Bitrix24 vs LogicalDOC: The Best Document Management Tool for You

Evaluate Bitrix24 against LogicalDOC for their document organization, management, and collaboration tools in enterprise settings

Choosing the right document management system is essential for streamlining workflows and boosting productivity in any business. Today, we’re comparing Bitrix24 and LogicalDOC, two leading solutions in document management, to help you decide which one might be the best fit for your specific needs.

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Document Storage and Organization Capabilities


Bitrix24 serves not just as a document management system but as a comprehensive collaboration platform that integrates multiple business functions into a single solution. When it comes to document storage and organization, Bitrix24 offers a robust set of features designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes. The system allows users to store documents in a cloud-based repository, making files accessible from anywhere, at any time. This is particularly beneficial for teams that operate remotely or have multiple office locations.

The platform supports the creation of folders and subfolders, enabling users to organize documents systematically according to project, department, or any other categorization that suits their operations. Bitrix24 also includes advanced search capabilities, allowing users to quickly locate documents based on keywords, tags, or even content within the documents. This can significantly reduce the time spent searching for files, enhancing overall productivity.

In addition, Bitrix24 offers version control, which is crucial for businesses that need to keep track of document revisions. Each time a document is edited and saved, a new version is created automatically. This feature ensures that users can always access previous versions if needed, providing a safety net against unintended changes or errors.

Furthermore, Bitrix24 integrates document management with other tools such as its CRM and task management systems. This means that documents can be linked directly to specific contacts, deals, or tasks, providing context and ensuring that all relevant information is easily accessible. This integration is a powerful feature for businesses looking for a unified platform to manage not just documents but their entire workflow.


LogicalDOC specializes in document management and offers a streamlined approach focused specifically on optimizing the handling and organization of documents. Like Bitrix24, LogicalDOC provides cloud-based storage solutions, but it also offers on-premise solutions for businesses that prefer to keep their data in-house due to security concerns or specific industry regulations.

LogicalDOC excels in document categorization and metadata management. Each document can be tagged with metadata, which enhances the searchability and retrieval of documents. This system is particularly effective in environments where documents are numerous and diverse, such as legal firms, government agencies, or educational institutions.

Another standout feature of LogicalDOC is its automated document indexing. When documents are uploaded into the system, they are automatically indexed based on their content, metadata, and tags. This process facilitates extremely efficient document retrieval, saving valuable time and effort.

LogicalDOC also supports comprehensive access control, allowing administrators to set precise user permissions for each document or folder. This granularity ensures that sensitive information remains secure and that compliance with data protection regulations is maintained.

Integration Capabilities

In today’s interconnected business environment, the ability of a document management system to integrate seamlessly with other business applications is critical. Let’s examine the integration capabilities of Bitrix24 and LogicalDOC to determine which system might provide a more comprehensive solution for integrating various business tools and applications.


Bitrix24 stands out with its extensive integration capabilities, designed to function not just as a document management tool but as a complete business management solution. It supports a broad range of integrations with various third-party applications, including major cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. This allows businesses to maintain a fluid exchange of data across platforms, enhancing the flexibility and accessibility of document management.

Additionally, Bitrix24 integrates with a multitude of other tools that span across CRM, sales, marketing, project management, and more. It features built-in integrations with popular email services, social networks, and even telephony systems. This wide range of integrations is facilitated through the Bitrix24 marketplace, where users can find numerous apps and add-ons that extend the functionality of their document management system to suit specific business needs.

Furthermore, Bitrix24 offers an open API that enables businesses to develop custom integrations. This capability is particularly valuable for companies that use specialized software not covered by standard integrations or those looking to automate unique workflows across their digital tools.


LogicalDOC, while primarily focused on document management, also offers strong integration capabilities, though they are somewhat more focused than those of Bitrix24. LogicalDOC integrates effectively with enterprise content management systems and various business applications that are critical in document-intensive industries like legal, finance, and education.

A key feature of LogicalDOC’s integration capabilities is its compatibility with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and customer relationship management (CRM) software. This allows documents stored within LogicalDOC to be associated directly with business operations and client relationships, making it easier to access and manage documents in the context of business processes.

LogicalDOC also supports integrations with Microsoft Office and email clients, enabling seamless workflow between document creation, management, and communication platforms. Like Bitrix24, LogicalDOC provides an API that allows for custom integrations, offering flexibility to tailor the system to specific organizational needs.

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Security Features

Security is a critical aspect of any document management system, especially in an era where data breaches and information theft are prevalent concerns. Let’s analyze the security features of Bitrix24 and LogicalDOC to understand how each platform protects sensitive business information.


Bitrix24 emphasizes security across its platform, implementing various measures to ensure that user data is protected at all levels. It employs SSL encryption for data transmitted between servers and clients, safeguarding information as it travels across the internet to prevent interception by unauthorized parties.

For data at rest, Bitrix24 uses sophisticated encryption methods to secure documents and other data stored within the system. This approach helps prevent unauthorized access from external threats and safeguards sensitive information from potential breaches.

Additionally, Bitrix24 offers robust access control mechanisms. Administrators can define user roles and permissions with precision, ensuring that employees can access only the information necessary for their work. This not only enhances security but also helps in maintaining compliance with various regulatory standards, such as GDPR for businesses operating in or dealing with the European Union.

Bitrix24 also features two-factor authentication (2FA), adding an additional layer of security by requiring users to provide two forms of identification before accessing their accounts. This feature is critical in protecting against unauthorized access resulting from compromised passwords.

Moreover, Bitrix24 provides comprehensive audit trails that log all user activities within the platform. These logs are invaluable for monitoring and reviewing actions taken on sensitive documents, allowing administrators to trace any changes back to their source and identify potential security issues.


LogicalDOC, designed with the needs of enterprises in mind, also prioritizes security to protect its users’ critical information. Similar to Bitrix24, LogicalDOC utilizes SSL encryption to secure data in transit, ensuring that documents and communications within the system are protected from eavesdropping.

For data stored within the system, LogicalDOC applies robust encryption to prevent unauthorized data access. This encryption is crucial for businesses that handle sensitive or confidential information, providing peace of mind that documents are secure even in the event of a security breach.

Access control in LogicalDOC is highly configurable, allowing administrators to set detailed permissions for each document or folder. This granularity ensures that only authorized personnel have access to sensitive information, which is especially important for organizations that need to comply with strict confidentiality standards.

LogicalDOC also supports the use of two-factor authentication, enhancing security by requiring an additional verification step for accessing the system. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access through compromised user credentials.

Furthermore, LogicalDOC offers extensive auditing capabilities, which record detailed logs of all operations performed within the system. These logs help in maintaining a clear, traceable record of document handling, which is essential for security audits and compliance reporting.

Customer Support and Service

Effective customer support is crucial for ensuring that businesses can maximize the use and benefits of their document management system. Let’s explore how Bitrix24 and LogicalDOC approach customer support, to understand which might offer better assistance to users.


Bitrix24 provides a wide array of customer support options to accommodate the diverse needs of its users. For individuals or businesses using the free version, Bitrix24 offers access to a comprehensive online help center, which includes FAQs, user guides, and video tutorials. These resources are designed to help users quickly find answers to common questions and troubleshoot issues on their own, promoting a self-service approach to support.

For more direct assistance, Bitrix24 provides live chat, email, and phone support to its paying customers. The level of support escalates with the more advanced paid plans, which include priority handling of support queries and access to 24/7 assistance for critical issues. This tiered approach to customer support ensures that businesses can choose a plan that not only fits their budget but also meets their support needs.

Additionally, Bitrix24 has cultivated a large community of users and developers, which can be a valuable resource for receiving peer advice and solutions. This community often creates an ecosystem where users can exchange tips, share custom solutions, and offer practical advice on leveraging Bitrix24 to its fullest potential.


LogicalDOC, with its focus on serving enterprises and organizations with complex document management needs, offers a more personalized approach to customer support. Given its client base, which often includes businesses with stringent requirements for document handling and security, LogicalDOC’s support is tailored to provide high-level, responsive assistance.

For businesses that require immediate and expert support, LogicalDOC offers dedicated technical support through phone and email, with options for personalized support packages that include on-site assistance and training. These packages are especially beneficial during the initial implementation phase and for ongoing support as businesses evolve and their needs change.

LogicalDOC also provides detailed documentation and user manuals that are particularly useful for IT staff and system administrators who manage the document management system. This support is complemented by training sessions that can be customized to address the specific functionalities and operations of the LogicalDOC system as it applies to the business.



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In conclusion, choosing between Bitrix24 and LogicalDOC depends largely on your specific business needs. Bitrix24 offers a versatile, all-in-one platform suitable for businesses looking to integrate document management with other key operations like CRM, project management, and communication. It’s ideal for those seeking comprehensive functionality and scalability within a single system.

On the other hand, LogicalDOC is tailored for organizations that require robust document management capabilities with a strong emphasis on security and compliance, making it better suited for enterprises in regulated industries or those needing advanced document control integrated with enterprise systems.

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