MeetEdgar vs. Postcron: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

MeetEdgar vs Postcron: A detailed comparison to help you choose the ideal social media management platform for effective automation.

Choosing the right social media management tool is crucial for anyone looking to elevate their online presence. With the myriad of options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Two standout options, MeetEdgar and Postcron, each bring unique features and capabilities to the table. But which one is the perfect fit for your social media strategy? In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll dive deep into what makes each tool tick, from ease of use and content scheduling to analytics and pricing. Our goal? To help you make an informed decision that will catapult your social media game to new heights. Let’s start by comparing their ease of use—a critical factor for those who want to streamline their social media management without the headache.

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Ease of Use

Simplifying Your Social Media Workflow

In the digital age, where time is a precious commodity, the ease of use of any tool, especially a social media management platform, becomes paramount. Here’s how MeetEdgar and Postcron stack up in making your social media management as smooth as butter.

MeetEdgar: The Friendly Octopus

MeetEdgar prides itself on a user-friendly interface that makes scheduling and managing your social media content feel less like a chore and more like a breeze. With a straightforward setup process, you’re quickly onboarded, linking your social media accounts with minimal fuss. MeetEdgar’s dashboard is intuitively designed, ensuring that even the least tech-savvy users can navigate through its features with ease.

One of MeetEdgar’s standout features is its content library system, allowing you to organize your posts into categories effortlessly. This not only makes content management a snap but also simplifies the task of recycling evergreen content. Furthermore, MeetEdgar’s automatic scheduling features take the guesswork out of when to post, ensuring your social media feeds remain lively without constant manual intervention.

Postcron: The Efficiency Expert

Postcron also emphasizes ease of use but with a keen eye on efficiency and scalability. It’s designed for those who manage multiple accounts and need a robust tool that can handle the load. Setting up Postcron is straightforward, with clear guidance on linking your social media profiles. Its interface is clean and uncluttered, prioritizing functionality and efficiency.

A distinctive feature of Postcron is its bulk uploading capability, allowing you to schedule weeks’ worth of content in one go. This is a godsend for marketers and social media managers looking to save time and focus on strategy rather than daily posting logistics. Additionally, Postcron’s ability to add watermarks to images automatically is a subtle yet invaluable tool for branding consistency across platforms.

Content Scheduling and Automation

Maximizing Efficiency and Impact

The ability to schedule content in advance and automate repetitive tasks is a game-changer for social media managers. It not only saves time but also ensures that your social media channels remain active and engaging, even when you’re not online. Let’s see how MeetEdgar and Postcron handle these vital functions.

MeetEdgar: The Automation Maestro

MeetEdgar’s approach to content scheduling and automation is built around the concept of maximizing the lifespan and impact of your content. Its unique selling proposition is the evergreen content library, where you can categorize and store posts for repeated use. This feature ensures that your valuable content continues to reach your audience, even months after its initial posting.

What sets MeetEdgar apart is its smart automation that recycles content from your library based on the categories you’ve set up. This means your social media feeds can stay active without constant manual input, making it an ideal tool for solopreneurs or small businesses with limited resources for content creation.

Postcron: The Scheduling Powerhouse

Postcron focuses on making content scheduling as efficient and straightforward as possible, catering to users who manage a large volume of posts across multiple accounts. The platform’s bulk scheduling feature allows you to upload and schedule hundreds of posts at once, a significant time-saver for agencies or businesses with heavy content calendars.

Additionally, Postcron offers the unique ability to schedule posts directly to Google My Business, a feature not commonly found in other social media management tools. This broadens the scope of your social media strategy to include local SEO, enhancing your visibility on Google searches and Maps.

Analytics and Reporting

Gaining Insights to Propel Your Strategy Forward

Analytics and reporting capabilities are what transform a social media management tool from a mere scheduling assistant into a strategic asset. Let’s compare how MeetEdgar and Postcron equip you with the data and insights needed to refine and enhance your social media efforts.

MeetEdgar: Focused Analytics for Strategic Tweaks

MeetEdgar offers a straightforward analytics suite that provides you with essential insights into your content’s performance. The focus here is on clarity and actionable data. You can easily track which posts are performing best, understand your audience’s engagement patterns, and identify the content types that resonate most with your followers.

While MeetEdgar’s analytics might not dive as deep as other specialized tools, they serve the purpose of guiding you in making informed adjustments to your content strategy. The platform’s emphasis on evergreen content also means you can see how these posts perform over time, offering insights into the long-term value of your content.

Postcron: Comprehensive Reporting for Data-Driven Decisions

Postcron steps up the game with more detailed analytics and reporting features. It provides a comprehensive overview of your social media performance, including engagement rates, best posting times, follower growth, and more. This level of detail is invaluable for businesses and agencies that rely on data to drive their social media strategies.

Moreover, Postcron’s analytics allow for a granular analysis of your social media activities. You can track the performance of individual posts across different platforms and measure the effectiveness of your scheduling strategy. This data can be instrumental in optimizing your posting schedule, content mix, and overall strategy to achieve better engagement and growth

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Integration Capabilities

Enhancing Your Social Media Workflow

In the modern digital marketing landscape, the most effective social media strategies often rely on a diverse toolkit that includes everything from content creation and graphic design apps to analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Let’s see how MeetEdgar and Postcron stack up in terms of integrating with other software to enhance your social media management.

MeetEdgar: Streamlined Integration for Efficiency

MeetEdgar focuses on providing a streamlined, user-friendly experience, and this extends to its integration capabilities. While it may not boast an exhaustive list of third-party integrations, MeetEdgar covers the essentials. It integrates smoothly with major social networks, ensuring you can manage all your key platforms from one place.

Additionally, MeetEdgar offers integration with content creation tools and platforms that are popular among digital marketers, such as Canva, enabling you to easily create and schedule visually appealing content without leaving the MeetEdgar environment. This integration is particularly valuable for small businesses or solo entrepreneurs who rely on a tight integration loop to manage their content efficiently.

Postcron: Wide-Ranging Integrations for a Comprehensive Strategy

Postcron takes a more expansive approach to integrations, aiming to be a central hub in your digital marketing toolkit. It offers integrations with a wide array of third-party services, including analytics tools, CRM systems, and content creation platforms. This broad spectrum of integrations allows for a more seamless workflow, where data and content can flow freely between Postcron and other tools in your arsenal.

For businesses that use a diverse set of tools in their marketing efforts, Postcron’s extensive integration capabilities mean less time spent juggling between apps and more time focused on crafting effective social media strategies. Whether it’s pulling in analytics to measure campaign success or using customer data to personalize social media posts, Postcron’s integrations enhance your ability to manage social media more effectively and strategically.

Customer Support and Educational Resources

Ensuring You’re Never Left in the Dark

The true test of a tool’s value often comes when you encounter a problem or when you’re seeking to deepen your understanding of its features. Let’s examine how MeetEdgar and Postcron stand up in terms of customer support and educational offerings.

MeetEdgar: Personalized Support and Community Engagement

MeetEdgar is known for its personalized approach to customer support. Users have access to a range of support options, including an extensive knowledge base filled with helpful articles, video tutorials, and a responsive customer service team ready to assist via email. What sets MeetEdgar apart, however, is its emphasis on community engagement. The platform hosts a dedicated user community where members can share tips, offer advice, and provide support to one another. This not only enhances the user experience by providing a platform for peer-to-peer learning but also fosters a sense of belonging among MeetEdgar users.

In addition to reactive support, MeetEdgar places a strong emphasis on educational content, regularly updating its blog and resources section with insightful articles and guides designed to help users improve their social media strategies. This proactive approach to education ensures users can continually learn and grow, maximizing their use of the platform.

Postcron: Comprehensive Support and Rich Learning Resources

Postcron matches its broad functionality with equally comprehensive customer support. The platform offers support through multiple channels, including live chat, email, and a detailed FAQ section, ensuring that help is readily available whenever users need it. Postcron’s responsiveness and commitment to resolving user issues are frequently praised by its user base.

Beyond addressing immediate user concerns, Postcron provides a wealth of educational resources aimed at empowering users to make the most of their social media efforts. From detailed how-to guides and tutorials to insightful blog posts covering the latest trends and best practices in social media marketing, Postcron is dedicated to not just solving problems but also educating its users on how to excel in their social media campaigns.

Pricing and Plans

Finding Value for Your Investment

Let’s delve into the pricing structures of MeetEdgar and Postcron to see which platform offers the best value for your specific needs and budget.

MeetEdgarEdgar Lite: Starting at $19 per month, for basic scheduling needs.
Edgar: The price was around $49 per month, offering unlimited scheduled posts, more social accounts, and access to all features.
PostcronBasic Plan: Starting at around $8 per month (when billed annually), suitable for individuals managing a small number of accounts.
Professional Plan: Typically around $29 per month (billed annually), offering more accounts and posts.
Business Plan: Priced around $79 per month (billed annually), designed for businesses needing to manage numerous accounts with higher post volumes.
Agency Plan: Around $219 per month (billed annually), providing extensive support for agencies with many accounts and the need for bulk posting.

MeetEdgar: Transparent Pricing for Streamlined Service

MeetEdgar offers a simplified pricing model with a few plans designed to cater to different types of users, from individual content creators to small businesses. The plans are differentiated by the number of social media accounts you can connect and the amount of content you can store in your library.

One of the appealing aspects of MeetEdgar’s pricing is its all-inclusive feature set across plans. This means regardless of which plan you choose, you’ll have access to the full suite of features, including the content library, automatic scheduling, and basic analytics. This transparency in pricing ensures that users can easily select a plan that fits their needs without worrying about missing out on essential features.

Postcron: Flexible Plans for a Range of Needs

Postcron offers a tiered pricing model that provides a variety of options to suit different user requirements. From a basic plan suitable for individuals and small businesses to more advanced options designed for agencies and larger organizations, Postcron’s plans scale with your needs.

A distinctive feature of Postcron’s pricing is the ability to add additional social accounts and team members for a customizable fee, allowing you to tailor the service to your exact requirements. This flexibility makes it easy to scale your social media management efforts up or down without switching plans entirely. Additionally, Postcron often includes features like bulk scheduling and advanced analytics in higher-tier plans, giving users more sophisticated tools as they invest more into the platform.


MeetEdgar stands out for its user-friendly interface, innovative content recycling feature, and streamlined approach to social media management. It’s particularly well-suited for individuals, solopreneurs, and small businesses looking for a tool that simplifies content scheduling and maximizes the lifespan of their content with minimal effort. The platform’s focus on essential integrations and straightforward analytics makes it an excellent choice for those who value simplicity and efficiency in their social media strategy.

Postcron, on the other hand, offers a more robust solution with its extensive range of features, including bulk scheduling, comprehensive analytics, and a wide array of integrations with other tools. It caters to a broader audience, from small businesses to large agencies and enterprises, who require a powerful tool to manage complex social media strategies across multiple platforms. Postcron’s flexible pricing and customizable plans ensure that businesses of all sizes can find an option that fits their needs and budget.

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