Benchmark Email vs Drip: The Best Email Marketing Tool for 2024

Revolutionize your email strategy for 2024! Benchmark Email vs Drip - A comprehensive comparison for the best email marketing tool. Discover your ideal fit today.

Welcome to our comprehensive showdown between two giants in the email marketing arena: Benchmark Email and Drip. As we dive into 2024, picking the right tool for your email marketing is more crucial than ever. In this article, we’ll dissect these platforms, feature by feature, to help you make an informed decision. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get into the nitty-gritty of what makes these tools tick.

Benchmark EmailDrip
Benchmark Email Tooldrip
G2 Score – 4.3 out of 5 stars
G2 Score – 4.4 out of 5 stars
TrustRadius Score – 6.5 out of 10TrustRadius Score –  8.4 out of 10

Automation: The Heartbeat of Modern Email Marketing

In the digital age, effective email marketing is synonymous with smart automation. Let’s explore how Benchmark Email and Drip fare in this vital aspect.

Benchmark Email: Automation Made Simple

Benchmark Email has always been about simplicity and user-friendliness, and this philosophy shines through in its automation features. It’s like having a friendly guide by your side, helping you set up automated email sequences with ease.

Imagine you’re welcoming new subscribers. With Benchmark, this isn’t just a matter of sending a generic welcome email. You can create a whole series of tailored messages triggered by the subscriber’s sign-up. The platform allows you to segment your audience based on their actions, ensuring that each subscriber receives relevant and personalized content.

But Benchmark isn’t just about ease; it’s about effectiveness too. Its automation tools let you effortlessly guide your subscribers through their journey, from the welcome stage to engagement, and finally, conversion. It’s like a well-oiled machine, doing the heavy lifting for you.

Drip: The Automation Powerhouse

Drip takes automation to a whole new level. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for email marketing – packed with features for every conceivable need. If Benchmark is the friendly guide, Drip is the master strategist in automation.

Where Drip stands out is in its ability to handle complex, multi-layered automation workflows. It’s not just about sending emails; it’s about creating a web of interactions based on a deep understanding of your subscribers’ behavior. With Drip, you can tailor your campaigns based on various data points like purchase history, browsing behavior, and engagement levels.

Drip’s automation capabilities are especially powerful for e-commerce businesses. It lets you create personalized experiences for your customers at scale, something that’s crucial in the highly competitive online shopping space.

The Verdict on Automation

Choosing between Benchmark Email and Drip for automation depends on your specific needs and expertise. If you’re looking for a tool that is straightforward, easy to use, and effective for basic to moderate automation needs, Benchmark Email is your go-to.

However, if your needs are more complex, especially if you’re in the e-commerce sector, and you require advanced automation capabilities, Drip is the superior choice. Its ability to leverage detailed subscriber data for highly personalized marketing campaigns makes it a powerhouse for targeted automation.

Email Design and Customization: Crafting Your Visual Message

A crucial part of engaging your audience is the visual and aesthetic appeal of your emails. Let’s compare how Benchmark Email and Drip enable you to design and customize your email campaigns.

Benchmark Email: Intuitive Design for Everyone

Benchmark Email focuses on making email design straightforward and accessible for all users, regardless of their technical or design background. It’s like having a friendly design assistant who helps bring your creative visions to life without any hassle.

The platform offers a diverse range of customizable templates, suitable for various industries and occasions. Whether you’re crafting a newsletter, a promotional email, or a simple announcement, you’ll likely find a template that fits your needs. The drag-and-drop editor makes customization easy, allowing you to add your branding elements, such as logos and colors, effortlessly.

One of Benchmark’s standout features is its real-time editor, which shows you exactly how your email will look as you build it. This feature ensures that what you see is what your audience gets, eliminating any guesswork from the design process.

Drip: Advanced Customization for Sophisticated Campaigns

Drip takes a slightly different approach, catering more to users who want advanced customization options for their emails. It’s like having a toolkit for creating highly sophisticated and tailored email designs.

While Drip also offers a range of templates, where it excels is in the flexibility and depth of customization. You have more control over the nitty-gritty details of your email design, which is great for brands that have specific aesthetic requirements.

Drip’s email editor supports more complex layouts and dynamic content, which is particularly useful for e-commerce brands that need to include product recommendations, personalized offers, or other data-driven content in their emails.

The Verdict on Email Design and Customization

When it comes to email design and customization, both Benchmark Email and Drip offer compelling features, but they cater to different needs. If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform with a wide range of beautiful templates and straightforward customization, Benchmark Email is your best bet.

However, if you need more control over your email designs and want to incorporate more complex, data-driven content, Drip offers the advanced capabilities required for such tasks. It’s particularly well-suited for e-commerce businesses that need to create highly personalized and dynamic email content.

List Management and Segmentation: The Key to Targeted Campaigns

Effectively managing and segmenting your email list is crucial for personalized and successful email marketing campaigns. Let’s see how Benchmark Email and Drip compare in these important aspects.

Benchmark Email: Simplifying Subscriber Management

Benchmark Email approaches list management with the aim of making it as straightforward as possible. It’s like having an organized assistant who helps you keep your contacts in perfect order. Importing and organizing your subscriber list in Benchmark is a breeze, whether they’re coming from a sign-up form, a CSV file, or a third-party service.

Segmentation in Benchmark Email is user-friendly and effective. You can create segments based on various criteria such as demographics, subscriber behavior, and engagement levels. This segmentation allows you to send more tailored and relevant content to different groups, improving the overall effectiveness of your campaigns.

Drip: Advanced Segmentation for Precision Targeting

Drip, on the other hand, offers a more sophisticated approach to list management and segmentation, ideal for those who want to delve into the minutiae of their audience’s behaviors and preferences.

Drip allows you to segment your audience based on a wide range of criteria, including their interactions with your emails, website behavior, and even e-commerce activity. This level of detail is fantastic for creating highly personalized email campaigns. Drip’s segmentation is particularly powerful for e-commerce businesses that need to target their customers with precision, based on their browsing and purchasing history.

The Verdict on List Management and Segmentation

In the realm of list management and segmentation, your choice between Benchmark Email and Drip will depend on the complexity of your needs. Benchmark Email is ideal for those who want an easy-to-use platform for managing and segmenting their email list without getting overwhelmed by too many details.

If your requirements involve more intricate segmentation, especially if you are an e-commerce business that needs to tailor campaigns based on detailed customer data, Drip is the more suitable option. Its advanced segmentation features allow for highly targeted and effective email marketing strategies.

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Automation and Workflow Capabilities

Automation is a cornerstone of efficient email marketing, enabling you to send timely and relevant messages without constant manual intervention. Let’s compare how Benchmark Email and Drip handle automation and workflow capabilities.

Benchmark Email: Streamlined and User-Friendly Automation

Benchmark Email offers an automation platform that is both intuitive and powerful. It’s like having a smart assistant who takes care of the routine tasks, allowing you to focus on more strategic aspects of your business.

With Benchmark, setting up automated email sequences is straightforward. You can create triggers based on subscriber actions, such as signing up for your list, making a purchase, or even just opening an email. The platform allows for basic yet effective drip campaigns, which are essential for nurturing leads and keeping your audience engaged.

Benchmark’s strength lies in its simplicity and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for small businesses or those new to email marketing automation.

Drip: Advanced Automation for Personalized Experiences

Drip takes automation to a more advanced level, offering sophisticated workflow capabilities. It’s akin to having a high-level strategist in your toolkit, equipping you with the tools to create deeply personalized subscriber journeys.

Drip’s automation features are particularly robust, with the ability to create complex workflows based on a variety of triggers and actions. This includes not only email interactions but also behavioral data from your website and e-commerce platform. Drip’s ability to integrate this data into your email campaigns allows for highly personalized and timely communications with your audience.

This advanced automation is especially beneficial for e-commerce businesses that require nuanced communication strategies based on customer behavior and purchase history.

The Verdict on Automation and Workflow Capabilities

In the realm of automation and workflow capabilities, both Benchmark Email and Drip offer solid options, but they cater to different needs. Benchmark Email is great for businesses looking for a simple, straightforward solution to automate their email marketing efforts. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible even to beginners.

On the other hand, if you need more complex and sophisticated automation capabilities, particularly for e-commerce, Drip is the superior choice. Its advanced features allow for the creation of highly customized and targeted email sequences, delivering a more personalized experience to your audience.

Deliverability and Reliability: Ensuring Your Emails Reach Their Destination

A critical aspect of any email marketing tool is its ability to deliver emails effectively. Let’s compare the deliverability and reliability of Benchmark Email and Drip to see which one ensures your emails reach your audience.

Benchmark Email: Consistent and Reliable Deliverability

Benchmark Email has built a strong reputation for its high deliverability rates. This means that when you send an email through Benchmark, it’s highly likely to land in your subscribers’ inboxes, not their spam folders.

What contributes to Benchmark’s strong deliverability? Firstly, it’s their robust infrastructure that maintains a good reputation with Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They actively manage their sending servers to ensure high deliverability rates. Additionally, Benchmark offers tools like spam checkers to help you optimize your emails for better inbox placement.

This focus on deliverability is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses that rely on email marketing as a key communication channel.

Drip: Advanced Deliverability with Smart Features

Drip approaches deliverability with a mix of technology and best practices. Known for its sophisticated use of data, Drip ensures that emails are not only sent but are also optimized for the best chance of landing in the inbox.

Drip provides detailed reporting on deliverability metrics, allowing you to analyze and improve your email performance over time. They use advanced authentication protocols and smart sending practices to enhance deliverability, ensuring your emails reach their intended audience effectively.

This level of attention to deliverability is especially important for businesses with complex email marketing strategies, including e-commerce platforms that require consistent and reliable email delivery.

The Verdict on Deliverability and Reliability

When it comes to deliverability and reliability, both Benchmark Email and Drip excel, but they cater to different user needs. Benchmark Email is great for businesses that want a reliable, straightforward solution with tools to assist in maintaining good deliverability. Drip, with its advanced features and in-depth deliverability analytics, is ideal for businesses that need a more sophisticated approach to deliverability, especially those with complex emailing needs like e-commerce businesses.

Pricing and Value for Money: Balancing Cost with Features

In the world of email marketing tools, finding the right balance between cost and features is crucial. Let’s delve into the pricing structures of Benchmark Email and Drip to see which offers the best value for your investment.

Benchmark EmailFree Plan: Offers basic email marketing features with a subscriber limit and Benchmark branding.
Pro Plan: Pricing starts at $13/month for 500 subscribers and includes advanced features like automation, A/B testing, and targeted emailing. The price increases based on the number of subscribers.
DripPricing is based on the number of subscribers:
Up to 2,500 subscribers: $39/month.
Up to 5,000 subscribers: $89/month.
Up to 10,000 subscribers: $154/month.
Custom pricing for more than 10,000 subscribers.
All plans include unlimited email sends, automation, segmentation, detailed reporting, third-party integrations, and SMS notifications.

Benchmark Email: Affordable and Scalable

Benchmark Email is known for its flexible pricing structure, which is designed to cater to businesses of various sizes and budgets. They offer a free plan, which is a great starting point for small businesses or individuals just getting their feet wet in email marketing. This plan includes basic features like email creation and sending, which can suffice for modest needs.

As your requirements grow, Benchmark offers scalable paid plans based on the number of subscribers. This means you pay more as your list grows, which can be a cost-effective approach for growing businesses. Their paid plans unlock more advanced features like automation, A/B testing, and detailed analytics, providing a good balance of cost and functionality.

Drip: Comprehensive Features at a Premium

Drip’s pricing is generally higher than Benchmark Email’s, but this is reflected in its more advanced features and capabilities. Unlike Benchmark, Drip doesn’t offer a free plan, which might be a consideration for smaller businesses or those just starting out.

However, for the price, Drip offers a comprehensive set of features, especially tailored for e-commerce businesses. Their plans include advanced automation, segmentation, and analytics tools that are particularly valuable for businesses looking to implement sophisticated email marketing strategies. Drip’s focus on e-commerce integration and detailed customer data utilization offers significant value for businesses in that sector.

The Verdict on Pricing and Value for Money

When it comes to pricing and value for money, your choice between Benchmark Email and Drip will depend on your specific needs and budget. If you’re looking for an affordable and scalable solution that offers a balance of essential features, Benchmark Email is a great choice. Its tiered pricing model makes it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to invest more for advanced features, especially if you’re in the e-commerce space, Drip offers comprehensive tools that justify its premium pricing. It’s well-suited for businesses that need detailed customer data analysis and sophisticated automation capabilities.


In conclusion, when deciding between Benchmark Email and Drip for your email marketing needs in 2024, consider your specific requirements and budget. Benchmark Email stands out for its user-friendly interface, affordability, and scalable plans, making it ideal for small to medium-sized businesses or those just starting out in email marketing. Its straightforward approach and essential features provide a solid foundation for effective email campaigns.

Drip, on the other hand, offers a more advanced suite of features, particularly suited for e-commerce businesses. Its focus on sophisticated automation, detailed segmentation, and in-depth analytics make it a powerful tool for businesses seeking to leverage complex email marketing strategies. While Drip comes at a higher cost, its comprehensive capabilities offer significant value, especially for businesses that require a high degree of customization and data-driven marketing. Ultimately, your choice will depend on the complexity of your email marketing needs, the size of your business, and the depth of functionality you require. Both platforms offer robust solutions, but cater to different audiences and needs in the email marketing landscape.

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