SendPulse vs Campaigner: The Best Email Marketing Tool for You

SendPulse or Campaigner? Make an informed decision with our comprehensive comparison to find the best email marketing tool for you.

In today’s digital world, the right email marketing tool is not just a necessity; it’s your secret weapon for connecting with customers and driving your business forward. Today, we’re pitting two giants against each other: SendPulse and Campaigner. Both platforms offer unique features, but which one will help you hit the bullseye with your email marketing? Let’s start by dissecting a critical aspect of any email marketing tool: User Interface and Experience.

SendPulse Campaigner
sendpulse campaigner
G2 Score – 4.6 out of 5 stars
G2 Score –   4.8 out of 5 stars
TrustRadius Score -7.9 out of 10TrustRadius Score – 8.5 out of 10

User Interface and Experience: Your Gateway to Powerful Campaigns

The interface of an email marketing tool is your command center. It’s where strategies are born, campaigns are crafted, and success is monitored. A well-designed interface doesn’t just look good; it makes your job easier, more intuitive, and more effective.

SendPulse: Simplicity and Efficiency Combined

SendPulse greets you with a clean, uncluttered interface that makes navigation a breeze, even for beginners. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality. Every feature, every tool, every button is where you expect it to be. This intuitive design means less time learning the ropes and more time crafting winning campaigns. The drag-and-drop email editor is a standout feature of SendPulse. It allows you to create professional, eye-catching emails without needing a degree in design. It’s about empowering you, regardless of your skill level, to create emails that resonate with your audience. The SendPulse dashboard is not just informative; it’s insightful. It gives you a snapshot of your campaign’s performance, subscriber growth, and engagement metrics, helping you make informed decisions quickly.

Campaigner: Precision and Professionalism

Campaigner takes a different approach. It’s a platform that speaks to the seasoned marketer who loves detail and precision. Campaigner’s interface is robust, packed with features and tools for those who want to dive deep into their email marketing campaigns. It’s a treasure trove of functionality for the marketer who craves control and customization.

From intricate automation workflows to detailed segmentation capabilities, Campaigner provides advanced tools for those who want to fine-tune every aspect of their campaigns. It’s about precision and personalization, ensuring that each email speaks directly to the recipient. Campaigner’s reporting tools are comprehensive. They provide deep insights into campaign performance, subscriber behavior, and conversion metrics. It’s not just data; it’s actionable intelligence that can shape your future strategies.

When it comes to the user interface and experience, both SendPulse and Campaigner shine, but in different arenas. SendPulse is all about simplicity, efficiency, and intuitiveness, making it ideal for those who want to get up and running quickly without sacrificing power or capability. Campaigner, with its detailed and feature-rich interface, caters to the marketer who demands precision, control, and depth in their email marketing platform.

Email Campaign Creation and Customization: Crafting Your Message

Creating compelling email campaigns is the cornerstone of successful email marketing. It’s not just about sending messages; it’s about crafting experiences that resonate with your audience. Let’s delve into how SendPulse and Campaigner empower you to create and customize your email campaigns.

SendPulse: Empowering Creativity with Ease

SendPulse is designed to streamline the campaign creation process, making it accessible yet powerful. The platform’s drag-and-drop email builder is a gem. It allows you to design stunning emails without any technical or design expertise. You can choose from a variety of pre-designed templates or create your own from scratch, ensuring your emails reflect your brand’s identity.

SendPulse understands that personalization is key to engaging with your audience. The platform makes it easy to insert personalization tokens, ensuring that each email feels like a one-on-one conversation with your subscriber. With SendPulse, you don’t have to worry about how your email looks on different devices. The email templates are responsive by design, meaning they automatically adjust to the screen size, whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Campaigner: Precision and Customization at Your Fingertips

Campaigner approaches email campaign creation with a focus on precision and customization, offering advanced features for the seasoned marketer. Campaigner’s email editor is rich with features, allowing for detailed customization of every aspect of your email. From the layout to the font style, every element can be tweaked to match your brand and message perfectly.

Campaigner shines with its dynamic content feature, which allows you to tailor the content of your emails based on subscriber data. This means you can send highly targeted and relevant messages, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion. Campaigner understands the importance of data-driven decisions. The platform’s A/B testing feature allows you to test different versions of your email, analyzing which elements perform best and optimizing your campaigns for maximum impact.

In the realm of email campaign creation and customization, both SendPulse and Campaigner offer robust tools to craft impactful messages. SendPulse is about empowering creativity with simplicity, offering an intuitive platform that allows anyone to create beautiful, personalized emails. Campaigner, on the other hand, is about precision and customization, offering advanced features for those who want to dive deep into every detail of their email campaigns.

Automation and Workflow: Streamlining Your Email Strategy

Efficient email marketing isn’t just about sending emails; it’s about sending the right emails at the right time, triggered by the right actions. Automation and workflow capabilities are crucial in achieving this, ensuring your email strategy works like a well-oiled machine. Let’s compare how SendPulse and Campaigner handle automation and workflow.

SendPulse: Simplifying Automation for Impactful Engagement

SendPulse makes automation accessible, yet powerful, ensuring that you can set up sophisticated email sequences with ease. SendPulse’s visual automation builder allows you to create workflows effortlessly. Whether it’s welcoming new subscribers, nurturing leads, or re-engaging inactive users, you can automate these processes with just a few clicks.

Beyond email, SendPulse allows you to automate SMS and web push notifications. This multi-channel approach ensures that you can stay in touch with your audience through their preferred means of communication. SendPulse enables you to set up event-based triggers, sending emails when they’re most relevant. Whether it’s a birthday, a subscription renewal, or a specific user action on your website, these timely messages can significantly boost engagement.

Campaigner: Advanced Automation for the Data-Driven Marketer

Campaigner takes automation to a professional level, offering sophisticated tools for those who want to make data-driven decisions and create intricate workflows. Campaigner’s strength lies in its ability to create complex, multi-step workflows. You can segment your audience based on a multitude of criteria and tailor your automated sequences to match these segments, ensuring highly personalized communication.

Not only does Campaigner allow you to set up detailed workflows, but it also provides in-depth reporting on how these automations perform. This means you can continually refine your strategy based on solid data. Campaigner enables you to set up behavioral triggers, sending emails based on how users interact with your previous emails or your website. This level of personalization ensures that your messages are always relevant and engaging.

When it comes to automation and workflow, SendPulse and Campaigner both offer powerful capabilities, but with different focuses. SendPulse is about simplifying automation, making it accessible and effective for businesses of all sizes. Its multi-channel approach ensures that you can engage with your audience across various platforms. Campaigner, with its advanced automation features and detailed reporting, is ideal for the data-driven marketer who wants to create intricate, highly personalized workflows.

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Analytics and Reporting: Gaining Insights for Strategic Decisions

Understanding the impact of your email campaigns is crucial for refining your strategy and achieving better results. Analytics and reporting features in an email marketing tool can provide you with valuable insights into your campaign’s performance. Let’s explore how SendPulse and Campaigner help you measure success and make data-driven decisions.

SendPulse: Straightforward Analytics for Clear Insights

SendPulse offers a comprehensive analytics suite that’s designed for clarity and actionability, ensuring you understand your campaign’s performance at a glance. SendPulse’s reporting dashboard presents your campaign data in an easily digestible format. You can quickly grasp your open rates, click-through rates, and more, enabling you to make informed decisions swiftly. With SendPulse, you can monitor your campaign performance in real-time. This allows you to make timely adjustments to your strategy, ensuring you’re always on top of your game. SendPulse goes beyond basic campaign metrics. It provides detailed insights into subscriber behavior, including their interaction patterns and preferences. This knowledge is invaluable for tailoring your future campaigns for better engagement.

Campaigner: Deep Analytics for the Data-Hungry Marketer

Campaigner takes analytics seriously, offering a suite of advanced features for those who want to dive deep into their campaign data. Campaigner provides an extensive array of metrics for each campaign. You can analyze everything from open rates to conversion rates, giving you a 360-degree view of your campaign’s performance. One of the standout features of Campaigner is its heat map analytics. This tool allows you to see where your subscribers are clicking within your emails, providing insights into what content captures their attention. Campaigner offers custom reporting features, enabling you to create reports that align with your specific goals and KPIs. This level of customization ensures that you’re always focusing on the metrics that matter most to your business.

In terms of analytics and reporting, both SendPulse and Campaigner offer powerful tools to help you understand your campaign performance. SendPulse provides a user-friendly approach with real-time monitoring and detailed subscriber insights, making it ideal for those who want straightforward, actionable data. Campaigner, with its comprehensive metrics, heat map analytics, and custom reporting, is perfect for the data-hungry marketer who wants to delve into the minutiae of campaign performance.

Pricing and Plans: Finding the Best Value for Your Investment

Choosing an email marketing tool isn’t just about the features; it’s also about finding a service that fits your budget while delivering the value you need. Let’s compare the pricing structures and plan options of SendPulse and Campaigner to help you determine which service might offer the best return on your investment.

SendPulseFree Plan: Allows up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month.
Standard Plan: Starts around $6.40/month for up to 500 subscribers, with unlimited emails, and scales up with more subscribers.
Pro Plan: For larger businesses, with advanced features. Pricing starts at higher rates and varies based on the number of subscribers.
CampaignerStarter Plan: Begins around $59 per month for up to 5,000 contacts, including basic email marketing features and 24/7 support.
Essential Plan: Priced around $179 per month for up to 25,000 contacts, adding features like advanced segmentation and A/B testing.
Advanced Plan: Starting from around $649 per month for up to 50,000 contacts, offering advanced automation, reporting, and integrations.
eCommerce Plan: Designed specifically for eCommerce businesses with custom pricing, including features like purchase behavior tracking and predictive analytics.

SendPulse: Flexible Pricing with a Free Option

SendPulse offers a variety of pricing options designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and needs. SendPulse offers a generous free plan, which is perfect for small businesses or startups just beginning their email marketing journey. This plan includes access to the core features, allowing you to get a feel for the platform without any financial commitment.

SendPulse’s pricing is based on the number of subscribers, which means the plan scales with your business. As your subscriber list grows, you can move to a higher tier, ensuring you’re only paying for what you need. For businesses with irregular sending schedules, SendPulse offers a pay-as-you-go option. You can purchase email credits as needed, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness without the need for a monthly subscription.

Campaigner: Comprehensive Plans for Advanced Needs

Campaigner’s pricing is structured to accommodate businesses looking for advanced features and capabilities. While Campaigner doesn’t offer a free plan, its starting tier includes a comprehensive set of features, making it a solid investment for businesses serious about their email marketing campaigns. Unlike SendPulse, Campaigner’s pricing is based on the volume of emails sent, not the number of subscribers. This can be advantageous for businesses that send frequent emails to a stable subscriber base. For larger businesses or those with intensive email marketing campaigns, Campaigner offers advanced plans. These plans provide additional features like dedicated IP addresses, deliverability consulting, and priority support, catering to the needs of high-volume senders.

When it comes to pricing and plans, both SendPulse and Campaigner offer distinct options to suit different business needs. SendPulse stands out for its flexible pricing structure, including a free plan and a pay-as-you-go option, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Campaigner, with its focus on comprehensive features and volume-based pricing, is ideal for businesses with intensive email marketing needs and a desire for advanced capabilities. Ultimately, the choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and how you engage with your audience.

Integration Capabilities: Enhancing Your Marketing Ecosystem

In the digital age, an email marketing tool’s ability to integrate seamlessly with other applications and services can significantly amplify its effectiveness. A well-integrated platform can streamline your workflows, enhance your data insights, and provide a more cohesive user experience. Let’s explore how SendPulse and Campaigner fare when it comes to integration capabilities.

SendPulse: Seamless Integration for a Unified Marketing Approach

SendPulse understands the importance of a connected marketing ecosystem and offers a variety of integration options. SendPulse boasts a broad range of integrations with popular CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and other essential marketing tools. This ensures that your email marketing efforts are in sync with your overall business operations, providing a seamless experience for both you and your subscribers.

For businesses with specific integration needs, SendPulse provides a robust API. This allows for custom integrations, ensuring that SendPulse fits perfectly into your unique tech stack. SendPulse integrates with Zapier, opening the door to countless integration possibilities. With Zapier acting as a bridge, you can connect SendPulse with over a thousand other apps, automating workflows and streamlining your processes without the need for complex coding.

Campaigner: Advanced Integration for Professional Marketing

Campaigner offers advanced integration options, focusing on creating a powerful and professional marketing ecosystem. Campaigner shines with its e-commerce integration capabilities. It offers native integration with leading e-commerce platforms, enabling you to craft highly targeted and personalized email campaigns based on customer behavior and purchase history

Campaigner understands the importance of a cohesive customer relationship management strategy. It offers integration with major CRM platforms, ensuring that your email campaigns are in tune with your broader customer engagement efforts. Campaigner provides a sophisticated API for businesses that require a high level of customization in their integrations. This ensures that Campaigner can be tailored to fit into your existing systems seamlessly, enhancing your marketing efforts without disrupting your current workflows.

Both SendPulse and Campaigner offer robust integration capabilities, but they cater to different types of users and needs. SendPulse provides a broad range of integrations, a robust API, and Zapier connectivity, making it a versatile choice for businesses looking for a seamless, integrated marketing approach. Campaigner, with its focus on advanced integration, particularly in e-commerce and CRM, is ideal for businesses that require a high level of customization and integration depth to align with their complex marketing strategies.


In the quest for the perfect email marketing tool, SendPulse and Campaigner both shine as robust contenders, each with their unique strengths. SendPulse appeals with its user-friendly interface, intuitive automation, comprehensive analytics, flexible pricing, and extensive integration options, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking simplicity and efficiency. Campaigner, on the other hand, offers advanced campaign customization, intricate automation capabilities, detailed analytics, volume-based pricing, and professional-level integration, catering to the needs of data-driven marketers and high-volume senders. Your decision between SendPulse and Campaigner will ultimately hinge on your specific marketing requirements, the level of complexity you desire in your campaigns, and the depth of integration your business ecosystem demands. Both platforms are equipped to elevate your email marketing strategy, ensuring your messages not only reach your audience but resonate with them, driving engagement and growth for your business.

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