GetResponse vs Mailigen: The Best Email Marketing Tool for 2024

Mailigen or GetResponse? Make an informed decision for 2024 with our thorough comparison of features, performance, and user reviews.

Welcome to the ultimate face-off in the email marketing world for 2024: GetResponse vs Mailigen. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just starting, picking the right tool can be a game-changer for your business. In this deep dive, we’ll unravel the layers of these two giants, helping you make an informed decision. Let’s get started!

G2 Score – 4.2 out of 5 stars
G2 Score –  4.3 out of 5 stars
TrustRadius Score -8.0 out of 10TrustRadius Score –  7.1 out of 10

Ease of Use: Navigating the User Interface

The user interface of an email marketing tool is like the cockpit of an airplane; the more intuitive it is, the smoother your flight will be. In this section, we’ll delve deeper into how GetResponse and Mailigen ensure ease of use through their user interfaces.

GetResponse: A Blend of Simplicity and Power

Opening GetResponse feels like stepping into a well-designed office where everything is within reach yet perfectly organized. The dashboard strikes an impressive balance between offering in-depth data and maintaining simplicity. For newcomers, it’s a gentle introduction, while for seasoned marketers, it’s a powerful control center.

The standout feature of GetResponse is its drag-and-drop email builder. It turns the often daunting task of email creation into a smooth and enjoyable experience. Imagine having a set of building blocks that you can effortlessly piece together to create a visually appealing email. This feature not only saves time but also opens up creative possibilities, regardless of your technical skills.

Mailigen: Prioritizing Straightforward Functionality

Mailigen takes a different approach, focusing on clarity and ease. The dashboard presents a no-frills, straightforward interface, reminiscent of walking into a minimalist, efficiently organized workspace. It’s designed for quick navigation, making it easy for users to find what they need without unnecessary clutter or complexity.

In Mailigen, creating an email is a straightforward process. The platform offers a variety of templates, each customizable to fit different needs and styles. It’s akin to having a friendly guide who offers you a selection of paths and then helps you customize your journey according to your preferences.

Email Automation: Streamlining Your Campaigns

Email automation is the backbone of efficient and effective email marketing. It’s like setting up a series of dominoes; once you’ve arranged them correctly, they will cascade flawlessly on their own. Let’s dive deeper into how GetResponse and Mailigen handle this critical feature.

GetResponse: Advanced Automation for Personalized Campaigns

GetResponse treats email automation as an art form, providing tools that allow for the creation of complex, multi-layered automated sequences. It’s akin to being a conductor of an orchestra, where each instrument plays its part at the right moment. With GetResponse, you can set up emails that trigger based on specific actions, such as a user signing up, making a purchase, or even showing interest in a particular product. This level of detail ensures a highly personalized experience for each subscriber.

The power of GetResponse’s automation is amplified by its segmentation capabilities. Imagine having a conversation where you can tailor your dialogue based on the individual’s interests and history with your brand. This is what GetResponse offers – the ability to send targeted, relevant messages to different segments of your audience, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Mailigen: User-Friendly Automation for Efficient Campaign Management

Mailigen approaches email automation with a focus on simplicity and user-friendliness. It’s like having a set of straightforward, easy-to-use tools that get the job done without any hassle. Setting up automated email sequences in Mailigen doesn’t require a deep dive into complex functionalities. It’s perfect for those who are new to email marketing or prefer a more straightforward approach.

While Mailigen might not offer the breadth of automation features that GetResponse does, it covers all the essential bases. You can easily set up automated welcome emails, birthday emails, and standard follow-ups. This approach suits businesses that want to automate their email marketing but don’t require highly intricate or customized automation paths.

Analytics and Reporting: Gauging Success

Understanding how your campaigns perform is vital. It’s like having a compass that guides your marketing ship. Let’s see how GetResponse and Mailigen fare in providing insightful analytics and reporting.

GetResponse: In-depth Insights for Data-Driven Decisions

GetResponse offers a treasure trove of data through its reporting tools. Imagine having a dashboard that not only shows how fast you’re going but also predicts the best routes and highlights potential roadblocks. You get detailed insights into open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber activity, which can be a goldmine for refining future strategies.

What’s more, GetResponse provides real-time analytics, giving you the power to see how your campaigns perform the moment they go live. This is like having a live feed directly into your market’s reactions, allowing you to tweak and optimize your campaigns on the fly.

Mailigen: Straightforward Reporting for Quick Analysis

Mailigen takes a more direct approach to analytics. It’s like having a clear, concise report card that tells you exactly how you did, without the fluff. Their platform provides essential metrics like open rates and click-through rates in a format that’s easy to understand and act upon.

While Mailigen might not delve as deep into analytics as GetResponse, it ensures the data you get is clear and actionable. This approach can be particularly appealing to those who need straightforward insights to quickly adjust their strategies.

Pricing and Value: Finding the Right Fit for Your Budget

In the dynamic world of email marketing, choosing a tool that not only fits your marketing needs but also aligns with your budget is crucial. It’s akin to selecting the right ingredients for a recipe that must taste great without overspending. Let’s delve deeper into how GetResponse and Mailigen balance pricing with the features they offer.

GetResponseBasic Plan: Starting from $15/month for email marketing, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, and basic segmentation.
Plus Plan: Starting at $49/month, including automation, webinars (up to 100 participants), and contact scoring.
Professional Plan: Starting at $99/month, offering advanced automation, webinars (up to 300 participants), and paid webinars.
Max Plan: Custom pricing, providing advanced features like transactional emails, dedicated support, and single sign-on (SSO).
MailigenPricing Structure: Based on the number of subscribers.
Basic Plans:
Up to 500 subscribers: Starts at approximately $10/month.
Up to 2,500 subscribers: Starts at approximately $25/month.
Up to 5,000 subscribers: Starts at approximately $40/month.
Higher Volume Plans:
Up to 10,000 subscribers: Pricing available upon request.
Up to 25,000 subscribers and more: Custom pricing.

GetResponse: Flexible and Scalable Pricing Options

GetResponse approaches pricing like a tailor-made suit, offering a range of plans designed to fit businesses of all sizes and shapes. Their pricing structure is flexible, allowing you to choose and pay for only what you need. As your business grows, you can scale up your plan to access more advanced features. This flexibility ensures that you’re not overpaying for features you don’t use while still having the option to expand your toolkit as your business needs evolve.

One of the standout aspects of GetResponse’s pricing is the value offered at each pricing tier. Even the entry-level plans come packed with a wealth of features including automation, landing pages, and webinars. As you move to higher tiers, the platform unlocks even more powerful tools, making it a sound investment for businesses looking to scale their email marketing efforts.

Mailigen: Affordable Pricing for Core Email Marketing Functions

Mailigen takes a different approach, focusing on providing core email marketing functionalities at a budget-friendly price. It’s like dining at a restaurant that offers a compact menu of exquisite dishes; you get everything you need for a delightful meal without the extravagance of a lengthy menu. Their pricing is clear and straightforward, making it an excellent choice for small to medium-sized businesses or anyone just starting out with email marketing.

What stands out with Mailigen is the emphasis on providing value through simplicity. Their plans, while more affordable than GetResponse, include all the essential features required for effective email campaigns. You won’t find the extensive array of advanced tools that GetResponse offers, but you’ll have access to all the key elements like email creation, automation, and basic analytics. This makes Mailigen a great option for those who need a no-frills, efficient email marketing tool.

Customer Support: Ensuring a Smooth User Experience

The role of customer support in email marketing tools is comparable to having a reliable co-pilot in a complex flight. It’s essential for navigating through challenges and ensuring a smooth journey. Let’s explore the customer support landscapes of GetResponse and Mailigen in more detail.

GetResponse: A Comprehensive Approach to Support

GetResponse treats customer support as a critical aspect of its service, much like a five-star hotel treats its guest services. Their approach is comprehensive, offering multiple channels of assistance to cater to different preferences and needs.

Understanding that different users have varied preferences for support, GetResponse offers a range of options. Whether it’s immediate assistance through live chat, detailed support via email, or self-help through an extensive knowledge base, they have a solution. This diversity ensures that every user can find help in the manner that suits them best.

GetResponse goes beyond just solving immediate problems. They provide a wealth of educational resources, akin to having a personal mentor or a library at your disposal. These resources, which include webinars, guides, tutorials, and articles, are not just about troubleshooting but also about empowering users with knowledge. This approach helps users not only to solve current issues but also to enhance their skills and strategies for better long-term results.

Mailigen: Streamlined and Effective Support

Mailigen takes a more streamlined approach to customer support, similar to a boutique hotel that focuses on efficient and personalized guest services. Their support system is designed to be straightforward and effective, ensuring that users can quickly find solutions to their problems.

With a focus on efficiency, Mailigen provides reliable support through channels like email and live chat. This system is designed to offer quick and accurate answers, ensuring that users can resolve their issues promptly and get back to their important email marketing tasks without unnecessary delays.

In addition to direct support, Mailigen offers a well-organized help center. This resource is like a concise, easy-to-navigate manual, providing answers to common questions and challenges that users might face. While it may not be as extensive as GetResponse’s array of educational content, it covers the essentials effectively, allowing users to quickly find the information they need.

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Integration and Compatibility: Enhancing Email Marketing Efficacy

In the digital marketing ecosystem, the ability of your email marketing tool to seamlessly integrate with other applications is akin to having a well-oiled machine where every part works in perfect harmony. Effective integration enhances the overall functionality and efficiency of your marketing efforts. Let’s delve deeper into how GetResponse and Mailigen fare in this critical aspect of email marketing.

GetResponse: A Wide Array of Integration Options

GetResponse approaches integration with the mindset of providing a versatile and comprehensive solution. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife in your digital marketing toolkit, equipped to handle a variety of tasks.

GetResponse stands out with its extensive range of integrations with third-party applications. This broad spectrum of integrations includes CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, social media tools, and much more. It’s comparable to a universal adapter in the world of digital tools, offering compatibility with a wide array of services and platforms. This extensive connectivity ensures that regardless of the other tools and systems you use, GetResponse can likely integrate seamlessly with them, creating a cohesive and efficient workflow.

For businesses with unique needs or those using bespoke systems, GetResponse offers API access for custom integrations. This capability is like having a custom-built bridge connecting GetResponse to any specialized software you might be using. It allows for a tailored email marketing solution that fits perfectly within your unique digital ecosystem.

Mailigen: Focused and Practical Integrations

Mailigen takes a more focused approach to integration, prioritizing practicality and ease of use. It’s like having a set of essential tools that perfectly fit the most common needs without overwhelming you with options.

Mailigen ensures that it covers the essentials well. Their integration list might not be as extensive as GetResponse’s, but it includes key integrations with popular CRM systems, e-commerce platforms, and other necessary tools. This approach is akin to having a streamlined set of gears that work seamlessly together, providing just what you need for efficient email marketing without the complexity of too many choices.

The integration process in Mailigen is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. For businesses that might not have extensive technical resources, this simplicity is a significant advantage. It’s like having plug-and-play functionality, where you can easily connect Mailigen to other tools with minimal fuss, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free integration experience.

Deliverability: Ensuring Your Messages Hit the Inbox

In the vast ocean of email marketing, deliverability is akin to a skilled navigator ensuring your messages reach their intended destination – the inbox. It’s a critical aspect that can define the success of your email campaigns. Let’s explore how GetResponse and Mailigen ensure high deliverability for your emails.

GetResponse: Maximizing Deliverability with Advanced Techniques

GetResponse has developed a robust approach to deliverability, much like an experienced captain who knows how to navigate through treacherous waters to ensure safe arrival.

GetResponse has invested in a state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to maximize email deliverability. This includes sophisticated algorithms and dedicated teams that manage email sending reputations, avoid spam filters, and comply with best practices. It’s similar to having an advanced GPS system and an experienced crew that ensures your ship doesn’t stray off course, avoiding the common pitfalls that can lead to emails landing in the spam folder.

The world of email deliverability is constantly changing, with new challenges emerging regularly. GetResponse stays ahead of these changes by continuously monitoring its deliverability performance and adapting its strategies. This proactive approach is like having a weather radar on a ship, allowing you to foresee and navigate through storms, ensuring your emails continue to reach inboxes effectively.

Mailigen: Reliable Deliverability with Core Strategies

Mailigen, while not as extensive in its approach as GetResponse, still provides a solid foundation for ensuring emails reach their destination.

Mailigen ensures reliable email delivery by focusing on core deliverability practices. They maintain a good sender reputation and adhere to basic email sending standards, akin to following the established maritime routes known for safe and efficient travel. This approach ensures a consistent and dependable deliverability rate, which is crucial for the success of email marketing campaigns.

Mailigen doesn’t just rely on its internal mechanisms; it also emphasizes the importance of educating its users on best practices for email deliverability. This is like providing navigational charts and guides to sailors, empowering them to understand the waters they are navigating. By equipping users with the knowledge of how to avoid spam filters and maintain good list hygiene, Mailigen helps in improving the overall chances of emails reaching the inbox.

Mobile Responsiveness: Keeping Up with the On-the-Go Audience

In an era where mobile devices are ubiquitous, the mobile responsiveness of an email marketing tool is like having a vehicle equipped for all terrains. It ensures that your message is not just delivered but also effectively received and engaged with, regardless of the device used by your audience. Let’s delve into how GetResponse and Mailigen adapt their services to meet the demands of a mobile-first audience.

GetResponse: Excelling in Mobile Optimization

GetResponse has embraced the mobile revolution with a commitment to seamless mobile responsiveness, much like an architect designing buildings for both beauty and functionality in various landscapes.

Understanding that a significant portion of emails is read on mobile devices, GetResponse ensures that every email template is responsive. This means your emails automatically adjust their layout and formatting to fit the screen they’re being viewed on, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. It’s akin to a chameleon changing its colors to blend into different environments, ensuring your message retains its intended impact no matter where it’s viewed.

Beyond just the emails, GetResponse offers a mobile app that allows for comprehensive campaign management on the go. This app is like a portable command center, giving you the flexibility to manage your email campaigns, analyze reports, and even create and send emails, all from your mobile device. It caters to the modern marketer’s need for constant connectivity and the ability to respond swiftly to market changes, regardless of their location.

Mailigen: Prioritizing Mobile-Friendly Communications

Mailigen recognizes the importance of reaching audiences on mobile devices and has tailored its services to ensure mobile-friendliness, similar to a car manufacturer ensuring their vehicles perform well in both city streets and highways.

Mailigen provides a range of mobile-optimized email templates, ensuring that the emails you send out look good and function well on any device. This attention to mobile optimization is like making sure that every message you send can fit comfortably into the smaller, more diverse spaces of mobile screens, maintaining readability and user engagement.

While Mailigen’s mobile app may not offer the full range of functionalities found in GetResponse’s app, it covers the basics effectively. It allows you to keep an eye on your campaigns and perform essential functions. This is like having a reliable compact car that gets you where you need to go without the bells and whistles of a luxury vehicle. It’s particularly useful for marketers who need to manage their campaigns while away from their desks but don’t require the full spectrum of features on their mobile device.


GetResponse emerges as a robust and versatile tool, brimming with advanced features, extensive integration options, and top-notch deliverability. It’s akin to a Swiss Army knife for email marketing, equipped with everything from a simple blade to a complex multi-tool, making it ideal for businesses seeking a comprehensive, all-in-one solution. Its advanced automation capabilities, detailed analytics, and mobile app functionality stand out, offering a high degree of control and sophistication for seasoned marketers and growing businesses. On the other side, Mailigen presents a more streamlined, user-friendly experience. It’s like a trusty compass that reliably points you in the right direction without the complexity of a full-fledged GPS system. With its straightforward approach, Mailigen is well-suited for small to medium-sized businesses or those new to email marketing. It provides essential features, solid deliverability, and sufficient integrations, all packaged in an accessible and affordable platform.

In choosing between GetResponse and Mailigen, consider your specific needs and the scale of your operations. If you need a tool that grows with your business, offering a wide range of features and integrations, then GetResponse is the way to go. However, if you’re looking for simplicity, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness, Mailigen is a fantastic choice. Ultimately, the success of your email marketing endeavors depends not just on the tool you choose, but also on how well it aligns with your business goals, resources, and marketing strategies. Whether it’s the comprehensive capabilities of GetResponse or the straightforward efficiency of Mailigen, the right tool is the one that helps you connect with your audience effectively and drives your business forward in 2024.

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