Stripo vs Campaigner: The Best Email Marketing Tool for You

Choosing between MailUp and EmailOctopus? Evaluate their features, costs, and user interface to decide the best email marketing tool for your strategy.

In the digital era, where every click and open can pivot the success of your business, picking the right email marketing tool isn’t just a decision—it’s a strategy. Today, we’re diving into an in-depth comparison between two giants in the email marketing world: Stripo and Campaigner. Both platforms bring unique strengths to the table, but which one will best align with your needs, streamline your workflow, and ultimately drive your campaigns to success? Let’s peel back the layers of features, usability, and performance to uncover the best email marketing tool for you.

G2 Score – 4.8 out of 5 starsG2 Score – 4.8 out of 5 stars
TrustRadius Score – 8.5 out of 10TrustRadius Score – 4.8 out of 5 stars

Design and Template Flexibility: Crafting Your Brand’s Message

In the realm of email marketing, the first impression is everything. How your email looks can significantly influence engagement rates. Thus, the design capabilities and template flexibility of your chosen platform play a pivotal role in the success of your campaigns.

Stripo: The Designer’s Dream

Stripo is like a breath of fresh air for marketers and designers alike. Known for its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, Stripo makes designing beautiful, responsive emails a breeze, even for those with no prior design experience. The platform stands out with its vast library of over 700 pre-designed templates, each fully customizable to ensure your emails not only resonate with your brand but also captivate your audience.

But Stripo doesn’t stop at simplicity and variety; it pushes the envelope with advanced features like AMP technology, enabling interactive emails straight out of the future. Imagine your subscribers booking appointments, filling out surveys, or even browsing products within the email itself. Stripo makes this a reality, offering a new dimension of engagement directly in your audience’s inbox.

Campaigner: Where Functionality Meets Creativity

Campaigner takes a holistic approach to email design, blending functionality with creative freedom. Its rich template library is complemented by a powerful editor that allows for deep customization. Whether you’re tweaking a template or building an email from scratch, Campaigner equips you with the tools to bring your vision to life.

A standout feature of Campaigner is its dynamic content capability, which lets you personalize emails based on subscriber data. This means you can automatically alter content to suit different segments of your audience, ensuring a highly personalized experience. With Campaigner, the focus is on maximizing engagement through relevance and creativity, making each email feel tailor-made for the recipient.

Choosing Your Canvas

When it comes to design and template flexibility, both Stripo and Campaigner offer compelling advantages. If your priority is ease of use, coupled with the cutting-edge potential of interactive emails, Stripo’s innovative features and extensive template gallery present an attractive solution. Its user-friendly interface ensures that stunning email designs are just a few clicks away, no matter your skill level.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a platform that combines creative flexibility with powerful personalization tools, Campaigner’s dynamic content capabilities and customizable templates might be more up your alley. It offers a blend of design freedom and functional depth, ideal for marketers who prioritize tailored content and have a keen eye for detail.

Ultimately, the choice between Stripo and Campaigner will hinge on your specific design needs, the level of customization you seek, and how you want to engage your audience. Both platforms are capable of elevating your email marketing campaigns, but the best fit for you will seamlessly align with your brand’s messaging and marketing objectives.

Automation and Workflow Capabilities: Streamlining Campaigns for Impact

Automation is the backbone of efficient and effective email marketing, allowing for the delivery of the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Let’s delve into how Stripo and Campaigner equip you with the tools to automate your email marketing for maximum engagement and conversion.

Stripo: Simplifying Email Automation Integration

Stripo, primarily known for its design capabilities, adopts a unique approach to email automation. Rather than offering a built-in automation suite, Stripo focuses on ensuring seamless integration with a multitude of email service providers (ESPs) that specialize in automation. This strategy allows users to design their emails in Stripo’s sophisticated editor and then export these designs to their chosen ESP for automation and dispatch.

The advantage here is the flexibility to pair Stripo’s exceptional design capabilities with the robust automation features of leading ESPs. This approach is perfect for marketers who already have a preferred ESP but are seeking to elevate their email designs. Stripo ensures that the transition from design to automation is smooth, with support for direct integrations and export options to over 40 ESPs, including Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and SendGrid.

Campaigner: Advanced Automation within Reach

Campaigner, on the other hand, offers a comprehensive in-house solution for both email design and automation, making it a one-stop shop for marketers. Its automation features are robust, allowing for the creation of complex, behavior-driven workflows that can significantly enhance the relevance and timeliness of your communications.

With Campaigner, you can automate your entire email marketing lifecycle—from welcoming new subscribers and nurturing leads to re-engaging inactive customers and everything in between. The platform provides intuitive tools to segment your audience based on their interactions with your emails, website, and even purchase behavior, enabling highly personalized email sequences.

Campaigner’s visual workflow builder simplifies the process of creating these automation sequences, making it accessible even to those new to email marketing automation. Additionally, the platform offers triggered email capabilities, ensuring that your subscribers receive relevant messages based on their specific actions in real-time.

Choosing the Right Tool for Automated Excellence

When comparing Stripo and Campaigner on their automation and workflow capabilities, the decision largely depends on your specific needs and workflow preferences. If you’re looking for unmatched design flexibility with the ability to utilize specialized automation features from various ESPs, Stripo’s model offers the best of both worlds. It’s ideal for teams that prioritize design and have established workflows with their preferred ESPs.

Conversely, if you’re in search of a comprehensive, all-in-one platform that combines powerful email design tools with advanced automation directly within the platform, Campaigner stands out. Its built-in automation capabilities are designed to cater to marketers seeking to streamline their email marketing processes from conception to conversion under one roof.

Both Stripo and Campaigner offer compelling solutions to the automation puzzle, but the right choice for you will align with your integration preferences, design priorities, and the complexity of the automation workflows you aim to implement.

Pricing and Value: Maximizing Your Email Marketing Budget

The cost-effectiveness of an email marketing tool is a key consideration, particularly for small to medium-sized businesses operating on tighter budgets. Let’s assess how Stripo and Campaigner fare in this regard, focusing on their pricing structures, plans, and the overall value they offer to users.

StripoFree Plan: Offers basic features like email template design and exports to various email service providers (ESPs).
Business Plan: Starting at approximately $125 per month, offering advanced features like banner creation, testing on different devices, and integrations with more ESPs.
Agency Plan: Custom pricing for agencies, including features like team collaboration tools, unlimited exports, and custom subdomain for email testing.
Both paid plans offer increased limits on the number of projects and templates compared to the free plan.
CampaignerStarter Plan: Begins around $59 per month for up to 5,000 contacts, including basic email marketing features and 24/7 support.
Essential Plan: Priced around $179 per month for up to 25,000 contacts, adding features like advanced segmentation and A/B testing.
Advanced Plan: Starting from around $649 per month for up to 50,000 contacts, offering advanced automation, reporting, and integrations.
eCommerce Plan: Designed specifically for eCommerce businesses with custom pricing, including features like purchase behavior tracking and predictive analytics.

Stripo: Flexible Pricing for Design-Centric Marketers

Stripo offers a unique pricing model that caters primarily to its strength as an email design tool. The platform provides a free plan with basic features, which is a great starting point for small businesses and individuals looking to enhance their email designs without a significant upfront investment. This free version includes access to Stripo’s extensive template library and design editor but may limit the number of exports and integrations available.

For more advanced features, Stripo has several paid plans that scale with the needs of its users. These plans increase the limits on exports and access to premium templates and integrations, including direct ESP connections and advanced design features like AMP components. Pricing is transparent and scales based on the usage and features required, making Stripo an affordable option for businesses focusing on crafting visually compelling emails.

Campaigner: Comprehensive Plans for All-Round Marketers

Campaigner’s pricing structure is designed to offer an all-inclusive email marketing solution, with plans that encompass not just email design but also automation, segmentation, and advanced analytics. Unlike Stripo, Campaigner positions itself as a full-service platform, and its pricing reflects the breadth of features it offers.

Campaigner provides a tiered pricing model based on the size of your email list, starting with a basic plan suitable for small businesses and scaling up to meet the needs of large enterprises with extensive email marketing requirements. Each tier offers unlimited email sends, a critical consideration for businesses with active email marketing strategies.

One of the standout aspects of Campaigner’s pricing is the inclusion of 24/7 live support across all plans, ensuring that businesses have the assistance they need at any time. While Campaigner’s plans might come at a higher cost compared to Stripo’s design-focused pricing, the value lies in its comprehensive suite of features and support that cater to the end-to-end needs of email marketers.

Weighing Cost Against Comprehensive Features

Deciding between Stripo and Campaigner from a pricing and value perspective depends on your primary focus in email marketing. If your emphasis is on creating beautiful, responsive emails and you already use or plan to use another platform for sending those emails, Stripo offers great value with its flexible pricing and focus on design.

Conversely, if you’re looking for a platform that can manage your entire email marketing strategy from design to delivery, including automation, segmentation, and in-depth reporting, Campaigner’s all-in-one approach, despite its potentially higher cost, could offer the comprehensive solution you need.

Ultimately, the best choice aligns with where you see the most value for your specific email marketing goals and budget. Both Stripo and Campaigner offer robust solutions, but understanding your priorities and how each platform’s offerings match those needs is key to making the right decision.

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Customer Support and Learning Resources: Empowering Users for Success

The accessibility and quality of customer support, along with the availability of educational content, can significantly impact user experience and satisfaction. Here’s how Stripo and Campaigner measure up.

Stripo: User-Friendly Support with a Focus on Self-Service

Stripo places a strong emphasis on user independence, providing a rich array of self-service resources designed to help users navigate its features and solve common problems. The platform offers an extensive knowledge base filled with articles, tutorials, and video guides that cover everything from basic template design to advanced email functionality.

While Stripo provides direct support primarily through email, its responsive team ensures users receive timely assistance for more complex inquiries. The focus on self-service resources is complemented by an active community forum where users can share tips, ask questions, and learn from each other’s experiences. This community-driven approach to support fosters a sense of collaboration among Stripo users.

Campaigner: Comprehensive Support Across Channels

Campaigner takes a more traditional approach to customer support, offering a wide range of options to ensure users can find help when they need it. This includes 24/7 live chat, phone support, and email assistance, catering to different preferences and ensuring that help is always just a few clicks or a phone call away.

Beyond direct support, Campaigner provides a wealth of learning materials, including detailed guides, how-to articles, and webinars that delve into both the platform’s capabilities and general email marketing best practices. Campaigner’s dedication to user education is evident in its efforts to provide resources that not only help users troubleshoot issues but also enhance their email marketing knowledge and skills.

Navigating Support and Learning

When comparing Stripo and Campaigner on customer support and learning resources, the choice depends on your preferred style of learning and the level of support you anticipate needing. If you prefer a self-service approach with the ability to explore and learn at your own pace, Stripo’s extensive knowledge base and community forums offer the tools for self-driven learning and problem-solving.

Conversely, if you value having multiple channels of direct support available around the clock, along with a comprehensive suite of educational materials, Campaigner’s hands-on approach ensures you have the guidance and resources needed to navigate any challenge.

Both Stripo and Campaigner recognize the importance of supporting their users, though they cater to different preferences regarding how that support is delivered. Whether you lean towards a community and self-service model or prefer direct, anytime access to support professionals, choosing the platform that aligns with your support needs is crucial for a smooth and productive email marketing experience.

Reporting and Analytics: Turning Data into Actionable Insights

Understanding the effectiveness of your email campaigns through comprehensive analytics can significantly impact your marketing strategy’s success. Here’s how Stripo and Campaigner equip users with the analytics they need.

Stripo: Design-Centric with Essential Analytics

Stripo, focusing primarily on the design and creation of emails, offers basic analytics functionality primarily through its integrations with ESPs (Email Service Providers). Since Stripo is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of ESPs, the platform itself does not provide an in-depth analytics suite. Instead, users rely on the analytics features of their chosen ESP to track the performance of emails designed in Stripo.

This approach means that the depth and breadth of reporting and analytics available to Stripo users can vary significantly depending on the ESP they use. Users have the flexibility to choose an ESP that meets their analytics needs, whether they’re looking for simple open and click rates or more advanced insights like A/B testing results, subscriber growth over time, and conversion tracking.

Campaigner: Robust In-built Analytics for Comprehensive Insights

Campaigner, as an all-in-one email marketing solution, offers a robust in-built analytics suite designed to provide comprehensive insights into every aspect of your email marketing campaigns. From tracking basic metrics like open rates and click-through rates to more advanced analytics like geolocation tracking, social sharing stats, and conversion rates, Campaigner equips users with the data they need to evaluate their campaigns’ effectiveness thoroughly.

Moreover, Campaigner’s reporting tools allow for deep segmentation and comparative analysis, enabling marketers to drill down into the data to understand subscriber behavior and campaign performance at a granular level. This capability is invaluable for continuously refining and optimizing email strategies based on solid, actionable insights.

Making Data-Driven Decisions

Choosing between Stripo and Campaigner for reporting and analytics depends on your specific needs for data analysis and the importance of having advanced analytics integrated directly within your email marketing platform. If you are comfortable using third-party ESPs for analytics and prioritize high-quality email design with flexibility in your choice of ESP, Stripo’s approach allows you to tailor your analytics tools to your specific requirements.

On the other hand, if you prefer a comprehensive, all-in-one solution where advanced analytics are built directly into the platform, providing a seamless experience from design to deployment and analysis, Campaigner’s robust analytics suite offers the depth and breadth of insights needed to make informed decisions and optimize your email marketing efforts.

Both Stripo and Campaigner offer pathways to understanding your email marketing performance, but the right choice will align with your preferences for analytics integration, the complexity of insights you require, and how you wish to use data to drive your marketing strategies forward.

Integration Capabilities: Enhancing Workflow Efficiency

The integration of an email marketing tool with CRMs, e-commerce platforms, analytics services, and other marketing tools can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Let’s examine how Stripo and Campaigner support these integrations.

Stripo: Design Flexibility with Essential Integrations

Stripo’s primary focus is on email design, offering a platform that excels in creating and exporting high-quality email templates. Its approach to integration is unique; rather than providing direct marketing or analytics functionalities within its platform, Stripo ensures that its templates are easily exportable to a wide range of Email Service Providers (ESPs) that handle sending, automation, and analytics.

The strength of Stripo’s integration capabilities lies in its versatility. The platform allows users to design emails that are not only visually appealing but also compatible with over 40 ESPs and marketing platforms. This compatibility ensures that regardless of the ESP a business uses, Stripo’s designs can be seamlessly integrated, maintaining design integrity and functionality.

Furthermore, Stripo offers direct integrations with popular services like WordPress, enabling users to directly embed their email designs into their content management system, enhancing content marketing efforts.

Campaigner: All-in-One Solution with Comprehensive Integrations

Campaigner positions itself as a more comprehensive email marketing solution, offering built-in features for sending emails, managing lists, automating campaigns, and analyzing results. To complement its wide array of in-house features, Campaigner provides robust integration capabilities with a variety of platforms, including CRMs, e-commerce tools, and social media platforms.

Campaigner’s integrations are designed to streamline the marketing workflow, allowing data to flow seamlessly between Campaigner and other tools. For instance, integration with e-commerce platforms can enable automated emails based on purchase behavior, while CRM integration ensures that contact lists are always up-to-date and segmented based on interactions across different channels.

These integrations are not just about data synchronization; they’re about enhancing the capabilities of Campaigner’s users to create highly targeted, personalized, and effective email marketing campaigns that are informed by a holistic view of customer interactions.

Streamlining Your Marketing Stack

When considering Stripo and Campaigner based on their integration capabilities, your choice will depend on the nature of your marketing stack and the role you envision for your email marketing tool within it. If you’re looking for a powerful design tool that offers flexibility in terms of ESP choice, with the ability to create emails that integrate seamlessly across a broad spectrum of platforms, Stripo’s design-centric approach offers significant advantages.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more integrated, all-encompassing approach where your email marketing tool is directly connected with a wide range of other marketing and sales platforms, Campaigner’s comprehensive integrations provide a streamlined solution that can centralize and enhance your marketing efforts.

Both Stripo and Campaigner offer valuable integration capabilities, but the best fit for your business will align with how you prioritize design flexibility versus integrated marketing functionalities within your overall strategy.


Choosing between Stripo and Campaigner boils down to your specific needs in email marketing. Stripo shines for those who prioritize exceptional design capabilities and flexibility, offering a wide range of templates and seamless integration with numerous Email Service Providers. It’s ideal for teams that focus on crafting visually compelling emails and rely on external platforms for sending and analytics. On the other hand, Campaigner presents a robust, all-in-one solution, perfect for businesses seeking comprehensive features from automation to analytics, all within a single platform. Its extensive integration capabilities mean you can easily connect with CRMs, e-commerce tools, and more, streamlining your marketing workflow.

\Ultimately, if design flexibility and ESP compatibility are your top priorities, Stripo is your go-to. However, if you value a holistic approach with integrated marketing functionalities, Campaigner will likely serve your needs better. Both platforms offer distinct advantages, but the right choice will seamlessly align with your marketing objectives, workflow preferences, and the complexity of your campaigns.

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