Later vs Khoros: The Best Social Media Management Tool for You

Compare Later vs Khoros in our expert review to find out which social media management tool best meets your engagement and analytics needs.

In the bustling bazaar of social media tools, where every vendor shouts louder than the last, choosing the right companion for your digital journey can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Enter the duel of the day: Later vs. Khoros. One, a beacon for the visually inclined content creators, and the other, a powerhouse for the strategy-driven enterprise. But which one is the treasure map to your social media El Dorado? Let’s embark on this adventure together.

Later Khoros
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User Interface and Experience: Setting Sail on User-Friendly Seas

Later: Navigating with Ease

Later, in its essence, is like a gentle sea breeze for those who love to sail the visual currents of social media. With its user-friendly dashboard, you’re at the helm of a ship that’s as easy to navigate as it is pleasing to the eye. Designed with content creators and small businesses in mind, Later’s interface is a canvas, allowing you to visually plan and schedule your social media posts with drag-and-drop simplicity. Imagine plotting your Instagram feed as if it were a mosaic, each tile a piece of your brand’s story.

The heart of Later’s appeal is its visual content calendar, a tool that lets you see your content spread out over the week or month like a treasure map. This isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about strategy. Planning your feed visually ensures that your brand’s narrative is cohesive, compelling, and on-brand. For those who think in images rather than words, Later’s approach is like finding a compass in uncharted waters.

Khoros: Mastering the Art of Navigation

Khoros, on the other hand, is the astrolabe for the social media mariner navigating the more turbulent waters of large-scale, multi-channel strategies. Its interface may not be as immediately intuitive as Later’s, but it’s because it’s built for depth and complexity. Khoros offers a robust dashboard that caters to enterprises needing to manage a vast ocean of conversations, customer interactions, and marketing campaigns across multiple social media platforms simultaneously.

With Khoros, the journey from sign-up to mastery is akin to learning to navigate by the stars. It might take time, but the insights gained are invaluable. The platform offers a suite of advanced tools designed for detailed analytics, comprehensive campaign management, and in-depth customer engagement. For teams that thrive on collaboration and require a tool that can segment, target, and analyze with precision, Khoros is like finding a seasoned crew ready to tackle the high seas.

Choosing Your Vessel: Later’s Clarity or Khoros’s Command

Deciding between Later and Khoros hinges on understanding the seas you intend to navigate. If your voyage is through the visually driven waters of platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, where the aesthetic of your journey is as important as its destination, Later is your steadfast sloop. Its ease of use and visual planning tools make it ideal for small businesses, influencers, and anyone whose brand story is told through images.

Conversely, if your expedition requires conquering the vast expanse of social media with a strategic, data-driven approach, Khoros is your galleon. It’s equipped for large enterprises and agencies that need to manage complex campaigns, engage with customers across multiple channels, and gather actionable insights from a sea of data.

Analytics and Reporting: Charting Your Course with Data

Later: The Lighthouse for Visual Insights

Later shines a light on the importance of understanding your social media performance through straightforward and visually engaging analytics. It’s like having a lighthouse guiding you back to shore; the platform provides essential insights without overwhelming you with complex data. For businesses and creators focused on visual content, Later’s analytics offer a snapshot of what’s working and what’s not, focusing on engagement metrics, follower growth, and post-performance.

What sets Later apart in the realm of analytics is its approach to visual data representation. Users can easily grasp their content’s performance through graphs and charts that highlight the best times to post, engagement trends, and audience demographics. This emphasis on visual analytics makes Later particularly useful for those who prefer a more intuitive understanding of their social media strategy’s impact.

Khoros: The Compass for Deep-Dive Data Exploration

Khoros, with its robust analytics engine, serves as a compass for brands and enterprises that need to navigate through more detailed social media metrics. The platform offers a deep-dive into data exploration, enabling users to track a wide array of metrics across all social channels. From sentiment analysis to competitive benchmarking, Khoros provides the tools necessary for a comprehensive understanding of your social media landscape.

The strength of Khoros in analytics and reporting lies in its ability to tailor insights to strategic business goals. The platform enables users to generate custom reports, offering a level of granularity and flexibility that caters to the needs of large teams and complex organizational structures. This strategic approach to reporting ensures that decision-makers have the detailed information needed to refine tactics, allocate resources effectively, and drive social media ROI.

Setting Your Sails: Later’s Clarity or Khoros’s Depth

When it comes to steering your social media strategy with data, the choice between Later and Khoros boils down to your needs for simplicity versus strategic depth. Later offers a beacon of clarity for those who need to quickly assess their visual content’s impact without getting bogged down by too many details. It’s ideal for small businesses and individual creators who value ease of use and intuitive insights over comprehensive data analysis.

On the other hand, Khoros is like charting a course through the open ocean with a detailed map and a skilled crew. It’s suited for larger organizations and agencies that require a deep understanding of their social media efforts across multiple channels and campaigns. Khoros’s analytics provide the strategic depth and customization necessary for data-driven decision-making, ensuring you can navigate the complexities of social media marketing with confidence.

Content Creation and Scheduling: Crafting Your Digital Voyage

Later: The Artisan’s Toolkit for Visual Content

Later is akin to an artisan’s toolkit when it comes to crafting compelling visual content. Designed with a strong emphasis on imagery and aesthetics, Later offers tools that make it easy to plan and visualize your social media feed before it goes live. The platform’s visual content calendar is a standout feature, allowing users to drag and drop posts, ensuring that each piece of content fits perfectly within the overall tapestry of your social media narrative.

The platform simplifies the creative process with features like, which bridges the gap between Instagram posts and driving traffic to your website. This feature enhances the utility of your Instagram feed, making each post a potential gateway to deeper engagement with your brand. For businesses and creators focusing on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, Later’s scheduling capabilities ensure your content is published at the right moment to capture your audience’s attention.

Khoros: The Navigator for Cross-Channel Campaigns

Khoros presents itself as a seasoned navigator for steering complex content strategies across multiple social media channels. The platform is built for scale, offering robust tools for planning, creating, and scheduling content that speaks to various segments of your audience. Khoros’s strength lies in its ability to manage and orchestrate large-scale campaigns that require coordination across different teams and departments, ensuring consistency in your brand’s messaging.

With features designed to enhance team collaboration, Khoros makes it possible to streamline workflows, from content creation to approval and scheduling. The platform offers customizable workflows and permissions, making it ideal for larger organizations where multiple stakeholders are involved in the content creation process. This level of control and flexibility ensures that every piece of content is optimized for impact before it reaches your audience.

Charting Your Path: Later’s Creativity or Khoros’s Command

The decision between Later and Khoros for content creation and scheduling hinges on balancing creativity with strategic execution. Later’s intuitive design and visual planning tools cater to content creators and small businesses looking for an easy and effective way to manage their social media presence, particularly on visually driven platforms.

Conversely, Khoros is tailored for businesses and agencies that require a comprehensive solution for managing complex social media strategies across multiple channels. Its emphasis on collaboration, content orchestration, and scalability makes it a powerful ally for brands aiming to navigate the multifaceted world of social media with precision and authority.

Pricing and Scalability

The choice between Later and Khoros transcends basic functionality, delving into the realms of financial investment and long-term adaptability. Each platform offers a tailored approach to pricing and scalability, reflecting a deep understanding of their users’ evolving needs.

LaterFree Plan: Later offers a free plan that includes 1 social set (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest), 30 posts per social profile, and 1 user.
Starter Plan: Starting at $15 per month, offering 1 social set, 60 posts per social profile, and 1 user, along with basic analytics.
Growth Plan: Starting at $25 per month, with 1 social set, 150 posts per social profile, and 3 users, including more advanced analytics and features.
Advanced Plan: Starting at $40 per month, this plan includes 1 social set, unlimited posts, and 6 users, with the most advanced analytics and features.
KhorosKhoros offers customized pricing plans tailored to the needs of large enterprises, focusing on customer engagement, social media marketing, and management. Their solutions include:

Marketing: For social media marketing and engagement.
Care: For customer service and engagement on social media.
Communities: To build and manage branded communities.

Later: Budget-Friendly with a Focus on Visual Content

Later is celebrated for its user-friendly interface and emphasis on visual scheduling, making it a preferred choice for brands, agencies, and individual content creators who prioritize Instagram, Pinterest, and other visually-centric platforms.

Approachable Pricing for Creative Growth

Later’s pricing model is designed with accessibility in mind, offering a range of plans that accommodate everything from a solo creator’s modest needs to the demanding requirements of growing businesses. The platform’s free plan is particularly attractive for those just starting out, providing essential tools to kickstart their social media presence. As users’ needs expand, Later’s paid plans scale up accordingly, offering increased post limits, additional social profiles, and access to deeper analytics. This tiered approach ensures that users can grow their social media efforts without outgrowing Later.

Visual Content Scalability

A unique aspect of Later’s scalability is its dedication to supporting the growth of visual content strategies. Advanced plans enhance the user’s ability to curate a cohesive brand aesthetic, with features like story scheduling, hashtag suggestions, and the tool, which bridges the gap between social content and website traffic. This focus on visual content scalability makes Later an invaluable partner for brands and creators whose growth is visually driven.

Khoros: Enterprise Solutions for Comprehensive Engagement

In contrast, Khoros offers a robust platform designed to meet the complex needs of large enterprises and organizations seeking a comprehensive approach to social media management.

Enterprise Pricing for Full-Scale Operations

Khoros caters to the upper echelons of the market with a pricing strategy that reflects its comprehensive suite of services. Unlike Later, Khoros does not offer a free plan, positioning itself as a premium option that provides an all-in-one solution for social media marketing, customer service, and brand engagement. The platform’s pricing is tailored to the specific needs of large businesses, including custom plans that are meticulously crafted to encompass a wide range of functionalities from advanced analytics and reporting to integrations with CRM systems and beyond.

Scalability for Complex Organizations

Khoros shines in its ability to scale alongside large enterprises, offering not just an increase in quantitative metrics like the number of posts or profiles but a qualitative expansion of services. This includes dedicated support, strategic consulting, and access to an extensive ecosystem of integrations, ensuring that as an organization’s social media strategy matures, Khoros provides the infrastructure and expertise to support its evolution.

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Customer Support and Community Engagement: The Anchors of User Success

Later: Guiding You with a Friendly Beacon

Later positions itself as a friendly beacon for its users, offering accessible support and a wealth of educational resources aimed at helping you make the most of the platform. Later’s support system includes an extensive online help center, packed with articles, how-to guides, and video tutorials designed to address common questions and challenges. For direct assistance, Later provides email support, ensuring users can seek help on more complex issues or troubleshooting needs.

Later doesn’t stop at direct support; it also cultivates a vibrant community of users. Through social media channels, blogs, and webinars, Later engages with its audience, providing valuable tips, industry insights, and inspiration for content creation. This approach not only aids users in navigating the platform but also fosters a sense of community among content creators, encouraging the exchange of ideas and best practices.

Khoros: Steering with Strategic and Professional Support

Khoros offers a robust support structure designed to meet the needs of large businesses and enterprises engaging in complex social media strategies. The platform provides a comprehensive support system that includes live chat, phone support, and a detailed knowledge base. This level of support is particularly beneficial for organizations that rely on their social media tools for critical marketing operations and customer engagement.

Beyond troubleshooting and user support, Khoros emphasizes empowering users with advanced training and strategic insights. Khoros offers tailored training sessions, strategic consulting, and access to a community of experts and peers. This ecosystem of support is geared towards not just solving user problems but elevating their social media strategy to new heights.


Choosing between Later and Khoros boils down to understanding your social media journey’s scope, scale, and destination. For those charting a course through the visually driven realms of social media, seeking simplicity, and community engagement, Later offers the clarity and support to navigate with confidence. For the seasoned explorers of the digital expanse, looking to command complex strategies across diverse channels, Khoros provides the depth, precision, and professional guidance required for a successful voyage.

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