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23 Tips to Perfect Your Outbound Prospecting Strategy

Outbound prospecting is not for everyone, but it's a good tactic to implement in your lead generation plan. Today's consumers are bombarded with sales messages, both online and offline.   This means every message you send must be irresistible — especially the first time around and must follow some pre-defined and measured strategies that are further perfected using design thinking methodologies.   In this article, I’ll be sharing how sales experts have actually perfected their outbound prospecting strategies and how you can use their best practices and experiments for your business too!   So, let’s get started!   Side Note : This is a very long guide. As such you can download a copy free of cost here. #1. Personalizing Your Outreach Morshed Alam , Founder & Editor at Savvy Programmer shares – "Outbound prospecting involves identifying potential customers and then reaching out to them in an effort to create a sales opportunity. Here are some of the strategies

25 Ways to Get More Views and Engagement on Your Instagram Reels (Fast!)

If you're interested in growing your Instagram account, one of the most effective ways to do it is by using their Instagram Reels. Apart from several other functions, it helps your account differentiate itself. In our previous post on how to use Instagram Reels for Businesses, more specifically small businesses , I explained what they were, how to use them and how it could help grow your business. In this post, I'll analyze how to get more views to your Instagram Reels, because, let's face it - there's no use making Reels if you can't get views to them and drive up your engagement levels. Getting more views on your own video reels can be challenging, but we got several Instagram pros who are going to share their experience on how to get more views to your Instagram reels! So, let's get going! #1. Picking an effective time of day for posting your reel Keenan Beavis , founder of Longhouse Media , one of Canada's largest marketing agencies shares “picking an

7 Key Ways How Law Firms are Marketing Themselves: Disclosed!

Marketing your law firm is no easy task. While a huge percentage of individuals and businesses search for lawyers and law firms online, most law firms are not prepared when it comes to taking their business digital. Of course, juggling a law firm management, handing your legal practice is never an easy task. Adding to that, digital marketing often takes a long time to present visible ROI (unless it's via PPC ads ). As such, most lawyers are confused as to how they should begin or go ahead with marketing their law firm. And the best way to learn that would be from other lawyers and law firms themselves.  This learning shouldn't be limited to just the successes by law firms, but should cover the challenges faced by law firms, the marketing plans made by lawyers, how lawyers are approaching their marketing needs - whether they are doing it in-house or outsourcing their marketing needs, and of course, the success and failures faced by the law firms and legal practitioners. To get