Templafy vs iManage Work: The Best Document Management Tool for You

Evaluate Templafy against iManage Work to see which provides better document management solutions for professional services

Choosing the right document management tool is essential for any business that values efficiency and organization. Today, we’re diving into an in-depth comparison of two leading solutions in the document management space: Templafy and iManage Work. Both tools offer powerful features, but they cater to different needs and business environments. This comparison will help you decide which tool is the best fit for your organization’s specific requirements.

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iManage Work
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Document Creation and Template Management

When it comes to creating and managing documents, both Templafy and iManage Work offer robust solutions, but their approaches and features cater to different types of users and organizational needs.


Templafy excels in template management and document automation, making it an ideal choice for organizations that need to streamline their document creation processes while ensuring compliance with branding and regulatory standards. Templafy’s interface is user-friendly and integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Office suite and Google Workspace, allowing employees to create documents directly within the familiar environment of their preferred office applications.

One of Templafy’s standout features is its dynamic template system. This system enables the automatic insertion of the correct templates based on the user’s department, role, and location, thus simplifying the process and reducing errors. For example, a sales team member in the US will automatically receive a proposal template that includes the appropriate legal disclaimers and branding for their specific region.

Additionally, Templafy provides dynamic fields within templates that auto-populate with user-specific information such as name, title, and contact details, which saves time and enhances accuracy. The platform also offers a built-in library of approved digital assets, ensuring that all documents maintain visual consistency and adhere to brand guidelines.

iManage Work:

iManage Work, on the other hand, focuses more on the needs of professionals in legal, financial, and other highly-regulated industries. This platform is designed to handle complex document management challenges, including large volumes of content and the need for meticulous version control and document lifecycle management.

iManage Work does not emphasize template management as much as Templafy but offers powerful tools for document handling and organization. It provides a sophisticated environment for managing, sharing, and collaborating on documents. iManage Work’s strength lies in its comprehensive search capabilities, which allow users to quickly locate documents through intuitive search functionalities that include full-text search and metadata filters.

Moreover, iManage Work integrates deeply with professional service tools and email clients, particularly Microsoft Outlook, making it easy for users to manage emails and documents in a cohesive manner. This integration is particularly valuable in legal settings where the management of communication and associated documents is crucial.

Integration Capabilities

In today’s digital landscape, the ability of a document management system to integrate seamlessly with other business applications is critical. This integration can significantly enhance workflow efficiency by reducing the need for multiple platform management. Let’s examine the integration capabilities of Templafy and iManage Work to see which system might better support your business operations.


Templafy shines when it comes to integration with everyday office applications. It is specifically designed to work seamlessly within the Microsoft Office suite and Google Workspace, which are staples in most business environments. This integration allows users to access Templafy’s features directly from the tools they already use daily, such as Word, PowerPoint, or Google Docs, enhancing usability and reducing the learning curve.

Furthermore, Templafy offers extensions for browsers like Chrome and Firefox, which enables users to utilize Templafy’s features from their web browser. This can be particularly useful for creating and managing web-based content. Templafy also integrates with various digital asset management systems, allowing users to access approved images, icons, and logos directly within their document creation workflow. This ensures consistency and compliance with branding guidelines across all company documents.

Additionally, Templafy has developed APIs that allow for deeper integrations with CRM systems, ERP software, and other specialized tools your business might use. This flexibility makes it possible to tailor Templafy’s functionality to fit specific business needs, enhancing overall document workflow and management.

iManage Work:

iManage Work, while not as focused on integration with broad office productivity tools, offers specialized integration capabilities that are particularly valuable for legal, financial, and corporate sectors. It integrates deeply with case management systems, professional service automation tools, and project management platforms, which are crucial for industries that deal with complex projects and require meticulous documentation.

iManage Work also integrates well with email clients, particularly Microsoft Outlook, which is a critical feature for professionals who manage a significant amount of communication through email. This integration allows users to save and manage emails directly within iManage as linked documents, making it easy to track all correspondence related to specific cases or projects.

Furthermore, iManage offers an API that supports custom integration with other business systems, providing flexibility for businesses that need to connect their document management system with other specialized tools. This can be particularly important in regulated industries where specific compliance and reporting tools are required.

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Security Features

In the world of document management, security is not just an added benefit; it’s a necessity. Templafy and iManage Work both offer robust security features, but they tailor these features to meet the specific needs of their respective audiences. Let’s explore how each platform approaches security and what this means for your business.


Templafy emphasizes security across its platform, particularly focusing on safeguarding corporate branding and compliance documents. It adheres to industry-standard security protocols, including data encryption in transit and at rest, ensuring that all documents and data within the system are protected against unauthorized access.

Further bolstering its security credentials, Templafy uses Azure as its hosting solution, which comes with a comprehensive set of compliance and security standards, including ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and SOC 2, as well as country-specific standards like Australia IRAP, UK G-Cloud, and Singapore MTCS. This hosting environment adds an additional layer of security, particularly appealing to enterprises concerned with data sovereignty and regulatory compliance.

Moreover, Templafy provides detailed access control options that allow administrators to define who can view or edit specific documents or templates based on their roles within the organization. This feature is crucial for maintaining control over corporate documents and ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.

iManage Work:

iManage Work, often favored by legal, financial, and other highly regulated industries, offers advanced security features that cater to the stringent requirements of these fields. It provides comprehensive security controls designed to manage the complete lifecycle of sensitive documents.

Like Templafy, iManage Work employs robust encryption methods to secure data both in transit and at rest. However, it also includes additional layers of security such as need-to-know access, ethical walls, and secure container technology. These features ensure that sensitive information is compartmentalized and protected from both external breaches and internal leaks.

iManage Work also excels in activity monitoring and threat detection. It uses machine learning and AI to monitor document access patterns and can automatically detect and respond to unusual behavior that may indicate a potential security threat. This proactive approach to security is particularly valuable in environments where the cost of a data breach can be extraordinarily high.

Furthermore, iManage Work supports comprehensive audit trails that record every interaction with a document. This capability is critical for compliance purposes and for businesses that need to trace all document-related activities for regulatory or security audits.

Customer Support and Service

When it comes to implementing and maintaining a document management system, the quality of customer support and service can significantly impact user experience and satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at how Templafy and iManage Work support their clients post-implementation.


Templafy emphasizes a high level of customer support to ensure that users can fully leverage the platform’s capabilities. The company offers several support channels, including a dedicated help center, email support, and direct phone lines. This variety ensures that users can choose the most convenient way to seek help when needed.

Templafy’s customer service extends beyond problem-solving. The company provides a wealth of resources like webinars, detailed tutorials, and extensive documentation designed to help users understand and maximize the use of the platform. This educational approach helps clients become more self-sufficient, reducing the need for ongoing support.

For enterprise clients, Templafy often assigns a dedicated account manager who not only helps with initial setup and implementation but also offers ongoing support. This personalized service ensures that the enterprise customers receive attention tailored to their specific needs and can quickly address any issues that arise with direct professional assistance.

iManage Work:

iManage Work, serving primarily professional sectors such as legal, financial, and government institutions, understands the critical nature of their clients’ work and accordingly provides robust, responsive customer support. The company’s support system is built to handle complex queries that are typical in these environments, including issues related to compliance and integration with other critical business systems.

iManage Work provides 24/7 support through multiple channels, including a dedicated support portal, direct phone support, and email. This round-the-clock availability is crucial for businesses in regulated industries where immediate access to document management systems is a must, and any downtime can be costly.

Additionally, iManage Work offers tailored training programs for its users, which are particularly beneficial for new clients or when upgrading to new features. These training programs are designed to ensure that all users are proficient in using the system and can fully utilize its features to enhance their workflow and document handling processes.



Templafy price

iManage Work:

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In conclusion, choosing between Templafy and iManage Work for your document management needs depends largely on your organization’s specific requirements, the nature of your industry, and how documents are handled within your daily operations.

Templafy excels in providing a user-friendly, highly integrative platform that enhances document creation and management across commonly used office applications. It is particularly suited for organizations that need a versatile and scalable solution to ensure brand consistency and compliance across all company documents. Templafy’s tiered pricing model, comprehensive customer support, and a wide range of integration capabilities make it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a holistic approach to document management within a familiar workspace.

iManage Work, on the other hand, is designed to meet the demands of professional services industries like legal, financial, and government sectors. Its robust security features, deep integration capabilities with professional tools, and 24/7 dedicated support cater to the needs of organizations that handle sensitive information and require meticulous document control and compliance. iManage Work is particularly beneficial for those in environments where the management, security, and accessibility of documents are critical to daily business operations.

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