Iterable vs SalesHandy: The Best Email Marketing Tool for You

Our comparison of Iterable vs SalesHandy helps you decide which email marketing solution is ideal for your strategy.

In the digital age, where email stands as a cornerstone of effective communication, choosing the right email marketing tool is akin to finding a trusted compass on a vast sea voyage. It’s about discovering a partner that not only guides you through the complexities of digital marketing but also enhances your journey with its capabilities. Today, we embark on a detailed exploration of two notable navigators in the realm of email marketing: Iterable and SalesHandy. Each offers unique features and strengths, but which one is the beacon that will lead your marketing efforts to the treasure of success? Let’s set sail and find out.

G2 Score – 4.4 out of 5 starsG2 Score – 4.6 out of 5 stars
TrustRadius Score – 8.6/10TrustRadius Score –  9/10

Ease of Use: Your First Mate in Email Marketing

The Importance of a Steady Hand on the Helm

Navigating through the features, settings, and capabilities of an email marketing tool should feel like having a steady hand on the helm. The ease of use of a platform can significantly impact your ability to launch effective campaigns, engage with your audience, and ultimately, achieve your marketing objectives.

Iterable: Navigating With Precision

Iterable presents itself as a comprehensive platform, equipped for the sophisticated marketer ready to embark on a voyage of personalized, data-driven campaigns. While its array of features is vast, Iterable prides itself on an intuitive interface that, despite its sophistication, aims to guide users smoothly through its functionalities. From setting up campaigns to diving into analytics, Iterable strives to make navigation straightforward for marketers of all levels.

Creating and managing campaigns in Iterable is akin to charting a course with advanced navigation tools. The platform offers a robust drag-and-drop editor, but where it truly shines is in its ability to segment audiences dynamically and automate complex, personalized journeys. For those willing to familiarize themselves with its capabilities, Iterable proves to be an invaluable first mate, ensuring that every email journey is both targeted and effective.

SalesHandy: Simplifying the Voyage

SalesHandy takes a different approach, emphasizing simplicity and efficiency. It acts as a streamlined vessel, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses or those beginning their email marketing journey. SalesHandy’s interface is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that creating, sending, and tracking email campaigns is accessible and straightforward.

The platform offers a no-frills experience, focusing on core functionalities that make email marketing manageable without extensive training or experience. With easy-to-use templates and a clear, concise dashboard, SalesHandy is like having a reliable first mate who ensures that your marketing efforts stay on course without unnecessary complexity.

Integration Capabilities

The Knots That Tie Your Marketing Fleet Together

In the vast ocean of digital marketing, your email marketing tool shouldn’t sail in isolation but rather as part of a formidable fleet, working in tandem with other tools and systems. Integration capabilities are the knots that tie this fleet together, enabling a seamless exchange of data and actions that amplify your marketing efforts.

Iterable: The Master of Tides

Iterable positions itself as a master of tides, offering extensive integration capabilities with a wide range of platforms, from CRM systems and customer data platforms to social media networks and analytics tools. This breadth of integration ensures that marketers can automate workflows, personalize campaigns based on comprehensive data, and track results across their marketing stack with precision.

What sets Iterable apart is its focus on enabling deep, data-driven integrations that go beyond surface-level connections. Marketers can leverage real-time data from their entire tech stack to inform email campaign strategies, ensuring that every message is as relevant and impactful as possible. Iterable’s API and webhooks offer the flexibility to create custom integrations, ensuring that even the most specialized tools in your marketing arsenal can communicate seamlessly with your email campaigns.

SalesHandy: The Agile Navigator

On the other side of the horizon, SalesHandy charts a course as an agile navigator, offering a focused set of integrations designed to cover the essential needs of most email marketing campaigns. While it may not boast the extensive integration ecosystem of Iterable, SalesHandy ensures that connecting with key platforms like CRM systems and analytics tools is straightforward and effective.

SalesHandy’s approach to integrations is about efficiency and ease of use, ensuring that marketers can quickly sync data between their email marketing platform and other tools without needing extensive technical expertise. This focus on simplicity makes SalesHandy an attractive option for small to medium-sized businesses or teams that require a more streamlined marketing tech stack without sacrificing the power of integration.

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Automation and Personalization Capabilities

Crafting Your Message with Precision

In the realm of email marketing, the power to automate communications and personalize content at scale is akin to setting the sails for a favorable wind. These capabilities ensure that your messages reach the right person, with the right content, at the right time, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Iterable: The Sophisticated Navigator

Iterable emerges as a sophisticated navigator in the sea of email marketing, offering advanced automation and personalization capabilities. Its platform is designed for marketers who seek to engage their audience with highly targeted, data-driven campaigns. Iterable’s strength lies in its ability to use comprehensive customer data to inform and trigger personalized email sequences.

With Iterable, you can automate complex customer journeys that adapt based on user behavior, preferences, and interactions across multiple channels. This level of personalization ensures that each subscriber receives content that’s not only relevant but also timely and engaging. Iterable’s use of AI and machine learning further refines its personalization capabilities, predicting the optimal content, timing, and frequency for each user, thereby maximizing engagement and conversion rates.

SalesHandy: The Efficient Tactician

SalesHandy positions itself as an efficient tactician, offering straightforward automation and personalization features that cater to businesses looking for a more streamlined approach. While it may not offer the depth of customization available in Iterable, SalesHandy provides essential tools for segmenting your audience and automating personalized email sequences.

SalesHandy allows marketers to create trigger-based emails that respond to specific actions or milestones, ensuring timely and relevant communication with subscribers. Its personalization features, though more basic compared to Iterable, enable the inclusion of dynamic content such as names and other personal details, making each email feel more individualized. For teams with limited resources or those new to email marketing, SalesHandy offers a balance between simplicity and effectiveness, enabling personalized communication without the need for complex data analysis.

Deliverability and Performance Monitoring

Ensuring Your Messages Chart the Right Course

In the realm of email marketing, deliverability is the beacon that guides your messages through the fog of spam filters and inbox algorithms, ensuring they reach your audience’s safe harbor—their inbox. Meanwhile, performance monitoring is the compass that shows whether your messages inspire the desired action, be it opens, clicks, or conversions.

Iterable: The Seasoned Navigator

Iterable emerges as a seasoned navigator in the domain of deliverability and performance monitoring. It provides marketers with an advanced set of tools designed to not only ensure high deliverability rates but also to glean deep insights into how each campaign resonates with its audience. With Iterable, you have access to a detailed dashboard that tracks everything from open rates and click-through rates to more nuanced metrics like engagement over time and conversion tracking.

What distinguishes Iterable in this sea of data is its proactive approach to deliverability issues. The platform offers features like dedicated IP addresses for high-volume senders and domain authentication tools, all aimed at bolstering your sender reputation and ensuring your emails consistently reach the inbox. Moreover, Iterable’s granular analytics allow you to segment performance data, enabling a closer examination of how different audience segments interact with your emails. This depth of insight is invaluable for adjusting your strategies to maximize engagement and ROI.

SalesHandy: The Agile Scout

Navigating with the agility of a scout, SalesHandy offers a streamlined approach to deliverability and performance monitoring. It focuses on providing essential metrics that give you a clear overview of your email campaigns’ success without delving into the depths navigated by Iterable. SalesHandy ensures that users can quickly gauge the effectiveness of their communications through open and click tracking, while also offering tools like email scheduling and follow-up automation to enhance overall performance.

While SalesHandy might not chart the extensive analytics waters that Iterable does, it provides valuable insights through real-time notifications and simplified reporting. This approach ensures that even teams with limited resources or those new to email marketing can effectively monitor their campaigns and make informed decisions to improve their strategies. SalesHandy’s emphasis on user-friendliness and efficiency makes it a reliable companion for businesses looking for straightforward deliverability solutions and performance insights.

Pricing and Scalability

Charting Your Financial Voyage

The cost of your email marketing tool and its ability to grow with your business are akin to provisioning your ship for a long voyage. You need enough supplies to start your journey and the capacity to stock up as your needs expand.

IterableIterable does not publicly list its pricing, as it typically offers custom pricing based on the specific needs of a business.
The platform is designed for larger companies with advanced needs in cross-channel marketing campaigns, including email, SMS, push notifications, and more.
Features usually include workflow automation, segmentation, A/B testing, and personalized messaging.
Interested users need to contact Iterable directly for a customized quote based on their scale and requirements.
SalesHandyFree Plan: Basic features including email tracking and scheduling.
Regular Plan: Priced at $9 per user per month, offering unlimited email tracking and templates, and mail merge features.
Plus Plan: At $22 per user per month, includes advanced features like team reports, team templates, and document tracking.
Enterprise Plan: At $49 per user per month, adding features like dedicated account manager and custom integration.

Iterable: The Expansive Galleon

Iterable positions itself as an expansive galleon, designed for large-scale voyages with a comprehensive cargo hold to match. Its pricing structure reflects its enterprise-level offering, with custom pricing models that are tailored to the size and needs of your business. This approach ensures that you pay for the features and capacity you need, but it also means that Iterable might represent a significant investment, especially for startups and smaller businesses.

What sets Iterable apart in terms of scalability is its robust infrastructure and suite of advanced features, capable of handling large volumes of emails and complex, data-driven campaigns. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to expand your marketing efforts significantly, Iterable is built to scale, offering everything from advanced segmentation and personalization to AI-driven optimizations.

SalesHandy: The Agile Schooner

SalesHandy, in contrast, is more akin to an agile schooner, nimble and efficient, making it an ideal choice for businesses navigating the initial stages of their email marketing journey or those with more modest requirements. Its pricing model is transparent and accessible, with tiered plans that cater to different business sizes and email volumes. This makes it easier for small to medium-sized businesses to start using the platform without a hefty initial investment.

While SalesHandy may not offer the same breadth of advanced features as Iterable, it provides essential tools for email tracking, scheduling, and follow-up automation that can significantly enhance your email marketing efforts. Its scalability lies in its simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring that businesses can achieve their marketing goals without navigating the complexities of more feature-heavy platforms.


As we conclude our voyage through the contrasting worlds of Iterable and SalesHandy, we’ve navigated through the critical features that define the essence of an email marketing tool: ease of use, template design and customization, analytics and reporting, deliverability and performance monitoring, and finally, pricing and scalability. Each platform, with its unique strengths and capabilities, offers distinct advantages depending on the nature of your email marketing journey.

Iterable stands as a sophisticated voyager in the realm of email marketing, designed for those who seek depth, customization, and precision in their campaigns. With its advanced automation, personalization capabilities, and comprehensive analytics, Iterable is ideal for businesses ready to invest in a data-driven approach to engage their audience across multiple channels. Its robust integration ecosystem ensures that Iterable can serve as the cornerstone of a complex marketing technology stack, empowering marketers to create seamless customer experiences that drive engagement and conversions.

SalesHandy positions itself as the efficient navigator, offering a streamlined and accessible solution for businesses of all sizes. Its strength lies in simplicity, focusing on essential features that enable effective email communication without the need for extensive technical knowledge. With straightforward pricing, SalesHandy appeals to startups, small and medium-sized businesses, or any organization seeking to enhance its email marketing efforts with a tool that balances functionality with ease of use. Its real-time tracking and simplified analytics provide valuable insights, allowing marketers to optimize their campaigns for better performance.

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