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8 Content Amplification Tips to Maximize Lead Generation

Guest Post by Elyse Flynn Meyer, president & founder, Prism Global Marketing Solutions. We hear from marketers that they don't have time to create quality downloadable content in high quantities. And that makes sense. Creating a quality piece of content requires planning, research, interviews, writing, editing, and editing some more.   It's not feasible to think that a single marketer can develop a new piece of fresh, viral content every week. However, suppose you're using the process of content amplification. In that case, you can start to leverage your downloadable content to create new and fresh content for your blog, social, email, website, and more. And, this brings us to content amplification.   What is content amplification?  Content amplification is a multichannel approach to increase your brand's reach and encourage your audience to move seamlessly through your marketing and sales funnel with fresh content. How can you start to use your latest eBook or w