ActiveCampaign vs Aritic Mail: The Best Email Marketing Tool for 2024

ActiveCampaign vs Aritic Mail: Discover the best email marketing tool for 2024 with our in-depth comparison on features, usability, and return on investment.

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, choosing the right email marketing tool is like picking the perfect ally for your business journey. As we step into 2024, the competition is fiercer than ever, with numerous options available. Today, we’re diving deep into a head-to-head comparison of two major players in the email marketing arena: ActiveCampaign and Aritic Mail. Both have their unique strengths and features, but which one will emerge as the best fit for your business needs this year? Let’s find out.

ActiveCampaign Aritic Mail
activecampaignaritic mail
G2 Score – 4.5 out of 5 stars
G2 Score –  4.0 out of 5 stars

TrustRadius Score – 8.0 out of 10TrustRadius Score – Nil

Ease of Use: Navigating the User Interface

When you first log into an email marketing platform, the experience can be overwhelming or pleasantly intuitive. Here, we’ll explore how ActiveCampaign and Aritic Mail fare in terms of user-friendliness.

ActiveCampaign: A Smooth Start

ActiveCampaign greets you with a clean, modern dashboard that’s easy on the eyes. The layout is intuitive, with most features just a click or two away. For beginners, this is a sigh of relief. The platform offers a guided setup process, making it straightforward to import contacts, create your first campaign, and set up automated workflows.

One of the standout features of ActiveCampaign is its visual automation builder. It allows you to create complex marketing workflows with ease. The drag-and-drop interface is a game-changer, especially for those who are not tech-savvy. You can see your entire marketing strategy unfold visually, making it easier to understand and modify.

Aritic Mail: Simplicity Meets Functionality

Aritic Mail, on the other hand, opts for a more straightforward, no-frills interface. It’s less about aesthetics and more about functionality. This approach is particularly appealing to users who prefer a more traditional, list-based layout over visual elements.

Setting up on Aritic Mail is a breeze. The platform offers step-by-step guides and a helpful onboarding process. While it might not have the same level of polish as ActiveCampaign in terms of design, it more than makes up for it with its straightforward approach. The platform is designed to get you up and running quickly, without the need for a steep learning curve.

Navigating Daily Tasks: User Experience in the Long Run

ActiveCampaign: Continual Ease and Innovation

As you delve deeper into ActiveCampaign, the initial ease of use continues. The platform’s design is consistent across various features, whether you’re creating an email campaign, setting up a sales funnel, or analyzing reports. This consistency reduces the cognitive load, making it easier for users to become proficient with the platform.

ActiveCampaign also continuously updates its interface, incorporating user feedback to improve the experience. This commitment to innovation and user-centric design is evident in the platform’s evolution over the years.

Aritic Mail: Efficiency Over Elegance

Aritic Mail maintains its focus on efficiency and simplicity. The platform may not have the same level of visual flair as ActiveCampaign, but it excels in straightforward navigation. For users who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve, Aritic Mail’s direct approach can be a significant time-saver.

The platform offers quick access to essential features, with a layout that’s easy to navigate even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. While it might not offer the same level of guidance as ActiveCampaign, it’s perfect for users who prefer a more hands-on approach.

Deliverability: Ensuring Your Messages Reach the Inbox

Email deliverability is a crucial aspect of any email marketing tool. It’s not just about sending emails; it’s about making sure they land in your recipient’s inbox. Both ActiveCampaign and Aritic Mail have features and practices in place to optimize deliverability, but how do they really stack up against each other?

ActiveCampaign: Advanced Deliverability Features

ActiveCampaign has built a strong reputation for its high deliverability rates. This success is attributed to several factors. Firstly, the platform has robust infrastructure and adheres to best email practices, which helps in maintaining a good sender reputation.

One of the key features of ActiveCampaign is its advanced deliverability reporting. It offers detailed insights into your email performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates. These metrics are essential in understanding how your emails are received and how you can improve your strategies.

Moreover, ActiveCampaign provides tools to conduct deliverability tests before sending out a campaign. This preemptive measure allows you to identify and fix issues that might affect your email’s chances of landing in the inbox.

Aritic Mail: Strong Focus on Compliance and Reputation

Aritic Mail takes a slightly different approach to ensure deliverability. The platform places a heavy emphasis on compliance and maintaining a strong sender reputation. It strictly enforces anti-spam policies and provides users with guidelines to ensure their email practices align with industry standards.

Aritic Mail also offers features like feedback loops with major ISPs and real-time analytics. These tools help in monitoring your email performance and quickly addressing any issues that could harm your deliverability.

Furthermore, Aritic Mail uses sophisticated algorithms to manage email sending based on recipient engagement. This means your emails are more likely to be sent at a time when recipients are active, thereby increasing the chances of them being noticed and opened.

The Role of Authentication and Integration

ActiveCampaign: Seamless Integration

ActiveCampaign integrates seamlessly with various third-party applications and services. This integration extends its capabilities in ensuring email deliverability. For instance, it easily integrates with services like Google Analytics, which can provide deeper insights into how your emails drive traffic to your website.

Aritic Mail: Strong Authentication Practices

Aritic Mail emphasizes strong authentication practices like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. These technical aspects are crucial for email security and authenticity, directly impacting deliverability. By ensuring that your emails are properly authenticated, Aritic Mail helps in maintaining a trustworthy sender profile.

Automation Capabilities: Streamlining Your Email Marketing

Email automation is a game-changer for marketers. It allows you to send timely, relevant, and personalized emails to your audience, enhancing engagement and conversion rates. Let’s delve into how ActiveCampaign and Aritic Mail handle automation, and which one could be more beneficial for your marketing strategy.

ActiveCampaign: Advanced and User-Friendly Automation

ActiveCampaign is widely celebrated for its sophisticated automation features. It offers a comprehensive range of automation options that cater to various marketing needs, from simple autoresponders to complex, multi-step workflows.

The standout feature of ActiveCampaign’s automation is its visual workflow builder. This intuitive tool allows you to create and visualize your email sequences with ease. You can set up triggers based on subscriber actions, like website visits, email opens, or clicks, and tailor the follow-up emails accordingly.

Moreover, ActiveCampaign includes advanced segmentation capabilities within its automation workflows. This means you can target emails based on subscriber behavior, preferences, and demographics, making your email campaigns highly personalized and effective.

Aritic Mail: Automation with Precision

Aritic Mail, while not as visually intuitive as ActiveCampaign, offers robust automation capabilities. It focuses on precision and effectiveness, allowing you to create automated email sequences that are triggered by specific actions or events.

A key feature of Aritic Mail’s automation is its ability to integrate with CRM systems. This integration provides a seamless flow of information between your email marketing and customer relationship management, ensuring that your automated emails are in sync with your overall marketing strategy.

Aritic Mail also offers detailed analytics on your automation performance. These insights help you understand the impact of your automated campaigns and refine them for better results.

Tailoring Automation to Subscriber Lifecycle

ActiveCampaign: Lifecycle Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign excels in lifecycle email marketing. With its automation features, you can create targeted emails that cater to every stage of the customer journey. From welcome emails to re-engagement campaigns, ActiveCampaign ensures that your communication is relevant and timely.

Aritic Mail: Focused on Conversion

Aritic Mail’s automation tools are geared towards conversion optimization. Its automation allows for targeted follow-ups based on user interaction, which can be crucial in converting leads into customers. The platform provides tools to create effective drip campaigns that nurture leads and encourage conversions.

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Analytics and Reporting: Measuring Success in Email Marketing

In the world of email marketing, analytics and reporting are not just about numbers; they’re the compass that guides your strategy. Understanding how your campaigns perform is crucial for making informed decisions and optimizing your efforts. Let’s compare how ActiveCampaign and Aritic Mail stack up in terms of their analytics and reporting capabilities.

ActiveCampaign: Comprehensive and Detailed Analytics

ActiveCampaign offers a robust analytics suite that provides detailed insights into your email marketing performance. The platform’s reporting goes beyond basic metrics like open rates and click-through rates. It delves into more advanced analytics, such as email engagement over time, campaign comparisons, and subscriber activity.

One of the standout features of ActiveCampaign’s analytics is its visual reporting. The data is presented in an easy-to-understand format, with graphs and charts that make it simple to spot trends and patterns. This visual approach to analytics is particularly helpful for quickly assessing campaign performance and making data-driven decisions.

Additionally, ActiveCampaign offers conversion tracking. This feature allows you to track the actions subscribers take after clicking on your emails, giving you a clearer picture of how your email campaigns contribute to your overall business goals.

Aritic Mail: Focused and Actionable Insights

Aritic Mail’s approach to analytics is focused on providing actionable insights. While it may not offer as broad a range of metrics as ActiveCampaign, it zeroes in on the most critical data points that impact your email marketing effectiveness.

The platform provides real-time analytics, which means you can see how your emails are performing as soon as they are sent. This immediate feedback is invaluable for making quick adjustments to your campaigns.

Aritic Mail also excels in segment-specific reporting. You can get detailed reports for different subscriber segments, helping you understand how different groups interact with your emails. This segmentation of data is crucial for tailoring your strategies to different parts of your audience.

Integrating Analytics with Other Tools

ActiveCampaign: Seamless Integration with Third-Party Tools

ActiveCampaign’s analytics can be integrated with a wide range of third-party tools and services. This integration extends the power of its analytics, allowing you to combine email marketing data with insights from other platforms, such as your CRM or e-commerce platform.

Aritic Mail: Custom Integrations for Enhanced Data

Aritic Mail offers custom integrations with CRM systems and other tools. This capability allows you to merge email marketing data with broader business analytics, providing a more holistic view of your marketing efforts.

Pricing and Value for Money: Balancing Costs with Features

In the landscape of email marketing tools, pricing can often be a decisive factor. It’s not just about how much you pay, but also about what you get for your money. Let’s break down the pricing structures of ActiveCampaign and Aritic Mail to see which offers better value for your investment.

ActiveCampaignLite Plan: Starting at $15/month (for up to 500 contacts), offering basic email marketing, marketing automation, and a customer CRM.
Plus Plan: Starting at $70/month, with additional features like landing pages, Facebook Custom Audiences integration, and lead scoring.
Professional Plan: Starting at $159/month, including site messaging, attribution, and predictive sending.
Enterprise Plan: Custom pricing, offering custom reporting, custom mailserver domain, and dedicated account rep.
Aritic MailPricing: Aritic Mail offers a range of plans based on sending volume:
Plans typically start for low volume senders and scale up to higher volumes, with pricing available on request from Aritic Mail.

ActiveCampaign: Flexible Pricing with Scalability

ActiveCampaign offers a tiered pricing structure, which varies based on the number of contacts and the level of features you need. The plans start with a basic level, suitable for small businesses or beginners, and scale up to more advanced options that cater to large enterprises with complex needs.

One of the advantages of ActiveCampaign’s pricing model is its flexibility. You can start with a lower-tier plan and upgrade as your business grows and your needs become more sophisticated. This scalability is ideal for businesses that are evolving and need a platform that can grow with them.

Moreover, even the basic plan of ActiveCampaign comes with a rich set of features, including automation, which makes it a good value for money, especially for small businesses looking to leverage email marketing effectively.

Aritic Mail: Competitive Pricing with Essential Features

Aritic Mail also employs a tiered pricing model, but its structure is slightly different. The platform is known for its competitive pricing, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. The basic plan of Aritic Mail is generally more affordable than that of ActiveCampaign, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious businesses.

While Aritic Mail’s lower-tier plans are more cost-effective, they also come with some limitations in terms of features compared to ActiveCampaign. However, for businesses that require essential email marketing features without the need for advanced automation or analytics, Aritic Mail provides good value.

Assessing the Overall Value

ActiveCampaign: Comprehensive Features at a Higher Cost

ActiveCampaign’s higher-tier plans, while more expensive, offer a comprehensive range of features, including advanced reporting, CRM integration, and sophisticated automation capabilities. For businesses that require these advanced features, the higher cost can be justified by the value these features bring.

Aritic Mail: Budget-Friendly with Focused Features

Aritic Mail, with its competitive pricing, is a strong contender for businesses that want to execute effective email marketing campaigns without a hefty price tag. The platform offers all the essential features needed for successful email marketing, making it an excellent choice for those on a tighter budget.

Customer Support and Community: Ensuring You Have the Help You Need

Effective customer support can be the lifeline of your email marketing efforts. When you encounter a problem or have a question, timely and helpful support can make a significant difference. Additionally, a vibrant community around a tool can offer valuable insights and tips. Let’s see how ActiveCampaign and Aritic Mail fare in these critical aspects.

ActiveCampaign: Comprehensive Support and an Engaged Community

ActiveCampaign is renowned for its high-quality customer support. The platform offers multiple channels for support, including email, live chat, and phone support. The response times are generally quick, and the support team is knowledgeable and helpful.

In addition to direct support, ActiveCampaign boasts a large and active user community. This community is a treasure trove of information, with experienced users and experts frequently sharing tips, best practices, and solutions. The presence of this community is a significant asset, as it allows users to learn from each other and stay updated on the latest trends and features.

ActiveCampaign also provides extensive online resources, such as guides, tutorials, and webinars. These resources are incredibly useful for both new and experienced users, helping them to fully leverage the platform’s capabilities.

Aritic Mail: Efficient Support with Growing Community

Aritic Mail offers efficient customer support, with options including email and live chat. The support team is responsive and competent, ensuring that queries and issues are addressed promptly. While Aritic Mail’s support is reliable, it may not be as extensive as ActiveCampaign’s, especially in terms of phone support and response times.

However, Aritic Mail is gradually building a community around its platform. The user community is smaller compared to ActiveCampaign’s but is growing and becoming more active. Within this community, users can exchange ideas, strategies, and troubleshoot common issues.

Like ActiveCampaign, Aritic Mail also offers a range of online resources, including blogs, how-to guides, and FAQs. These resources are valuable for users to get the most out of the platform and for self-learning.

Choosing Based on Support Needs

In terms of customer support and community, ActiveCampaign has a slight edge due to its comprehensive support options and a well-established, active user community. However, Aritic Mail also offers reliable support and is steadily growing its user community, making it a viable option, especially for those who prefer a more straightforward support structure.

Both platforms ensure that you have the necessary support and resources at your disposal to navigate the complexities of email marketing effectively.

Integration and Compatibility: Connecting Your Email Marketing Tools

In today’s digital marketing landscape, the ability of your email marketing tool to integrate seamlessly with other software is crucial. Whether it’s CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, or analytics tools, integration can significantly enhance your marketing efforts. Let’s compare how ActiveCampaign and Aritic Mail handle integrations.

ActiveCampaign: Extensive Integration Options

ActiveCampaign stands out for its extensive range of integration options. It can connect with over 850 third-party applications, including popular CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and social media tools. This vast array of integrations allows you to synchronize data across different platforms, streamlining your marketing processes and enhancing efficiency.

The platform’s API is robust and well-documented, making it easier for businesses to create custom integrations if needed. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses with unique or complex integration requirements.

Additionally, ActiveCampaign integrates seamlessly with WordPress, offering a plugin that makes it easy to connect your website with your email marketing campaigns. This integration is a boon for content marketers who rely heavily on WordPress for their web presence.

Aritic Mail: Focused and Effective Integration Solutions

Aritic Mail, while not offering as extensive a range as ActiveCampaign, provides focused and effective integration solutions. It covers the essential integrations with major CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and other necessary marketing tools.

One of the strengths of Aritic Mail’s integration capability is its simplicity and ease of setup. Even users who are not technically inclined can easily connect their favorite tools with Aritic Mail, ensuring a seamless flow of data across different platforms.

Aritic Mail also offers API access for custom integrations, allowing businesses to tailor the platform’s capabilities to their specific needs.

Choosing the Right Integration Capabilities

In the realm of integration and compatibility, ActiveCampaign clearly leads with its wide array of options and flexible API. It’s an ideal choice for businesses that require a vast range of integrations and have the resources to manage them.

On the other hand, Aritic Mail is a strong contender for businesses that need straightforward, effective integration with the most commonly used marketing tools. Its simplicity and ease of use make it a great option for smaller businesses or those with limited technical resources.

Both ActiveCampaign and Aritic Mail recognize the importance of integrations in modern email marketing and provide solid solutions to ensure your marketing ecosystem is interconnected and efficient.


In the showdown between ActiveCampaign and Aritic Mail, the choice boils down to your specific business needs and preferences. ActiveCampaign shines with its advanced features, extensive integrations, and a comprehensive support system, making it an excellent choice for businesses seeking a feature-rich platform with scalability. Its user-friendly interface, sophisticated automation, and robust analytics are ideal for those who need depth and flexibility in their email marketing tools.

Conversely, Aritic Mail stands out for its simplicity, competitive pricing, and efficient customer support. It’s a solid choice for small to medium-sized businesses or those who prioritize straightforward functionality and budget-friendly options. Aritic Mail covers the essentials effectively, offering reliable deliverability, focused analytics, and necessary integrations. Ultimately, both platforms offer compelling features for 2024’s email marketing landscape. Your decision should align with your business’s size, technical capabilities, and strategic goals. Whether you choose the comprehensive prowess of ActiveCampaign or the streamlined efficiency of Aritic Mail, both are capable contenders in the realm of email marketing tools.

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