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How to Register a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in India

Article by Aryan Khanna.

Limited Liability Partnership, LLP for short is a legal entity, which is formed and registered under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 (hereinafter, the “Act”). It is a form of partnership. 

An LLP has its liability limited to the complete extent of its assets; however, the partners are only liable to the extent of the financial contribution in the LLP. 
The Act provides the nature of the partnership, as well as elucidates the mutual rights and obligations of the partners.
In recent times, several entrepreneurs have begun to incorporate their new ventures as LLP’s, this is because of certain salient features that attract potential individuals to incorporate their ventures in this particular form. These Salient Features of a Limited Liability Partnership are-1.They have a perpetual existence like a company. It can continue irrespective of change of the partners. (Section 3(2) of the Act)
2.Under an LLP, if the partnership fails that creditors will not be…

Why You Need to be Concerned About Copyright Law: Indian Edition

Article by Pulkit Arora.

Knowing the basics of Copyright law is imperative if you don’t want your business property to be stolen or made public. It also helps prevent you from unknowingly trespass on any other person or business’ copyright which can lead to disastrous consequences for both you and your business.

This Article deals with the principles of copyright law and practice and describes the different types of rights that copyright and related rights protect. It also briefly includes the copyright transfer and enforcement clauses. Copyright is an Intellectual Property Rights component and an exclusive legal right granted to the author upon the creation of a literary or musical or cinematographic work.
Infringement of copyright almost inevitably leads to legal consequence.
Here, an attempt is made to protect business from violation of copyright by applying different sections and case-laws of the Indian Copyright Act. This article is aimed at not only helping you get a brief underst…