GetResponse vs eSputnik: The Best Email Marketing Tool for 2024

Find out if GetResponse or eSputnik reigns supreme in 2024. Our review covers features, ease of use, and ROI for the best email marketing choice.

Hey there, fellow marketers! As we leap into 2024, the big question on everyone’s mind is: Which email marketing tool will take your campaigns to the next level? Today, we’re diving deep into a head-to-head comparison of two major players in the email marketing world: GetResponse and eSputnik.

In short: GetResponse offers strong automation with reasonable pricing and great UI.

eSputnik is for those who want to deliver over and above – a great tool for advanced email marketers.

Whether you’re a small business owner, a growing startup, or a seasoned marketer, this detailed analysis will guide you to make the best choice for your email marketing needs.

G2 Score – 4.2 out of 5 stars
G2 Score –  4.7 out of 5 stars
TrustRadius Score -8.0 out of 10TrustRadius Score –  Nil

User Interface and Ease of Use: The First Impression

Let’s kick things off with a look at how user-friendly these tools are. Because let’s face it, no matter how powerful a tool is, if it’s a headache to use, it’s not doing you any favors.

GetResponse: Simplicity at Its Finest

Right out of the gate, GetResponse impresses with its clean, intuitive interface. Think of it as the friendly neighbor who’s always there to lend a hand. Navigating through its dashboard is a breeze, making it a perfect match for those of you just getting your feet wet in the world of email marketing.

The beauty of GetResponse lies in its straightforward approach. Setting up an email campaign? It’s as simple as pie. The platform offers a drag-and-drop email builder, letting you whip up attractive emails without needing to be a design whiz. Plus, with handy templates and a plethora of customization options, you’re all set to create emails that resonate with your brand and engage your audience.

eSputnik: For the Tech-Savvy Marketer

Now, let’s switch gears to eSputnik. Here’s a platform that’s like the Swiss Army knife for email marketing. It’s packed with features that cater to those who love to tinker around and squeeze every bit of functionality out of their tools.

eSputnik’s interface is robust, offering a myriad of options and settings to fine-tune your campaigns. It’s the kind of platform that makes data-driven marketers and tech enthusiasts feel right at home. However, this complexity might be a bit daunting for beginners or small businesses that prefer a more plug-and-play solution.

The Verdict on User Interface and Ease of Use

In this round, it’s all about what suits your style and needs. If you’re after a tool that’s easy to use and gets you up and running quickly, GetResponse is your go-to buddy. But if you’re all about delving into the nitty-gritty of email marketing with advanced features at your fingertips, eSputnik will be your playground.

Email Automation: Crafting Personalized Journeys

Moving on, let’s talk about a feature that can be a game-changer for your email marketing strategy: Automation. This is where you get to set up emails that respond to your subscribers’ actions, making each interaction feel personal and timely.

GetResponse: Automation Made Easy

GetResponse shines in the realm of automation with its user-friendly yet powerful automation workflows. Imagine being able to set up a series of emails that respond to how your subscribers interact with your previous messages. That’s GetResponse for you – it’s like having a smart assistant who knows exactly when to send a follow-up email or a gentle reminder.

Their automation is not just about sending emails; it’s about creating a journey for your subscribers. From welcoming a new subscriber to re-engaging those who haven’t opened your emails in a while, GetResponse makes it all a walk in the park. The best part? You don’t need to be a tech guru to set this up. It’s all drag-and-drop, with clear instructions and a straightforward interface.

eSputnik: Advanced Automation for the Data-Driven

eSputnik, on the other hand, takes automation to a whole new level. This platform is for those who want to dive deep into the intricacies of email marketing. With eSputnik, you can create highly sophisticated automation sequences that are informed by detailed subscriber data and behavior.

This level of automation allows for extremely targeted and personalized email campaigns. Imagine sending an email tailored to each subscriber’s interests, browsing history, or even purchase behavior. That’s the kind of precision eSputnik offers. However, this advanced functionality comes with a complexity that might require a bit more time and effort to master.

Comparing the Automation Features

In the automation arena, it boils down to your requirements and expertise. GetResponse offers an automation solution that’s easy to use and effective for most marketing needs. It’s ideal for those who want to benefit from automation without delving too deep into complex configurations.

eSputnik, with its advanced automation capabilities, is best suited for marketers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty with data and complex workflows. It’s a powerful tool for those who need a high degree of customization in their email marketing automation.

Deliverability: Ensuring Your Emails Reach Their Destination

A crucial aspect of any email marketing tool is its ability to reliably deliver emails to your audience’s inbox. After all, what good is a well-crafted email if it ends up in the spam folder?

GetResponse: High Deliverability with a User-Friendly Twist

GetResponse has built a reputation for maintaining high deliverability rates. They understand that reaching the inbox is the first critical step in successful email marketing. GetResponse achieves this through its strong relationships with major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and adherence to best email practices.

What makes GetResponse stand out in the deliverability department is its user-friendly approach to managing this complex issue. They provide clear guidelines and tools to help you maintain a good sender reputation. Features like spam score checking and design testing ensure that your emails are optimized for the best chances of landing in the inbox.

eSputnik: Precision and Power in Email Deliverability

eSputnik approaches email deliverability with a blend of precision and technological prowess. They offer advanced features that go beyond just hitting the inbox; they focus on optimizing the timing and relevance of each email sent.

Their system uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze subscriber behavior and preferences, adjusting the timing and content of emails for maximum engagement. This level of precision ensures not only that your emails reach the inbox but also that they do so when your subscribers are most likely to engage with them.

Weighing Up Deliverability Features

In terms of deliverability, both GetResponse and eSputnik offer robust solutions, but they cater to different needs. GetResponse provides a more user-friendly approach, making it easier for marketers to ensure their emails reach their audience without needing deep technical knowledge.

eSputnik, with its advanced deliverability features, is ideal for marketers who want a higher level of control and precision in ensuring their emails not only reach the inbox but also perform optimally.

Integration Capabilities: Enhancing Your Marketing Ecosystem

In today’s digital marketing landscape, the ability to integrate with other tools and platforms can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Let’s see how GetResponse and eSputnik stack up in this arena.

GetResponse: Broad and Accessible Integration Options

GetResponse understands the importance of integrating with a variety of other digital marketing tools. Whether you’re looking to connect your email campaigns with your CRM, e-commerce platform, or social media accounts, GetResponse has you covered.

Their integrations are designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those with limited technical expertise can seamlessly connect their email marketing efforts with other key tools. This capability is particularly advantageous for small to medium-sized businesses looking to create a cohesive digital marketing strategy without the need for specialized IT support.

eSputnik: Deep and Customized Integrations

eSputnik goes a step further by offering deep and highly customizable integrations. This is particularly beneficial for larger organizations or those with more complex marketing tech stacks.

With eSputnik, you can expect a level of integration that allows for detailed data sharing and utilization across platforms. This means being able to leverage customer data from your CRM or e-commerce platform to create highly personalized and targeted email campaigns, leading to better engagement and conversion rates.

Integration Comparison: Simplicity vs. Depth

When it comes to integration capabilities, the choice between GetResponse and eSputnik depends on your specific needs. GetResponse offers a broad range of accessible integrations suitable for most businesses, while eSputnik provides deeper, more customized integration options that can be leveraged by larger organizations or those with specific integration needs.

Analytics and Reporting: Measuring and Understanding Success

The ability to analyze and understand the performance of your email campaigns is vital to continually improve your marketing efforts.

GetResponse: Clear and Actionable Analytics

GetResponse offers a comprehensive analytics suite that is both detailed and easy to understand. With their tools, you can track open rates, click-through rates, and conversions, and even see how your emails are performing on different devices.

This level of insight is coupled with an intuitive presentation, making it easy for users to interpret the data and make informed decisions about their email marketing strategies. This accessibility makes GetResponse an attractive option for businesses that need straightforward yet powerful analytics.

eSputnik: Advanced Analytical Tools for Data-Driven Marketers

eSputnik shines in its ability to provide advanced analytical tools that cater to data-driven marketers. Their platform offers detailed insights into subscriber behavior, allowing users to segment their audience based on a wide range of criteria and tailor their campaigns accordingly.

With eSputnik, you can delve into the nuances of your campaigns, uncovering patterns and trends that can inform more sophisticated marketing strategies. This level of detail is invaluable for larger businesses or those with a strong focus on data-driven decision-making.

Analytics and Reporting: Simplicity vs. Comprehensive Insight

In summary, both GetResponse and eSputnik offer powerful analytics and reporting capabilities, but they cater to different user preferences. GetResponse is ideal for those who need clear, actionable insights without overwhelming detail, while eSputnik is better suited for users who require in-depth analytical capabilities to drive complex marketing strategies.

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Pricing Structures: Understanding Costs and Value

When it comes to choosing the right email marketing tool, pricing is a significant consideration. It’s not just about the lowest price; it’s about finding the right balance of features, usability, and cost. Let’s dive into how GetResponse and eSputnik approach their pricing models.

GetResponseBasic Plan: Starting from $15/month for email marketing, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, and basic segmentation.
Plus Plan: Starting at $49/month, including automation, webinars (up to 100 participants), and contact scoring.
Professional Plan: Starting at $99/month, offering advanced automation, webinars (up to 300 participants), and paid webinars.
Max Plan: Custom pricing, providing advanced features like transactional emails, dedicated support, and single sign-on (SSO).
eSputnikeSputnik operates on a pay-as-you-go model, where you pay for the number of emails sent.
Email Marketing: Charges per email sent, starting at around $1.5 per 1,000 emails.
SMS Marketing: Charges per SMS sent, with prices varying based on the country.
Viber Messaging: Also offers Viber messaging services, with prices depending on the volume.
The platform also provides advanced features like automation, segmentation, and personalization, with prices varying based on usage.

GetResponse: Transparent and Scalable Pricing

GetResponse offers a clear and transparent pricing structure, making it easy for businesses to understand what they’re getting for their investment. Their pricing is based on the size of your email list, scaling as your business grows. This model is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized businesses that are looking to scale their operations over time.

The platform offers several tiers, starting with a basic plan that covers essential email marketing features. As you move up the tiers, you gain access to more advanced features like automation, segmentation, and analytics. What’s great about GetResponse’s pricing is that it remains competitive and affordable, providing a good balance of features and cost.

eSputnik: Custom Pricing for Advanced Needs

eSputnik, catering to a more advanced user base, tends to have a pricing model that reflects its sophisticated feature set. Unlike GetResponse’s list-based pricing, eSputnik often customizes its pricing based on the specific needs and usage patterns of its clients.

This tailored pricing approach is advantageous for larger businesses or those with specific, complex requirements. It ensures that you’re not paying for features or capabilities that you don’t need, while still having access to the advanced tools that eSputnik offers. However, this custom pricing can be a bit opaque, and businesses might need to contact eSputnik directly to get a clear sense of the costs involved.

Comparing the Pricing Models: Flexibility vs. Customization

In comparing the pricing models of GetResponse and eSputnik, the key differences lie in transparency and customization. GetResponse offers a straightforward, scalable pricing structure that’s easy to understand and plan for. It’s ideal for businesses that want clear, predictable costs.

eSputnik, on the other hand, offers a more customized approach to pricing. While this can be more opaque, it provides the flexibility for businesses with complex needs to get a package that’s tailored specifically for them. This approach is more suited to larger businesses or those with specific requirements that standard pricing tiers may not cover.

Campaign Creation and Management: Streamlining Your Email Marketing

The core of any email marketing tool is its ability to create and manage campaigns efficiently. Let’s delve into how GetResponse and eSputnik handle campaign creation and management.

GetResponse: User-Friendly Campaign Creation

GetResponse has designed its campaign creation process to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. The platform offers a range of templates that cater to various needs and industries, making it easy to create professional-looking emails quickly. The drag-and-drop editor is a highlight, allowing users to customize templates or build their emails from scratch without needing extensive design skills.

In terms of campaign management, GetResponse provides a straightforward dashboard where you can track the performance of your campaigns, manage your email lists, and segment your audience. The platform also offers features like A/B testing, allowing you to test different elements of your emails to see what resonates best with your audience.

eSputnik: Advanced Campaign Creation for Sophisticated Marketers

eSputnik steps up the game in campaign creation by offering advanced features that cater to more sophisticated marketing strategies. While it also provides templates and a visual editor, the platform shines in its ability to handle complex, multi-step campaigns.

With eSputnik, you have the capability to create highly personalized emails based on detailed subscriber data. The platform also supports dynamic content, meaning you can tailor the content of your emails based on subscriber behavior or preferences. For managing campaigns, eSputnik offers detailed segmentation options and behavioral triggers that can automatically adjust your campaign based on how subscribers interact with your emails.

Campaign Creation and Management: Ease of Use vs. Advanced Functionality

In comparing GetResponse and eSputnik in terms of campaign creation and management, the main difference lies in the level of sophistication. GetResponse offers an easy-to-use, straightforward approach that’s great for businesses that want to create effective campaigns without needing a deep dive into complex features.

eSputnik, conversely, is tailored for marketers who require advanced capabilities in personalization, segmentation, and automated behavioral triggers. It’s ideal for larger businesses or agencies that are looking to craft highly sophisticated email marketing strategies.

Customer Engagement and Interaction: Building Stronger Relationships

Engaging with customers and fostering interactions through email marketing is key to building lasting relationships. Let’s explore how these tools support customer engagement.

GetResponse: Engaging Customers with Simplicity

GetResponse facilitates customer engagement through features like autoresponders, which allow you to send timely and relevant communications. You can set up welcome emails, anniversary greetings, or follow-up messages based on customer actions.

Additionally, GetResponse supports basic interaction features like surveys and polls, enabling you to gather feedback directly through your email campaigns. This not only helps in understanding your audience better but also in making them feel heard and valued.

eSputnik: Deepening Interactions with Advanced Features

eSputnik goes a step further in fostering customer interactions. Along with autoresponders, the platform offers advanced personalization features that can tailor emails based on individual customer behaviors and preferences.

The platform also supports interactive elements in emails, like carousel images or embedded videos, which can significantly boost engagement. With eSputnik, you have the tools to create emails that are not just informative but also interactive and engaging, leading to stronger customer relationships.

Customer Engagement and Interaction: Simple Tools vs. Advanced Tactics

In the realm of customer engagement and interaction, GetResponse offers the tools necessary for straightforward, effective communication. It’s well-suited for businesses that want to maintain regular, meaningful contact with their customers without overcomplicating their email strategies.

eSputnik, with its advanced personalization and interactive features, is ideal for businesses that want to push the envelope in email engagement. It allows for creating highly dynamic and interactive email experiences that can lead to deeper customer connections.


In wrapping up our deep dive into GetResponse and eSputnik, it’s clear that both platforms offer distinct strengths suited to different types of marketers. GetResponse stands out for its user-friendliness, offering an intuitive interface and straightforward tools that make email marketing accessible, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. Its focus on ease of use, combined with effective automation and reasonable pricing, makes it a strong contender for those looking to streamline their email marketing efforts.

eSputnik, on the other hand, caters to a more advanced user base with its comprehensive suite of features. It excels in offering sophisticated campaign creation tools, advanced segmentation, and personalization options, making it ideal for larger businesses or specialized marketing teams who demand a deeper level of customization and control. Ultimately, the choice between GetResponse and eSputnik hinges on your specific email marketing needs, technical proficiency, and the scale of your marketing endeavors. Both platforms have their unique merits and can significantly bolster your email marketing campaigns, depending on your individual goals and preferences.

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