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11 Types of Commercial Contracts: (And How to Create Them)

Disclaimer : This article is for informational purposes only. If you require legal help with your contract drafting, send us an email and we will help you out. What are Commercial Contracts? A commercial contract is a legally enforceable instrument that binds one party to either do or not do something. It is utilised by and among businesses when entering into transactions with other parties, such as when buying, selling or leasing products and services, or hiring individuals or employees.   Commercial contracts include the conditions of the agreement, which encompass all relevant details of the transaction being entered into, such as force majeure , covenants , representations, recitals , mitigating circumstances , dispute resolution procedures as well as jurisdiction of the agreement in a court of law. Check out this article on the essentials of a contract to know more .   Improperly Drafted Commercial Contracts A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to meet their en

Advisory Shares: An Explainer (US Law)

Article research by   Shreyas Nair  from WinSavvy's legal research team. Here's  his LinkedIn bio  for more information on him. What are Advisory Shares Advisory shares are a sort of stock option that are granted to business consultants rather than workers. They might be given to start-up company advisers instead of cash. Advisors are typically offered options to purchase shares rather than real shares.   Advisory shares can aid in maintaining confidentiality while avoiding conflicts of interest. They may, however, be pricey for a fledgling firm.   Advisory shares, also known as advisor shares, are financial incentives that take the form of stock options. Advisors who are granted advisory shares are often entrepreneurs who have previously served as firm founders or top executives. They trade their knowledge and contacts for shares in a new firm.   These consultants are not the same as accountants or attorneys. Advisors who get advisory shares are unlikely to be expecte

3Ps in Marketing - The New Marketing Mix

We all know of the 4Ps in marketing . They make up the classical marketing mix. They are product, price, place (location where the products or services are marketed) and promotion (how the products or services are marketed). But, recently there's a clamour growing regarding a new set of marketing mix - one, that revolves around 3Ps. So, I did some digging. Surprisingly, I found that while this is true, most marketers do not agree on what the 3Ps are! Well, in simple terms, they are a new set of metrics based on which a marketing campaign should be tied to. While most disagree as to the constituents of the metrics, I have found that the 3Ps in marketing that are most favoured are -  People Personalization, and Permission. That said, let's uncover these marketing 3Ps and understand how they can relate to your marketing campaign. What are the 3Ps in Marketing? When you market a product or service, you need to have several factors in mind - what channels you are going to use, how w

8 Content Amplification Tips to Maximize Lead Generation

Guest Post by Elyse Flynn Meyer, president & founder, Prism Global Marketing Solutions. We hear from marketers that they don't have time to create quality downloadable content in high quantities. And that makes sense. Creating a quality piece of content requires planning, research, interviews, writing, editing, and editing some more.   It's not feasible to think that a single marketer can develop a new piece of fresh, viral content every week. However, suppose you're using the process of content amplification. In that case, you can start to leverage your downloadable content to create new and fresh content for your blog, social, email, website, and more. And, this brings us to content amplification.   What is content amplification?  Content amplification is a multichannel approach to increase your brand's reach and encourage your audience to move seamlessly through your marketing and sales funnel with fresh content. How can you start to use your latest eBook or w