Sendible vs Zoho Social: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

Explore the battle of Sendible vs Zoho Social in our analysis to pick the best tool for your social media management and analytics needs.

In today’s digital age, where social media’s ebb and flow dictate the fortunes of brands big and small, standing out from the crowd is no small feat. At the heart of this challenge is the quest for the perfect social media management tool, a beacon to guide your brand through the choppy waters of digital marketing. In the vast sea of options, Sendible and Zoho Social emerge as two lighthouses, promising to illuminate the path to social media success. But which one will be your guiding star? Whether you’re navigating the intricate social networks for a fledgling startup or charting a course for a well-established brand, the showdown between Sendible and Zoho Social is more than just a comparison—it’s about finding your perfect digital ally. Let’s dive into this analysis.

Sendible Zoho Social
Sendible Zoho Social
G2 Score -4.5 out of 5G2 Score -4.6 out of 5
TrustRadius Score -9.2 out of 10TrustRadius Score -9.1 out of 10

Analytics and Reporting: The Compass for Your Social Media Strategy

In the voyage of social media marketing, analytics and reporting are your compass and sextant, offering the insights needed to navigate and adjust your course for optimal engagement and growth.

Sendible: The Detailed Cartographer

Sendible offers a comprehensive suite of analytics and reporting tools designed for marketers who crave depth and detail in their data analysis. With the ability to track engagement rates, audience growth, and the performance of individual posts across multiple platforms, Sendible provides a granular view of your social media landscape. This level of detail is invaluable for adjusting your strategy, ensuring your content resonates with your audience, and demonstrating the ROI of your social media efforts.

What sets Sendible apart in the realm of analytics is its customizable reporting feature. Whether you’re presenting to clients, reporting to stakeholders, or evaluating your strategy with your team, Sendible allows you to tailor reports to highlight the most relevant metrics. This flexibility ensures that your analytics are not just numbers but actionable insights that drive strategy and showcase value.

Zoho Social: The Strategic Navigator

Zoho Social takes a slightly different tack, offering a holistic overview of your social media performance with an emphasis on strategic decision-making. Its analytics provide a clear picture of your brand’s social media health, integrating data from all your social platforms into easy-to-understand reports. This approach is particularly beneficial for brands that need a comprehensive but straightforward analysis to inform their overall strategy.

Zoho Social also excels in providing real-time analytics, enabling brands to respond swiftly to trends, engagement spikes, and potential issues. This capability allows for agile steering of your social media strategy, ensuring that your brand remains relevant and engaged with its audience. The platform’s emphasis on actionable insights helps you fine-tune your approach in real-time, capitalizing on opportunities as they arise

Integration and Compatibility: The Keystone of Your Digital Marketing Ecosystem

A social media management tool’s ability to integrate with other applications and platforms can significantly streamline your workflow, making it a critical factor in your decision-making process.

Sendible: The Digital Alchemist

Sendible shines as a digital alchemist, adept at transforming separate tools into a cohesive digital marketing strategy through its wide array of integrations. From CRM systems and email marketing platforms to content creation tools like Canva, Sendible ensures that your social media efforts are not isolated but a part of a larger, integrated marketing approach. This capacity to blend various tools and platforms into one seamless workflow is invaluable for marketers looking to maximize efficiency and coherence across their marketing efforts.

Beyond its extensive list of native integrations, Sendible offers a custom API, providing the flexibility to develop bespoke integrations tailored to your specific needs. This feature is particularly beneficial for larger organizations or those with unique digital ecosystems, as it allows for a level of customization that can dramatically enhance workflow efficiency and data coherence across tools.

Zoho Social: The Ecosystem Architect

Zoho Social stands as an ecosystem architect, offering seamless integration within the Zoho Suite, which includes a wide range of business tools from CRM to email marketing, customer support, and more. For businesses already invested in the Zoho ecosystem, Zoho Social provides an unparalleled advantage, ensuring that social media management is deeply integrated with other business processes. This integration facilitates a holistic view of customer interactions, from social media engagement to sales and support, enabling more informed business decisions and strategies.

While Zoho Social emphasizes integration within its ecosystem, it also supports third-party integrations, extending its functionality to meet a broader range of business needs. These integrations allow businesses to connect Zoho Social with other popular tools and platforms, ensuring that even those not fully invested in the Zoho ecosystem can still benefit from its robust social media management capabilities.

Pricing and Plan Flexibility: Navigating Your Budgetary Seas

In the voyage of selecting the right social media management tool, the cost and flexibility of plans are akin to navigating through the budgetary seas. It’s essential to balance the features you need with the investment you’re prepared to make.

SendibleCreator Plan: Starting at $29 per month for 1 user, 6 social profiles, and unlimited scheduling.
Traction Plan: At $89 per month, offering 4 users, 24 social profiles, and enhanced reporting features.
Scale Plan: Starting at $199 per month, designed for larger teams, with 7 users, 49 social profiles, and more advanced features.
Expansion Plan: Starting at $399 per month, this plan is for agencies, with 15 users, 105 social profiles, and comprehensive analytics.
Zoho SocialStandard Plan: Starting at $10 per month (billed annually) for 1 brand (7 channels) and 2 team members, including basic publishing and monitoring features.
Professional Plan: At $30 per month (billed annually), adding more advanced features like the bulk scheduler and custom reports for 1 brand.
Premium Plan: Starting at $40 per month (billed annually), for 1 brand with additional features like ad integration and advanced analytics.
Agency Plan: At $200 per month (billed annually), managing up to 10 brands, designed for agencies and larger teams.
Agency Plus Plan: Starting at $300 per month (billed annually), with the capacity to manage up to 20 brands.

Sendible: Customized Voyaging

Tiered Pricing for Scalable Journeys, Sendible offers a range of pricing tiers, from starter packages for individuals and small businesses to more comprehensive plans for agencies and large enterprises. This tiered approach allows businesses to scale their social media management efforts as they grow. Flexibility and Value, Each plan is packed with a robust set of features, ensuring businesses of any size get value for their investment. Additionally, Sendible often tailors plans to meet specific needs, offering a degree of flexibility rarely seen in the market.

Zoho Social: Streamlined Exploration

Cost-Effective Solutions for Efficient Navigation, Zoho Social provides competitively priced plans that cater to small businesses and agencies alike. Their pricing strategy is designed to offer essential social media management tools without overburdening the budget. Integration Value is For users already invested in the Zoho ecosystem, Zoho Social offers additional value through seamless integration with other Zoho apps, potentially saving costs on additional software solutions.

User Experience and Accessibility: Sailing with Ease

The ease of use and accessibility of a social media management tool can significantly impact your daily journey through the digital marketing landscape.

Sendible: The Polished Navigator

Intuitive Interface for Smooth Sailing, Sendible’s platform is designed with the user in mind, offering an intuitive interface that simplifies complex social media management tasks. Its dashboard and tools are crafted for clarity, making it easy for users of all skill levels to navigate. Comprehensive Support and Learning, With extensive support resources and learning materials, Sendible ensures users can maximize the platform’s potential, enhancing the overall user experience.

Zoho Social: The Efficient Cruiser

Streamlined Navigation for Quick Voyages, Zoho Social focuses on efficiency, presenting a clean and straightforward user interface that allows quick access to its features. This approach is particularly appealing to those looking for a no-frills experience that still delivers powerful functionality. Zoho Ecosystem Integration for Unified Management, Users of the broader Zoho suite will find Zoho Social’s integration a significant advantage, as it allows for a unified approach to managing various aspects of their business, from CRM to email marketing, all within the same ecosystem.

Security and Compliance: Safeguarding Your Digital Fleet

In today’s digital landscape, the significance of security and compliance cannot be overstated.


It fortifies your social media management with stringent security measures, including advanced data encryption and strict adherence to global privacy regulations like GDPR. This commitment is evident in its comprehensive user access controls, which allow for detailed permission settings, ensuring that team members have access only to the tools and data they need. This granular approach to security minimizes risks and protects your brand’s digital assets from both internal and external threats.

Zoho Social

It benefits from its integration within the Zoho ecosystem, inheriting a robust security framework that encompasses all Zoho products. Zoho’s commitment to security is demonstrated through its compliance with international privacy laws, employing industry-standard data protection and encryption protocols. Zoho Social users can take comfort in the platform’s proactive stance on privacy, with features designed to ensure user data is handled responsibly and securely. This integrated approach to security within the Zoho suite offers a seamless and secure experience for managing social media engagements.

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Innovation and Future-Proofing: Navigating Tomorrow’s Digital Currents

The pace at which social media evolves demands tools that are not just effective today but are also designed to adapt to tomorrow’s changes.


It positions itself as a forward-thinking partner in this journey, consistently rolling out new features and updates that respond to the latest social media trends and platform changes. This proactive approach ensures that Sendible users are always equipped with the most current tools and capabilities, from AI-driven analytics to integration with new social media platforms as they emerge. Sendible’s agility in adapting to platform updates and introducing innovative features underscores its commitment to keeping users at the cutting edge of social media management.

Zoho Social

It leverages the power of the broader Zoho ecosystem to stay on the forefront of digital marketing innovation. With access to a wide array of technological advancements across Zoho’s suite of products, Zoho Social incorporates cutting-edge features like AI analytics and predictive engagement tools, making social media management not only more efficient but also more impactful. The platform’s development is heavily influenced by user feedback, ensuring that it evolves in ways that directly meet the needs of its users. This commitment to innovation, grounded in practical user applications, makes Zoho Social a dynamic tool that adapts to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

Final Thoughts

Selecting between Sendible and Zoho Social transcends a mere comparison of features; it’s about choosing a partner that aligns with your brand’s journey through the ever-evolving realm of social media. Both platforms offer unique strengths: Sendible with its detailed analytics, customizable reporting, and robust security measures, and Zoho Social with its streamlined user experience, efficient engagement tools, and the backing of the Zoho ecosystem. When making your decision, consider not only the current needs of your social media strategy but also how each platform’s approach to innovation and security will support your brand’s growth into the future. Engage with trial versions, reach out to customer support, and thoroughly test each platform’s capabilities to ensure that your chosen social media management tool is not just a service provider but a strategic partner in your digital marketing voyage.

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