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How Indian Business Need to Protect their Customer Data under IT Act, 2008

Article Written by Vinamrata Yadav . Edited by Sugandha Nagariya . We live in a smart world where we are dependent on censors, apps and other connected tools, which contains our vital data. Present era is also termed as “age of data” which often leads to sharing of personal data while using various internet services ranging from social media to email to instant messenger platform to many such online services.  Have you ever wondered what happens after you collect your customers' data and share it with advertisers or when you use third-party cookies in your website? Also, have you ever thought what are the laws for data protection in our country and whether you are playing it safe with regard to those laws?  Well you'll find all those answers as well as many more such queries which might arise out of data protection in business down below in this article. Now, there are various laws laid down in legislations for the protection of personal data of an individual, su

All About Key Managerial Personnel in Indian Companies

Article by Sanskriti Agarwalla , Edited by Drishti Saigal . The Key Managerial Personnel The Key Managerial Personnel can be referred to as the employees of a company who are given or vested with the most important roles and functionalities of a company. They are basically the first point of contact for any stakeholder to contact the company and in most cases, you need to appoint them for your company. They are responsible for the regulations and formulation of strategies and its implementation in the company among its employees. In Indian Companies as well,they are basically the group of people who are in charge of maintaining any sort of operation of the company. They are the people having authority as well as the responsibility for any sort of planning, directing and controlling any sort of activities of the reporting enterprise. The Indian Companies Act of 1956 was replaced by the Indian Companies act of 2013 which is now considered as the landmark legislation with

Choosing your Business Legal Structure in the US: An In-Depth Guide

Article written by Priyanshi Trivedi . Edited by Sugandha Nagariya .  A lot of people dream of creating a startup. But very few think of how they should structure their business. Well, since you are reading this article, you deserve a pat on the back, as you've done the first step. Leave the rest to us. By the end of this article, you will know all the types of business structures out there, the pre-requisites to selecting a business legal structure and the pros and cons of each of the structures out there. Being an entrepreneur and being an employee in a business is a totally different thing. As an entrepreneur there lies many responsibilities, from brainstorming the product you will sell to analysing the demand and supply in market.  Each of these plans have to be done and you also need to considering various risk factors if you want to make your business successful and also fulfilling the needs of your consumers. Thinking of an idea and implementing it to star