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Is Arbitration Effective for U.S Business?

Article by Adhip Ray and  Rahul Sodhi , Edited by Adhip Ray and  Chinmay Jain . Arbitration is commonly preferred over normal litigation nowadays whether it is India or the United States since the process of arbitration is a very cost-effective and efficient alternative to litigation. What's Arbitration Arbitration is an alternative to a court proceeding as the proceedings of the arbitration are less formal and more flexible than a court proceeding and it can provide fast and effective awards or results in a shorter span of time at a low cost with greater certainty and with a higher degree of privacy to the parties. In the process of arbitrations, the parties submit the dispute to one or more impartial arbitrators who are asked to make a binding decision on the merits of the dispute. The parties can agree to the arbitration process before or after the dispute arises as they can choose the arbitration with the permission of the court in between the court proceeding if b

Rights of US Employees in Light of the Covid-19 Crisis

Article written by Smrithi Shibichakravarthy . Edited by Sugandha Nagariya . ABSTRACT (Gist of the Entire Article) The COVID-19 crisis has broad implications on a global scale. One of the major effects of this pandemic is a severe increase in unemployment rates, especially in countries like the United States. It is important that even in the light of the crisis going on, the rights of US employees are protected along with their best interest.  Human Resource Law has a major role to play in helping employees understand their rights and inform them of what action they can take to make sure that their employers do not take advantage of or mistreat them.  The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970, is an act passed with the intention of assuring the safety and health of the workers nation-wide.  It gave rise to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) which works towards creating safe work environments and has established standards to be followed by companies

How You Can Register Copyright in the US

Article by Pratibha Jha What is Copyright? Copyright also known as Author’s Right, is described as a legal term which means the right that creators have over their work that ranges from artistic to technical drawings. Copyright protects the original works of authorship, more specifically the ‘’form of material expression’’. Although copyright accounts as an intangible asset, it can only be protected if presented in tangible form i.e, by applying at the Copyrights Office of the concerned state. Concerning the US, registration is not necessary but it can be protected by fixing them into tangibles that are perceptible either directly or with the help of any machine or device. In this article, I will show you the importance of registering, procedure of registration, rights of the author, statutory advantages, and other relevant information which can be beneficial for filing for copyright towards your work or your start-ups. Why is it Advisable to Register for Copyright?