, and is easy to work with. Today, we’re diving into a detailed comparison between two popular choices: Mad Mimi and Sendloop. Whether you’re a small business owner, a marketer, or just curious about email marketing tools, this guide is tailored for you. Let’s find out which tool might be the best teammate for your email marketing strategy.

Mad MimiSendloop
mad mimi sendloop
G2 Score – 4.6 out of 5 stars
G2 Score –  4.4 out of 5 stars
TrustRadius Score -7.9 out of 10TrustRadius Score – Nil

Ease of Use: Navigating the User Interface

When it comes to software of any kind, the ease of use is a big deal. You don’t want to spend hours figuring out how to send a simple email, right? Both Mad Mimi and Sendloop promise user-friendly interfaces, but let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what that means for you.

Mad Mimi: Simplicity at Its Best

Mad Mimi prides itself on simplicity. The platform’s design is clean and intuitive, making it a breeze for beginners to navigate. When you log in, you’re not bombarded with too many options or complicated jargon. It’s all straightforward. Creating an email campaign with Mad Mimi feels like having a chat with a friend who’s really good at design. You choose a theme, add your content, and voilà—you’re ready to send. It’s that simple.

The process is streamlined, and the steps are clear. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to figure things out. Plus, if you ever get stuck, Mad Mimi’s support team is just a click away. They’re known for being friendly and helpful, which is always a plus.

Sendloop: Power Meets Flexibility

Sendloop, on the other hand, offers a bit more flexibility, which might be appealing to those with a bit more experience in email marketing. Don’t get me wrong—it’s still user-friendly, but it comes with a few more bells and whistles compared to Mad Mimi. This means you can customize your emails more and dive deeper into automation if that’s your thing.

Sendloop’s interface is sleek and modern, with a dashboard that gives you quick access to all the features you need. Creating campaigns, managing your subscriber list, and analyzing reports are all straightforward. There’s a bit of a learning curve if you want to explore more advanced features, but it’s nothing too daunting. Plus, Sendloop’s knowledge base and customer support are there to guide you through any hiccups.

Which One Should You Choose?

If you’re just starting out or prefer keeping things simple, Mad Mimi might be the way to go. Its no-fuss approach to email marketing means you can get your campaigns up and running in no time. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tool that grows with your business and offers more customization and advanced features, Sendloop could be a better match.

It really comes down to what you value more: simplicity and ease of use, or flexibility and advanced features. Neither choice is wrong—it’s all about what works best for you and your business.

Email Design and Templates: Crafting Your Message

The design of your email plays a huge role in how your message is received. An attractive, well-designed email can grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. Let’s see how Mad Mimi and Sendloop stack up in helping you craft those eye-catching emails.

Mad Mimi: Creativity Within Simplicity

Mad Mimi keeps its promise of simplicity when it comes to email design. The platform offers a range of themes that are easy to customize, even if you don’t have any design skills. These themes are clean and responsive, ensuring your emails look great on any device.

The customization options might not be as extensive as some would like, but they cover the basics—fonts, colors, and layout—allowing you to add a personal touch to your emails without overwhelming you with choices. This approach makes Mad Mimi ideal for those who want to create beautiful emails quickly and without fuss.

Sendloop: A Designer’s Playground

Sendloop offers a more robust set of design options. With a drag-and-drop editor and a wide variety of templates, it caters to users who want more control over their email’s appearance. Whether you’re creating a simple newsletter or a complex promotional email, Sendloop has you covered.

The templates are not only plentiful but also fully customizable. You can tweak everything from the layout to the smallest design elements, giving you the freedom to bring your vision to life. For businesses that have specific branding guidelines or those who love to experiment with design, Sendloop provides the tools to make each email uniquely yours.

Advanced Features for the Creative Minds

Beyond basic templates, Sendloop steps up with advanced features like dynamic content, which allows you to personalize emails based on subscriber behavior or preferences. This can be a game-changer in making your emails more relevant and engaging.

Mad Mimi, while more straightforward, doesn’t leave you hanging. It offers add-ons that can enhance your email’s functionality, such as web forms for capturing leads or integration with Google Analytics for tracking your emails’ performance.

Making the Right Choice

Your decision between Mad Mimi and Sendloop in terms of email design and templates might come down to your specific needs and skills. If you’re looking for simplicity and speed, Mad Mimi’s straightforward design tools and ready-to-go themes are perfect. They allow you to create professional-looking emails without needing to spend a lot of time or have design expertise.

On the other hand, if design flexibility and customization are high on your priority list, Sendloop’s comprehensive template library and advanced design features offer the creative freedom to make your emails stand out. Plus, the ability to personalize content can significantly boost your engagement rates.

In the end, both platforms have their strengths in email design, and the best choice depends on what’s more important to you: ease and efficiency or customization and creativity.

Pricing and Value for Money: Balancing Cost and Features

When running a business, every dollar counts. That’s why understanding the pricing structure of any tool is crucial. Both Mad Mimi and Sendloop offer various plans to accommodate different needs and budgets, but which one gives you more bang for your buck? Let’s dive into the details.

Mad MimiPricing Structure: Based on the number of contacts.
Basic Plans:
Up to 500 contacts: Starting at around $10/month.
Up to 1,000 contacts: Starting at around $12/month.
Up to 2,500 contacts: Starting at around $16/month.
Higher Volume Plans:
Up to 5,000 contacts: Starting at around $27/month.
Up to 10,000 contacts: Starting at around $42/month.
Up to 15,000 contacts: Starting at around $59/month.
Enterprise Plans:
For larger lists (above 15,000 contacts), custom pricing is available.
SendloopSendloop focuses on simplicity and ease of use in email marketing.
Pay-As-You-Go Plan: Ideal for infrequent senders, with no monthly fees. You buy email credits as needed; for instance, 1,000 email credits cost approximately $10.
Monthly Subscription Plans: Starting from around $9/month for up to 500 subscribers, with unlimited email sends. Pricing increases with the number of subscribers.

Mad Mimi: Affordable Simplicity

Mad Mimi is known for its straightforward and affordable pricing plans. The platform operates on a tiered system based on the number of contacts you have, making it easy to find a plan that fits your business size and email marketing needs. This simplicity extends to their pricing, which is transparent and predictable, with no hidden fees.

For small businesses or those just starting their email marketing journey, Mad Mimi’s entry-level plan is incredibly appealing. It offers enough features to get you started, including unlimited emails, which is a significant plus. As your list grows, you can easily move up to higher tiers, which remain competitively priced.

Mad Mimi’s focus on providing essential features without overcomplicating things means you’re not paying for extras you don’t need. This approach can be particularly cost-effective for businesses with straightforward email marketing strategies.

Sendloop: Flexible Plans with More Features

Sendloop’s pricing structure is also based on the size of your email list, but it’s structured to cater to a broader range of users, from small businesses to larger enterprises. The platform offers more advanced features even in its lower-tier plans, which might justify the slightly higher cost compared to Mad Mimi.

One of the standout aspects of Sendloop’s pricing is the flexibility it offers. Besides the standard monthly subscription plans, Sendloop provides a “pay-as-you-go” option. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses with fluctuating email marketing needs, as it allows them to pay only for what they use without committing to a monthly fee.

Moreover, Sendloop’s plans include more advanced features like automation, segmentation, and A/B testing even at lower levels, which can be a game-changer for businesses looking to get more sophisticated with their email marketing strategies.

Evaluating Value for Money

The value for money isn’t just about the lowest price; it’s about what you’re getting for your investment. Mad Mimi offers a no-frills, easy-to-use platform that’s perfect for those who want to keep their email marketing straightforward and cost-effective. It’s an excellent choice for small businesses or those on a tight budget who still want to engage with their audience via email.

Sendloop, while potentially a bit pricier, offers a more feature-rich platform that can accommodate more complex email marketing strategies. Its flexible pricing and pay-as-you-go option provide a scalable solution that can grow with your business. For companies that value advanced features and are willing to invest a bit more in their email marketing tools, Sendloop offers compelling value.

Making Your Decision

Choosing between Mad Mimi and Sendloop comes down to your specific needs, budget, and how much value you place on features like automation, segmentation, and design flexibility. If cost is your primary concern and your email marketing needs are straightforward, Mad Mimi’s affordability and ease of use are hard to beat. However, if you’re looking for a tool that can support more sophisticated campaigns and offers greater flexibility as your business grows, Sendloop’s additional features and pricing options might be worth the investment.

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Customer Support and Resources: Ensuring You’re Never Stuck

In the world of email marketing, having access to good customer support and resources can make a significant difference. Whether you’re a novice figuring out your first campaign or an experienced marketer trying to optimize your strategy, knowing help is available when you need it is reassuring. Let’s compare the customer support and educational resources offered by Mad Mimi and Sendloop.

Mad Mimi: Personal Touch with a Smile

Mad Mimi takes customer support seriously, with a focus on providing a personal and friendly touch. They offer email support with a promise of timely responses, and users consistently praise the quality and helpfulness of the support team. The team’s approachable manner and willingness to go above and beyond in assisting customers are frequently highlighted in user reviews.

Beyond direct support, Mad Mimi also offers a range of resources for users looking to learn more about email marketing. Their blog is filled with tips, best practices, and industry insights that can help users improve their campaigns. However, compared to Sendloop, their library of tutorials and guides might be a bit less extensive, focusing more on quality than quantity.

Sendloop: Comprehensive Support and Learning

Sendloop appears to take a slightly different approach, offering a broader range of support options. Along with email support, they provide live chat and phone support, ensuring that users can get help in the way that’s most convenient for them. This variety is a big plus for businesses that need answers quickly or prefer a more direct way to solve their problems.

When it comes to educational resources, Sendloop shines with an extensive knowledge base that covers not just the basics but also advanced features and strategies. Whether you’re looking to dive into detailed guides on email automation, segmentation, or A/B testing, Sendloop has you covered. They also offer webinars and a blog with the latest trends and tips in email marketing, making it easy for users to stay on top of their game.

Weighing Your Options

The level and type of customer support and resources you need can vary depending on your experience and how much you like to “DIY” your email marketing efforts. If you prefer a more personal touch and are happy with high-quality, albeit fewer, resources, Mad Mimi’s approach will likely resonate with you. Their friendly support team and insightful blog posts can provide the guidance you need without overwhelming you with too much information.

On the other hand, if you value having multiple support options and a wide array of learning materials at your fingertips, Sendloop’s comprehensive approach might be more up your alley. Their extensive knowledge base and the availability of live support can be invaluable for businesses that require immediate assistance or enjoy having a wealth of information to explore.


In the end, both Mad Mimi and Sendloop offer solid support and resources, but they cater to different preferences. Mad Mimi excels in providing a more personalized support experience and carefully curated educational content. Sendloop, however, offers broader support options and a more extensive range of resources for those who like to deep dive into learning.

Choosing between them depends on your preferred style of learning and support. Do you value direct and personal assistance, or do you prefer the autonomy of a comprehensive knowledge base and multiple support channels?

Analytics and Reporting: Measuring Your Success

In the digital marketing world, the ability to measure and analyze your efforts is key to success. Email marketing is no exception. Understanding how your campaigns are performing can help you make informed decisions, tweak your strategies, and ultimately achieve better results. Let’s delve into how Mad Mimi and Sendloop equip you with the analytics and reporting tools needed to measure your success.

Mad Mimi: Simplified Insights for Action

Mad Mimi understands that not everyone is a data scientist, and they’ve tailored their analytics accordingly. Their reporting features focus on simplicity and clarity, providing you with straightforward insights into how your campaigns are performing. You can easily track opens, clicks, and subscribes, as well as see which links are getting the most attention.

While Mad Mimi’s analytics might not dive into the deep end of data, they offer enough for most small to medium-sized businesses to understand their audience’s behavior and adjust their strategies. The platform also integrates with Google Analytics, allowing for a deeper dive into your email performance if needed. This feature is particularly useful for those who wish to understand how their email marketing efforts fit into their broader online marketing strategy.

Sendloop: Comprehensive Data for Deep Dives

Sendloop, on the other hand, offers a more comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting tools. If you’re the type who loves digging into data, you’ll appreciate the depth Sendloop provides. Beyond the basics like open rates and click-through rates, Sendloop offers detailed insights into subscriber behavior, campaign comparison, and even geolocation data.

For businesses that are more focused on optimizing every aspect of their email campaigns, Sendloop’s advanced reporting features can be incredibly valuable. The platform allows you to segment your data, giving you the power to analyze specific subscriber groups or campaign types. This level of detail can help you fine-tune your approach, personalize your content, and improve engagement.

Choosing the Right Tool for Your Analytics Needs

The choice between Mad Mimi and Sendloop for analytics and reporting ultimately depends on how deep you want to go with your data. If you’re looking for simplicity and just need a clear overview of your campaign’s performance, Mad Mimi’s approach is likely sufficient. Its focus on the essentials can help you quickly understand what’s working and what’s not, without the need to become a data analyst.

However, if you’re aiming to leverage every bit of data to optimize your campaigns, Sendloop’s detailed analytics and reporting features will be more up your alley. The ability to dive deep into subscriber behavior and compare various aspects of your campaigns can offer valuable insights that drive more targeted and effective email marketing strategies.

The Verdict

Analytics and reporting are crucial for refining your email marketing efforts and achieving better results. Mad Mimi offers a more straightforward, user-friendly approach that’s great for those who prefer simplicity and clear insights. Sendloop, with its comprehensive analytics, caters to those who enjoy a deep dive into data and detailed reports.

Your choice should align with your business’s needs, your comfort level with data, and how detailed you want your insights to be. Both platforms offer valuable tools to help you measure your success, but the depth and complexity of the data they provide differ significantly.

Integration Capabilities: Connecting Your Tools

In today’s digital marketing landscape, the ability of an email marketing tool to integrate with other software and services is more important than ever. Whether it’s your CRM system, ecommerce platform, or social media accounts, seamless integration can streamline your workflows, enhance your marketing efforts, and provide a more cohesive customer experience. Let’s examine how Mad Mimi and Sendloop fare in terms of integration capabilities.

Mad Mimi: Keeping It Simple and Focused

Mad Mimi’s approach to integration mirrors its overall philosophy: simplicity. The platform offers a selection of integrations with popular services that cater to the essential needs of most small businesses. This includes connections with social media platforms, Google Analytics, and several CRM systems. The idea is to provide straightforward solutions that cover the basics without overwhelming users with too many options.

One of Mad Mimi’s strengths in this area is its focus on making the integrations it does offer as user-friendly as possible. Setting up connections with other services is generally straightforward, allowing users to quickly extend the functionality of their email marketing efforts without needing deep technical knowledge.

While the range of integrations available may not match that of more comprehensive platforms, for many small businesses and individuals, Mad Mimi’s offerings will be entirely adequate. Its selection is carefully curated to support the most common and impactful use cases.

Sendloop: A Wide Array of Integration Options

Sendloop takes a more expansive approach to integrations, offering a broad spectrum of connections with third-party tools and services. This includes everything from advanced CRM systems and ecommerce platforms to social media tools and customer service software. For businesses that rely on a diverse set of tools in their daily operations, this extensive integration capability can be a significant advantage.

One of the highlights of Sendloop’s integration features is the flexibility it offers. Whether you’re looking to automate workflows, sync customer data across platforms, or enhance your email campaigns with dynamic content pulled from other services, Sendloop has the capabilities to support complex integrations.

The platform’s API also allows for custom integrations, providing businesses with specific needs the opportunity to tailor their email marketing tool to perfectly fit their ecosystem of tools.

Making the Right Integration Choice for Your Business

The decision between Mad Mimi and Sendloop regarding integration capabilities largely depends on the complexity of your digital marketing stack and how much you value the ability to connect your email marketing tool with other parts of your business.

If you’re running a smaller operation or just starting out, and your needs are relatively straightforward, Mad Mimi’s simpler, more focused range of integrations might be exactly what you need. Its ease of use and the ability to cover the basics without unnecessary complexity can be a real plus.

For more complex businesses or those with a heavy reliance on a wide variety of digital tools, Sendloop’s extensive integration options and the ability to handle custom integrations may be more appealing. The ability to seamlessly connect your email marketing efforts with the rest of your business operations can drive efficiency and enhance your marketing strategies.

The extent and ease of integration with other tools and services are crucial considerations when choosing an email marketing platform. Mad Mimi offers simplicity and ease of use with a focused selection of integrations, making it a great choice for smaller businesses or those with straightforward needs. Sendloop, with its wide array of integration options and the flexibility to create custom connections, is well-suited to businesses looking for a more comprehensive solution that can integrate deeply with their existing digital marketing tools.


In the battle between Mad Mimi and Sendloop for the title of the best email marketing tool for you, the decision boils down to your specific needs, preferences, and the scale of your marketing efforts. Mad Mimi shines with its simplicity, ease of use, and affordability, making it ideal for small businesses or those new to email marketing. It offers a straightforward approach that allows users to create, send, and analyze their email campaigns without getting bogged down in complexity. On the other hand, Sendloop stands out for its robust features, including advanced analytics, a wide array of integration options, and flexibility in design and automation, catering to more experienced marketers or businesses with sophisticated needs. Ultimately, whether you value straightforwardness and efficiency or seek depth, customization, and scalability, one of these tools is likely to be the right fit for your email marketing journey.

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