Friends+Me vs Kontentino: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

Compare Friends+Me and Kontentino to see which social media solution best supports your marketing goals with superior features

In the digital age, having a solid social media presence is not just an option; it’s a necessity. But with so many platforms to juggle and endless content to share, keeping up can feel like running a never-ending marathon. That’s where social media management tools like Friends+Me and Kontentino come into play, promising to make your digital life a breeze. But which one is the right fit for you? Let’s dive into a detailed comparison to help you decide.

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User Interface and Ease of Use: The Gateway to Efficiency

The Importance of a User-Friendly Interface

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to software. A cluttered or confusing interface can turn what should be a simple task into a frustrating puzzle. Both Friends+Me and Kontentino claim to offer intuitive designs, but how do they really stack up?

Friends+Me: Simplifying Social Media Management

Friends+Me focuses on a clean and straightforward approach. Its dashboard is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for users to navigate through various features without feeling overwhelmed. Whether you’re scheduling posts, looking at analytics, or managing multiple accounts, everything feels intuitive. This simplicity is perfect for small businesses or individuals who may not have a dedicated social media team but still want to maintain a strong online presence.

One of the standout features of Friends+Me is its quick setup process. You can get your accounts linked and start scheduling posts within minutes. The platform also provides clear, step-by-step guides for users who may be less familiar with social media tools, ensuring that anyone can become proficient with minimal effort.

Kontentino: Streamlining Collaboration and Creativity

Kontentino, on the other hand, offers a bit more complexity, but for a good reason. It’s built to facilitate collaboration within teams and streamline the content approval process. The interface is slightly more sophisticated, reflecting its robust set of features designed for medium to large businesses or agencies that manage multiple clients.

Despite its advanced capabilities, Kontentino remains accessible. The platform is organized in a way that allows team members to easily submit content, comment on posts, and give approvals. Its calendar view is particularly noteworthy, offering a visual overview of your content strategy across all platforms, making it easier to spot gaps and ensure consistency.

Kontentino also integrates features like task assignments and approval workflows directly into its interface. This means you can manage the entire content lifecycle—from idea generation to publishing—all in one place. For teams that rely heavily on collaboration, these features can save a significant amount of time and reduce the need for back-and-forth emails.

Scheduling and Automation: Mastering the Art of Timing

The Backbone of Social Media Strategy

In the realm of social media, timing is everything. Posting when your audience is most engaged can mean the difference between a viral hit and a missed opportunity. Both Friends+Me and Kontentino offer scheduling and automation features, but they cater to these needs with different approaches and functionalities.

Friends+Me: Efficiency Through Automation

Friends+Me excels in making the scheduling process as efficient as possible. It allows users to schedule posts across multiple platforms with just a few clicks. The platform’s automation features are designed to save time, enabling users to focus on content creation rather than the logistics of posting.

One of the key features of Friends+Me is its ‘Auto-Publish’ option, which automatically sends your posts live at the times you’ve determined are best for engagement. This feature is incredibly useful for individuals or small businesses that might not have the resources to constantly monitor their social media channels.

Additionally, Friends+Me offers the ability to recycle evergreen content automatically. This ensures that your most valuable posts continue to reach new audiences without requiring you to manually reschedule them. For content creators who produce timeless content, this feature can significantly enhance the lifespan and reach of their posts.

Kontentino: Precision and Collaboration in Scheduling

Kontentino takes a slightly different approach to scheduling, emphasizing precision and team collaboration. The platform allows for detailed scheduling, including the ability to set specific times for posts to go live, customized for each social media channel. This granular control is particularly valuable for teams that need to coordinate posts across different time zones or tailor their posting schedule to various audience segments.

A standout feature of Kontentino is its interactive calendar, which not only displays scheduled posts but also facilitates easy drag-and-drop rescheduling. This visual approach to scheduling makes it easy for teams to adjust their content strategy on the fly, ensuring that their social media channels remain dynamic and responsive to real-time events or trends.

Moreover, Kontentino supports the scheduling of Instagram stories and posts that require specific formatting, such as carousel posts. This level of detail extends to the platform’s collaboration tools, where team members can discuss, review, and approve content directly within the calendar view. This integrated workflow streamlines the scheduling process, ensuring that every piece of content is optimized for engagement before it goes live.

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Analytics and Reporting: Unlocking Insights for Strategic Growth

The Role of Data in Social Media Success

In today’s data-driven world, the ability to analyze the performance of your social media content is invaluable. It allows you to understand what resonates with your audience, identify trends, and make informed decisions to refine your strategy. Both Friends+Me and Kontentino provide analytics features, but they cater to these needs in uniquely effective ways.

Friends+Me: Simplified Insights for Quick Adjustments

Friends+Me offers a straightforward approach to analytics, providing users with essential metrics such as engagement rates, reach, and interactions. This simplicity is ideal for individuals or small teams who need a quick overview of their social media performance without getting overwhelmed by too much data.

The platform’s reporting features are designed to give you a snapshot of how your content is performing across different social networks. This can help you quickly identify which types of posts are generating the most engagement, what time your audience is most active, and which platforms are driving the best results. Friends+Me’s analytics are about providing actionable insights without requiring a deep dive into complex data analysis.

Kontentino: Comprehensive Analytics for In-Depth Strategy

Kontentino, on the other hand, offers more comprehensive analytics and reporting features, tailored for businesses and agencies that need to dive deeper into their social media performance. The platform provides detailed metrics on post performance, audience demographics, engagement trends, and more.

One of the standout features of Kontentino’s analytics is the ability to create custom reports. This flexibility allows you to tailor your reporting to specific metrics that matter most to your business or your clients. Whether you’re interested in tracking the ROI of your social media campaigns, understanding the growth of your follower base, or analyzing the effectiveness of different content types, Kontentino’s analytics give you the tools to do so.

Moreover, Kontentino enhances the reporting process by including visualizations such as graphs and charts, making it easier to interpret data and share insights with team members or clients. The platform also allows for periodic reporting, enabling you to set up automated reports that can be delivered weekly or monthly, providing regular insights into your social media performance.

Content Curation and Collaboration: Enhancing Creativity and Efficiency

Crafting a Cohesive Social Media Presence

The ability to curate content that resonates with your audience and collaborate efficiently on content creation and approval can set your social media strategy apart. Both Friends+Me and Kontentino offer features to address these needs, but they do so with different focuses and strengths.

Friends+Me: Streamlined Sharing and Efficiency

Friends+Me emphasizes efficiency in content curation by making it easy to share and repurpose content across different platforms. This approach is particularly beneficial for individuals or small businesses looking to maintain an active social media presence without dedicating excessive time to content creation.

The platform allows for quick sharing of blog posts, articles, and other web content directly to your social media channels, helping to keep your feeds lively and informative. While Friends+Me may not have as many advanced curation features as some other platforms, its simplicity and focus on cross-platform sharing make it a solid choice for those who want to streamline their social media processes.

In terms of collaboration, Friends+Me offers basic functionalities that enable small teams to work together on social media posts. You can assign roles and permissions to team members, ensuring that everyone has the appropriate level of access to the platform. This can facilitate a smoother content approval process, although the features are somewhat limited compared to more comprehensive social media management tools.

Kontentino: Creative Collaboration and Rich Content Curation

Kontentino stands out for its robust content curation and collaboration features, designed to cater to the needs of larger teams and agencies managing multiple clients or campaigns. The platform offers an intuitive workspace that encourages creative collaboration among team members, from brainstorming content ideas to reviewing and approving posts.

One of the key strengths of Kontentino is its built-in content calendar, which provides a visual overview of your planned content across all channels. This feature not only helps with scheduling but also makes it easier to curate a diverse and engaging mix of content. Team members can suggest posts, comment on ideas, and provide feedback directly within the calendar, streamlining the content creation process.

Additionally, Kontentino offers advanced collaboration tools, such as task assignments, approval workflows, and client feedback mechanisms. These features allow for seamless communication and coordination among team members, clients, and stakeholders, ensuring that every piece of content is optimized before publication.

Integration Capabilities: Expanding Your Digital Toolbox

The Value of Seamless Integration

In our interconnected digital ecosystem, the power of a social media management tool is not just in its standalone features but also in how well it plays with other tools and platforms. Integration capabilities can range from connecting with social media platforms to syncing with content management systems, analytics tools, and more. Let’s see how Friends+Me and Kontentino stack up in this domain.

Friends+Me: Focused Connectivity for Streamlined Workflows

Friends+Me has built its reputation on providing a straightforward and effective way to manage and amplify your social media efforts. Its integration capabilities reflect this focus, offering seamless connections with major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest. This allows users to easily distribute content across their networks from a single dashboard.

Additionally, Friends+Me offers integration with Google’s suite of products, which is particularly beneficial for users heavily invested in Google’s ecosystem for their business operations. This includes direct posting capabilities to Google My Business, which can be a boon for local SEO and online visibility.

While Friends+Me may not boast an extensive list of integrations with third-party apps and services, its strength lies in its ability to simplify social media management across the platforms it does support. For users looking for a tool that covers the basics with minimal complexity, Friends+Me’s approach to integration offers just what’s needed to efficiently manage a multi-platform social media strategy.

Kontentino: Comprehensive Integration for Enhanced Functionality

Kontentino aims to be a more comprehensive solution, especially suited for teams and agencies that require a broader set of tools and functionalities. Its integration capabilities reflect this ambition, offering connections not just with social media platforms but also with a variety of third-party apps and services that enhance its utility.

Key integrations include content creation tools, stock photo libraries, and advanced analytics platforms. This allows users to streamline their content creation process, access a wealth of visual assets directly from the platform, and dive deeper into the performance analytics of their social media campaigns.

Moreover, Kontentino integrates with workflow and project management tools, making it easier for teams to collaborate on social media projects within their existing operational frameworks. These integrations are particularly valuable for agencies or businesses that manage a high volume of content and need to keep their teams aligned and efficient.


Friends+MeFree Plan: Limited features, allowing you to manage a small number of posts and queues.
Individual Plan: Starting at $7.50 per month (when billed annually), with more queues and posts per queue.
Small Business Plan: Starting at $29 per month (when billed annually), offering more accounts and queues.
Medium Business Plan: Starting at $59 per month (when billed annually), further increasing account and queue limits.
Large Business Plan: Starting at $215 per month (when billed annually), for extensive account and queue capabilities.
KontentinoStarter Plan: Starting at approximately €9 per month for 1 user, ideal for freelancers.
XS Agency Plan: Around €49 per month, designed for small teams.
Small Agency Plan: Typically €79 per month, offering more user slots and brand slots.
Medium Agency Plan: Priced at around €131 per month, scaling up the capacity for larger team collaborations.
Custom Plans: Available for larger agencies or businesses needing tailored solutions.


Friends+Me emerges as a strong contender for individuals, small businesses, or those who prioritize a streamlined approach to managing their social media presence across multiple platforms. Its focus on essential functionalities, ease of use, and effective scheduling and automation features make it an excellent choice for users seeking to maintain an active and consistent social media presence without the need for extensive collaboration tools or third-party integrations.

On the other hand, Kontentino is ideally suited for larger teams, agencies, or businesses that require a comprehensive suite of features to facilitate detailed planning, collaboration, and reporting. With its advanced content curation, collaboration capabilities, and extensive integration options, Kontentino stands out as a powerful tool for those looking to optimize their social media operations and engage in more sophisticated digital marketing efforts.

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