Later vs Sked Social: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

Discover the key differences between Later and Sked Social in our comprehensive review to find the top social media scheduling tool for you.

Choosing the right social media management tool is akin to selecting a trusted navigator for your digital journey. With the vast sea of options available, pinpointing the perfect compass—whether Later or Sked Social—requires a closer look beneath the surface. Both platforms promise to steer your social media strategy towards engagement and growth, but which one truly maps out the best course for your needs? Let’s embark on this exploration.

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Ease of Use and User Experience (UX)

In the bustling world of social media, where trends shift as swiftly as the tides, the usability of a management tool can greatly influence your ability to sail smoothly and connect with your audience. Here’s how Later and Sked Social measure up in offering a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Later: Navigating with Visual Precision

Later prides itself on a clean, intuitive interface that’s particularly appealing to visual storytellers. Designed with Instagram power users in mind, its drag-and-drop calendar view allows for easy planning and visualizing of your social media feed. This visual approach is invaluable for brands and creators focused on crafting a cohesive aesthetic across platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Later’s strength lies in its simplicity, making it accessible to social media sailors of all skill levels. The platform’s emphasis on visual content scheduling, alongside features like hashtag suggestions and the ability to preview posts, ensures that your visual strategy is not just planned, but also picturesque.

Sked Social: Mastering the Instagram Waves

Sked Social (formerly Schedugram) charts a course specifically tailored for Instagram, offering features that cater to the platform’s unique needs, such as story scheduling, hashtag management, and a visual planner. Its interface is designed to handle the intricacies of Instagram marketing, providing tools for direct posting, story updates, and even carousel posts.

While Sked Social has expanded to include other platforms, its heart remains with Instagram, offering a suite of tools that delve deep into the platform’s potential. This focus makes Sked Social a strong contender for brands and influencers whose primary marketing efforts are concentrated on Instagram.

Content Management and Scheduling

Efficient content management and scheduling ensure that your social media content reaches your audience at the optimal times, maximizing engagement and maintaining a consistent online presence. Here’s how Later and Sked Social stack up in this essential area.

Later: Streamlining Your Social Media Voyage

Later’s approach to content management and scheduling is centered around its visual calendar, allowing users to easily drag and drop posts into place. This not only aids in planning a visually cohesive social media feed but also simplifies the scheduling process. Later supports scheduling for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, making it a versatile tool for managing multiple platforms from a single dashboard.

A standout feature of Later is its ability to auto-publish to Instagram, saving users time and ensuring posts go live at the predetermined times without manual intervention. The platform also offers, a feature that turns your Instagram feed into a clickable, shoppable site, further enhancing your content’s reach and engagement.

Sked Social: Tailored Tactics for Instagram Mastery

Sked Social, with its deep focus on Instagram, provides a suite of features tailored to the platform’s unique content types, including posts, stories, and carousels. The tool allows for direct posting to Instagram, including automatic publishing of stories and carousels, features that are indispensable for marketers and creators focused on this visual platform.

Sked Social also extends its scheduling capabilities to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, offering a unified dashboard for managing multiple social media channels. However, its core strength lies in its Instagram-focused features, such as the visual planner and hashtag management, which empower users to craft and execute a compelling Instagram strategy with precision.

Analytics and Reporting

The ability to analyze performance and generate reports is crucial for refining your social media strategy over time. Both Later and Sked Social offer analytics, but they cater to different types of sailors in the social media sea.

Later: Visual Analytics for Strategic Insights

Later focuses on providing analytics that are as visually appealing as they are informative. It offers insights into post-performance, audience behavior, and engagement trends, with a particular emphasis on visual content platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Later’s analytics allow you to track your growth, understand which types of content resonate with your audience, and determine the best times to post to maximize engagement.

One of Later’s standout analytics features is the ability to measure the performance of individual posts and stories on Instagram, including detailed engagement metrics and the effectiveness of your hashtags. This level of detail is invaluable for brands and creators for whom Instagram is a primary focus.

Sked Social: Comprehensive Reporting for In-Depth Analysis

Sked Social takes a more granular approach to analytics, offering detailed reports that cover a wide range of metrics across multiple platforms. Its strength lies in providing in-depth insights that not only track post-performance but also offer a broader analysis of your overall social media strategy. Sked Social’s analytics include competitor analysis and customizable reporting, features that are particularly useful for businesses looking to understand their position within the competitive landscape.

Sked Social also emphasizes the importance of actionable insights, offering recommendations based on your analytics to help refine your content strategy and improve engagement across all your social media channels.

Integration and Compatibility

The ability to integrate with other digital tools and services can transform a social media management platform from a solitary application to a central hub of your marketing strategy. Let’s compare the integration capabilities of Later and Sked Social.

Later: Streamlining Visual Content Creation

Later places a strong emphasis on integrating with platforms and tools that support its visually oriented approach. Key integrations include. Content Creation Tools that Later integrates with Canva, allowing users to create eye-catching graphics directly within the platform, streamlining the content creation process. Stock Photo Services is integration with stock photo services like Unsplash provides users with easy access to high-quality images, enhancing the visual appeal of their social media content.

E-commerce Platforms is for businesses, Later’s integration with Shopify enables direct linking from Instagram posts to products, facilitating a smoother path from social engagement to purchase. These integrations are particularly beneficial for brands and creators focusing on visual storytelling across platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where compelling imagery drives engagement.

Sked Social: A Hub for Social Media Efficiency

Sked Social understands the importance of a well-integrated tech stack and offers a range of integrations designed to optimize social media management across platforms. Its integrations include. Analytics Platforms is connecting with Google Analytics allows Sked Social users to track the effectiveness of their social media traffic in driving website visits and conversions. Content Libraries does integration with cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive enables teams to access and share content assets easily, streamlining the collaboration process.

Social Platforms gives direct integration with major social media platforms ensures that scheduling and posting are seamless, supporting a comprehensive social media strategy that spans across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Sked Social’s integrations are aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, making it a strong option for businesses and agencies managing a multi-platform presence and requiring a high degree of collaboration.

Customer Support and Educational Resources

Understanding the level of support and learning opportunities provided by a social media management tool is crucial, as these aspects significantly enhance user experience and platform utility.

Later: Empowering Users With Knowledge

Later prides itself on offering extensive support through a comprehensive knowledge base, email support, and detailed guides. While it may lack instant support channels like live chat, the depth and breadth of resources available ensure users can find answers to their questions with ease. Later excels in educational content, providing users with an array of learning materials, including blogs, how-to guides, and webinars. These resources are designed to not only help users maximize their use of Later but also to keep them informed about the latest trends and best practices in social media marketing.

Sked Social: Focused Support for Strategic Growth

Sked Social offers a robust support system that includes email, live chat, and a detailed FAQ section. Its approach to customer service is geared towards providing timely and effective solutions, ensuring users can navigate the platform’s features with confidence. Sked Social provides its users with valuable educational content aimed at enhancing their social media strategy. This includes in-depth articles, case studies, and tutorials that cover a wide range of topics from basic functionality to advanced marketing techniques.

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Pricing and Scalability

The cost of a social media management tool and its scalability are significant factors that influence decision-making, especially for businesses planning for growth.

LaterFree Plan: Later offers a free plan that includes 1 social set (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), 30 posts per social profile, and 1 user.
Starter Plan: Starting at $15 per month, offering 1 social set, 60 posts per social profile, and 1 user, along with basic analytics.
Growth Plan: Starting at $25 per month, with 1 social set, 150 posts per social profile, and 3 users, including more advanced analytics and features.
Advanced Plan: Starting at $40 per month, this plan includes 1 social set, unlimited posts, and 6 users, with the most advanced analytics and features.
Sked SocialFundamentals Plan: Starting at $25 per month, for basic scheduling and analytics for a small number of accounts.
Essentials Plan: Starting at $75 per month, offering more accounts and features like user tagging and location tagging. Professional Plan: Starting at $135 per month, for agencies and larger teams, with additional collaboration tools and support.

Later: Flexible Pricing for Varied Needs

Later offers a tiered pricing model, starting with a free plan suitable for basic needs and scaling up to premium options that cater to more advanced requirements. Each plan is designed to accommodate the growing needs of businesses, with clear distinctions in features, the number of posts, and social profiles available. With its scalable plans, Later is an attractive option for small businesses and individual creators who anticipate growth. The platform makes it easy to upgrade as your social media strategy expands, ensuring you always have the tools needed to engage your audience effectively.

Sked Social: Tailored Solutions for Comprehensive Management

Sked Social also adopts a tiered pricing approach but places a significant emphasis on providing solutions that cater to the comprehensive management needs of businesses and agencies. Its plans are structured to support a wide range of functionalities, from basic scheduling to intricate analytics and reporting. Sked Social’s focus on offering a robust set of features across its plans makes it a viable option for businesses looking for a platform that can support a complex, multi-platform social media strategy from the outset. Its capabilities are particularly suited to medium and large businesses or agencies that manage social media for multiple clients.


The decision between Later and Sked Social boils down to your specific needs and strategic focus. If your path relies on captivating visual content and direct consumer engagement, Later’s visual-first approach and e-commerce integrations may offer the smoothest journey. Alternatively, if you navigate a broader digital marketing strategy requiring in-depth analytics and extensive integrations, Sked Social’s comprehensive features provide the command and control needed for success.

As the digital landscape evolves, so do the tools we use to explore it. Whether charting a course with Later or navigating the vast seas with Sked Social, the key to successful social media management lies in choosing a platform that aligns with your strategic vision and adapts to the changing tides of digital marketing.

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